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European “dream”: hopes and results

14 May The European Commission published a demographic review before the 2060 year. Thus, in the next half century, Europe will face a decline in fertility, an increase in life expectancy, due to which there will be some population growth. In general, by 2060, the number of EU residents will increase from 507 to 523 million people.

Moreover, the population will increase in the most developed EU countries: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.

In turn, the “Young Socialist” - Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Baltic republics, as well as other states that failed to build a competitive economy, will show an extinction trend. So, for example, in comparison with 2000, the population of Lithuania will decrease from 3,5 million to 1,8 million, and in Latvia from 2,3 million to 1,4 million.

Thus, the new members of the EU have come to know the neocolonial essence of this project. The huge difference in the level of social development of different regions of the European Union led to the overflow of the most active part of the population to more “prosperous” countries. Great Britain, Germany and France have the largest dividends from intra-European migration, allowing them to re-industrialize their own economies.

Europeans will live longer, while the number of children among EU residents will decrease, and the share of the working-age population is expected to fall. By 2060, the number of employees will be reduced from 211 to 202 million people.

Such changes in the population structure will increase the burden on the European budget, and the EU will no longer be able to provide close to the current level of social protection for its citizens.

It should be noted that these forecasts are inertial in nature, i.e. they proceed from non-interference in the demographic processes of the state and society.

Some EU decisions, in particular, the lifting of the prohibitions, and sometimes the popularization (through attitude as a norm in raising children) of same-sex marriages, only aggravate this problem.

At the same time, the European Commission sees immigration as the main tool for solving demographic problems. In order to maintain a modern pension system and social guarantees for an aging population, the EU will need to attract at least 35 million of able-bodied migrants by 2035, and by 2050, 169 million of immigrants must move to the EU.

It should be noted that the influx of migrants in this case will occur mainly from Africa and the Middle East, where traditional family values ​​are strong and many children are usually born.

European “dream”: hopes and results

Thus, the indigenous population of the EU countries will gradually be replaced, changing its national and cultural foundations. And most of all it will affect the countries of Eastern Europe - the new EU members.

National elites who wish to preserve their own states in the form of ethnic reserves, are trying in every possible way to delay these events. At the same time, the conflicts that flared up in North Africa, in the Middle East, and now in Ukraine, will only accelerate these processes.

And the pressure of the European Commission, not without the efforts of the developed countries of Europe, is growing and should soon, relying on "human rights" to break the resistance of the recalcitrant. I think it’s not long to wait, and soon what we see as separate examples (which has already been written on the site) will become normal.

But won't this lead to a “conflict of civilizations”?

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  1. Egoza
    Egoza 21 August 2015 06: 13
    If elites want to preserve their states, then the EU will fall apart long before 2060. And then what will the "prosperous" countries do? laughing
    1. shibi
      shibi 21 August 2015 07: 29
      How can a population grow in GEYrop? buggers do not multiply, no matter how hard they try ... they multiply stupidly, all the more aggravating demographics.
      There will be no European nation, soon they will be driven into the reservation.
      1. sanja.grw
        sanja.grw 21 August 2015 08: 14
        In turn, the “Young ES” - Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Baltic Republics, as well as other states that failed to build a competitive economy, will show a tendency to extinction.

        This phrase killed
        1. Poppy
          Poppy 21 August 2015 10: 11
          it’s true, there’s nothing to refute
      2. Xanna
        Xanna 21 August 2015 09: 26
        Now I am branded a racist, but I believe that migration should be stopped.
        To date, the real race of the Scandinavians is in danger of extinction. Can we preserve species in the wild? So why not save a person with blond platinum hair and blue eyes? Migration in its current form must be stopped. Because the blue-eyed Europeans will die first, and then the Russians.
        Those who taught genetics well at school remember that the gene for fair hair and blue eyes is recessive.
        But this is not the only problem. Migrants carry their ideology, their faith, their superstitions and holidays. From the classical culture of those countries, as we know them, nothing will be left at all. At such a pace in 30-40 years you can’t even taste the classic European cuisine - because only Asian will be in demand.
        In addition, I want to say that Arabs are not very good technical specialists, we are talking about Arabs and Africans in general, on average, and not about a specific person in particular.
        Also known is the attitude towards women in those countries where migrants come from. They are not going to change it at home or at their children just because they have arrived in another country. When the number of lobbying certain values ​​becomes too large - they turn into laws. Europe already has entire neighborhoods living according to Sharia, another 30-40 years - there will be entire cities or even countries.
        In general, there are problems, and they need to be addressed. Europeans migrants are already stepping on the throat, Russia can take a break ... But if nothing is done, then only Chinese, Indians and Arabs will live in the world.
        1. Poppy
          Poppy 21 August 2015 10: 14
          Russia has a chance and a very good one: in our country there is no thoughtless "social" for all sorts of idlers, therefore it is not interesting for blacks and Arabs - they are not going to work (like the same Tajiks or Uzbeks), which means we will not have blacks, but white and intelligible people from Europe can very much run to us - both from blacks / Arabs with their Sharia and from gays with their aggressive propaganda and simply from worsening living conditions
        2. satris
          satris 21 August 2015 10: 55
          What are you worried about? Well, they will "come in large numbers", well, they will not be able to operate the equipment - incl. medical, the standard of living will fall (and the birth rate will remain) - they will start to die out - and everything will stabilize!
          However, Europe is not Africa. Despite the entire Gulf Stream, it will not be possible to winter in the tent. So? Either learn how to repair boiler rooms, or return to Africa.
          1. bastard
            bastard 21 August 2015 11: 54
            Quote: satris
            What are you worried about? Well, they will "come in large numbers", well, they will not be able to operate the equipment - incl. medical, the standard of living will fall (and the birth rate will remain) - they will start to die out - and everything will stabilize!

            They don’t need medicine, they don’t ask a woman whether she wants to give birth or not, she gives birth every year, for Allah sent. Cockroach propagation compensates for the lack of medicine. But our women were overwhelmed with feminism and equality, they say, that’s enough for you alone, you need to live for yourself, they say, not all countries and supermarkets have been visited yet.
            They will not master the technique and technology, because the Arabs' brains are sharpened for trade, the Negroes also have their own characteristics. They are able to work only from under a stick or for great need, for the most part they are not inclined to creative creativity. In the East and Asia, women's opinion is not taken into account, and for a man, Allah has identified only 2 worthy occupations: to fight and trade, and as a rule, these occupations are successfully combined, hence the wild venality and desire for show-offs. How many any of us can randomly name the largest scientists with world names, especially in the field of natural sciences, from modern Arabs and blacks, eh? How many of them have already been trained in England and the USA? Where is the result?
            And most importantly: the Koran does not prohibit Muslims from having slaves, they believe that Allah created the world for them, and the dogs will serve the boiler rooms and other mechanisms, although the vast majority of the achievements of modern civilization belong, as it were, to put it mildly, not to Muslim Arabs. My words are not empty speculation, I had to communicate closely with the Gentiles, I learned a lot of interesting things about us, they are not even shy in the expressions, especially when their horde. On TV, one thing in life is completely different.
            I post the video about the feminist, I feel the heart, I’m digging down the minuses, but I don’t chase ratings and likes. There is an interesting moment: one lady calls the studio, allegedly she is driving a truck through snowy Moscow, but breathing as if she was stomping briskly. Spectacle.
            1. Xanna
              Xanna 24 August 2015 05: 55
              Eh ... if you do not know the girls - technical experts, then do not immediately have to feminism ...
              I know experts in physics, and in chemistry, and in biology, and in medicine. I know girls who are good electron workers, and those who work in plasma physics and particle physics. I know women who all their life dreamed of operating and saving lives, and they became operating surgeons. I know girls who want not a new dress, but a new soldering station or programmer. Only now they are all married, they are still being grabbed at the institute. With such clubs do not get acquainted.
              And you at once - not all supermarkets went around ... To each his own. But sometimes you see a man who firmly believes that, along with the male genital organ, he was given technical knowledge at birth, and you even know what to say ... And many more men have registered for beauty salons ...
              I myself am a techie and work in production.
              And as for the equal rights of women, this is, first and foremost, the right to exercise abilities, and the right not to be an incubator.
        3. oldkap22
          oldkap22 21 August 2015 14: 11
          What to do!? MULTIPLY....
      3. Poppy
        Poppy 21 August 2015 10: 10
        due to the arrival of blacks and other Arabs
    2. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 21 August 2015 11: 38
      As it once was, there was Rome, its citizens differed from others not only in racial-nationality, but also in culture, language and civilization itself. Then there was a great migration of peoples, the empire of Charlemagne, and the Goths, Franks, Vandals, Normans gradually turned into French, Spaniards, English and Germans. In the same way, different kinds of new nations are gradually forming in Europe, and given the large number of interethnic and interracial marriages, this process will happen faster.
  2. moskowit
    moskowit 21 August 2015 06: 29
    What Spain was already under the Arab caliphate, now it’s the turn of all of Europe, which, apparently, with increasing migration from Asia and Africa, is likely. I wonder if in the future they will have their own Dmitry Donskoy and Ivan the Third?
  3. cobalt
    cobalt 21 August 2015 06: 57
    Given the entry of 169 million parasites, will there be any pension system in Europe by 2060 at all, another question. And whether these masses of those who have come to replace will be able to replace Europeans in the high-tech professions at workplaces. It is clear that they will have a janitorial and movers in Europe to fig, but you can not keep up the economy.
  4. Signaller
    Signaller 21 August 2015 07: 06
    Muslims will help ????. And normal Europeans will simply disappear. Forecast.
    Here, to preserve the gene pool, a revolutionary situation will arise. When the lower Europeans do not want to live as the authorities indicate to them. We are waiting for the massacre and everything else in the vastness of Europe. I think they will all be reduced to zero. In vain these Africans go to Europe. Oh in vain. Personal opinion. The limit will soon be violated, well, let's have a second ... night. Well, then we'll see. October 17 seems like a children's fairy tale compared to this. Personal opinion. I do not impose.
    1. Belousov
      Belousov 21 August 2015 15: 34
      And who will ask these lower classes? It has been said - "democracy!" So, do what is accepted by the government and do not blame. And you will protest you quickly under the article for the riots will pack. Yanukovychs are not sitting there, they will not stand it. And the newcomers will quickly merge into the criminal environment, penetrate into all corruption spheres. As we have Caucasians. Maybe someone will remember the case when they were convicted of murder, violence? Even if they are caught in the act, they release on bail the community collected, and then it instantly finds itself back in the mountains. I'm not talking about the banal shooting at weddings in the center of Moscow. You can recall the case on the market in Moscow, when a policeman tried to detain a criminal, as a result received a head injury from fellow tribesmen, and his "colleagues" stood and watched, because they had a benefit from this market and migrants. There was a lot of noise afterwards, but did something change? So Europe is waiting for the same.
  5. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 21 August 2015 07: 22
    Which one is 2060?
    The EU will fall apart in the coming years. There is no need to be Wang.
    Although she predicted the same thing ...
  6. akudr48
    akudr48 21 August 2015 08: 16
    And nothing is said about Russia. It's a pity.

    For her, forecasts from other sources are similar, a further reduction in the population and the replacement of Russians and other indigenous ethnic groups by newcomers.

    The program Maternity Capital was almost stopped in the Medvedev government, but it would be necessary to strengthen assistance to young families, in anticipation of these trends.
    1. Poppy
      Poppy 21 August 2015 10: 22
      talk nonsense
      no substitution occurs
  7. Vega
    Vega 21 August 2015 10: 09
    If Europe will increase the birth rate due to migrants, it will turn into an appendage of Asia, and European culture will disappear as such.
  8. sunzhenets
    sunzhenets 21 August 2015 10: 33
    Europe is getting closer to the birth of the European Caliphate.
  9. atos_kin
    atos_kin 21 August 2015 11: 29
    It seems to me that it is still too early to cover up your "childbearing mortar" :)
  10. flSergius
    flSergius 21 August 2015 11: 42
    For me, let the Arabs and Asians devour the Europeans. And the main thing for us is to prevent the spread of the sect "Witnesses of the Rights of the Common Man" and to restore harmonious relations with non-Russian fellow citizens, which were under the USSR and the Empire. We will establish normal trade relations with new neighbors in old countries. And the Europeans, although outwardly and similar to us, perfectly showed that they are not brothers to us, not even cousins, but evil ways. Even if they rot alive, I won't even get up from the sofa.

    PS: yes, and why do we need this hospice of bankers, creaks and gays? They have not produced anything high-tech for a long time, only head offices in Europe, and developers and production in Southeast Asia. This is where you need to reach for a business handshake.
    1. bastard
      bastard 21 August 2015 18: 44
      Quote: flSergius
      For me, let the Arabs and Asians devour the Europeans.

      And we will remain surrounded by some Asians, our own few.
  11. SAA
    SAA 21 August 2015 12: 55
    Thus, the new EU members have come to know the neocolonial essence of this project. The huge difference in the level of social development of different regions of the European Union led to the overflow of the most active part of the population to more “prosperous” countries. - So what? I have never understood this logic, if you are a Latvian, you must live in Latvia. But what about the opinion of the President and the Prime Minister on the allocation of land in the Far East, and resettlement of people in the seaside. Only Primorye will be taken there.
    And what about Sevastopol, where the Ukroaligarhs, under the "roof" of the governor are chaotic buildings and apartments are sold to everyone. Yes, the citizens of other states.
    They have no jobs, people go where they are. And who said that only blondes can live on the shores of the Baltic Sea? Before the blondes, 2000 years ago, tribes of "brown-eyed" lived there. Everything moves in a spiral, the brown-eyed ones return.