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In Ukraine, Poroshenko suspected in the withdrawal of budgetary funds through an offshore company

The Chairman of the Public Council of Ukraine, Valentin Khaletsky, sent a letter to Rosfinmonitoring, asking for assistance in investigating the circumstances of the withdrawal of funds from the Ukrainian budget through an offshore company, reports RIA News with reference to "Izvestia".

In a letter to the Russian department specializing in the fight against money laundering, Khaletsky reports that "according to some information, Petro Poroshenko and deputy Igor Kononenko are directly connected with offshore company Intraco Management, through which large amounts of unknown origin are regularly held."

“In 2012-2015, the company made payments and accepted large amounts of funds into accounts, including through Russian banks, while Kononenko’s data were indicated in payment orders, and the company’s funds were paid to his daughter’s account, which Poroshenko flies, ”the newspaper cites the contents of the letter.

According to the public organization, “Intraco Management already in the period of Poroshenko’s tenure as president of Ukraine received significant transfers from other offshore companies - 100 thousand, 200 thousand and 500 thousand euros”.

The message notes that the head of this company is the long-standing business partner of the Ukrainian president, Jeffrey Magistreyt.

“The establishment of all the circumstances of the case and the perpetrators of criminal acts is impossible without the participation of Russian and international institutions. Russia has enough opportunities to effectively investigate money laundering, including in which Russian financial institutions were involved, ”the newspaper quotes the letter.

Neither Rosfinmonitoring, nor the Ukrainian Public Council did not comment on this information. Social activists only confirmed the fact of sending a letter to Russia.
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  1. siberalt
    siberalt 25 September 2015 10: 16
    Taki for him and Russia offshore laughing
    1. Baikonur
      Baikonur 25 September 2015 10: 17
      Neither shame, nor conscience, nor the brain of this fascist is vile!
      The gallows sobs on him!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. oleg-gr
        oleg-gr 25 September 2015 10: 25
        Found something to be surprised. Feast in Time of Plague. All this is consistent. Prepares alternate aerodrome in a safe place.
        1. KazaK Bo
          KazaK Bo 25 September 2015 14: 06
          oleg-gr SU Today, 10:25 ↑ New
          Found something to be surprised. Feast in Time of Plague. All this is consistent. Prepares alternate aerodrome in a safe place.

          There is a time for everything .... There was a time to collect and grab money ... now the TIME TO MAKE FEET is looming ever brighter! It's time, petya! TIME! Otherwise, you will not have time to run to the Ukrainian-Canadian border ...
          But wherever I look, Porosenko, the alternate airfield ... anyway, IT WILL BE DONE EVERYWHERE ... and MUCH FOR MONEY ... Rather, FOR THE SPILLED BLOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE!
          And then money stolen from the people will not be needed then ...
      3. marlin1203
        marlin1203 25 September 2015 10: 26
        C'mon, didn’t Petya seize power before unselfishly making all Ukrainians rich and happy? what
      4. Now we are free
        Now we are free 25 September 2015 10: 27
        Yes, these two guys ...
        1. vorobey
          vorobey 25 September 2015 10: 55
          Gentlemen of a good day ... well, his name is this clear kid Petsyu ..

          here in the morning another piece of news is circulated though I haven’t found any official yet ... even the Turks are keeping quiet ... the fake or the Chinese decided to put Obama by helicopter in GDP in tandem with GDP in Syria ...

          The Arab resource reports that the military contingent of the PRC is already on its way to Latakia and will arrive at Syrian ports from day to day. Chinese transport with military cargo was spotted on Tuesday morning passing through the Suez Canal.

          The information that the Chinese military experts may arrive in Tartus in the coming weeks was confirmed by the commander of the Syrian army. The publication concludes that Moscow will create an antiterrorist coalition in Syria, which will become an alternative version of the military alliance formed by the United States to drop bulk carriers onto ISIS. The military inclusion of China in the struggle for Syria will be a significant addition to today's statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry. At a press conference at MIA Russia Today, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan, said Iran would fight ISIS with Russia. It is remarkable that Amir is not just talking about an alliance, but about creating a broad military coalition.

          “We welcome the proposal of the Russian president regarding the creation of a common front against terrorism and are even ready to carry out joint actions and work together in implementing this initiative,” said the Iranian deputy foreign minister.

          English-language resources have been writing that Russia will fight terrorists with Iran’s hands for a week. And China’s inclusion in the support group exceeds all imaginable expectations. The presence of an international coalition significantly changes the balance of power in favor of Moscow, untying the Russians their hands for direct military action in the Middle East
          1. Name
            Name 25 September 2015 11: 13
            Quote: vorobey
            Arab resource reports that the military contingent of the PRC is already on its way to Latakia

            Oh, there will be little sadness for phasington and his upbringers in Syria ...
            1. Oladushkin
              Oladushkin 25 September 2015 11: 31
              Beer in front of the house was noted
              1. ihnovich990
                ihnovich990 25 September 2015 13: 45
                Babushkina St.; St. Petersburg :)
          2. Artyom
            Artyom 25 September 2015 11: 22
            China is also very interested in victory over the IS, since there are problems with the Islamists on its territory. If this news is true, then I think there are mainly weapons and equipment, as well as specialists for its maintenance. Syria is a kind of testing ground for testing and testing modern weapons in a real battle, no training ranges will give 100% results, only a real battle! I think 3,14ndos were presented with a choice - either with us or they went on ...!
      5. Sterlya
        Sterlya 25 September 2015 12: 07
        and not too lazy to write about this Potroshenko. Well, erysipelas. (forgive the face) from him. and the look of an addict
    2. little girl15
      little girl15 25 September 2015 11: 25
      Already under the Pig began to dig. Toli will still be ...
    3. Rrrj
      Rrrj 25 September 2015 12: 24
      I like his face in this photo so much - I can imagine that a football player takes a good ball and with a powerful kick directs him into a famous snout - Schaub has become even more beautiful ...
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. kostyan77708
    kostyan77708 25 September 2015 10: 16
    It seems to me that soon 3,14 with a parsley will be!
    1. bvi1965
      bvi1965 25 September 2015 10: 24
      And he feels it ... No.
      1. Svyatogor
        Svyatogor 25 September 2015 10: 33
        Soon he will have to drape, and he is preparing a springboard for his departure.
      2. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 25 September 2015 11: 17
        Quote: kostyan77708
        It seems to me that soon 3,14 with a parsley will be!

        Quote: bvi1965
        And he feels it ...

        Even how he feels))) Here is the owner in his personal file a strict reprimand inscribes ....
    LEVIAFAN 25 September 2015 10: 17
    so what? his time has not come yet. but when he comes all will remember.
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 September 2015 10: 18
    From liquid manurers! The nation’s father decided to knock on the invaders! But he doesn’t take care of himself, he doesn’t sleep at night, he ruins his liver, and everyone is worried about Ruinushka.
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 25 September 2015 10: 18
    The grasping reflex, it's so grasping ... any money that flies past must be grabbed. Why does billionaire Pece need "tyrit a trifle in his pockets" is not clear, but if it really gets punctured on this, we will know that dill is a klipomaniac as president.
  7. Altona
    Altona 25 September 2015 10: 19
    “In 2012-2015, the company made payments and accepted a large amount of funds into accounts, including through Russian banks,
    Ay-yay-yay, Petro Oleksievich, yak, aren't you ashamed? Transfer pennies through the "aggressor country"? Save your personal mineo from the people ... laughing
    1. veksha50
      veksha50 25 September 2015 10: 49
      Quote: Altona
      Transfer pennies through the "aggressor country"?

      They saved one hoopoe ... Will we save the second one ???

      PS Sberbank and VTB, present on the financial market of Ukraine, are still banks with state participation ... 50% + 1 share belong to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation ...
  8. vovanpain
    vovanpain 25 September 2015 10: 20
    We found something to surprise, but for some reason I am not surprised.
  9. Sasha75
    Sasha75 25 September 2015 10: 20
    According to her, only Ukraine can fight with Russia, and at the same time, its president and deputies through the country, the aggressor withdraw money from the country and are not afraid that they will freeze it))).
    1. Svyatogor
      Svyatogor 25 September 2015 10: 35
      In addition to the above
    2. Captain45
      Captain45 25 September 2015 21: 51
      On the topic of Jerez de la Frontera wine of 1775, VVP with Berlusconi drank a bottle of this wine from Massandra cellars in Crimea. The pig bought the same bottle for 1 million euros at an auction. Yesterday I read on the Internet. 999 more such bottles and ukradina will pay off the loan of 3 billion through wine. And what? And we are fine, and Petya is fed, drunk and has a nose in Babama's tobacco. laughing
  10. Watchdog
    Watchdog 25 September 2015 10: 21
    Who dared to suspect Petya?!? But how could you think such a thing about this holy man !!! Shoby he transferred through offshore and national money!?! Ukrainian people will not believe such a joke! This is all Putin !!!! It was Putin who subjugated Petro to his dark will, and was pulling money out of the country, especially so that Svidomo patriots could not pay for his damned gas!
  11. roskot
    roskot 25 September 2015 10: 22
    Peter. where are you going? I'm offshore.
    1. Denis DV
      Denis DV 25 September 2015 10: 52
      Cameron revenge laughing Briton provided jaw fracture laughing
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 September 2015 10: 28
    Obviously Poroshenko, with his inadequate actions and statements, got out not only Ukrainians. but also the owners. I doubt that without "high approval" such action would have been taken.
  13. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 25 September 2015 10: 35
    In Ukraine, Poroshenko suspected in the withdrawal of budgetary funds through an offshore company
  14. Masya masya
    Masya masya 25 September 2015 10: 36
    And what did he think he would drink for one salary? So no salary is enough to drink, that’s how it spins!
  15. press officer
    press officer 25 September 2015 10: 39
    here they were surprised! At first, Tymoshenko robbed the whole country under the noses of everyone, took out entire budgets of the country to offshores, and they are all like blind! Right now, everything is the same! Kolomoisky, the Germans have already traced that the last receipts from Germany went into his pocket, and the fact that Parashka and Yaytsenyukh put all the money coming from Geyropa to themselves is not even surprising! It's not for nothing that mattresses give little money and that is very dosed and immediately ask for reports , and in Geyrope goEETy alone, they just give money for the joy of Petrushka! Someone remembered that mysterious story with the country's budget on the second day after Yanukovych's escape? No? But in vain! I remember it was Yaytsenyukh who said on the second day that there was no budget in the country, there were also no reserves, gold, and even more so, Yanyk stole everything, and they were so white and fluffy! Fucked the whole country by only three at that time Gunpowder, Yaytsenyukh and the pastor! And the rest began to feed later. Therefore, the married Yaytsenyukh sent his wife and children on a trip abroad a month later and took off the ring so that they would not remember where the zhinka was going! And then he will gallop to her! And the fact that here about Gunpowder "suspected" me here is just ridiculous to tears! Well, wow ... they suspect! Well, 100% of the wrong country was called Honduras! yes
  16. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 25 September 2015 10: 41
    In Ukraine, Poroshenko suspected in the withdrawal of budgetary funds through an offshore company

  17. sl22277
    sl22277 25 September 2015 10: 45
    Well, the gang in power in Dill. The son of a thief and the offshore thief Poroshenko himself. A Komsomol agitator and a failed editor Turchinov, who was deprived of a membership card. The eternal student and patron of criminal gangs Yatsenyuk. Pioneer leader and pedophile Tyagnibok. Everyone grabs and rowing, already there is nothing left of the country, only debts and handouts of the West. So shamelessly rob their people, in such a bloody period, which they themselves created ....
  18. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 25 September 2015 10: 48
    “Another criminal case is being investigated, which will be sent to court in the near future. The accused is charged with an attempt on the life of employees of the "Golden Eagle". The detention was carried out a month and a half ago in one of the regions of Russia, after which the accused was transferred to the Crimea. He is a citizen of Russia, but not Crimean, ”- quotes a statement from Poklonskaya RIA Novosti.
  19. morpogr
    morpogr 25 September 2015 10: 48
    About how, after a year and a half, vague doubts began to torment them.
  20. Yuriy Nikolayevich
    Yuriy Nikolayevich 25 September 2015 10: 49
    Quote: Svyatogor
    Soon he will have to drape, and he is preparing a springboard for his departure.

    If a tribunal is appointed, then only underground, in a box. Otherwise, even lice will be forced to give out.
    Everything is brought to this.)))))
  21. SeAl2014
    SeAl2014 25 September 2015 10: 54
    "Every nation deserves its ruler" (c) Socrates
  22. sgr291158
    sgr291158 25 September 2015 10: 56
    After all, the bastard is stealing, oh he is stealing.
  23. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 25 September 2015 11: 05
    So everything is so bad for Petro that they started to merge it. Not on that boar gentlemen amErikantsi and EU members put. I want him to not be washed off the country and somewhere on the Maidan of that ...
  24. evil partisan
    evil partisan 25 September 2015 11: 06
    Just think: quietly brought the money to offshore. what a misfortune! They have people whose hands did not steal anything (until the moment they became a prez ... winked ), 100 Lyamov greens of the IMF, someone put a loan insolently into his brother’s bank yes . Then the truth had to be taken out and returned sad...
  25. kizhe
    kizhe 25 September 2015 11: 13
    So much has already been written about fish in troubled waters, but where is the use?
  26. The boat
    The boat 25 September 2015 12: 19
    In Ukraine, Poroshenko suspected in the withdrawal of budgetary funds through an offshore company
  27. The comment was deleted.
  28. moskowit
    moskowit 25 September 2015 15: 24
    Prepares the base for the evacuation. And then "Look for him, whistle him" ...
  29. APASUS
    APASUS 25 September 2015 19: 18
    Another president of Ukraine who will argue .........
  30. KRIG55
    KRIG55 25 September 2015 22: 37
    Who would doubt it. He does not quite understand that the time "H" will come and it will be necessary to run at breakneck speed. So he is preparing.