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Sects as a threat to the national security of Russia

The problem of non-traditional religious movements or, in common parlance, sects, has become particularly relevant for Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. At the beginning of the 1990's Religious movements previously unknown to our citizens began to appear in the country. Some of them had a long history abroad, others were formed literally in a few years and even months on Russian soil. A number of sects were frankly totalitarian and destructive in nature, which was the reason for their closure by law enforcement agencies and the institution of criminal cases against leaders and their closest associates. However, until now the Russian mass media regularly report on the activities of new religious sects.

On the morning of September 10, 2015 was searched in seven apartments in Moscow. These apartments were used by adepts of the so-called. “The cult of the god Kuzi” - a sect that has gained scandalous fame. The “god Kuzya” himself, in the world - Andrei Popov, as well as several of his closest associates, were detained by police for further investigation. The fact is that as a result of searches in the apartments of the sect 43 million rubles and over 100 thousand US dollars were seized. Law enforcement authorities have found that this money may be of criminal origin and be the result of the commission of fraudulent acts by the “god Kuzi” and his closest associates. Andrei Popov himself, he is “the god Kuzya”, said that he was not feeling well and had no idea where such large sums of money came from in his apartment.

“God” by the name “Kuzya”

For a normal person the phrase "god Kuzya" sounds very funny. Meanwhile, there is nothing comical in the activities of the person who is so called, and his supporters, no. The cult of "god Kuzi" is a typical sect, in relation to which there is every reason to suspect it of totalitarianism and destructiveness. When still in 2000's At the Orthodox exhibitions organized by the Russian Orthodox Church, some pilgrims began to appear, collecting money under various pretexts, many visitors had no doubt that these were ordinary monks. However, then the public became interested in the activities of strange people who collected money. After the appeal of the deputy Yaroslav Nilov, the Russian Orthodox Church was forced to speak with an official explanation about the collection of funds and trade at Orthodox exhibitions. 12 April 2013 was posted on the website. The “Clarification of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations in connection with what is happening at some“ Orthodox ”exhibitions and fairs.” It said that, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill regularly receives collective and individual letters from citizens concerned about what is happening at Orthodox exhibitions and fairs. But the fairs and exhibitions themselves became the site of activities of okolopravoslavnyh sects, among which the so-called “sect of the god Kuzi” causes the greatest concern. As it was emphasized in the Explanation, “posing as representatives of, as a rule, a little-known church or monastery, sect adepts offer people to order all kinds of prayers and orders. According to reports, at one exhibition alone, a sect can belong from 30 to 40 stands, which ultimately brings a huge income to the leadership of the sect ”(Clarification of the Synodal Department for Relations between the Church and Society in connection with what is happening at some“ Orthodox ”exhibitions and fairs // http : // The sectarians are headed by a person who seems to be a “bishop Roman”, but in fact he has nothing to do with the Russian Orthodox Church, the Explanation emphasized.

Sects as a threat to the national security of Russia

Under the name of “Bishop Roman”, he is “God Kuzya”, a certain Andrei Yuryevich Popov was hiding. He was born in 1977 in Dolgoprudny and was raised without a father - his mother, who severely punished him and then his grandparents. After a clinical death at the age of three months, Andrew grew up visually impaired, but later began to appear completely blind. If you believe Popov himself, he was a very gifted child. At the age of three, Andrew began composing his first poems, and in 12 years he received the first grade in chess. According to the information posted on his website, Andrei Popov graduated from high school with a gold medal, and in 1999 he graduated from the history department of Moscow State University. Mv Lomonosov. For some time he worked as a teacher, but then decided to fully focus his attention on "spiritual matters." It was at the end of 1990's. and the activity of a group of religious fanatics, which gradually turned into a cult, began.

At first, Popov presented himself as a religious teacher, emphasizing in every possible way his supernatural abilities. So, on his website, he is referred to as “a historian, philosopher, religious scholar, psychologist, poet, writer, member of the Writers 'Union of Russia, artist, member of the Artists' Union, composer, singer, biologist, man of encyclopedic knowledge”, author of more than 300 books, more 40 poetry books, more 800 music tracks. In 14 years, Andrei Popov came to realize his divine nature, but until a certain point he was hiding it from followers, who gradually appeared more and more. For the convenience of recruiting adherents at first, “Kuzya” presented himself as an Orthodox bishop Roman. So it was much easier to recruit gullible older women - it was this category of citizens who turned out to be the most greedy for sectarian sermons. The self-styled "bishop" preached at Orthodox exhibitions, and also organized his own speeches in the building of the Soil Institute. In a private house in Lobnya, a self-made temple was equipped, in which the "bishop" conducted services. In the end, the activity of the “Bishop of Roman” attracted the attention of the Russian Orthodox Church. 2 February 2009 Archimandrite Anthony (Griban), vicar of Holy Pokrovsky Monastery, stated that the so-called “sovereign” Roman (Popov), who appears to be the bishop of the Sarnensky diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is in fact not as such a Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. In the same 2009, the “bishop's” performances at the Soil Institute also ceased. After that, services began to be held in an apartment in Bolshoi Kondratyevsky Lane, after whose name the sectarians were also called “Kondrats”.

After the appeal of the hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Andrei Popov no longer had any sense to impersonate the bishop, after which he “opened all the cards” and proclaimed himself a god. The faith of Andrei Popov is a jumble of various religious and mystical teachings. So, about itself “Kuzya” informed that it has on 82,5% - divine nature, embodied in spirit, soul, on 2,5% - human nature, embodied in the body, and on 15% - nature of the Virgin, embodied in love. As for Jesus Christ, according to Kuzi, he had a divine character on 60% and a human nature on 40%. Andrei Popov proclaimed himself as the embodiment of several biblical heroes and historical personalities at once: ““ souls helpers who live in Kuz ”- Jesus Christ (0,8%), Mother of God (0,8%), Sergius of Radonezh (0,4%), Archangel Gabriel (0,4%), John the Baptist (0,4%), the prophet Elijah (0,4%), the prophet Moses (0,4%), E. P. Blavatsky (0,4%); “The rest (minor)” - Iosif Obruchnik, the prophet Ezekiel, Abraham, Solomon, Adam, Holy Prince Vladimir, Nikolai Ugodnik, Great Martyr Ekaterina, Tsarevich Alexy, Guy Julius Caesar, M. V. Lomonosov, M. Yu. Lermontov, Shiva, E. I. Roerich. Having ceased to be a “bishop of Romans”, Andrei Popov was increasingly referred to as “Kuzma”, or “Kuzma”. That was the name of the parrot who once lived in his house and deserved such a master's love that after the death of the bird he took his name as a pseudonym. In general, the history of the relationship between “God of Kuzi” and animals is very interesting and, in its own way, touching. Since childhood, Andrei Popov dreamed of his own zoo, but he had a chance to have only a crab and a parrot - that same Kuzyu. However, when he headed a sect and began to collect money from adepts, then Kuzi’s childhood dreams about his own zoo were embodied. So, on one of the New Year holidays, followers presented Kuza with two million rubles for the purchase of various animals. At one time, a crocodile named Tosh, Iguana Gunya, fish, butterflies lived at Kuzi. Then, during a police raid, the crocodile and iguanas were confiscated, the Australian echidna, the battleship and the talking parrot were seized for the last time. Neighbors of the “god” complained that he periodically released butterflies and iguanas into the porch. However, these were only the most innocent pranks of a man who called himself "god."

. photo:

“To whom resurrection is not the father, to that Kuzya is not the mother”

For several years, “Kuzey” a very closed and rigidly centralized sect was created. He divided both his followers and those not connected with the sect of people into several categories, also called "circles." The first round includes the wives of the “god”, whom he has several (according to one data - two, according to others - four). The second circle is represented by a woman, called "Sunday" - this is Popov's main assistant in organizing "spiritual" affairs. The third circle is the so-called “apostles”, or assistants of “Kuzi”, who carry out his assignments. The female part of the third circle can also function as Kuzi concubines, a kind of “harem” of the sectarian “god”. The fourth circle is represented by ordinary followers, who are called "Saturday workmen" and perform the functions of raising funds at Orthodox exhibitions and fairs. In the fifth round "Kuzya" includes most of humanity - that is, all those who are not aware of the existence of "God." Finally, the sixth category is made up of former sectarians and relatives of sectarians, who reject the “divine nature of Kuzi” and therefore are considered as sect enemies. Their "Kuzya" calls "cucumbers" or "vegetables." In the sect, strict subordination of “subbotniks” to “Sundays” is established, and the discipline is maintained quite strictly, up to the methods of physical influence. "Kuzya" sets up its followers to sever relations with the outside world, including parents and children. He advises children to be sent to boarding schools or to senior relatives, as relatives are representatives of the “dark forces”, “demons”. In relation to relatives, according to sectarian teachings, any methods can be allowed, including their physical elimination. At religious services in the sect methods of mental influence on adepts are used. In particular, “Kuzya” inspires its followers that “dominates” over their lives and at any moment can simply send death to them - “throwing a face” in sectarian slang.

Since the Kuzi sect is totalitarian, a special place is given to full control over the personal life of sectarians. In fact, they do not have it. Periodically, at meetings of the sect, meetings are organized to analyze the behavior of sectarians, called otters. By the way, the followers of “Kuzi” also pay money for participating in such discussions, as they are sure that they are undergoing a kind of spiritual cleansing procedure. First of all, the discussions inspire a negative attitude towards their own relatives, while the sect followers themselves are subjected to a stream of insults from their “god” - this is how he brings up “humility” in them. More stringent ways of bringing up “humility” are beating with the lash on the back and even on the face. Typically, such methods are resorted to when a sectarian is convicted of communicating with relatives or using medications (the latter are prohibited in the Kuzi sect). Naturally, the sectarians give Kuze huge sums of money, often selling their real estate. But the main income, as suggested by experts, the sect receives from regular participation in Orthodox exhibitions - fairs, where its followers in the guise of Orthodox monks and believers sell literature and collect donations. Only one outlet controlled by Kuze brings at least 200 thousand rubles per day. Researcher at the Institute of Psychology RAS Prokopishin stresses that “Popov is not crazy, he is a fraudster, who gives an excellent account of his actions. Narcissus, who does not care about people, who scoffs at them and at their faith. The image of God is the role to which he went from a simple church servant, realizing that you can earn money on religion ”(quoted in: Nalbandyan, L. The tragic secrets of the sect of“ God Kuzi ”// - 13.05.2013).

In 2014, sect activity finally attracted close attention from law enforcement. The reason for the police activities against the sect was a statement about the beatings. Apartments on Krasnoproletarskaya Street and Bolshoi Kondratyevsky Lane 8 in May 2014 were searched, as a result of which money in the amount of 240 million rubles and 150 thousand US dollars, religious literature and over 50 of exotic animals, including Australian echidnum, crocodile, were discovered , armadillo, iguana, monitor lizard. The animals were transferred to the Moscow Zoo. In addition, video materials identified by investigators as “child pornography” were discovered. 16 May 2014, the criminal case that was opened by the Inquiry Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Central Administrative District of Moscow under Article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in respect of Popov A.Yu., was transferred to the Office of Inquiry of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Moscow. 22 May 2014 was brought to the police for interrogation by Kuzya himself, but he took advantage of constitutional law and refused to testify. Actually, this time - after a year and a half - “Kuzya” just as well did not want to communicate with the police. He referred to poor health and reminded the police that he is disabled in the second group. The sect leader, of course, rejected suspicions of fraud and said that he was not engaged in any subversive activity and did not understand at all why he could have attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. In its activities, "Kuzya" does not see anything illegal. However, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”. It is not known how events will develop further, but if you follow previous experience - there are serious reasons to believe that the police action will not end with anything serious for “God Kuzi”. Moreover, it will even help him strengthen his financial situation, since compassionate adepts will rush to raise funds for the “salvation of God from captivity”.

Is the “White Brotherhood” back from the nineties?

The activity of the sect of “God Kuzi” is far from an isolated case of the existence of such non-traditional cults in the country. The spiritual vacuum that became the direct result of the problems and contradictions that Russian society has faced over the past two decades has created fertile ground in society for the spread of all kinds of quasi-religious and mystical teachings. Many destructive cults act in fact and as criminal organizations, engaging in fraudulent acts and extortion against people who have fallen into the orbit of their influence. In 1990-s. The most notorious totalitarian sect of “domestic production” was, of course, the “White Brotherhood” - this is how the Great White Brotherhood YUSMALOS was abbreviated. This organization appeared in 1990-1991 in Kiev. The sect was founded by Yuri Krivonogov and Maria Tsvigun. Krivonogov proclaimed himself Saint John of Swami (Saint John the Baptist), and Mary Tsvigun - Mary Devi Christ, that is, the incarnation of Jesus Christ and, at the same time, his mother and bride. Thirty-year-old Maria Mammonova (as was the maiden name of Tsvigun), by this time she managed to graduate from the journalism department of Kiev State University, become a member of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, and even join the CPSU. In April, 1990. Maria experienced clinical death, and supposedly it was this experience that contributed to her “enlightenment”. In May, 1990 was introduced to her by Yuri Krivonogov (born 1941) - a former researcher at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, who in recent years has been interested in the Krishna teachings. The couple joined forces and soon branches of the “White Brotherhood” appeared in the cities of the Soviet Union, preaching the coming to the land of “Mother Mary” and the imminent end of the world. The sect ideology was a mixture of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, the positions of which were synthesized and distorted. Like other totalitarian sects, the White Brotherhood forced its followers to sever all sorts of relationships with their relatives. Sect members lived in rented apartments, and the apartments changed periodically and the sectarians moved from place to place, sometimes even changing cities. In fact, the entire personal life of the sectarians was placed under the complete control of the higher hierarchs of the Brotherhood.

The formal head of the sect was proclaimed Vitaly Kovalchuk, who received in the sectarian hierarchy the title of the Pope and the name "John Peter the Second." The size of the sect grew exponentially, and Mary Devi Christ gathered whole stadiums for her "divine services". The White Brotherhood’s activities quickly became interested in the security forces and the police. 1 On April 1992, criminal proceedings were instituted against Tsvigun and Krivonogova under article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Ukraine “Unauthorized occupation of a land plot and unauthorized construction” and article 143 “Fraud”. But soon the investigation of these articles was discontinued. However, the sectarians did not let up. So, in the summer of 1993, adherents of YUSMALOS set about the tactics of brawlers in Orthodox churches. Bursting into the temples, they provoked the believers, arranging disruptions in worship and hooliganism in the altars. The sectarians aimed at provoking Orthodox Christians to commit murder of rowdy men, but believing Christians turned out to be prudent and restrained people. The sectarians did not spill the blood, so the adherents of the “White Brotherhood”, who were waiting for the end of the world, made several loud tricks. 10 November 1993, a group of several dozen sectarians attempted to seize the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, but was detained by the police. On November 14, sectarians of a total number of people in 600 tried to organize mass riots in Kiev, but were dispersed by the Ukrainian police. During the riots in the cathedral, Yuri Krivonogov and Maria Tsvigun were arrested, and six months later, Vitaly Kovalchuk surrendered to the authorities. The investigation into the case of Maria Zvigun lasted a long time. Only 9 in February 1996. The Kyiv City Court passed sentences: Yuri Krivonogov was sentenced to six years, Vitaly Kovalchuk to five, and Maria Tsvigun herself to four years in a penal colony. Freed from prison, Maria Tsvigun settled in Donetsk together with her new husband, the Apostle Peter the Second.

Yuri Krivonogov, after his release, refused to participate in the sect, changed his last name to Silvestrov and got a job in one of the Kiev shops. But Maria Tsvigun tried to continue the activities of a religious preacher. In 1998-2001 She repeatedly tried to create an officially registered religious community of the White Brotherhood, but every time she was refused by the Committee on Religious Affairs. Finally, in 2006, she moved to Moscow, also changing her name to “Victoria Transfiguration”. In Moscow, the former Maria Devi Christ founded the “Cosmic Polyart of the Third Millennium”, aimed at “uniting spiritual painting, drawing, poetry, music, dance). In May 2013, it became known that Tsvigun - Preobrazhenskaya began to revive the “White Brotherhood” and resumed the sermons in order to recruit new adepts. Shortly after this news, Russian law enforcement agencies intervened. 19 July 2013 The Yegoryevsky Court of the Moscow Region recognized the White Brotherhood’s religious literature as extremist and included it in the Federal List of Extremist Materials. This court decision was made on the basis of the expertise of the Russian Institute of Cultural Research. In accordance with the court decision, it was found that the religious literature of the “White Brotherhood” contains statements calling for the promotion of exclusiveness, superiority or inferiority of a person on grounds of religious affiliation, violation of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person and citizen, depending on his religious affiliation, the incitement of religious hatred ”(The literature of the religious community“ The White Brotherhood ”was recognized extremist //, 19.07.2013). It is likely that members of the “White Brotherhood” carried out running-in of the newest manipulation technologies, allowing to control the psyche and behavior of people. It is possible that the activities of the "Brotherhood", as well as many other totalitarian sects, penetrated or started in the 1990-s. its activities in Russia and other post-Soviet states, was inspired by the US special services. In May 2015, it became known that the followers of Maria Tsvigun resumed their activities in Ukraine.

Hunger and pain "Shambhala"

Another dangerous sect that has existed on the territory of Russia for twenty years was the Ashram of Shambhala (this sect had other names - Belovodie, Path in Belovodye, International Path to Happiness Academy, Russian Tantric School , Sotidanandana Yoga Center). Its branches operated in 18 subjects of the Russian Federation, bringing together approximately 15-20 thousands of people. At the head of the sect was a certain Konstantin Rudnev 1967 year of birth. After graduating from the engineering college in his native Novosibirsk, Rudnev was drafted into the ranks of the Soviet Army. It was there that his strange inclinations first appeared - the soldier began to convince the command to transform the military unit on the model of the Shaolin monastery. In the end, he was sent straight from the unit to the Samara Psychiatric Hospital, where he stayed until 1989. After being freed from a mental hospital, Rudnev returned to Novosibirsk and created a health center, on the basis of which the Shambhala Ashram appeared in 1990. Rudnev expounded his views in the book “The Path of the Fool”, in which he ridiculed the main social institutions of modern civilization, including the family and the state, opposed the birth of children and work, and instead called for promiscuous sexual relations, calling it “tantric ministry.” Rudnev himself called at once several names that sounded quite exotic: “Avatar Muni”, “Sotilian Sikorisky”, “Altai Kagan Bogomudr”, “Embryo trapped on the ground through UFOs”, etc. The leader of the sect was assisted by Elena Zakharova - she is "Shri Subi Lakshmi Devi", or Selena, who served as the main priestess of the cult, and Pavel Khandozhko - "Shri Ganesh" - a former surgeon who led the "tantric sessions."

- photo:

“The Shambhala Ashram” had much in common with other totalitarian sects, including the above described “sect of the god Kuzi” and the “White Brotherhood”. So, from adherents required a complete dissolution of relations with the outside world. People from the outside world were called “mice”. Naturally, in relation to them any unseemly deeds were allowed, moreover - they were even desirable. Abandoning worldly life, adherents of the “Ashram” were placed in rented apartments or houses. In one room usually lived 16-20 people. At six in the morning, the sectarians waited for a rise, followed by hour-long physical exercises - push-ups to music. This warm-up was repeated hourly, including at night. Depriving adherents of a sect of normal sleep was considered as one of the reliable ways to completely destroy the will and submission of the psyche. During the day, the sectarians were engaged in manufacturing all sorts of items for sale - magic amulets, bracelets, as well as the rewriting of sectarian literature. In fact, the sectarians were starving, eating only the cleaning of vegetables and pearl barley. Chronic malnutrition turned sect adepts into half-animals, ready to pounce on their companion in misfortune in order to take away an additional piece of squalid food. Some of them had hair and teeth falling out of malnutrition, to which Rudnev declared to them that this phenomenon was normal in the process of becoming a “man of the sixth race”. The “visiting card” of the Rudnev sect was group orgies, including those of a violent nature, homosexual acts, as well as mockery of sectarians, including burning skin or dipping into the toilet. As reported by the media, the sale of sectarian property, video production of occult and pornographic content, brought to Rudnev at least 10 million dollars.

Since 1999, law enforcement agencies have made repeated attempts to curb illegal activities carried out by Konstantin Rudnev and his closest aides. For example, in 1999, the Novosibirsk Prosecutor’s Office initiated a criminal case under Article 239 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Organization of an association infringing upon the person and the rights of citizens”). But since Rudnev disappeared from the view of law enforcement agencies, the investigation was suspended. In September, 2004 Mr. Rudnev was nevertheless detained and gave a written commitment to appear in the prosecutor’s office for interrogation. At the end of October, 2008 was searched by police in two country houses in the Novosibirsk region, owned by Konstantin Rudnev. A search brought an unexpected catch to the Novosibirsk operatives: six people who were on the wanted list were detained, a significant amount of narcotic substances, an 23 laptop with pornographic video production were seized. In October, 2010, Mr. Konstantin Rudnev and several of his closest associates were arrested. The operation involved employees of the Investigative Committee, the FSB and the Interior Ministry. Rudnev and his associates were charged under a number of articles of the Criminal Code, including the creation of a religious association that infringes upon the person and the rights of citizens (part 1 Art. 239, Criminal Code), rape (part 1 Art. 131, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), violent acts of a sexual nature (part 1 Art. 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), illegal storage and sale of narcotic drugs (Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Fifteen people were recognized as victims of Rudnev’s activities, who filed suits against him for moral and material damage in the total amount of 18 million rubles. 7 February 2013 of the year Konstantin Rudnev was convicted under part 1, item 239 (creation of a religious association), part 1, item XXUMX (rape), part 131 item XXNX (violent acts of a sexual nature), partNNXX art. 1, part 132 Art. 1 (preparation for the illegal sale of narcotic drugs on a large scale) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The court sentenced Rudnev Konstantin Dmitrievich to eleven years of imprisonment with a sentence being served in a colony of strict regime. In addition, a fine was imposed in the amount of 30 thousand rubles and 3 million rubles were recovered by the court in favor of the victims. Somewhat later, one of the citizens who were recognized as victims in the Rudnev case, made a separate award to the leader of the sect for compensation in the amount of 228.1 thousand rubles.

The activity of sects as a way to destroy Russian society

The appearance and destructive activity of totalitarian sects on the territory of Russia is, first of all, a consequence of the hostile policy of the West, aimed at the destruction of the Russian state and society. Of course, there may be autonomous sects whose activities are entirely formed by their leader — a sick person, a fraudster or a fanatic, followed by a number of adepts. However, most of these sects are extremely small and practically unknown. In the case of numerous, active and rich sects, we see a completely different situation. The activity of the sect, like any other public association, requires the infusion of significant financial resources. Without the support from "outside," the sect will never reach the All-Russian level, will not be able to reach tens of thousands of adepts. In the modern world, religious contradictions are often used as the main tool of political destabilization in competitive or hostile countries. It is enough to pay attention to the events taking place in the Middle East and North Africa. The events in Ukraine also have significant religious overtones, although less pronounced due to the low level of religiosity of the Ukrainian population. The wide spread of sects in post-Soviet Russia, against the background of de-ideologization of post-Soviet society and the devaluation of former cultural and moral values, was stimulated, first of all, by the United States of America. It was from there that the majority of sectarian preachers were sent to Russia, thousands of copies of propaganda literature were brought. As a result, in a relatively short period of time, hundreds of sects, mostly of foreign origin, operated in the territory of the Russian Federation. Millions of Russian citizens who were formerly atheists or Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and representatives of other traditional religions of Russia were involved in the orbit of their activities. And, first of all, the emphasis was placed on young people - it was young people from decent families that were of particular interest to foreign preachers.
Sects can be used for the actual destruction of the national culture. It is no secret that a person joining a sect or cult no longer associates itself with his national community. A sect replaces him not only the family, but also the people, the nation, the homeland. There is a complete change in the human personality, and on the scale of a social group or society as a whole - a fundamental civilizational transformation. It is known that many representatives of sects of American origin, being born Russian-speaking people born and raised in Russia, in the Russian-speaking environment, after more or less long-term stay in the sect, even speak their native Russian language with an imitation of an American accent. This manner of speaking is instilled in them at weekly services and almost daily meetings. There is also a gradual assimilation of American cultural and behavioral norms. As lawyer Alexander Korelov notes, the chairman of the Legal Committee for the Protection of the Rights and Dignity of the Person at the Russian Association of Centers for the Study of Religions and Sects, “South Korea was the first state in the world whose mentality, culture and politics were radically changed by sects. She, starting with the 50-s, under the protectorate of the United States, was deliberately flooded with neo-Protestant pastors. Now Pentecostals and Baptists make up about 30% of the population, and Korea, with its ancient culture, is rapidly losing its identity, becoming more similar to one of the US Baptist states ”(Sects as a tool of information wars and the destruction of social unity of the state // http: // www /).

The activity of sects represents a great danger to the national security of the Russian state. First of all, it should be remembered that almost all sects of foreign origin are “agents of foreign influence” on the territory of Russia, with a disciplined and ready to carry out any instructions from their leadership of the flock. It is known that during the Euromaidan in Ukraine a rather impressive part of the demonstrators gathered in the square was represented, including by sectarians. Sects of American origin on the orders of their central leadership overseas brought their supporters to the streets of the Ukrainian capital. Yes, these were not militants like the Right Sector, but a large number of women and young people imitating the “peaceful nature of the protest” were represented just by sectarians. At the head of most sects of foreign origin are citizens of foreign countries, some of them reside on the territory of Russia or come to our country "arrivals" to control the activities of their local supporters. Naturally, these people act completely in the interests of their states. For example, the activity of Mormons in the territory of the Russian Federation still raises numerous questions from the Russian public. Indeed, on the territory of Russia, in almost every large city, there are groups of American citizens - young combat-ready people who carry out preaching activities, but it is possible that the latter may also be a cover for the implementation of any other functions. While the activities of foreign religious sects in the territory of the Russian Federation are concerned, above all, Orthodox public organizations, but this issue should concern, first of all, the authorities, especially the law enforcement agencies and services responsible for the security of the Russian state and the protection of the constitutional order.

Destructive cults and sects discussed in this article have different origins. The “White Brotherhood”, quite possibly, was created precisely for the purpose of manipulating the mass consciousness and studying the possibilities of controlling the behavior of people. “The Ashram of Shambhala” is the fruit of creativity of an not quite adequate person, moreover, self-motivated. Approximately this type of sect is also a cult of the “god Kuzi”, with the only difference being that it can be used by anti-Russian forces to discredit Orthodoxy - it’s not by chance that the Kuzi’s sectarians are most active at Orthodox events, and the Kuzma itself until recently time trying to impersonate an Orthodox clergyman. In any case, sects pose a significant danger to the Russian state and in the general list of tasks to ensure the national security of the country, the fight against the influence of destructive and foreign sects should occupy an important place.
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  2. strelets
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    The FSB must monitor all sects. Gather evidence base. As soon as enough for the trial - immediately arrest. These duped ones will say thanks later.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
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      threat to Russia's national security
      here is the threat !:
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        Quote: Andrew Y.
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        you can’t even imagine how right you are ....
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        here is the threat !:

        And this is what we have brought up, grown up. Admire!
        No, it’s not directly us, you or me, but in general, including the authorities.
        My child then believes that everyone who watches IT is absolutely brainless people.
        But THIS, not even a threat, THIS we already missed, it is already firmly in very, very many in our heads, through THIS a generation of such worthless people has already been formed (to put it mildly).
        This must be closed of course, but, something the government is in no hurry.
        So they don’t need it.
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          Quote: Glot
          THIS must be closed of course but, something power is in no hurry.
          So they don’t need it.

          That's how much I think about it, why programs like THIS still exist on TV ...

          Although, it seems, the words about the education of morality as an integral part of patriotism sound from the lips of the first persons of the state ...

          What, money, like the lack of conscience and morality, do not smell ???
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      The FSB must monitor all sects.

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    4. Vega
      Vega 11 September 2015 11: 08 New
      Must watch not only the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also figures of official denominations !!!
      1. ava09
        ava09 11 September 2015 13: 06 New
        Who are the "figures of official denominations"? These are the same individuals as "figures of non-official denominations." Like those, others can transgress the law. Yes, in fact, representatives of the "import" Christian religion were "not an official denomination" until 988, from which it began to be planted in Orthodox Russia through religious wars.
    5. c3r
      c3r 11 September 2015 14: 36 New
      This is how many of those FSB officers we have, just horror! How will we feed?
    6. vlade99
      vlade99 11 September 2015 14: 43 New
      Quote: strelets
      The FSB must monitor all sects.

      Or maybe this state should think about the spiritual life of a person? I'm not about the church. Our rulers use it as a crutch, not proposing a state popular idea that unites all our people. So the weak in spirit rush about - where they will take, where they will warm - there really is.
      1. a housewife
        a housewife 12 September 2015 01: 24 New
        They are not weak in spirit! They are weak by brains! How to get into a sect - wow, what kind of spirit they immediately manifest !!! Satanic. Do not break! The eyes are glass, the voice is honey, the hearing and the brain are disconnected. And who said that all these house-2 are not an order of a sect?
      2. The comment was deleted.
  3. Glot
    Glot 11 September 2015 06: 57 New
    As there, in the old Soviet film "Pinocchio" sang:
    - You don’t need a knife for a fool,
    You’re lying to him from three boxes and do what you like with him ...

    That's exactly the case with these sectarians. With those fools who go there, he gives money and all his property, and gives himself away.
    And to fight this scourge is simple.
    Tough, most severe punishments to the organizers. Up to the death penalty, which has long been time to return to the law.
    There’s Kuzya. Once caught and that, but nothing. All over again. And these "kuzi" divorced ...
    Tough measures to ban, punish and that's it !!!
    Another question is whether it is necessary for the authorities to punish such people and remove them from the population far away or even underground ?? !!
  4. Stoler
    Stoler 11 September 2015 07: 01 New
    It is undoubtedly necessary to deal with this phenomenon, but, What rams must be used to get involved in this G.
    1. ivanovbg
      ivanovbg 11 September 2015 09: 17 New
      Victims of sects are quiet, harmless idiotics. In ordinary life, they do not bother anyone, well, they drag dead mice or birds in their house or keep 20-30 cats in their apartment, but still earn their living, do not threaten others. Keep-feed-dress them in a mental hospital is expensive, but it is impossible to cure them. All sorts of mrazi will take advantage of it.

      John Steinbeck wrote a very good story about one such person - "About Mice and People"
      1. Glot
        Glot 11 September 2015 10: 09 New
        In ordinary life, they do not bother anyone, well, they drag dead mice or birds in their house or keep 20-30 cats in their apartment, but still earn their living, do not threaten others.

        Aha, they do not interfere with anyone, because in the houses you described are dirt, stench, parasites and so on. Have you thought about their neighbors?
        Pity is a pity, but there must be limits to it.
        Yes, and the point is not that the sects and those who are sick fall on their heads, the point is different - the sects must be pressed hard at the state level!
        Otherwise, it will not be possible to get rid of them. You can’t hide all the fools from them, there are many of them. So, you need to remove those who are on them, fools, profit.
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 11 September 2015 07: 18 New
    The founder of the Church of Scientology said the following: Do you want to cut the dough, come up with a religion ... I remember this "White Brotherhood", then came to St. Petersburg, in the early 90's in the Leningrad City Palace, on the metro station. They organized the Petrograd Sabbath ... in these white robes, their eyes are empty, meaningless .. Thank you, Ilya ..
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 11 September 2015 11: 47 New
      Yeah, all the parades were pasted with posters, with this particular picture of a woman, back in school at the OBZh lesson, they told us in detail how not to get involved there - since then I have been very persistent in disgust for all this racket.
  6. Fox
    Fox 11 September 2015 07: 36 New
    So these sects are full, only to all authorities to put them on them. Scientologists gather every month, and nothing ...
    it's in Togliatti, if that.
  7. AlNikolaich
    AlNikolaich 11 September 2015 07: 53 New
    Something, in recent years this topic has somewhat subsided ... And again it started! Sects intensify their
    activity in difficult times for people. It is then that it is easiest to recruit adherents.
    Of course, most of the creators of the sects are set to personal enrichment. But on some you should pay
    Special attention. Jehovah's Witnesses, Ron Hubbard Church, and the notorious Mormons! Here is their activity
    directly tied to the intelligence services of the West, for which information is obtained by adepts!
    Comrade, be careful!
  8. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 11 September 2015 08: 06 New
    Quote: strelets
    The FSB must monitor all sects. Gather evidence base. As soon as enough for the trial - immediately arrest. These duped ones will say thanks later.

    Yes, believers must believe in the right God. Here is the problem with atheists, where to take them ...
    1. foma2028
      foma2028 11 September 2015 08: 43 New
      Do not atheists carry.
      See Anatoly Wasserman, the right atheist. He does not believe in God, but positively assesses the creative role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the formation of the country and the life of believers.
    2. Glot
      Glot 11 September 2015 09: 00 New
      No, there are no problems with atheists. What are the problems with them? )) Believe it or not, BUT, have a head on your shoulders, and in that head there is a strong MOSH and then, no "Kuzya-puzi" will not lead you astray. And what is the right God? The big question ... Although it is or not, is also a question. )))
      1. ermak.sidorov
        ermak.sidorov 11 September 2015 10: 32 New
        the right god is the wrong god ... God is He alone, but religions ....
        I saw a motivator on the net: religion is when you think about fishing in a church, and faith is when you think about God while fishing ... - I liked the thought =)
        1. foma2028
          foma2028 11 September 2015 16: 54 New
          This parable of two brothers is common in Christianity.
          Two brother fisherman: one went to the temple, and the other went fishing.
          One thought about fishing all the time, and the other represented himself in the temple.

          But God is one, but there are many religions ...
          Typically, a picture is drawn: God as the top of a mountain and religion as a path to one peak, but from different sides. One from the north, another from the east, etc.
          This is a beautiful trick, but a mistake. Different religions, and even more so for different nominations, have such different images of God, such different descriptions of the Higher Being, that they do not converge at the same peak.
          For example, Christianity, Islam, Judaism speaks of God as a Person, a Being, and Buddhism categorically rejects a Personal God.
          And everyone has such different images of God that the paths on one peak do not converge.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  9. Zomanus
    Zomanus 11 September 2015 08: 29 New
    Here, even the courts will not help. Quietly finish these preachers and that’s all ... Because at the initial stages they have nothing to show. And then it just becomes too late. There are also foreign priests: Baptists, evangelists and others. May not finish, but expel from the country.
  10. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 11 September 2015 08: 31 New
    In all-around society, ideas that unite him are in demand; this is normal. But, if in the USSR it was the construction of a social society, when at the state level the equality of citizens, the state was proclaimedThe government dealt with the issues of educating the younger generation healthy, intelligent, educated, aimed at strengthening the state. In fact, the state controlled the entire process of becoming a person: from pregnancy, the development of children in children's institutions to obtaining a specialty and a minimum length of service for the development of a treated specialty (remember the distribution of work and the three-year mandatory period of work in the specialty). Then the reformers who succeeded could not only offer something worthwhile, they simply forced to destroy the whole system of upbringing and education in order to justify the predatory appropriation of public property, and force the country's economy to work in Western countries, while being actually conductors of the destruction not only of the economy country, but also the human personality of each of its citizens.
    Today we need a new concept of educating a person where you need to take all the best from the Soviet period. That's just the country's economy, which serves as a bargaining chip of the geopolitical ambitions of the West, to offer the younger generation practically nothing and does not want - dollar slaves do not need strong, competent, united people. You can only frightened, exhausted, uneducated individuals, which in fact is a significant part of the population of the country-this is how the blodatny soil was formed for the activities of various sects.
  11. foma2028
    foma2028 11 September 2015 08: 39 New
    Alas, this topic is close. I myself have not been in sects, but I have friends in the sect si
    And I can say that these are people lost to the state, the fifth column of the West.
    Our state means satanic for them, they do not recognize the army, and they use the benefits of the state. Pension, medical care, etc. all take it with a bang.
    And if tomorrow an order comes from the "representation of God on earth" then almost all of them, without a shadow of doubt, will become "martyrs"
    I noticed that after the Crimean events, the sects became more active, before the events they were almost not on the street. Apparently relaxed and then a kick came from the owners and after the Crimea, they poured out onto the streets again as in the old days.
    It is necessary to fight them with their weapons, but there is trouble. For various reasons, a sermon in the Russian Orthodox Church has faded, plus a Western-organized campaign to discredit the Church.
    To which some of our priests diligently and free of charge add "wood".

    We also forgot about “our” neo-pagan relatives, this is also a typical sectarian movement organized in the West.
    “By the fruits of them you will know them.” By the fruits of hatred of the Church, one can see where the legs grow from the “fathers of the unrepresented.” The Russian Orthodox Church is a state-forming institution, like the army, power, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and therefore the blow is parallel.
    To not talk about the Church, but in the shadow of the Cross, Russia has become that mighty Power, the Empire that we know, with the largest territory.
    Modern Italy has practically nothing to do with that Roman Empire: it fell apart, decreased, another language and people different. But Italians do their best to emphasize the inheritance and kinship with that Rome. We have grown, grown, and the neopagans are trying, by hook or by crook, to denigrate Christianity.
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 11 September 2015 10: 25 New
      Quote: foma2028
      The Russian Orthodox Church is a state-forming institution, like the army, power, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and therefore the blow is parallel.

      Eka where you suffered. The church is separated from the state.
      1. foma2028
        foma2028 11 September 2015 10: 40 New
        Yes, we are separated, unlike Britain, where the queen is the head of both the state and the Church of England.
        What does not prevent our Church from acting to strengthen the country, as they say, both in spirit and body.
        Let us recall how the Solovetsky monks reflected from the cannons the British raids on the Solovki.
    2. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 11 September 2015 12: 00 New
      It’s for sure with dolboslavy, there’s nothing even single, except hatred for Orthodoxy - the admirers of Levashev, Akhinevich, Trekhbulkin and other Krad Veles and so on all merge with each other wassat
      By the way, when all kinds of sectarians are harassing me on the streets, I clearly answer that Russian and Orthodox are especially stubborn to say that the Orthodox Orthodox are afraid of this for some reason) The main thing is not to get involved with them in discussions and not give cause for doubt. It's like with gypsies or gopniks, just do not give slack!
  12. Mentat
    Mentat 11 September 2015 09: 43 New
    Quote: Stoler
    It is undoubtedly necessary to deal with this phenomenon, but, What rams must be used to get involved in this G.

    Unfortunately, this is a property of the psyche of many ordinary people. They are not “sheep”, however certain, seemingly even insignificant, gaps in upbringing, outlook, critical and rational thinking ability, which are cracks in psychosocialism and which are precisely created by Western society in the process of upbringing, make it possible to manipulate people. For example, the accessibility and legality of pornography for Japanese children, the intentional cruelty and violence in children's video products. You can talk about this topic for a long time, but in short, it creates “seams” in the psyche, on which it diverges under pressure.

    "Yellow Revolution" is a modern version of control technology, which has been used since ancient times in the bacchanalia of various cults. People under the influence of psychopressing were able to not only bring money, but also voluntarily inflict severe physical injuries and injuries on themselves. Today this is how shahids are created, for example.

    Developments that were conducted in the United States, and were tested, in particular in Ukraine, transferred these technologies to the mass level.

    The comprehensive development and upbringing of man, which they tried to introduce into the USSR, was one of the barrage tools in the war of ideologies and a general defense against manipulation.

    This is a huge topic. In general, it can be said that in order to protect people from manipulative techniques, a high-quality system of education and upbringing and a strong reliance on historical and modern authorities are needed.

    In Ukraine, the technology worked precisely because of the degradation of education and the loss by society of historical landmarks and ties of social authority (degeneration of elites).
  13. Mentat
    Mentat 11 September 2015 09: 53 New
    Sects of American origin, by order of their central leadership overseas, brought their supporters to the streets of the Ukrainian capital. Yes, these were not militants like the "Right Sector", but a large number of women and young people who imitated the "peaceful nature of the protest" were represented just by sectarians. Most sects of foreign origin are headed by citizens of foreign states, some of them permanently reside in Russia or come to our country as “visits” to control the activities of their local supporters.

    I can even name specific names: Sunday Adelaja and Alexey Ledyaev. I have seen the latter personally and I can say that it is something like Messing of a small spill with a religious bias. At his sermons during the first Maidan, for example, he carried such nonsense: “The Prophet Elijah put orange scarves on your necks!”
    The FSB banned the entry of this character into the territory of the Russian Federation.
  14. Mera joota
    Mera joota 11 September 2015 10: 18 New
    Any religion is a sect, I don’t see much difference between the Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant church and, especially, Islam of all currents (of which there are sooooo many). Their goal is not much different from the goals of the “god of kuzi” ... If people are ready to cheat, please, but the state should treat all movements equally. There is someone who believes in a pasta monster, to prove his fiction is also not possible as well as Ahura Mazdra or Yahweh ...
    In theory, any person can declare that a god appeared to him who said such and such and such, and here you have a new religion, go prove that his ideas about things do not have the right to followers.
    Yes, there are major religions, but they didn’t become such immediately, the oceans of blood needed them to become such, at the time of their appearance they were all in the “god of kuzi” position and there are guarantees that after 2000 years the year will be calculated from the Nativity of Christ, and not from Christmas Kuzma?
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 12 September 2015 01: 35 New
      And here he is - an atheist. Which despises all non-atheists. Atheism is also a sect. Moreover, the most dangerous. Because it is not known which Kuzyu he will believe in tomorrow, and even more likely he will create a sect. All the creators of the sects are atheists. But they themselves do not believe in this nonsense, which they fool the heads of their unfortunate supporters for the sake of profit.
  15. thinker
    thinker 11 September 2015 10: 43 New
    In the 1990s the most sensational totalitarian sect of "domestic production" was, of course, the "White Brotherhood"

    And how many more "imported" were and are. Made in Japan - in the spring of 1992, Shoko Asahara visited Russia and met with a number of political and religious figures, and also spoke at Moscow State University, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, MGIMO and other leading universities in front of students. His appearance was accompanied by a powerful advertising campaign: in the first months of its activity, Aum Shinrikyo paid about a million US dollars, securing a daily hourly program on Mayak radio station and a half-hour weekly broadcast on the 2 × 2 channel.
    Now you wonder how it was possible!
  16. Mentat
    Mentat 11 September 2015 11: 32 New
    Quote: Mera Joota
    the state should apply equally to all currents

    In the United States, it is approximately the same. Therefore, they are the refuge of all muddy filth, any more or less large sect, including Satanists, has headquarters in the United States. This is definitely not necessary in Russia.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mera joota
      Mera joota 11 September 2015 12: 03 New
      Quote: Mentat
      Therefore, they are the refuge of all muddy filth, any more or less large sect, including Satanists, has headquarters in the United States. This is definitely not necessary in Russia.

      And who will determine whether a preached religion is a sect or not?
      PS: 1985 years ago (according to the new covenant) Jesus Christ was condemned as a sectarian (imagine that today the next son of God will appear and will shake the foundations of the church calling for the destruction of the temple of God, etc. according to the Bible) and crucified.
  17. Basil50
    Basil50 11 September 2015 12: 10 New
    All religions differ not in ideology, but in methods of enrichment. Religions always pursue selfish interests, all the difference is only in the scale of the tax on communication with God. Storytellers Christians and Muslims are still divided according to their preferences, while at the same time they spit amicably in those who dared not to believe and who did not give their * uncles *. Sectarians simply put money * gullibility * in their pocket and dare not to share with others in the hierarchy of access to God. It is from here that the hatred of official * religions * towards sectarians.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Mera joota
      Mera joota 11 September 2015 12: 48 New
      Quote: Vasily50
      All religions differ not in ideology, but in methods of enrichment.

      For a hypothetical good life, after the current adherents of a particular religion, they provide a good life for its preachers in the present ... Fraud of pure water.

      PS: Lord Christians, why is it necessary to burn something in order to approach God? A candle for example ... What kind of savagery?
      1. foma2028
        foma2028 11 September 2015 15: 42 New
        The main sacrament, which, according to Christian teaching, gives an approach to God is the sacrament and is given in the Church completely free of charge.
        Of course, the candle itself does not draw closer to or move away from God.
        So much has been said and written about candles, as well as about other rites, so a person who is looking for an answer will easily find the answer.
        Agree, you just want to throw it on the fan, you are hardly interested in the answer.
        And you must admit there is a difference between: a state-forming institution and a state institution.
      2. foma2028
        foma2028 11 September 2015 16: 02 New
        Quote: Mera Joota
        For a hypothetical good life, after the current adherents of a particular religion, they provide a good life for its preachers in the present ... Fraud of pure water.

        There is the famous bet of Pascal.
        Pascal reasoned: 1 Living without faith is extremely dangerous, since the possible "loss" in the case of the existence of God is infinitely great - eternal torment. If God does not exist, then the price of “gain” is low - unbelief gives us nothing and requires nothing from us. The real gain of the atheistic choice will be some saving of money and time, since there will be no religious rites.
        2 Living according to the canons of faith is not dangerous, although it is a little more difficult because of the fasts, all kinds of restrictions, ceremonies and the associated costs of time and money. The cost of “losing” in the absence of God is low — the cost of rituals and efforts for a righteous life. But the possible "gain" in the event of the existence of God is infinitely great - soul salvation, eternal life.
  18. veksha50
    veksha50 11 September 2015 12: 18 New
    "Having ceased to be" Bishop Roman, "Andrei Popov was increasingly referred to as" Kuzma ", or"Kuzya. " That was the name of the parrot, who once lived at his house and deserved such a love from his master, that after the death of a bird he took his name as a pseudonym "...

    A chicken is not a bird, a cock is not a man ...

    PS The muzzle in the photograph is well inspired to the point of madness ... For a week, I probably fought with the green serpent ...
  19. nord62
    nord62 11 September 2015 12: 54 New
    Sects must be dealt with in the most cruel way. There is Orthodoxy, there is Catholicism, there is Islam, there is Buddhism - everything else from the evil one is destructive. If you take the USA, it’s just a hotbed of sectarianism, from there the whole infection comes. Russia is strong in spirit (regardless of the religion of the population mentioned above), and the task of all sects without exception is to destroy this spirit, to make a herd of people! This must not be allowed!
    1. Mera joota
      Mera joota 11 September 2015 13: 10 New
      Quote: nord62
      There is Orthodoxy, there is Catholicism, there is Islam, there is Buddhism - everything else from the evil one is destructive.

      But what about Zoroastrianism? So it is much older than the religious movements you listed.
      Quote: nord62
      Sects must be dealt with in the most cruel way.

  20. zcrb
    zcrb 11 September 2015 15: 08 New
    People need to believe in something, moreover, to believe strongly, with all their heart. Then life is filled with meaning. In our time and, in particular, in our country, in the complete absence of an ideology occupying the hearts and thoughts of people, a vacuum arose in which various garbage poured in a stream in the form of sects, beliefs, currents. Give people a dream, give something to strive for - and they themselves will not go into the sect. Take the youth with something interesting, so that they feel their “need” - and they will stop watching House-2 and stray into flocks, proudly called "youth movements."
  21. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 11 September 2015 15: 09 New
    Quote: Stoler
    It is undoubtedly necessary to deal with this phenomenon, but, What rams must be used to get involved in this G.

    Not necessary. AS Tikhoni’s rule, which no one listens to, understands. Ordinary people in difficult moments of life. Do you see how they walk in heaps? THIS technology and network. Then I will add more.
    1. foma2028
      foma2028 11 September 2015 15: 51 New
      That's right, you noticed. I know a few people who were caught in sects precisely in very difficult, tragic moments of life.
      And yet, excuse me, from my observation in sects such as Testimonies. And you. People often walk around. I have one friend; she and her mother are very easily suggestible people, and as a result, the whole family, husbands, children, grandchildren gradually appeared in the sect.

      But often smart and thinking, but very proud people fall into Rodnoverian networks. They say directly, they say it is for those who can think, and you are like blind fools. Then the crafty one prides them and catches them “smart”, as they catch blind kittens.
  22. Mentat
    Mentat 11 September 2015 16: 05 New
    Quote: Mera Joota
    And who will determine whether a preached religion is a sect or not?

    There is someone to do. You seem to be sorely lacking in this matter. There is a secular and spiritual religion, experts on this topic. There are supervisory structures in the special services. You are very naive if you think that such an extremely important issue for society is left to chance.

    another son of God and will shake the foundations of the church calling for the destruction of the temple of God, etc. according to the bible

    You obviously have not read the Bible.
  23. Mentat
    Mentat 11 September 2015 16: 12 New
    Quote: nord62
    Sects must be dealt with in the most cruel way. There is Orthodoxy, there is Catholicism, there is Islam, there is Buddhism - everything else from the evil one is destructive. If you take the USA, it’s just a hotbed of sectarianism, from there the whole infection comes. Russia is strong in spirit (regardless of the religion of the population mentioned above), and the task of all sects without exception is to destroy this spirit, to make a herd of people! This must not be allowed!

    Forgot about Hinduism, though it is rare for our country.
    "The most cruel way" is not combined with freedom of conscience. The activities of destructive sects are suppressed, if the organization does not conduct frankly negative or fraudulent activities, the state is guided by the postulate of free will and conscience of citizens.

    Therefore, the main tool against a variety of false teachings and sects is a high-quality system of education and upbringing, so that a person has his own immunity against pseudo-spiritual infection.
  24. MahsusNazar
    MahsusNazar 12 September 2015 01: 59 New
    Come on, come on! House-2, and other nonsense, as soon as we - educated in the Union will not remain - we will be happy for you !!!!
    I am amazed by wretchedness and shamelessness!
  25. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 12 September 2015 07: 58 New
    IF a person got there, they immediately put him 1-2-3, so that they are always there and praised, praised ..... Now in R.O.N.O. there are specialists in sects. From praise a person has a high-buzz .... If you separate him from them ----- discomfort and anger. Praise for that ----- which person, especially for what is not - the mind , talent, education .. Such a bait .... So I got a quiet one, or someone who drove away. Can I say ----, what is it to spit.? How many of these.? Well, the book "Eternal Call" describes when after the war. The film did not look, somehow. ... I am younger than many of you, I wanted to know the book, and not the HF JEHOGOVISTS from SPB haven’t gone anywhere, they are still building their traps, they caught my grandmother and others. Well, we decided that .. And SCIENTOLOGISTS are also in SPB there were also protestant sects. But these sects ntv is visible. I mentioned several times about the methods of disseminating information - networks, a trigger. Nobody reacted, we need to look for this book at home.
    NORMAL, but he is zombified without entering into a sect and participates in everything. Something like this ....
  26. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 12 September 2015 10: 39 New
    Or maybe the book is called “Shadows disappear at noon?” I read it all in 12 years. I read everything in 1 week.
  27. beldiver
    beldiver 12 September 2015 17: 21 New
    Only mass executions will save Russia.
  28. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 September 2015 18: 53 New
    The problem of non-traditional religious movements or, in vernacular, sects, became especially relevant for Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    Actually, the first sect in Russia was described back in the 15 century :) The so-called "sect of the Judaizers." There were no Jews there, the name was due to the celebration of the Sabbath (according to the Old Testament) instead of Sunday (New Testament tradition).
  29. Normal ok
    Normal ok 12 September 2015 19: 17 New
    in a relatively short period of time, hundreds of sects carried out their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation

    Described 3 sects, claimed to be hundreds. It is more correct to say that hundreds of groups operate within several sects.
    South Korea's beginnings from the 50's, under the U.S. protectorate, were deliberately overrun by neo-Protestant pastors. Now Pentecostals and Baptists make up about 30% of the population,

    Well, first of all, Pentecostals and Baptists are not sectarians. In any case, not in the sense that is given in the article, and they are certainly not "totalitarian". And secondly, in South Korea, the main Christian denomination is the Presbyterians (otherwise called reformates). And these are not “neo-Protestants” in any way — these (along with the Lutherans) are actually historical Protestants, originating from the Reformation of the Western Church of the 16 century, from Luther and Calvin. And this did not happen in the 50's, but during the war with Japan. During the occupation of Korea by Japan, several Presbyterian pastors did not evacuate to the states but remained with the local population. Therefore, after the war, the Koreans perceived them as heroes and began to come to their church. And in 50-70's it took the form of an avalanche.
  30. panfatol
    panfatol 17 September 2015 11: 14 New
    Kapets, it's all garbage. Does anyone believe in all these journalistic ravings? The guys simply did not share the money with the powers that be, so they will be reproached for them. On the eve of the next election, they remembered who and what they had missed and drove another wave of them. They decided to take revenge in their own way ...