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Watching from Washington

Watching from Washington

Recently, scandals around the special services of Germany have not abated. They are mainly related to the activities of the US intelligence community units in the territory of their most reliable ally in NATO. In these scandals featured America's top e-spy, the National Security Agency (NSA), and the big dock run by the secret wars, the CIA. Two recent scandals are connected with the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany (BND), which is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany, and with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LWPC), whose functional duties include counterintelligence operations. Information about these confusions of the German special services appeared at the end of last month. In the first publication, the fictitious name of an operative employee of the BND, who worked for the CIA, appeared before the federal court. But the second of these punctures of the knights of the cloak and dagger of the Federal Republic of Germany is connected with the appearance in the German press of the original text of a cooperation agreement between the NSA and FISF.


20 August, Der Spiegel, one of Germany’s leading weekly magazines, reported that the German government accused the BND 32-year-old foreign intelligence officer who had been working in the Regions and External Relations section of this special service last summer, spying for the United States and Russia. Officially, his real name and surname are not called. In the statements of employees of special services, representatives of legal bodies and in the press, this double agent appears simply as Markus R.

Almost immediately after 13 was arrested in July 2014, in an interview with the German television channel ZDF, which mainly dealt with the topic of spy scandal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Berlin would most likely not succeed in forcing Washington to abandon reconnaissance actions in West Germany. “In my opinion, it’s not at all easy to convince Americans that they now radically change the work of the special services,” said the chancellor. "In this regard, we must make it clear where we have different points of view," Merkel added and expressed the hope that the situation would change. "I can not predict this, of course, I hope something will change," - said the head of the Germans. According to her, espionage among the allies does not indicate "partnership cooperation".

The Prosecutor General of the Federal Republic of Germany charged the traitor with high treason. According to German law, depending on the extent of the damage caused to the national security of Germany, under this article the person involved may be sentenced to a long term, up to life imprisonment. Investigators obtained the necessary evidence about the transfer of closed documents of this service by the US and allegedly to Russia by the former BND officer. The prosecutor's office of the city of Karlsruhe, located in Baden-Württemberg, near the River Rhine, near the French-German border, referred the case to a land court in Munich.

During the investigation, it was established that the first contact of Marcus with the CIA officers, most likely, occurred several years ago. According to the German press, the US foreign intelligence coordinated its activities not from the Berlin US embassy, ​​as previously thought, but from the US embassy in Vienna. This was done in order to minimize the possible risk of failure of the agent. Although the internal security service of BND could hardly be suspected of spying an unobtrusive employee with physical disabilities and a speech defect. In addition, according to some German publications, the spy was part of the immediate entourage of the head of this special service, Gerhard Schindler, which, to a certain extent, removed from him possible suspicions of betrayal. During the investigation, Markus called his immediate supervisor, an operative of the CIA named Craig.

During his time at the CIA, which lasted two years, the agent handed over to the US espionage agency 218 BND documents with various secrets. By the nature of his service, he had access to numerous closed documents of German intelligence, including lists of BND agents seconded to German embassies in various states, as well as agents who work in countries where Bundeswehr peacekeepers serve, that is, in Afghanistan, Mali, Sudan and Lebanon . German counterintelligence officers managed to crack the protection of Marcus's laptop. This computer, which had a special program that blocked access by unauthorized persons to its contents and had a code that allowed the agent to come into direct contact with the curator on a weekly basis, opening a special application with a “weather forecast” icon, was supplied by American instructors. Investigators have found that real names are stored on the agent’s hard drive, as well as the operational aliases of 3500 BND agents. According to the German press, this represents more than half the number of the entire agent network of this service. Whether the CIA agent handed over these lists to his owners is not reported, but it’s known for certain that he gave the Americans a protocol of a telephone conversation between the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan who held the post of 2013 and gave the Americans the secret concept of countering espionage. and also a number of internal official documents of the foreign intelligence of Germany. A flash card with all these documents, sent by the agent to Langley, was discovered during the investigation in the apartment of the suspect.

Counterintelligence of the Federal Republic of Germany was able to detect the "mole" last summer. Then, allegedly, Marcus sent the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Munich three BND documents, which he had previously sent to the Americans. According to investigators, Markus could receive up to 75 thousand euros for his information.

In the summer of 2014, the case of Marcus R. was made public. This case, after almost a year of public debate about the scandal with the NSA tapping of the top leadership of Germany, caused a wide resonance among German citizens. It has become another indisputable proof that the United States is monitoring not only high-ranking German officials, but also BND, and directly in Germany.

The extent of the damage caused by the traitor to his department, official representatives of the BND does not comment. But almost immediately after his detention, the CIA resident in Berlin, Ralph Goff, was expelled from Germany. There was no such harsh reaction even when it turned out that the Americans were listening to the Federal Chancellor’s mobile phone. However, experts do not expect a change in Berlin’s policy regarding Washington even after such a scandalous publication.

German journalist Christoph Herstel, who has connections in German intelligence, believes that information leaked to the press about the investigation of this case is not accidental. It is necessary in order to carry out the long-planned staff rotation in the BND. “In our intelligence activities, we will probably cooperate even more closely with Washington and the CIA than it has been until now. Therefore, I believe that we are taking a step back to the old bad intelligence days immediately after World War II, when the BND was just a branch of the American intelligence service, ”said Herstel.

The exposed spy does not consider himself a traitor and insists that he has always been faithful to his country. Whether he had in mind that the transfer of such secret information to the Americans is a common practice in the German special services, it is not yet clear. Although the meticulous journalists again found a secret document, this time compromising the FVZK and indicating that this practice really exists.


August this year's 28, another German weekly, Die Zeit, published the original text of a secret cooperation agreement between the NSA, the BND and the FMIS under the rather long title “Terms of Cooperation between the Radio Electronic BND and the USFG of the Federal Republic of Germany and the US National Network Analysis Program XKeyscore. In the text of the agreement, this agreement is briefly referred to as the Terms of Cooperation (TOR). The contract at the end of April 2013 was signed by the heads of the radio electronic intelligence departments of the NSA and the BND and the director of the FVZK.

The third section of this document, which defines the rights and obligations of the parties, states that the NSA transfers the XKeyscore program and the corresponding equipment to the BND, which, in turn, will make it available to the FFMC. NSA specialists will provide all necessary assistance to the staff of these special services in solving complex problems associated with the use of this program and maintenance of computing facilities. BND will be directly involved in the installation of equipment for this program, carry out its maintenance and train specialists of the FVZK.

This section also indicates that this software will be used in strict accordance with the laws of Germany. At the same time, it is specifically stipulated that it should not be used to monitor certain categories of individuals. These include Americans, foreigners legally residing in the United States, informal social groups and associations, the majority of which are American citizens or persons holding a residence permit in America. In addition, with the help of the XKeyscore program, it is prohibited to monitor private jets and the courts of American citizens. By signing this agreement, German counterintelligence refused the right to carry out surveillance of Americans and certain categories of foreigners with overseas registration on its territory.

It says that all information received through this program, related to the areas of the NSA's activities, should be “transmitted to this department“ to the maximum extent possible ”.


For the first time two years ago, the British Guardian newspaper published a number of documents received from the former CIA and NSA officer Edward Snowden. In early June, 2013, he gave the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers the secret information of the NSA regarding total electronic surveillance of US intelligence agencies for citizens of many states. Snowden's information also revealed the mechanism for controlling the NSA of Internet users. So there was more data about the program XKeyscore.

This program for collecting, storing and analyzing data is designed to track foreign nationals in various countries of the world. Almost all Internet users of the planet fall under its action. XKeyscore allows you to keep records of "almost any human activity online." With this program you can track huge amounts of metadata and mobile conversations.

Tracking of the XKeyscore program is carried out with the help of 750 servers located in the USA, in the territories of the countries-allies of America, as well as in US embassies and consulates in various countries of the world. All of this equipment operates in 150 countries. Currently, XKeyscore is shared by the NSA, the Australian Radio Engineering Directorate and the New Zealand Government Communications Security Service. The main work centers that enable this program to operate are located in Australia and New Zealand. Access to the data obtained through this program, also have the special services of the UK and Canada.

XKeyscore can track user activity in real time, and also shows anomalies in Internet traffic. The program serves to identify targets and their subsequent maintenance. Details such as an atypical situation, such as the presence of a native speaker of a language in a foreign territory, the use of encrypted mail and other factors, can draw attention of analysts.

With this program, you can conduct large-scale electronic round-the-clock surveillance of anyone, including American citizens, without any authority or warrant to carry out such activities. To search for information, the specialist simply enters the e-mail address and data of the time of transmission of the correspondence of interest into the XKeyscore program. After that letters are selected that interest the originator of the request. The specialist can search for the necessary information by name, phone number, IP address, keywords and the language in which data is exchanged on the Internet. An NSA expert can monitor all activities of any particular person on a wide range of information, including using search engines and visiting websites. XKeyscore program allows you to find the IP address of each user who visits a website. In addition, it allows you to read the contents of chats and private correspondence on Facebook.

The amount of information available to XKeyscore for analysis is extremely large. According to one of the reports from the NSA, 2007 has billions of informational contacts in it since 850, of which 150 billion belongs to the Internet. Every day 1 – 2 billion records are added to the database.

In connection with the revelations of Snowden, there were also reports in the press that XKeyscore servers could be located in Moscow and Beijing. Some representatives of the Russian special services assert that if the corresponding equipment is located in Moscow, then most likely it is located in the US embassy, ​​equipped with the latest technical means for conducting reconnaissance. However, some Russian experts do not believe in finding XKeyscore in our capital. They believe that with such a large amount of traffic, the servers on which this program is installed simply cannot go unnoticed, and it is absolutely impossible to hide them in data centers, such as the Google search engine, located in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

The American special services have long frankly ignored all American laws and norms of international law. They want to create an ordinary camp zone from the whole world, where, like behind barbed wire, everyone will have to live “according to the concepts”, and the “looking” - the NSA - with the help of the XKeyscore program will control the population not only of America, but also of the world . In 2008, the Guardian newspaper, in whose hands the NSA's data on the XKeyscore presentation, fell into the hands of the employees, published a map of the servers with this program in different parts of the world. Later, the existence of this program was confirmed by Snowden, who provided journalists with a top-secret document called “The Unofficial XKeyscore User Guide”, concocted by America’s main radio electronic intelligence officer. From these materials it is clear that the American "authority" of the NSA today controls the inhabitants of most of the countries of the world. And now he is crowned with German.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 September 2015 05: 43
    Germans descended strongly. If we draw an analogy with dogs, then from a German shepherd, Germany mutated into pinscher. proud teutons serve as errands for the overseas master.
  2. Vityok
    Vityok 13 September 2015 06: 08
    Not only the Germans, but all of Europe fell, the Yankees keep everyone on a short leash, not allowing them to independently not only yelp, but also meow.
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 13 September 2015 08: 36
      Quote: Vitek
      Not only the Germans, but all of Europe fell, the Yankees keep everyone on a short leash, not allowing them to independently not only yelp, but also meow.

      This is so ... But over the centuries, for Russia, the main rival was at the beginning of Prussia, then Germany, and not some mythical "whole Europe", which in reality "turned out" (in the form of cannon fodder) only from Bonoparty.

      And if we exclude, as "out of the scheme" of Charles XII and Napoleon, then it was the "German" who was the factor prompting Russia to keep the powder dry ...
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 September 2015 06: 58
    American intelligence agencies have long openly ignored all American laws and international law

    And besides this, they are actively using their influence in the controlled territories of Europe. Germany, still under the occupation of the United States, began to forget who really defeated it in the 2nd WW. Not surprisingly, the US intelligence services feel at home in this area. This is facilitated by Merkel's desire to serve the Americans. If Germany says "halt" to one, then for the USA there is only one answer - "yavol".
  4. Amurets
    Amurets 13 September 2015 10: 05
    What prevents you from keeping the powder dry now? But here's the paradox. When Germany and Russia are in the same boat, peace in Europe becomes stable. But when someone from this "sweet couple" joins the Anglo-Saxons, "the devils in Europe begin to thresh peas."
  5. Adminminuki
    Adminminuki 13 September 2015 10: 11
    On this site, most commentators are a bunch of degenerates who lick the fifth point to Putin, who has the whole country in all holes.
    And all who do not agree to lick the fifth point to Putin, are minuscule.
    Most of the site is happy to receive a bone from the owner and work out the loot.
    Any other people's opinion on the site is instantly driven into a minus and people are simply expelled from the site.
    Straight Stalinist times.
    The administration of the site is mud @ ki corrupt, that expel anyone who has someone else's opinion. And the rest here simply because of their meager minds put cons, thinking that in this way they show patriotism, and in fact they show their stupidity and zombies.
    But the top is glad - while the top is eating, they will throw a bone at the bottom and they will lick the host for this bone, do not be afraid.
    Well, lick further - the deeper you drive your tongue into p @ pu Putin, the more this will distract you from reality.
  6. SPB 1221
    SPB 1221 13 September 2015 10: 22
    Quote: AdminiSuki
    On this site, most commentators are a bunch of degenerates who lick the fifth point to Putin, who has the whole country in all holes.
    And all who do not agree to lick the fifth point to Putin, are minuscule.
    Most of the site is happy to receive a bone from the owner and work out the loot.
    Any other people's opinion on the site is instantly driven into a minus and people are simply expelled from the site.
    Straight Stalinist times.
    The administration of the site is mud @ ki corrupt, that expel anyone who has someone else's opinion. And the rest here simply because of their meager minds put cons, thinking that in this way they show patriotism, and in fact they show their stupidity and zombies.
    But the top is glad - while the top is eating, they will throw a bone at the bottom and they will lick the host for this bone, do not be afraid.
    Well, lick further - the deeper you drive your tongue into p @ pu Putin, the more this will distract you from reality.

    What are you sniffing or smoking, "dear" ???
    1. Yuri Y.
      Yuri Y. 13 September 2015 16: 14
      Quote: SPB 1221
      What are you sniffing or smoking, "dear" ???

      I don’t understand why you are reposting the troll.
      1. saenara
        saenara 14 September 2015 04: 57
        Well, why, I just didn’t have time to read the original, so at least laughed at the quote from the heart :-)
  7. yuriy55
    yuriy55 13 September 2015 10: 36
    ... this double agent appears just like Marcus R ...

    ... Berlin will most likely not be able to force Washington to abandon intelligence operations on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany ... espionage among the allies does not indicate partnership cooperation ...

    Marcus is a double agent. Germany knows that. And America knows that. Germany knows that America knows that Germany knows that Marcus is a double agent. And America knows what Germany knows ...
    These are the purely partnership relations between "friends" from different continents. fellow
  8. Vega
    Vega 13 September 2015 11: 27
    Since 1944, the United States has begun the creation of a global intelligence network around the world, it has been and continues to be for all allies, and opponents, and neutrals. And in Germany, the Helena bureau was created immediately after the war, and it was led from across the ocean, and this bureau was transformed into German intelligence. So why be surprised?
  9. Vasisualiy
    Vasisualiy 13 September 2015 12: 53
    Most of the intelligence is obtained from open sources. In second place is the residency and agent network. Internet = it is only a network that catches promising agents for possible recruitment, calculating from their traffic the subject's "interest" in possible recruitment levers - unconventional inclinations and vicious connections. In addition, the mass of suckers (lamers), who consider themselves cool "hackers", employees in closed institutions, are not even puzzled by the use of regular means of protection.
    Hence the annoying leak of confidential information.
  10. akudr48
    akudr48 13 September 2015 16: 05
    The USA became watchful after World War II.

    Upon its completion, they turned over all intelligence to Nazi Germany through the service of Gehlen.

    During the Cold War, with the help of the "overseers", the Americans identified traitors in the upper stratum of the USSR and, through the political and economic circle of the leaders, made a bet on the spotted and alcoholic. Which did not let their owners down.

    They wrote about the strength of the NSA back in the USSR, calling it a somewhat dismissive information vacuum cleaner.

    Now the strength of the NSA has grown many times over and is technologically based on the Americans owning the entire infrastructure of global computer systems, they create it, they use it.

    Russia also buys everything computer for the government in the West, so it would be somewhat naive to talk about the information security of top-level management systems. The older brother knows everything, even before all the other younger ones, about everything, including, and about the younger ones themselves.

    Russia needs to be able to create its own domestic infrastructure layer of information management systems, then the problem can be solved.

    But often, the movement trends of a country can be clearly described on the basis of an analysis of open documents and systems, which has also been done for a long time.

    It is hoped that Russia is also doing a lot in this regard.
  11. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 14 September 2015 12: 21
    There are so many different ways of obtaining information, also - introducing information into the minds of people. Now in Europe there is a "turn" towards black-black refugees. Apparently, this was preceded by some kind of huge work. It is foolish to be surprised at the sudden enlightenment of the EU. How many years have passed since the first shelling "designated" countries? It is also naive to hope that they will "notice" Donbass.
    In the United States, after the Second World War, many Nazi military, secret archives and Secret Knowledge were taken out. Werner von Braun is the "father" of the A-bomb, American astronautics and the Lunar program - this is a fact. That's where the "relationship" comes from.