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In Polish Szczecin, vandals desecrated the graves of Soviet soldiers

The Polish Radio Szczecin reports that the graves of Soviet soldiers have been desecrated at the memorial city cemetery by unknown persons. The report says that metal plates were stolen from the graves and red stars were cut off. It is noted that the cemetery guards do not really know when exactly the graves of the Red Army soldiers who liberated Poland from the Nazi occupation were desecrated.

At the same time, some Polish "experts" stated that this action "could not be directed specifically against Soviet soldiers." They say that, most likely, they were “metal hunters”, and therefore “there is no need to look for any political motive”. Even if they were apolitical "metal hunters", then why did they cut off metal elements exclusively from monuments to Soviet soldiers. Or in Poland, say that this is "pure chance"?

It should be noted that the other day, Polish Ambassador to Poland Katazhin Pelczyńska Nalench was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation for explanations about the desecration of monuments to Soviet soldiers in the Polish city of Miljacice. Peczyńska Nalec was justified for the actions of criminals who destroyed more than fifty gravestones in the memorial cemetery where the soldiers of the Red Army are buried.

The actions of vandalism against memorials erected in memory of the heroic deeds of Soviet soldiers in Poland are becoming almost regular, and a fact must be stated: official Warsaw simply closes its eyes to these actions. And Warsaw is making clear attempts to “forget” that during the liberation of Polish territory from the Nazis more than half a million Soviet soldiers were killed.
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  1. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 30 September 2015 16: 28
    you need to create a time machine and send them on a flight to Auschwitz of the year 1943, scum, without our grandfathers they would have been born, at best, second-rate slaves, if born, ungrateful creatures
    1. Vend
      Vend 30 September 2015 16: 32
      Quote: Sasha 19871987
      you need to create a time machine and send them on a flight to Auschwitz of the year 1943, scum, without our grandfathers they would have been born, at best, second-rate slaves, if born, ungrateful creatures

      Maybe I'm wrong, but this is the work of emigrants from Ukraine, and mattress hirelings.
      1. Temples
        Temples 30 September 2015 16: 34
        If the main Pole from the UN rostrum says that in 1939. The USSR "attacked" Poland, then there is nothing surprising in the actions of the Poles.
        This is bestial behavior.
        1. Gardamir
          Gardamir 30 September 2015 17: 00
          If the main Pole from the UN rostrum says
          and what? This is what the main Russian says from the same place.
          For example, we also remember examples from the history of the Soviet Union. The export of social experiments, attempts to spur change in certain countries, based on their ideological principles, often led to tragic consequences, led not to progress, but to degradation.
          (quote from website), according to the chief Russian, the Soviet Union was evil throughout the world. Why love and respect us? Why cherish the memory of our soldiers?
          1. Comrade Bender
            Comrade Bender 30 September 2015 20: 09
            No need to substitute concepts. This is not worthy at best. The Liberation World War has nothing to do with the "export of social experiments." Or are you a supporter of fascism and think that you fought against it in vain?
          2. the polar
            the polar 30 September 2015 21: 28
            Gardamir is right.
            It is the frenzied Kremlin anti-Sovietism and anti-Stalinism, when the Kremlin, through all the media and television holes, continuously spoils the history of the USSR and thereby directly incites Polish, Baltic, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and other scum to commit anti-Soviet provocations.
            There is no man in the whole Smolensk region with a crowbar that would demolish the filthy Katyn temple erected by frenzied Russophobes
        2. Mahmut
          Mahmut 30 September 2015 17: 15
          Yes, "the main Pole" blurted out nonsense. If he believes that the actions of the USSR in 1939 were illegal, then why does he not officially declare Poland's non-recognition of the Curzon Line? Then they would have to make territorial claims to Belarus and Ukraine. And without this, his speech about the aggressiveness of the Russians, instead of an angry and accusatory one, becomes an indistinct bunch from a high rostrum.
          “He seemed to growl like a bearish one by accident” - but no one paid attention. Except for their idiots.
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. gjv
            gjv 30 September 2015 17: 37
            Quote: Mahmut
            If he believes that the actions of the USSR in 1939 were unlawful, then why does not he officially declare Poland’s non-recognition of the Curzon line.

            In October 1938, Poland sent its troops to Czechoslovakia at the same time as Germany and occupied Tesinska Silesia. The great Pole is also silent about this.
        3. APASUS
          APASUS 30 September 2015 18: 55
          Quote: Temples
          If the main Pole from the UN rostrum says that in 1939. The USSR "attacked" Poland, then there is nothing surprising in the actions of the Poles.
          This is bestial behavior.

          The authorities process the Polish society, and the society responds to the request of the authorities.
        4. Hon
          Hon 1 October 2015 08: 55
          Quote: Temples
          If the main Pole from the UN rostrum says that in 1939. The USSR "attacked" Poland, then there is nothing surprising in the actions of the Poles.
          This is bestial behavior.

          and what happened between the USSR and Poland in 1939?
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Gxash
        Gxash 30 September 2015 16: 36
        Send an official note of protest, request data on all the persons involved in the investigation and those responsible for this incident. Demand restoration at the expense of the Polish authorities.

        For nefig!
        1. g1v2
          g1v2 30 September 2015 16: 39
          Monuments to transfer to their homeland. Rebury or hire guards for cemeteries. Demolish the Katyn Memorial and build a parking lot there. Poles send forest. Emotions of course, but it will be a cardinal solution to the problem.
          1. I am a Russian
            I am a Russian 30 September 2015 17: 52
            Quote: g1v2
            Monuments to transfer to their homeland.


            we have Poles ... podzhopnik I will weigh it off!
      4. X Y Z
        X Y Z 30 September 2015 17: 48
        The fact is that Bandera, that wild Polish nationalists are one and the same stupid, village fool with a minimum of brains and big fists who constantly ask to fight. They stand each other, only flags and speeches differ. Now they are already jumping in Poland.
        1. Iline
          Iline 30 September 2015 18: 13
          Only moral ones can scoff at those who, in principle, can’t give a hitch.
    2. sever.56
      sever.56 30 September 2015 16: 36
      Quote: sasha 19871987
      they are like small children

      Wow: - "... small children", with large eggs.
      Soon their "merriment" will begin when, according to the quotas of the European Union, an uncontrollable mass of refugees will be floated to them. Then we'll see on whose street the hemp will bloom ... !!!
      They will remember the imaginary "Soviet occupation" as a sweet dream! But then let them not turn to Russia for help to fight ISIS already on the territory of Poland, The train left ... The Pole has never been and will not be a brother to the Russian !!!
      1. Karasik
        Karasik 30 September 2015 16: 44
        Courage is enough only to fight with monuments! In front of the unarmed rockers, they got rid of themselves - but in the cemetery, in the battle with the monuments, heroes! This bestiality and shame for the entire Polish nation. Only in Poland itself, even the authorities do not understand this.
        1. AKESHA
          AKESHA 30 September 2015 17: 44
          You do not worry soon they will have other monuments
    3. Civil
      Civil 30 September 2015 19: 12
      Stettin - to return to Germany ... the Red Army gave these crazy Poles in vain.
    4. mmrr
      mmrr 30 September 2015 21: 28
      This is precisely because then, Szczecin was the German city of Stettin. In 1729, Catherine II was born in the Stettinsky Castle, and thirty years later - her daughter-in-law, the wife of Paul I, Maria Fedorovna.
      1. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 30 September 2015 21: 46
        So this is a Russian city! It's time to pick up to your own hut! wink
  2. Sergey K.
    Sergey K. 30 September 2015 16: 30
    This is all the Poles. In all its glory, so to speak. Unfortunately, sane Poles as well as Ukrainians have been very few recently.
  3. An60
    An60 30 September 2015 16: 31
    Psheks, vindictive and honorable.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Valter1364
    Valter1364 30 September 2015 16: 34
    Why put cons to the author of the article? Express your opinion in the comments. sad
  6. SAM 5
    SAM 5 30 September 2015 16: 35
    In Polish Szczecin, vandals desecrated the graves of Soviet soldiers

    You don’t get used to this.
  7. bocsman
    bocsman 30 September 2015 16: 37
    First, punks betrayed the Orthodox faith, then Slavicism, now historical memory.
    Is this education on earth worthy of respect? Was it worth the territorial misunderstanding of those sacrifices made by our people? No, it wasn’t worth it! And I think from now on our people will draw the right conclusions!
  8. givigor71
    givigor71 30 September 2015 16: 38
    That psheki that Ukrainians-one underdeveloped biomass ...
  9. star44
    star44 30 September 2015 16: 39
    Probably, as a goodwill gesture, cut off and send to Warsaw tablets from memorials in Smolensk, and other places ... Although only humpback ... German tanks will be fixed ... And even then for a short time ...
  10. Fight cat
    Fight cat 30 September 2015 16: 40
    everyone wants to feel like clammers, not realizing that they behave like slaves, who wants to spoil their former master, the current Shed is offensively black for them laughing
  11. Polite Moose
    Polite Moose 30 September 2015 16: 42
    The greater the nation, the finer the deeds. The war with monuments is the most ignoble, low and dirty thing. Small valor. He began to respect this nation even less.
  12. Russia
    Russia 30 September 2015 16: 47
    Correctly Churchill called them "jackals of Europe"!
    This is not the Poles, but after.
    Do they think that having defiled the graves will their Poland become better?
    Degradation - it is degradation!
  13. pirate
    pirate 30 September 2015 16: 54
    It is more offensive that we are all of the same Slavic root. Of course, it is not worth it to be like cattle fighting with memory, but those who mock at the monuments of our people should definitely be PUNISHED !!!
    1. nikcris
      nikcris 30 September 2015 17: 37
      It’s you, maybe one root with them, but what for speak for others?
      Stettin must be returned to Germany. What for Pomerania gave these stubs? What are they, what Ukrainians.
      1. pirate
        pirate 30 September 2015 18: 02
        It is necessary for you to learn history, and not to become like ignoramuses who, ignorant of history, as an option, destroy monuments. For your development - in Eastern Europe, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, the peoples of the former Yugoslavia, part of the Germans, Bulgarians - have common roots with us. And the prince who baptized Russia, metropolitan in Kiev. And the hatred experienced by some representatives of these peoples towards us, the result of Jesuit intervention, etc. They could not make their power with us. Learn the story, ignoramus.
      2. pirate
        pirate 30 September 2015 18: 54
        And yet, before becoming a Prussian city, it was still Polish (times of Boleslav 3)
  14. Andrey Draganov
    Andrey Draganov 30 September 2015 16: 55
    Poles turned into the same scum as the Ukrainians.
    1. Saratoga833
      Saratoga833 30 September 2015 17: 37
      Quote: Andrey Draganov
      Poles turned into the same scum as the Ukrainians.

      They did not turn into scum, they were ALWAYS to them! I lived in Poland for 5 years and I know what I'm talking about!
  15. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 30 September 2015 16: 58
    All defilers of something, not only in Poland, are people who lack a sense of holiness. They can, in fact, defile or humiliate anything and anyone. Accordingly, with such and do the same.
  16. nikolaj1703
    nikolaj1703 30 September 2015 17: 06
    Beloved by the Poles W. Churchill
  17. slizhov
    slizhov 30 September 2015 17: 08
    and is it possible to find at least THREE DIFFERENCES of pshek from dill ..?
    1. kizhe
      kizhe 30 September 2015 17: 24
      Why search? Need to beat.
    ALEA IACTA EST 30 September 2015 17: 42
    Savages ... Just Savages ... fool
  19. roskot
    roskot 30 September 2015 17: 45
    Here they will not cost sprats and fish products. Get bigger sanctions. Otherwise they will not calm down.
  20. Million
    Million 30 September 2015 18: 04
    The Poles themselves realized their worthlessness and now desecrate the monuments to soldiers for the fact that Soviet soldiers did not allow them to die in concentration camps
  21. atamankko
    atamankko 30 September 2015 18: 12
    For them, one name ... scum.
  22. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 30 September 2015 18: 42
    Thanks to Comrade Stalin, the Prussian city of Stettin was transferred to Poland in 1945 and became Szczecin, the Poles forgot to see who freed them and from whom.
  23. arrows
    arrows 30 September 2015 20: 05
    While serving in Poland, I often had to listen from Aboriginal people: the Pole is not a nationality, the Pole is a profession, there is nothing more to add, a shitty profession.
  24. moskowit
    moskowit 30 September 2015 20: 27
    Stettin (Szczecin) was taken on 26 April 1945 of the year by the troops of the 65 Army of the 2 Belarus Front during the Berlin operation.
  25. kirpich
    kirpich 30 September 2015 21: 34
    Quote: Gxash
    For nefig!

    As you put it mildly.
  26. KOH
    KOH 1 October 2015 05: 19
    Let the Poles from Smolensk take their monuments ... Interestingly, but a lot of metal in them? what