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Nobel Prize in literature: I do not need an order, I agree to the loot


The Nobel Prize is a peculiar variation of Eurovision. Eurovision for adults. In the appropriate package, issued for the content and the inviolability of tradition, with its varnished shoes, gray-haired men, tails and tuxedos. That's just Eurovision, this award was not suddenly. It was almost initially a powerful politicized tool. And Alfred Nobel, the “death merchant,” has nothing to do with this, because by the time of the first presentation of the award, as 4 of the year, he spoke with a completely different “committee”. Yes, and in charity, he had not previously been noticed, and, perhaps, just decided to show his heirs a fig from the dead, so to speak, the last feint with his ears after the invention of dynamite.

The politicization of the award is indisputable, since confirmed by the toughest arguments - statistics. In the first place by the number of winners of the United States (276), and the second, with a lag of more than two times, the United Kingdom (102). In the field of literature, this is extremely significant. The list itself will surprise a lot of experienced book lovers. Some surnames are just confusing. For example, Winston Churchill, who won an award in 1953 for his “excellence” and “public speaking”. Well, after the speech in Fulton, one wonders who else to give?

Of course, the Nobel Committee rarely turns its face to the rising sun, and more and more prefers to look at our star in a completely different place. The historical and cultural vector of the award devalues ​​any international authority. No, of course, when the political conjuncture temporarily stopped its gurgling, the committee could play in independence. But as soon as the main players remembered their glamor wrenches on the Nobel regiment, the committee made a sharp turn. For example, since Bush (senior) announced the creation of a “new world order” with his specific vision of “democracy”, the committee suddenly (in 1991) “remembered” Nadine Gordimer, an active anti-apartheid activist in South Africa, who was still in 1964 year, together with Mandela was preparing his defensive speech. No, of course, if you are the owner of extremely subtle vision and specific logic, then, of course, it can be argued that for 30 years the world community did not know anything about Nadin, and Bush’s open message criticizing apartheid is just a coincidence. But everything is simpler, no conspiracies - a banal conjuncture.

However, one wonders, why in the 1929 year, when the Remarque's novel On the Western Front without Changes comes out, don’t give it to him? It's about time. In Germany, the Nazis rush to power, never seeing the horrors of the front of the scamper dreaming of revenge. And all this is headed by the future friend of Henry Ford - Adolf Hitler. Actually, here are the reasons why Remark has bypassed the Nobel happiness. Western-fed Nazism was actively pushed to the East, populated by hordes of bearded Asians. And here you are - a cruel but fair hymn to pacifism, vividly demonstrating the horrors of war. No, we don’t need such hockey yet. That is why in 1929 the prize goes, of course, to the honored writer Thomas Mann, however, for the novel that was published ... in 1900!

Is it any wonder? Unfortunately no. The Nazis came to power almost applause. Even the great Charlie Chaplin for his anti-Nazi "Dictator" in the most democratic country in the world got not just nuts. The Daily News wrote that Chaplin from the screen poked at the viewer with a communist finger. And the Commission for the investigation of anti-American activities and did launch an investigation against Chaplin.

We will not delve into the very superficial reasons for awarding the Nobel Prize to Solzhenitsyn or Gorbachev. One of the latest tendentious awards, of course, is the award of Barack Obama's Peace Prize. How was gossip! They even shouted that this was a “hope” award, translated into Russian, in advance. Nobody even thought that this fact already turns an authoritative award into a political doll. Anyway. True, against the background of all other awardees, it certainly looked like a break through the bottom. However, it turned out that this is just the installation of new standards, so that the world community will get used to and be more favorable towards the following winners. In fact, compared with Obama, Aleksievich didn’t even start a war and didn’t even call for it (so far). Just a little Russophobia ...

However, is it an exception? Not. And, if the Nobel Prize is the equivalent of Eurovision, then Aleksievich is the equivalent of Makarevich. As fundamentally as she received the “Badge of Honor” and the Lenin Komsomol Prize, she fundamentally shouted about the 70-year lie in the USSR and the absence of intellectuals in Russia. Apparently, out of great modesty, she herself is positioning herself as a rare “intellectual”. In fact, you need to be a stupid enough person to feel at ease in the market situation for dozens of years.

The Chicago Tribune most clearly highlighted the very appointment of the Nobel Prize in its sugary appeal: "Her books must be read by anyone who wants to understand the situation of hundreds of millions of people still living in the shadow of the Soviet Union."

Summed up the situation of one friend of mine, infinitely far from literature. Recently he told me: “Learn, Seryoga! Write better about an obese Muslim homosexual from Russia who wants to flee from a country where his rights are infringed, preventing him from having a sex change operation. You awards from heels to ears will be overwhelmed - 50% for the idea. ” Five minutes laughed, and then for some reason felt sad.
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  1. venaya
    venaya 13 October 2015 05: 44 New
    the question is, why, in 1929, when Remarque’s novel, “On the Western Front, Without Change,” is published, would he not be awarded the prize? It's about time.

    Remarque then did not go from the main line of the party (we will not specify which one). But this lady keeps her “nose in the wind”, knows who exactly awards with such awards.
    1. Chertkov Oleg
      Chertkov Oleg 13 October 2015 06: 02 New
      It conceals from this thought ... It is necessary to somehow stop (read, to spoil) these Russians, by any means and faces. Imposing the right one is pederast, tranny, russophobe, pedophile is the value of one line.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 13 October 2015 07: 29 New
        When Obama was awarded the Peace Prize, this prize simply depreciated, and it has always been with a political scent. Now this rubbish has come out. When I read it, it scratched my hands to strangle this su ...
      2. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 13 October 2015 07: 33 New
        With such a muzzle, even the Nobel’s will not save her ..
        1. Vend
          Vend 13 October 2015 10: 10 New
          30 pieces of silver for these do not smell. But for every Judah there is a knife
          1. Buffalo
            Buffalo 13 October 2015 18: 13 New
            Swiss writer convicted Aleksievich of a lie:
          2. cth; fyn
            cth; fyn 13 October 2015 20: 22 New
            but did not Judas hang himself? Although these, unlike Judas, have no conscience, and they need help with repentance.
        2. Conn
          Conn 13 October 2015 20: 11 New
          Puffy chicken will not become a white layer!
          1. cth; fyn
            cth; fyn 13 October 2015 20: 23 New
            pf, a liter of peroxide and you're done!
    2. sever.56
      sever.56 13 October 2015 11: 52 New

      All you need to know about the next "non-woman", which during the USSR
      gladly received the Lenin Komsomol Prize and sang odes
      The CPSU, which has now become the personification of universal evil ... !!!
      1. comprochikos
        comprochikos 13 October 2015 13: 57 New
        I often visit Belarus. So where is the archaic, the question.
      2. andrew42
        andrew42 13 October 2015 14: 49 New
        Well, about the church, I'd rather be silent. The degenerative "art" Aleksievich here found a real wound, which is easy to poke. But to put the thesis about “Putin’s barbarism” into the work is not even a conjuncture under the Western order, it’s just stupidity. Sorry, purely TP.
  2. Mahmut
    Mahmut 13 October 2015 05: 56 New
    Yes dog with her this prize. That went on all channels, "Why her."
    Money is still stolen, smeared in blood with a cadaveric soul. Laureates must comply.
    1. Қarabas
      Қarabas 13 October 2015 06: 37 New
      Money is still stolen, smeared in blood with a cadaveric soul. Laureates must comply.

      Don't say that. Literary, as well as scientific Nobel’s received many prominent people
      1. venaya
        venaya 13 October 2015 07: 41 New
        Quote: karabas
        ... Literary, like scientific Nobel’s, were received by many prominent people

        "received many prominent people" - I add: as well as many prominent crooks. In physics, every third laureate is a swindler, his work is disproved already in just a decade. Peace and literature awards are even cooler. We now live in a world of deception, do not forget about it. But the fact that the most worthy sometimes get the prize, so without it in any way, otherwise the pipe, you won’t be able to dust your brains at all. There is a system, but there is an exception, it is worth understanding.
      2. Conn
        Conn 13 October 2015 20: 13 New
        Well, yes, money does not SMELL for them!
  3. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 October 2015 06: 01 New
    for some reason, all spitting towards Russia have very spiritual faces, not touched by intellect ...
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 13 October 2015 06: 58 New
      But they are obedient.
    2. northern
      northern 13 October 2015 09: 40 New
      Come on, red-headed Jenny is quite a sweetheart :-))) (albeit dumb as sparrows)
    3. anip
      anip 13 October 2015 10: 18 New
      Quote: Andrew Y.
      for some reason, all spitting towards Russia have very spiritual faces, not touched by intellect ...

      You could say that: people who are not disfigured by intelligence.
    4. artmoney
      artmoney 13 October 2015 12: 33 New
      maybe you’ll put your face out and we'll check it out ..
      1. northern
        northern 13 October 2015 12: 34 New
        another candidate for a turtle drew :-)
        How to download? ready for the earth?
      2. Conn
        Conn 13 October 2015 20: 15 New
        To begin, come on, let's look at your face, Gulchatai!
  4. Board375
    Board375 13 October 2015 06: 06 New
    This is actually very convenient. The time will come, and tired people in black leather raincoats will simply dust off the ready-made lists and start working))
  5. noWAR
    noWAR 13 October 2015 06: 07 New
    Now this newly-born "star" can calmly (with) p, with such a "darling" she will talk about what with her own kind. According to the same type of Swedish writer, this lady considered the cruelty of 83% of Russians, but did not see the grief of thousands of Donbass residents old and small, many of whom became disabled due to the “progressive” gang at the helm as well. In short, our deep contempt for her and a place on the aspen with macaroni.
  6. Amurets
    Amurets 13 October 2015 07: 00 New
    She in the "Zinc Boys" of our victims in Afghanistan slandered as she wanted.
    1. Das Boot
      Das Boot 13 October 2015 07: 37 New
      Quote: Amurets
      She in the "Zinc Boys" of our victims in Afghanistan slandered as she wanted.

  7. ImPerts
    ImPerts 13 October 2015 07: 01 New
    Inspired by "Nobel Laureates")))
    If the “Zapadentsi” see the Kremlin’s Hand in the bloody events in the east of Ukraine, then they “suspect that the Black Hand of the Nobel Laureate” could not have done it.
    Barack Obama launched cruise missiles more than all the other Nobel Peace Prize winners combined.
  8. Denis DV
    Denis DV 13 October 2015 07: 06 New
    The Nobel Prize, like a signal rocket - indicates the direction of activities paid for by the West recourse
  9. Baloo
    Baloo 13 October 2015 08: 09 New
    But you, the one that made the basis of your creativity the fight against lies, how can you claim that 86% of Russians rejoice in the deaths of people in the Donbas?
    Madame, by stating this, you are not just lying, you are not just mistaken, you have disdained reality.
    Sincerely, Helen RISHAR-FAVR "
    French original:

    Indeed, such as Aleksievich have no honor, for the loot they agree to betrayal, meanness, any lie.
  10. Balbesoid
    Balbesoid 13 October 2015 08: 12 New
    It’s a pity that any good idea is politically polished - it’s me about the Nobel Prize. But I agree with the rest - “human rights defenders” in the homeland should be put on a count, for them, judging by their political and sexual orientation, this is not even a punishment! What if people have the greatest pleasure - the big "objects" of the "masters of life" crawling through the anus ?! That's right, give them pleasure - count, in this case, the very thing! It’s hard to live building and defending yours! It’s much easier to nudge, sprinkle slippers, shit on the doorstep, and then look from = over the hill and wait for sugar bone from the new owners! I propose to declare these illegal and open the hunt. (The only thing I like about Sshakov’s laws is that they have declared you illegal, and you are nobody, and any redneck can fill you up with a double-barreled shotgun - he won’t have anything)
  11. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 13 October 2015 08: 32 New
    I have not read the works of this explicit conjuncturist, and naturally I am not going to.
    But judging by the company in which this old woman turned out to be a hunchbacked, Solzhenitsyn Parhaty, Bababama, she is still a bitch!
    1. Das Boot
      Das Boot 13 October 2015 08: 51 New
      Quote: Volzhanin
      I have not read the works of this explicit conjuncturist, and naturally I am not going to.

      strange position. So, should Prilepin read only because of his "right" civic position? Some nonsense. Worldview statements are not a measure of talent. In addition to this woman none did not write about the Afghan war a more or less worthy thing. And with story twigs in "At the War ..." she generally can shut up some military novelists. I, too, am not her fan, but the position “did not read (listened, watched) and will not, because she (he) scolds Putin” seems to me somewhat wretched.
      PROHOJIY 13 October 2015 10: 04 New
      But in my opinion, it’s still worth it. Just to try to understand how a person who once wrote “The War Is Not a Woman’s Face”, has slipped into such a filthy market situation. Where do they all turn? After all, Rybakov also reached the Children of the Arbat ... On the other hand, even Solzhenitsyn’s bad memory had One Day of Ivan Denisovich and Matryonin Dvor ...
  12. Mihail55
    Mihail55 13 October 2015 08: 46 New
    Now in Belarus has created its own lighthouse or lamp. This is still to come, not immediately done. The unquestioned authority of the laureate is provided in areas far from love for Russia. A supportive gesture from the dad is only a sign of good taste. Not a prophet, but Shevchenko on an ....
  13. akudr48
    akudr48 13 October 2015 09: 28 New
    Lev Tolstoy refused the Nobel Prize, believing that the measure of genius is determined by the Lord God, and not a committee, even the Nobel Prize.

    Bunin was an enemy of the Soviet regime, survived a personal tragedy, but he wrote excellent books about that old Russia, no one said more than him.

    Parsnip he didn’t break into laureates, received the Nobel Prize not for his poetry, in which he was strong, but for “Doctor Zhivago”, in the literary respect a rather weak thing, but in which there was an oblique view of the intellectual on the Soviet past, which he received everything from Sovvlast that is possible.

    Sholokhov he received the Nobel Prize for Tikhiy Don, since there were still people in the Nobel Committee who had a conscience and an idea of ​​the measure of the Russian talent of the writer, having awarded Pasternak, it was impossible to get around Sholokhov even to that committee.

    Solzhenitsyn he made himself the Nobel Prize, he promoted himself to it with the help of the West, the Cold War and the Red Wheel with the Archipelago, in which it was not a matter of literary talent (which was), but of the ability to overshadow all other applicants in boundless anti-Sovietism, what succeeded.

    Brodsky - the poet, received the Nobel Prize for his brilliant poetic dissidentism and emigration, but he also had bright and fair things, for example, about the

    Let’s tell them, the clear-cut mother paused strictly:
    Good riddance, hoh ... l, and a rushnyk road.
    Come from us in zhupan, without saying - in a uniform,
    At the address in three letters, on the sides are all four.
    Now let the hans in the hut in chorus
    With Poles they put you on four bones, you bastards.

    Aleksievich she became a Nobel Prize simply because, as a journalist, like Bendery by birth, origin and actions, she waited for the moment of the revival of the Cold War and became a nano or micro solzhenitsyn from journalism, there are no other talents, and she put her inclinations to write about coffins against Russia and Russians, which before her no one from the Nobelians had done openly.
  14. Buffalo
    Buffalo 13 October 2015 11: 54 New
    Aleksievich is a Belarusian analogue of Sheremet, who at one time, being a Russian correspondent in Belarus, put him on the door.
    Aleksievich continues the case of Sheremet from Belarus and she put a shit under the door of Russia.
    Together, they are doing a common thing - trying to drive a wedge between Russia and Belarus.
    In my opinion, it’s time for Putin and Lukashenko to come to an agreement and send both dirty tricks, Sheremet and Aleksievich, to their foreign owners.
    Principle: do not touch g ... - it does not stink, it does not fit here.
    It’s time to throw the garbage out of the house, like Vakula, before Christmas!
  15. Military Builder
    Military Builder 13 October 2015 12: 12 New
    Quote: vovanpain
    When Obama was awarded the Peace Prize, this prize simply depreciated, and it has always been with a political scent. Now this rubbish has come out. When I read it, it scratched my hands to strangle this su ...

    in my opinion even earlier - from the time of delivery to Gorbachev
  16. Turkir
    Turkir 13 October 2015 14: 08 New
    It is unlikely that they will read her works now and never afterwards.
    I am sure that even members of the Nobel Committee who awarded her the prize "for polyphonic style" do not know what it is. The main style of this Belarussian resembles the name of the James Bond movie: "Russia in the Dark" or in something else. Aleksievich always knows what all Russian people need and, most importantly, when.
    Another literary weather vane. Aleksievich always knows where the wind is blowing and how to "cut down the money."
    She knew this under the USSR, and she knows it now.
    Eight years to spend abroad, she did not pass in vain.
    ALEA IACTA EST 13 October 2015 17: 15 New
    Well, they gave a prize to some garbage, why make a noise?
  18. SPIKER
    SPIKER 13 October 2015 17: 30 New
    After this “premium” was stuck in a baraka frame, also for peace !!!, it depreciated and you don’t need to respond to such “laureates”, simply !!!
  19. Buffalo
    Buffalo 13 October 2015 18: 25 New
    Shnobelevsky medal, for the kept woman Aleksievich.
  20. Symbiotos
    Symbiotos 14 October 2015 11: 09 New
    The author is so beautifully and clearly written that I even saved this article on my computer! In connection with the obvious literary talent, please do not follow the advice of your friend and do not write badly about us, otherwise it can happen))) The article is super!