Sixteen Moments ATO

For the duration of hostilities, the intra-Ukrainian conflict occupies one of the first places in the clashes of the 21st century.

The intensity and duration of hostilities, the amount of forces and means used make it possible to state: the Ukrainian civil war lasting sixteen months not only dramatically changed the situation in Eastern Europe, but also placed the priorities of the forces differently: the world began to look at Russia differently.

The declared goal of the Ukrainian army in this war is to restore constitutional order in the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions without changing the country's constitution.

Strategy dictated by the States

At the same time, a number of important tasks are being solved: reducing Russia's influence on the Ukrainian state and the EU, providing and coordinating a missile defense system for the United States and NATO, and creating a joint military unit - the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade. Further, the expulsion of the population who does not want to speak Ukrainian, followed by the resettlement of families from the west of the country to the lands of Donbass should follow.

Sixteen Moments ATOUkraine’s plans include the refusal of Energoatom to supply the Russian fuel company with nuclear fuel for its nuclear power plants and to continue cooperation with the American Westinghouse.

As for the military objectives directly, this includes the rout of the separatist forces of Donbass, followed by taking control of three hundred kilometers of the border with Russia.

In fact, we are talking about the fact that Ukraine should check on its territory the American experience of conducting counter-insurgency hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

From the military-industrial complex of Ukraine in a short time is required to organize the production of new equipment and weapons, abandoning the military-technical cooperation with Russia and really embarking on that with the NATO countries.

The following Ukrainian weapons were used in real combat conditions: T-64 BM Bulat, BMP-55, BMP-64, BMP-84, BTR-4 Bucephal; BTR-3EX1; BTR-94, Dozor-B armored car; Kozak multipurpose armored car; Shrek, Cougar and Spartan armored vehicles; ZRK T38 "Stilet", anti-MANPADS complex "Adros" (equipment of Mi-24 helicopters), sniper rifles VPR-338LM; assault rifles "Fort-221" and "Fort-224", grenade launcher "Valar"; anti-tank missile system "Barrier", anti-tank guided missile "Kombat", portable anti-tank missile system (ATGM) "Korsar", ATGM "Skif" and "Stugna-P".

Among the particular goals and objectives of this war, it is worth noting the efforts to establish a medical algorithm for action on the battlefield. Currently, the practice of using civilian inpatient medical institutions for the rehabilitation of military personnel is being checked and consolidated.

The scale of the disaster

At peak times, the number of protesters in Kiev and other regions did not exceed one hundred thirty to one hundred eighty thousand people. The maximum load on the territory of Independence Square and adjacent streets is one hundred seventy six thousand people. Taking into account tents, cars, etc., the maximum number of protesters cannot simultaneously exceed one hundred thirty thousand people. Taking into account the rotation during the day, the total number of protesters who visited the Independence Square could not exceed one hundred and fifty thousand people. Accordingly, if on 1 in January 2014, the population of Ukraine was over forty-five million people, an insignificant percentage of the population expressed the will of the people.

As a result of this coup d'état, inspired and supported by the West, military action covered an area of ​​thirty-two and a half thousand square kilometers. In the wars of the 21st century, only Israel fought in a smaller area: the second Lebanon war, ten and a half thousand square kilometers, and the Cast Lead operation in the Gaza Strip, six hundred and forty-eight square kilometers. The largest area of ​​military clashes in this century — over one and a half million square kilometers — came from the US and NATO intervention in Libya, while almost ninety percent of Libyan land is occupied by deserts. This is followed by the US war with the Taliban: “Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan - six hundred and fifty square kilometers, Operation “Fox in the Desert” in Iraq (converted to “Shock and Awe”, and then to “Iraqi Freedom”) - four hundred and thirty kilometers The fighting of Turkey and Islamic State in Syria covered an area of ​​one hundred and eighty square kilometers, and the war in Yugoslavia - about a hundred square kilometers.

For the duration of hostilities, the civil war in Ukraine ranks one of the first places in the wars of the 21st century: from mid-April 2014 to September 2015 passed a year and five months. The Georgian-Ossetian war lasted for five days in 2008. The Israeli war against Hamas (in the Gaza Strip) lasted twenty-two days (from December 27 2008 to January 17 2009). The US military operation “Iraqi Freedom” in Iraq was twenty-five days (from March 20 to April 15 2003), and the war between Israel and Libya (Year 2006) was only thirty-four days. The US and NATO intervention in Libya took two hundred and forty-seven days (since the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution 19 in March 2011 and until the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution 31 in October and 2011). It is only inferior to Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, which the North Atlantic Alliance has been conducting from October 7 2001 to the present, that is, almost fourteen years.

Combat casualties and refugees

One of the first places in the wars of the XXI century is the Ukrainian conflict and military losses. As of 27 in July of this year, almost seven thousand Ukrainians officially died, more than seventeen thousand people were injured (while German sources estimate the loss of Ukraine to more than fifty thousand people). That is, two or three times more people died in Ukraine than the USSR lost in Afghanistan (over fifteen thousand dead and nearly fifty four thousand wounded).

On 6 June 2014, coalition losses in Afghanistan amounted to almost fourteen thousand soldiers, sixteen and a half thousand people were injured. The losses of the Afghan army are three thousand four hundred killed and about thirty three thousand wounded. For comparison: a month and a half of the war in Iraq cost a coalition of one hundred and seventy-two people dead, while the Iraqi army cost nine thousand two hundred soldiers and seven thousand three hundred civilians. In the second Lebanon war, one thousand three hundred and forty-seven people died on both sides. In the Israeli war against Hamas (in the Gaza Strip) - over a thousand people, nearly five thousand wounded (Israelis died a hundred times less than the Palestinians).

In Yugoslavia, two thousand civilians were killed, seven thousand wounded. In the second Libyan war, more than four thousand fighters and supporters of the National Transitional Council of Libya died, more than three thousand were missing. About two thousand fighters of Muammar Gaddafi killed and more than eight hundred captured. At the same time, the United States lost less than two hundred people killed, the United Kingdom - thirty-five people officially, France - from three hundred to five hundred, Qatar - more than seventy people.

In terms of casualties, the war in Ukraine is second only to the civil war in Tajikistan in 1992 – 1993, when about sixty thousand people died, many were missing. In the Georgian-Ossetian conflict during the hostilities, one thousand people were killed and unaccounted for on the Ossetian side, over two and a half thousand were injured. In Transnistria, by the middle of July, 1992, on both sides, also killed about a thousand people, including about four hundred civilians. About four and a half thousand were injured. The Transnistrian side lost about five hundred people dead, nine hundred were injured. In Russia 3 – 4 of October 1993, the death toll on both sides did not exceed two hundred people, and not a single MP was injured. About nine hundred people, including six hundred sixty civilians, one hundred and seventy-nine from internal troops and thirty-nine servicemen, sought medical help.

In total, as of 25 July, over two million three hundred thousand Ukrainians were forced to leave the country, of which eight hundred and fifty thousand people fled to Russia. Over nine thousand Ukrainians have asked for refugee status in the EU this year. More than one million two hundred thousand people in Ukraine are in the status of internally displaced persons. For comparison: in Tajikistan more than sixty thousand people fled to Afghanistan and one hundred ninety five thousand moved to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the number of internally displaced persons reached one million. In Syria, there are between four and a half to seven million internally displaced persons and over five million refugees (as of January 2015). In the Kurdish region of Iraq there are two million refugees and displaced civilians from the eastern province of Iraq.

Diligent students

Irregular volunteer militias, the Right Sector (banned in Russia), private detachments of major businessmen showed themselves to be most worthy in the hostilities on the part of Ukraine. By the way, in the post-Soviet space Girkin, Kolomoisky, Malafeev and Yarosh had their predecessors. The well-known Georgian crime boss Jaba Ioseliani with his militarized Mkhedrioni structure (a prominent element of the civil war in Georgia in 1991 – 1992 and the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict 1992 – 1993) was almost the main political figure of the country of the beginning of 90. A similar example is the former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Suret Gusseinov. Before the Karabakh conflict, he was the director of a wool processing factory and, with the start of hostilities, he formed an entire military brigade at his own expense, becoming briefly a corps commander.

Initially, twelve working groups of one hundred and eighty instructors arrived in Ukraine from the USA, who were to improve the security system of Ukraine, effectively commanding all troops. In March, the Pentagon sent 2015 new specialists to train about six hundred National Guard soldiers. According to the militia, they were able to neutralize a total of about ten American troops.

In terms of the number of mercenaries and private military organizations, Ukraine also occupies one of the first places among all military conflicts of the 21st century, second only to US actions in Iran and NATO in Libya. Hide the presence in Ukraine of American military instructors and mercenaries from private military companies (PMCs) did not work. Since March of this year, in the territory of Ukraine, employees of the American PMC Greystone Limited, a subsidiary of Blackwater-known in Iraq, have been operating. Employees of Greystone Limited directly planned and carried out (in the form of a detachment of the Ukrainian special forces "Falcon") combat operations. Blackwater trained troops and advised the armed forces and the National Guard of Ukraine, the Azov and Dnepr detachments. The personnel of the American army secretly took direct part in the ATO in the Donbas.

For the United States, NATO, and Kiev, exaggerated ideas about their own armies, their power and fighting efficiency turned out to be disastrous. The militia has been defending for almost a year and a half, although it was supposed that after the first strikes it would collapse - there would be a mass surrender or escape to Russia. When analyzing the situation regarding the possible actions of the enemy, the moral and psychological state of the militia forces was underestimated. Despite serious losses, the fighters of the DPR and LNR army all this time retain their combat capability and the possibility of an active offensive in the event of the breakdown of the Minsk agreements. The task before the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the destruction of the enemy’s combat power remained unfulfilled. Kiev was unable to establish full control over Donetsk and Lugansk, completely closing the Ukrainian-Russian border. And, apparently, can not.
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  1. +7
    30 September 2015
    Good statistical research.
    1. +22
      30 September 2015
      The statistics boil down to one thing - a "bunch" of hyper-motivated thugs, with financial and information support, can bring to their knees the passive majority of the population of a rather big country, which will perish, become poor, but "bellow" and endure further ... am
      1. +7
        October 1 2015
        and actually embarking on such with the NATO countries

        You shouldn’t touch us better

        Guys, this block that NATO is bothering us,
        the generals are killing, viciously gnawing atoms.
        And let's say bluntly: “According to FIG - Bush or Obama,
        even Apache from a wigwam - we can’t relax. ”

        Intractable and harmful, the Yankees are greedy for prey,
        he always encroaches on my peace.
        Political scientist, pale lecturer, pointing to Washington with a pointer,
        clarified the war threat and its consequences.

        At work, the hump is short, I’m swept, I’m embraced
        lining the walls, everything is not so lined.
        And the eldest, Victor Rubankin, muddied the rally along the way,
        where voiced crazy USA potential.

        We abandoned work, we hit in doubt
        we slept in a temporary hut, some with a doublet, some with a volt.
        Sam foreman Vasily Kotov, under the threat of dismissal,
        in protest, he ate half a liter ... and without a snack, moreover.

        Only the heart is not in place, its bad news is being burned.
        How so ?! Washington hawk encroached on someone else's!
        He grabbed it, covered it
        . And Vasily Kotov zapil,
        and in a binge, Djugashvili remembered with a kind word.

        But this did not stop the overseas warrior.
        He began to oversaturate Europe with missiles.
        And he got to Kiev, and climbed into Tbilisi without soap,
        and the people are forced to scream at Russia.

        Brought to the pen, we decided the whole payday -
        on a rocket from the brigade, taking it off from families.
        Yes, we’ll not be the first to touch, but we’re ready for defense,
        and do not dare to achieve superiority over us!

        We have forgiven them a lot and are almost ready to forgive,
        and the barracks, and Obama, and entry visa deprivation.
        We will eat grass and sorrel, but in response to an evil word
        the enemy will always receive a timely surprise from us.

        You would not be better off touching us, just to be safe, just in case:
        everything today is intensely indignant and in full swing.
        Earth globe - not a battlefield
        , even Kotov, that in a binge,
        will sacrifice himself (he is still awake).

        Drink your Coke, please do not meddle with us.
        Soon we will master the “Nana,” and we will take it away,
        that, NATO Generals, I’m in your place,
        from melancholy already ate himself alive today.
        Vadim Novozhilov
        1. +1
          October 2 2015
          A good verse, almost according to Mayakovsky, which, incidentally, ended badly.
  2. 0
    30 September 2015
    No comments!!! The figure is a stubborn thing and does not require additional explanations !!!
    30 September 2015
    Why didn't they provide information on the two Chechen conflicts in the "Combat losses" section? They are much more ambitious than those listed.
    1. +1
      30 September 2015
      And you do not confuse "guerrilla" actions and conflicts with the use of heavy weapons, tanks, heavy artillery, aviation on both sides. Or even African events must be added, they howl for decades.
    2. +1
      30 September 2015
      large-scale than the above. ,,
      Well, take it and lay it out.
      1. +1
        October 1 2015
        It is not entirely clear what the author considered as combat losses. And the military and the civilian population, everything was mixed up.
        The losses of the population of Iraq after the 2003 year are measured in hundreds of thousands.
        In Rwanda, over the 100 days of the 1994 year, from 500.000 to 1 000 000 people were killed.
  4. +5
    30 September 2015
    "Irregular volunteer militias, the" Right Sector "(an organization banned in Russia), private detachments of large businessmen showed themselves most worthily in the hostilities on the part of Ukraine ..." - this is the opinion of the author, or is there any reliable (more or less ) statistical basis ?!
    1. +2
      30 September 2015
      Quote: Thor
      The most worthy of the fighting on the part of Ukraine were irregular volunteer groups

      The author does not specify what exactly these slop formations are worth. But it seems to me that their thugs have already "worked out" to the highest degree.
      1. +2
        30 September 2015
        Quote: BMP-2
        The author does not specify what exactly these slop formations are worth. But it seems to me that their thugs have already "worked out" to the highest degree.

        Do you seriously think that the overwhelming majority of these thugs will face trial? I am begging you! How many of them were condemned (really according to their merits) of these policemen, Banderaites, and all kinds of "forest lads", and how many of them are quietly living out their days (happy)? 100% of the majority will run away abroad as their "heroic" grandfathers and grandmothers. (It's not for nothing that they all wear balaclavas.)
  5. 0
    30 September 2015
    The task facing the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy the enemy’s combat power remained unfulfilled. Kiev could not establish full control over Donetsk and Lugansk, completely closing the Ukrainian-Russian border. And, apparently, will not be able to.

    In connection with the events in the Middle East, now the main attention of all has shifted there and the United States and NATO may have realized the futility of investing in Ukraine’s bottomless breakthrough. When they are pressed, they can change their views and priorities, today's example for Bashar al-Assad ...
  6. +4
    30 September 2015
    Quote: Thor
    Irregular volunteer militias, the "Right Sector" (an organization banned in Russia), private detachments of large businessmen showed themselves most worthily in the hostilities on the part of Ukraine ... "

    This conclusion is quite controversial, the very first who fled, it was these very irregular formations, and the army stubbornly resisted. Moreover, collected mainly from their eastern regions.
    1. 0
      30 September 2015
      Quote: qqqq
      This conclusion is quite controversial, the very first who fled, it was these very irregular formations, and the army stubbornly resisted. Moreover, collected mainly from their eastern regions.

      Here is something your point of view, Dear qqqq, impresses me more than the point of view of the author.

      Something like that. good hi
  7. +9
    30 September 2015
    Soon they will start, everything is ready, only a major provocation in the style of MN-17 is needed
  8. +5
    30 September 2015
    For the United States, NATO and Kiev, the overestimated notions of their own armies, their power and combat effectiveness were fatal.
    At the time, reports on the losses of the Soviet side in military and technical equipment, which the generals regularly supplied him with, played a cruel joke with Hitler. He was fully confident that it was still worth the trouble and the Soviets would run out of people, aircraft and tanks. It turned out to be wrong ... sad
  9. +4
    30 September 2015
    Well, at least some kind of analytics has been done. Although, in my opinion, it is better to turn to more specialized sources for losses, for example,

    AS OF AUGUST 14, 2015
    Around 34 9508 military personnel, including members of the military and paramilitary units of the Ukrainian security forces to the present (excluding mercenaries of foreign. military personnel and advisers). Of them:
    - about 5 militants of the "Right Sector", mainly included in the National Guard, as well as 783 mercenaries from the special battalions "Dnepr" and "Azov", "AIDAR" and other illegal armed groups in Uraina, according to operational data, the corpses were taken to Dnepropetrovsk and destroyed in a local crematorium, or were buried at the place of execution and are listed as missing,
    - about 19 756 troops of the Ukrainian army (mainly from 25 airborne Dnepropetrovsk brigade and 95 airborne Zhytomyr brigade, 24th motorized brigade from Lviv region, 79 airborne brigade, 51 mechanized brigade from YaNUM XNUM, XNUM mechanized brigades from the Bila Tserkva, the Kremenchug brigade GUR MO and other units of the Ukrainian army, mainly from places of deployment from Western Ukraine),
    - about 5 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from among the so-called. "national guard",
    - about 381 employees of the SBU of Ukraine,
    State Border Service of Ukraine –25 3 people,
    - other categories of armed formations of Ukraine - 2 791 people.

    FOREIGN Mercenaries and Advisers:
    - 88 employees of the CIA, FBI, US Special Forces
    - foreign mercenaries - 1049 people from the Polish PMC ASBS Othago (139 people from 22.04 to 13.07 14), American PMCs Asademi (before 2009 was known as Blackwater) and its "daughters" Greystone Limited PMCs (125 people with 22.04. By 13.07 14 g.), From Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Finland, African and Arab and other countries.

    Only from April 22 to July 13 2014 of the year, the total losses of foreigners in the Donbass amounted to 330 people. In particular, the Polish PMC ASBS Othago lost 139 people, the American PMC Asademi (before 2009 was known as Blackwater) - 125 people.

    55 908 people, incl. from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard, Terbatalions, battalions of the "Right Sector, State Border Service, and the police.

    (Also see Summary Summary, below)
    SBU employees - 524 people
    National Guard - 2015 people (total since July 2014 years)
    Military personnel - 3562 people (total since July 2014 year)
    Foreign mercenaries - 549 people
    other categories - 1366 people
    1. +6
      30 September 2015
      28 combat helicopters (Mi-24 and Mi-8, MI-17), 02.02.15
      Mi-24: 6 destroyed irretrievably + 8 destroyed / damaged as a result = 14 pcs.
      Mi-8: 7 destroyed irretrievably + 6 destroyed / damaged as a result = 14 pcs.
      aircraft at 20.00. 3.02.15/XNUMX/XNUMX g .:
      Su-25: 19 destroyed irrevocably + 1 captured LPR + 12 crashed / damaged. As a result, = 32 pcs. at 20.00 03.02.15/XNUMX/XNUMX
      Su-27 - 1 unit. 1.09.14/XNUMX/XNUMX g.
      Su-24: 2 destroyed forever + 1 knocked out / damaged. Total = 3 pcs.
      Mig-29: 2 units destroyed.
      Destroyed AN-30 (reconnaissance) + 3, IL-76 (transporters) + An-26 (transporter).
      UAV - 20 pcs. 20.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX

      cars (6 - Hammer, GAZ-66 - 11 pcs., URAL - 70 pcs., KAMAZ - 47 pcs., ZIL-131 - 4 PCs. KrAZ - 1, KShM - 2 pcs.), TOTAL 706 CARS as of 1.06 2015 g.
      automobile tractors (ATL, MTLB) - 80 units. on 06.06.15/XNUMX/XNUMX

      tanks: T-64 and other types - 529 pcs. on 10.08.15/XNUMX/XNUMX
      Bulat tanks - 2 pcs. at 10.00 a.m. 26. 12. 2014 (captured)
      Leopard tank - 1 units on 23.10.2014

      BTR - 397 pcs. at 10.00 a.m. 1.0
      BTR "BUTSEFAL" - 7 pcs. as of 12.03 2015
      BTR-4E - 2 pcs. December 21.12.14, XNUMX
      BMP-1, BMP-2 - 285 pcs. August 10.08, 2015
      BMD - 52 pcs. at 19.00 p.m. January 27.01, 2015
      BRDM - 19 pcs.

      MLRS BM 21 "Grad" - 104 pcs. on 14.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX (including captured)
      MLRS "Smerch" (9K58 - 300 mm.) - 14 pcs. on 27.01.15/XNUMX/XNUMX
      Tulip 240 mm heavy self-propelled mortar - 9 pcs.
      MLRS multiple launch rocket launcher (9P 140) "Hurricane" - 17 pcs.
      152 mm self-propelled guns 2S3 "Acacia" - 13 pcs.
      SAU-152 "Elizabeth" - 1 pc.
      SAU-2S9 "NONA" - 26 pcs.
      ACS "Carnation" 2S1 and others - 54 pcs. as of 04.06
      Self-propelled guns "MSTA S - 9 pcs. on January 08.01.2015, XNUMX
      152-mm towed howitzers 2A65 "Msta-B" - 6 pcs.
      ACS - "Peony" - 21 pcs. on 18.02.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX.
      120 mm mortars - 113 pcs. as of June 1.06.2015, XNUMX
      82 mm mortars - 49 units.
      howitzers D-30 - 99 pcs. June 04.06, 2015
      anti-aircraft installation (ZU-23-2) - 23 pcs. at 11. 00 01.02. 2015 year
      installation ATGM "Competition" - 3 pcs. on 10.00 17.07.2014
      anti-tank guns MT-12d (100 mmm) "Rapier" - 37 pcs.
      military boats - 3 units.
      self-propelled 152-mm gun "Hyacinth" -2 units.
      Heavy weapons of foreign supply - 2 units
      tactical missile Point - "U" - 3 pcs. as of 20.08.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX
      Ammunition, weapons and fuel and lubricants depots - 18 objects.
      1. +2
        30 September 2015
        Corsair huge respect for the data provided ...
      2. 0
        30 September 2015
        Quote: Corsair0304
        Leopard tank - 1 units on 23.10.2014

        Is it possible to proof such a dubious statement?
      3. 0
        30 September 2015
        Please indicate the sources of information, the numbers are impressive. And yet, indicate the loss of militias.
  10. +1
    30 September 2015
    To the sponsors of the junta begins to reach what they have plunged into.
  11. +3
    30 September 2015
    Statistics are statistics, but what about the vile Americans who managed to push the Russians and Ukrainians in the war? I would still propose destroying them all over the globe with all available means - cutting missions, shelling the bases where they are located ... In a word, do everything so that the earth under the feet of these invaders of the Earth really burns.
    1. +4
      30 September 2015
      We are all trying to behave in a civilized manner, but after all, by and large, this is playing on the field of the West, according to its rules and with their cheating techniques, double standards, fakes, etc.
      Those. a priori we will not win in this field against crooks.
      But massively cut off their heads and carry out a ter.attack, it’s somehow immediately better, in this you are absolutely right.
  12. +1
    30 September 2015
    As if between the case of Girkin-Strelkov hooked. Inconvenient figure for some. On whose behalf does the author sing?
  13. 0
    30 September 2015
    Let's get back to the concept of "Uncle Sam" - controlled Chaos, what do we have at the moment? Lebanon, Iraq (not a patchwork of blood), Muslim not controlled Africa, Syria, which controls no more than a third of the territory, a huge population of Southeast Asia, engulfed in war, which rushed to Europe. Green money + US influence working for the benefit of a star-striped mattress, everything works in the piggy bank "smoked" What could we, just snatch some of our interests in Syrian Latakia, and stake out Tartus?
    Four years ago, when Assad showed a fig to Qatar in a project to build a gas pipeline to Europe, (squeezing Gazprom) where were we ?! The same thing with the east of Ukraine, with the possibilities of media resources, we were able to reach out about the atrocities of ukrofashistov just now? Okay, we’re singing the hassle of the foreign policy ...
    1. 0
      30 September 2015
      Everything is so .. Alas, the project of the world backstage is working, and so far no particular success has been seen on the other hand ..
  14. +4
    30 September 2015
    Putting Girkin and Kolomoisky, separated by commas, can only cause disgust ... And the Chechen wars were not included in the mournful list ... the article looks more like "information fog-cover" (which has become a lot in VO lately)
  15. 0
    30 September 2015
    Quote: Corsair0304
    Leopard tank - 1 units on 23.10.2014

    Where is it from ???
    Something I do not remember mentioning the destruction of the Leopard.
  16. +1
    30 September 2015
    Quote: Corsair0304
    (Also see Summary Summary, below)
    SBU employees - 524 people
    National Guard - 2015 people (total since July 2014 years)
    Military personnel - 3562 people (total since July 2014 year)
    549 foreign mercenaries.
    other categories - 1366 people

    It is interesting, and where are these 549 foreign mercenaries? I have never met information about captured foreigners. Maybe I missed something in this life? If they were immediately upturned, so the dog is with them, and if they are alive and sitting in a jail, then why are they silent about them?
  17. 0
    October 1 2015
    The USSR lost in Afghanistan (over fifteen thousand dead and nearly fifty-four thousand wounded).

    In fact, the official losses of Soviet troops in Afghanistan are 14453 people killed. So there is no need to cheat about "over 15 thousand."

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"