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Robotic BMP "Strike" with the Tula fighting module

On the Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense, the shock version of the Udar robotic complex, equipped with one of the most advanced modules, which has already found its use on the Kurganets BMP, the B-11 and BTR Boomerang, was first demonstrated. The machine itself is made on the chassis of the BMP-3. About this on the pages Messenger of Mordovia writes Lev Romanov.

Robotic BMP "Strike" with the Tula fighting module

The combat compartment was developed in the Instrument Design Bureau in the city of Tula. The module is uninhabited and easily mounted on armored vehicles of the new generation.

“Ammunition in 500 shots for 30-mm automatic gun 2А42 is located in an isolated compartment. This is a great advantage even for a crewless machine, since in case of a defeat or damage to a module, the platform itself will remain intact, ”which is important for its re-commissioning, the author notes.

"In addition to the gun and the twin PKT machine gun with 2000 ammunition ammunition, this version of the Blow has powerful guided missile weapons, which consist of the Kornet complex: only 4 UR on two protected launchers," writes Romanov.

The fire control system meets the latest requirements: operators "can search for targets simultaneously in different spectral ranges, in passive and active mode."

According to the publication, the simultaneous firing of two targets is possible, “including from an automatic cannon at air targets using an automatic tracking gun.” An optical locator will help the operator in finding masked targets.

According to Romanov, who refers to military experts, the BMP-robot “Strike”, thanks to its combat module, at present “can be considered one of the best in the world”.
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  1. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 8 October 2015 17: 22
    To Syria for a run-in!
    1. st25310
      st25310 8 October 2015 17: 24
      The era will become the most advanced combat module both in our country and abroad. The petrel is not bad, the others are also quite at the level, but KBPshniki seem to make a masterpiece.
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 8 October 2015 17: 25
      At the "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense" the shock version of the Udar robotic system was first demonstrated

      It would be better to write "During the" Day of Innovation ", otherwise it hurts my ear.
    3. venaya
      venaya 8 October 2015 17: 27
      Quote: Arctidian
      To Syria for a run-in!

      The name is just right.
    4. venaya
      venaya 8 October 2015 17: 30
      Quote: Arctidian
      To Syria for a run-in!

      The name "Blow" is just right.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. pilot8878
      pilot8878 8 October 2015 17: 47
      Quote: Arctidian
      To Syria for a run-in!

      Just one copy, and you have already swung. Wait, let it do and master.
      By the way, the President said that there would be no land operation by our forces.
    7. Juborg
      Juborg 8 October 2015 19: 00
      Its only drawback (in my opinion) is the limitation of the remote control, up to 1.5 km and then in the visible range. In addition, it would be possible to strengthen the security of the robot, the car is not cheap and I would not want to lose it due to breaking through from the "Cliff" or RPG.
  2. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 8 October 2015 17: 27
    Wow! And how is it managed? At what distance? Well, of course, everything is secret, okay, let's wait ...
  3. Basarev
    Basarev 8 October 2015 17: 27
    Unmanned BMP with landing on board? So-so idea. Moreover, her armor is purely nominal. I have long expressed an seditious thought: the life of a soldier is more valuable than any buoyancy and airborne descent. And therefore I am a supporter of the T-15. After all, not only protection - a key parameter - is an order of magnitude higher, it also comes out cheaper thanks to unification with Armata. Of course, it’s a shame that they hacked the T-95 ready for serial production (already in Medvedev’s reign) and spent billions of rubles again on the development of a new tank (some say that the combat characteristics are significantly weaker than ninety-five), but Armata is able to give in borsch to NATO tanks.
    1. Albert1988
      Albert1988 8 October 2015 17: 31
      Quote: Basarev
      Unmanned BMP with landing on board? So-so idea. Moreover, her armor is purely nominal

      nothing is written about the transported assault in the article, so most likely it will not be, apparently it will be a purely machine for reconnaissance and infantry fire support, fully robotic.
    2. pilot8878
      pilot8878 8 October 2015 17: 52
      Quote: Basarev
      Of course, it’s a shame that they cut down the T-95, which was ready for serial production, and again spent billions of rubles to develop a new tank (some say that by combat characteristics it is significantly weaker than ninety-fifth), yet Armata is able to give NATO tanks to borsch.

      The point is that Armata is a CONCEPTUALLY different platform. A vehicle of a different generation, unlike the T-95, which was an upgrade from the modernization of the T-72, is undoubtedly a good tank, but the potential for upgrading the T-95 ... But this is a machine that is still in service for 40 years.
      PS Not justifying Vedmedev's "innovations".
      1. Albert1988
        Albert1988 8 October 2015 20: 00
        Quote: pilot8878
        unlike the T-95, which was an upgrade from the modernization of the T-72,

        I apologize, but you are fundamentally wrong - the T-95, as the people call the Object 195 was completely normal machine and had nothing to do with the T-72, except for the developer's factory - conceptually it was identical to the T-14 based on the Almaty, the differences were Is it possible that the 152mm gun, its unique chassis (also 7-roller), but in comparison with the T-14 there were a number of key shortcomings - the lack of protection of the upper hemisphere, weak anti-mine protection, there were big complaints about the uninhabited tower electronics, and the 152mm guns too it required the creation of a whole line of new tank shells and clearly could not use the large stocks of the old 125mm, plus a number of unsuccessful design decisions made the machine extremely expensive, that's why they decided to abandon the Object 195 and go on to develop a unified platform (armata) and create a next-generation tank identical Object 195, already based on it.
        1. pilot8878
          pilot8878 8 October 2015 20: 38
          When I wrote, I had in mind the notorious "Black Eagle" ("Ob. 640", I think). But I made a mistake in the chassis, unfortunately - on the extended chassis of the T-80U. The confusion has arisen because of the same common name for both "Objects". But, nevertheless, thank you, Eugene, for the clarification.
          1. Albert1988
            Albert1988 8 October 2015 21: 21
            Quote: pilot8878
            When I wrote, I meant the notorious "Black Eagle" ("Ob. 640", I think)

            Yes, I also pounced on you like that, although then I only realized that the "eagle" is also sometimes called the T-95, although everything was even worse with it than with the 195th object - the "black eagle" was essentially just a model with " plywood "tower and dummy devices. So it is not surprising that in 1997 it was abandoned due to the fact that the car still needed to be made, and UVZ already had a lot of developments on the 195th (they already made prototypes at the very beginning of the 2000s).
    3. sergo
      sergo 8 October 2015 18: 09
      And how will the assault climb into it and climb out? No hatches can be seen either from the rear, front, or sides. Top access hatch only
    4. Cat man null
      Cat man null 8 October 2015 18: 21
      Quote: Basarev
      Unmanned BMP with landing on board?

      And where is it written that there is a landing? IMHO there is no landing ..

      Quote: Basarev
      ready for mass production of T-95

      He was not "ready for serial production" (by the way, what do you think this means?)

      Quote: Basarev
      spent billions of rubles to develop a new tank

      Not a tank. A unified platform for the new line of armored vehicles. T-15 - it’s also on the Armata platform, isn't it?

      Quote: Basarev
      some saythat in combat characteristics is significantly weaker than ninety-fifth

      Who is this "someone"? Where and what does he say? Why would he need to believe?

      Basarev, well, you are a signalman, EMNIP .. request
    5. Per se.
      Per se. 9 October 2015 00: 09
      Quote: Basarev
      And therefore I am a supporter of the T-15. After all, not only protection - a key parameter - is an order of magnitude higher, it also comes out cheaper thanks to unification with Armata.
      What you have expressed is not just a seditious thought, but, on the contrary, is in great demand. Kramola, with your permission, looks different - it is the T-15 that is a harmful and expensive idea. I will try to explain it. Firstly, in order to get a "platform", its base must be recognized as a successful, proven and mastered industry, the Armata platform does not have any of this yet, in addition, this base is one of the most expensive, not only in Russia, but also in the world. If the T-95 was created for the sake of a 152 mm gun, like a supertank, a reinforcement tank, its high price was justified by one nickname - "Abrams Kaput". The Ministry of Defense refused to finance the T-95 under Serdyukov, in the spring of 2010, when the vehicle passed State tests with separate remarks, due to its "high cost" and "difficulty for conscripts." In May 2015, we received a crude "Armata" for the parade, practically at the same price, which also did not become closer to conscripts, but after spending five years and a lot of money (only R&D and R&D, according to Vladimir Putin, invested another 64 billion rubles) ... Instead of 152 mm guns 2А83 and auxiliary 30 mm 2А42, they returned to 125 mm caliber (gun 2А82-1М). The hull was played for throwing the engine back and forth, for the sake of the heavy BMP T-15, which increased the dimensions and was unlikely to benefit the T-14 tank itself. Now, directly, about the T-15, about priceless life. When the BMPT appeared, many talked about its huge crew of five people, they say, they will do it, instead of three, five will die. And, now it happened, the T-15 mastodon appears, where, in addition to the crew members, there is also a landing, more than a dozen people are supposed to be used next to the tanks, and no one is jarred that they can all die without having time to dismount. It does not bother anyone that after dismounting the infantry, the T-15 in fire support is no higher than the BMP-2 with the Berezhok variant, and is much weaker than the specialized firepower of the BMPT. If we talk about working with tanks, the BMPT is much better, and if we talk about the protection of the infantry, the concept of a heavy armored personnel carrier is much more reasonable than an infantry fighting vehicle. The idea of ​​the BMP was born in the USSR, and precisely, as a universal vehicle, the heavy BMP loses this versatility, receiving neither the power and protection of the BMPT, nor accentuating the transport and protective function of the heavy armored personnel carrier, which is not supposed to work with tanks. BMPT, like a heavy armored personnel carrier (based on BMO-T), can be made on the proven T-72 / T-90 base, and stocks of ready-made T-72 tanks can be used. Making bridges, repair and recovery vehicles and heavy infantry fighting vehicles, based on a tank worth about 400 million, is an expensive, difficult and dubious pleasure, especially when there is actually only one tank building center and almost the only tank plant in the country. Let's also dispose of our ready-made tanks (as has already been proposed for the sake of new platforms), let the enemies rejoice.
  4. Vitali-1985
    Vitali-1985 8 October 2015 17: 28
    Russia is a powerful country! And I believe that its army is the best in the world. The military parade on May 9 was confirmation of this. And the strength even lies not only in its military equipment and professional training of troops, the strength lies precisely in its devoted and faithful allies, such like China, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, etc. And yes, I want to note that the most devoted and patriotic people live in Russia.
  5. TanakaKenshin
    TanakaKenshin 8 October 2015 17: 29
    I dreamed about such a toy since the time of the first X-COM! :)
  6. Imperial
    Imperial 8 October 2015 17: 30
    Interestingly, and if you put on Armata 152, also build the same drum?
  7. kolkulon
    kolkulon 8 October 2015 17: 32
    The complex is good. But on this platform it looks somehow awkward.
  8. katalonec2014
    katalonec2014 8 October 2015 17: 38
    An interesting example, to test it properly. Whatever the case, these are just our first steps in creating robotic technology.
  9. JD1979
    JD1979 8 October 2015 17: 43
    after a module with 100mm + 30mm, in terms of firepower, only 30mm looks, it looks somehow flawed.
  10. NDR-791
    NDR-791 8 October 2015 17: 48
    According to Romanov, who refers to military experts, the BMP robot Udar, thanks to its combat module, can now be considered one of the best in the world.
    Little is possible, it is also necessary !!! At a time when we watch on TV about Google's attempts to create a city car with cyber control (35 years ago I collected this in a car model circle) or about attempts to sell a remotely controlled monster on an electric ship for the American army (in the late 30s of the last century it was successfully used as an anti-tank weapon, but it turned out to be more expensive than an infantryman). This is EVERYTHING we had, is and will be. About two years ago I watched the interview, as they say now, women from the press center, which is near KAMAZ. Among the many things that have been said flashed - "field tests of robotic systems for heavy equipment." Understand what you want ... Now it is clear that not only KAMAZ vehicles, but also BMPs and "Armata" are out there somewhere nearby. Maybe even more robotic than we think. And the crew at the parade is so that the sworn friends do not immediately put in their pants.
  11. Genry
    Genry 8 October 2015 17: 59
    30mm gun? In what combat conditions is this used? Only at a checkpoint to defeat unarmored vehicles and from low-flying enemy targets.
    For a serious battle, very low explosive fragmentation power. We need a couple more 40mm grenade launchers and a 57mm automatic machine (instead of 30mm).
    While grenade launchers squeeze the enemy infantry in cover, use the cannon to destroy the most interesting targets and approach a profitable battle point.
  12. ssn18
    ssn18 8 October 2015 18: 01
    Well, I must say a good thing, until nuclear weapons are used. Then it will fade out for at least 2 hours, depending on the power applied.
  13. rotor
    rotor 8 October 2015 18: 07
    Impact version of the "Udar" robotic complex on display on "Innovation Day of the RF Ministry of Defense"

  14. Million
    Million 8 October 2015 18: 51
    Yes, Tula forged weapons for centuries)
  15. Das Boot
    Das Boot 8 October 2015 19: 01
    Eh ... No matter how some people sue for copyright infringement ...
  16. Izotovp
    Izotovp 8 October 2015 22: 49
    And what is the occupation of the landing? Just empty? Maybe it’s worth the ATGMs and MANPADS or RPOs to be installed vertically in the container, and the turret weapons should be strengthened, as many here offer and at least a 57-mm cannon plus 12,7 for infantry))).
  17. Sevastopol 76
    Sevastopol 76 8 October 2015 23: 48
    In Syria, Latakia can be used to protect and defend Latakia. Break in!