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What did the pioneers fight for

Before starting the story about how during the Great Patriotic War the pioneers of the Lipetsk region (although the region did not officially exist at that time, this territory was divided between the Oryol, Voronezh and Tambov regions) fought the German invaders, I bring to your attention three letters . They were written by children and were published in local newspapers in 1943-44.

"I am seven years old. My dad is at the front. For courage, he was awarded a medal. I don’t have a mom; my aunt is raising me. My dad’s salary in the army is 125 rubles a month. Of these, Dad sends me 100 rubles, and 25 he keeps to himself. Of the savings sent to them, I contributed 7 rubles to the State Bank on January 1943, 100. Let them build on this money tank the column "Pioneer". I want our fathers to quickly defeat the Nazis and return home.
Paradise Sanina, village Klevnoe. "

“Dear grandfather Joseph Stalin!
My folder is at the front, and my mother and I were evacuated. I am making all my savings in the amount of 200 rubles for the construction of the Pioneer aircraft. Let the pilot on this plane smash the fascist villains, because of whom we and the mother live in a strange apartment.
Zoya Poluzhnikova, Dubovetsky Village Council, Dolgorukovsky District ”.

“Dear Comrade Stalin!
Following the example of my comrades Zoya Poluzhnikova and Anatoly Galashov, I will also study “good” and “excellent”. The savings I collected are for the construction of Pioneer military equipment. Dear Grandpa Stalin, please accept my wishes for health.
Vitya Zuev, village Zhernovnoe Dolgorukovsky district.

And that's what I thought. When an adult, for example, goes into the thick of the battle, he gives himself an account of why he does it. When Oleg Loskov covered four children in Beslan, he probably knew that he would die. But that did not stop him. His main goal was the salvation of children, and for her he was ready for anything.

What did the pioneers fight forBut take any book on child psychology, you will never find statements anywhere that children can immediately set priorities and fight for the happy future of others, and even unfamiliar people. For children, it is more important “now” than “later”. Therefore, they first drive the ball to the blue in the street, and only then, somehow, falling asleep on the move, they learn lessons. And even students, almost adult people, for the most part study in full force, clearly not from the first day of the semester.
All this seems to be correct. But...

Pioneer Zina Portnova, working in the canteen, poisoned more than a hundred German officers. And when the Gestapo men summoned her for questioning, she herself ate the poisoned soup as proof and survived by a miracle.

After all, Zina knew that if she swallowed poison, she would die! She knew, but did not betray her fellow soldiers. For her, “later” turned out to be more important than “now.”
Marat Kazei, surrounded by the Germans, blew himself up with their grenade, although he too could have been saved. After all, these guys were not going to die for the posthumous title of Heroes of the Soviet Union!

Yelchane Misha Beketov and Alyosha Revolutions in the city captured by the Nazis cut the telephone line. The boys participated in the battles on an equal basis with adults, in the hottest moments, not being afraid of anything, offered ammunition to the soldiers. Both died.

Pioneer Vasya Kozlov from Izmalkovo himself learned to clear mines. Nobody taught this to the boy, and how and on what he practiced was known to him alone. But when the Germans retreated from the village of Kudiyarovka, they mined the bridge behind them. Vasily saw it, found and removed the 21 mine.

Pioneer Volodya Makarevich during the battles for Yelets showed our soldiers where the main firing points of the fascists were. He led the fighters into the thick of the furnace, Volodya was immediately struck down by five enemy bullets, he died in the hospital.

And Vitya Orlov, in a battle near the village of Yekaterinovka, shielded Commander Astapov. The boy blocked the adult! He died, but saved ...
Raya Sanina, Zoya Poluzhnikova and Vitya Zuev gave all their savings to build a tank and a plane (by the way, I’ll definitely write more about it, because the young residents of Yelets really made money on the plane! " enough.
And these are just some examples. Was it easy for children who did not go to battle, but lived, denying everything and not grumbling?

The Nazis did not need educated Russians captured in captivity, they needed silent slaves. Hitler considered it sufficient for the children to learn the road signs, the multiplication table (but only up to 25-ti) and were able to sign their last name. Why slaves more?

Therefore, seizing villages and cities, the Germans mercilessly destroyed schools. But this did not stop the teachers and children.
The remaining (not gone to the front) teachers gathered boys and girls at home and still engaged in them. We taught not only science, but also the fact that we need to help each other.

It was the teachers who, in the first days of the war, created the Timurov detachments in Lipetsk, which constantly helped more than a hundred Red Army families. The guys prepared firewood for them for the winter, sat with the babies, helped cook the dinners. In the hospitals they read letters to the wounded, newspapers, performed concerts, helped in the kitchen. Is it easy or something? But no one was capricious.

In the warm season, pupils collected chamomile, raspberry, bird cherry, sorrel. In the pharmacy Lipetsk pioneers surrendered more than four tons of medicinal plants!
Many worked in production instead of their fathers. And although the working day for children is shorter than in adults, the boys stood at the bench for twelve hours. They brought our victory as they could.

Finally - such an episode. In one pioneer detachment of Usman in 1942, Fedya Shuvalov was the leader. A younger brother, preschooler Vasya, who was two or three years old at that time, always went with him. Everyone was amazed at how such a baby could help pioneers. But he sewed buttons perfectly and knew how to play “the sea is worried.” And in each sponsored family of the detachment, Vasya was specially waited for him to sew on buttons and play with the children. The little boy boldly left the boys and girls, his peers, and he spent hours on them. At the same time, Vasya told everyone that he was not visiting, but at work. He also tried to help adults defeat the fascists.
So what is it then - taken away childhood, did the guys in one moment become adults? Or the phenomenon of the Russian character?
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  1. Reducer
    Reducer 29 September 2015 07: 16 New
    Ordinary children of that time are inaccessible Heroes for ours! Amazing ...
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 29 September 2015 07: 59 New
    Russian phenomenon..Phenomenon ... in the PVL it is told how a teenager volunteered to get through the troops of the Pechenegs who besieged the Russian city of Kiev and bring help ... and did it ..
  3. hohryakov066
    hohryakov066 29 September 2015 08: 09 New
    Once I had a chance to conduct the so-called "Lesson of Courage" at my daughter's school. Ordinary children are 13 years old. There is not even a trace of a special attitude to the topic under discussion. They talked about the exploits of the pioneers - heroes during the Second World War, and only after I asked the children to imagine themselves in a situation where they have to die ... Young, his whole life is ahead, but he must. And there is no other way out ... For 10 minutes a dead silence was established in the class. After the lesson, the children dispersed without the usual noise, quiet and thoughtful. And the speech about the exploits of the pioneers came due to the fact that the school caretaker (God grant him health) has preserved it from Soviet times, and by May 9, posted posters on this topic in the corridor. In the official training program, the entire WWII fit into two pages.
  4. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 29 September 2015 09: 01 New
    The last time I read VO about the Great Patriotic War, I often thought about the pioneers of heroes. It turned out that there was already nothing at home about them, no book.
    Thank you very much for the article, for the topic.
    These children are God's Angels who set an example for everyone.
  5. erased
    erased 29 September 2015 09: 32 New
    In Soviet times, there was a book line called Pioneers-Heroes. I read it once. Children were raised on such books before. And now they are raising on Spider-Man and House-2. This is the result - the future of the country is nonexistent with rare exceptions.
  6. The polar
    The polar 29 September 2015 11: 35 New
    [quote = parusnik] [b] Russian phenomenon
    I think this is a phenomenon of children of war, remember the famous Gavrosh. Around the shooting, and he collects ammunition.
    Another example, but not quite a good one, is the Hitler Agent, and many of them died, how much in vain
  7. Almahsid
    Almahsid 29 September 2015 12: 48 New
    These children are content, not soulless mercantile "
    pacifiers "
  8. vladimirvn
    vladimirvn 29 September 2015 12: 49 New
    How, the Soviet Government in such a short period, was able to create a completely different formation of people? People who are ready to massively sacrifice for their people. Unfortunately, she did not understand what she gave them such, for which they went to their deaths, many of the current generation.
  9. Logos
    Logos 29 September 2015 13: 49 New
    In a short time, the Soviet government created a powerful propaganda machine that put "feats" on the stream. And people at all times are the same and want to live. I was impressed by the statistics published by Krivosheev: by the end of 1941 the Germans had captured 3 million prisoners, this number was equal to almost half of the pre-war composition of the Red Army and almost equal to the size of the Wehrmacht. It is physically impossible to capture such a lot of prisoners in six months, if you do not take into account the fact that many of them surrendered almost voluntarily.

    The situation was saved only by order 270, which indirectly recognized that Soviet soldiers were not at all eager to save Stalin at the cost of their lives. I had to take hostages of the military families so that they finally had an incentive to prefer death to captivity
    1. Colonel
      Colonel 29 September 2015 19: 26 New
      Quote: Logos
      The situation was saved only by order 270, which indirectly recognized that Soviet soldiers were not at all eager to save Stalin at the cost of their lives.

      Everyone thinks to the best of their ability ... not even corruption, rather underdevelopment. What prevented Hitler from issuing an order, say, 271 or 227+, in order to save himself and the Reich at the same time?
      1. Logos
        Logos 2 October 2015 19: 57 New
        Who told you that there was no such order? From order 227:
        “After their winter retreat under the pressure of the Red Army, when discipline in the German troops was shaken, the Germans took some harsh measures to restore discipline, which led to good results. dangerous sectors of the front and ordered them to atone for their sins with blood.They formed, then, about a dozen penal battalions of commanders who were guilty of violating discipline due to cowardice or instability, deprived them of their orders, placed them on even more dangerous sectors of the front and ordered them to atone for their sins Finally, they formed special barrage detachments, placed them behind the unstable divisions and ordered them to shoot on the spot alarmists in case of an attempt to unauthorized abandonment of positions and in case of an attempt to surrender. As you know, these measures had their effect, and now the German troops are fighting better than they fought in the winter. "

        In general, I advise you to receive information not from propaganda campaigns, but from the primary sources. Cleans the brain and helps self-development, you know
        1. Colonel
          Colonel 3 October 2015 12: 08 New
          Quote: Logos
          I advise you to receive information not from propaganda campaigns, but from primary sources

          Let's remember who won the war. Or do you think that the USSR won only because
          Quote: Logos
          In a short time, the Soviet power created a powerful propaganda machine that put "feats" on the stream
          And about the primary sources. They are different, you know. And not everyone is talking about the fact that the entire pre-war Red Army surrendered. So, in the presence of two (or more) equal orders from both sides, the USSR won all the same. And why??? I repeat, everyone thinks to the extent of their depravity. You are in your measure, I am in your measure. "Behold at the root." This is not from agitation, this is K. Prutkov.
  10. Hope1960
    Hope1960 29 September 2015 14: 05 New
    Self-sacrifice for the Motherland in Russia is in blood! Pskov paratroopers were brought up in our time, but no one left the position! Patriotic education is the most important thing! There are no pioneers and the Komsomol, here are drugs, informals and totalitarian sects! For the misdemeanor, the pioneer was summoned for discussion, and today they are proud of the video posted on the network of beating an elderly teacher or a disabled person !!! We must get rid of the "good advice" of Soros, Carnegie! Take the best from the Soviet experience of education and training !!! Bring back a kind, nurturing children's movie; make children's recreation camps more accessible and increase their number!
    ALEA IACTA EST 29 September 2015 18: 58 New
    A person under 16 years old definitely has nothing to do in the war zone.
    You can’t introduce children to such savagery ...
    1. Reducer
      Reducer 30 September 2015 05: 02 New
      Tell it to the Americans!
      And then they do not coordinate their battle zones with the presence of minors in them.
  12. Des10
    Des10 29 September 2015 19: 54 New
    What did the pioneers fight for
    In the children's park of Simferopol - an alley of pioneer heroes. I have not seen this for a long time, to my shame I did not remember everyone. Thanks to them for saving.
  13. dv_generalov
    dv_generalov 29 September 2015 22: 20 New
    Here's what you need to film, write, teach, set an example