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New Polish President: closer to NATO and farther from Ukraine

Recently, 6 August, Pan Andrzej Duda, at a joint meeting of the Sejm and the Senate, took the presidential oath on a copy of the constitution, written in pen. What can we expect from the new Polish president, who proposed before the elections to rewrite the very constitution on which he swore allegiance?

New Polish President: closer to NATO and farther from Ukraine

Recall, Pan Duda, nominated by the party “Law and Justice”, won the second round of the presidential election 24 in May 2015. He scored 51,55% of votes, just three percentage points ahead of a competitor - the then current President Bronislav Komorowski (48,45% of votes).

Earlier in May, 2015 of the year, being a presidential candidate, Andrzej Duda, stated that he would like to change the country's constitution. However, you do not need to be afraid of such a statement: Duda just wants to introduce into the Basic Law an article allowing for national referendums. Ban Duda takes into account the wishes of the people: two thirds of Poles are in favor of appropriate changes.

Sworn to 6 in August on a special handwritten copy of the constitution, Andrzej Duda addressed the parliamentarians and guests with a speech. His theses have already been replicated by the world press; it remains for us to summarize them.

First, Mr. Duda informed the guests and parliamentarians about the upcoming Warsaw policy towards NATO. According to him, Poland needs more guarantees from the alliance. What are these guarantees and “against whom” are they sent? Apparently, against Russia, since Duda believes that the time has come to expand the presence of NATO forces in Central and Eastern Europe. The new president does not intend to postpone the matter indefinitely: he will come directly to the NATO summit for guarantees. That one will take place in the Polish capital in less than a year.

In the meantime, the Poles are being defended by a valiant native army. This, so to speak. Secondly. So that compatriots were not afraid of the Russian threat and other threats (from the Ukrainian radicals?), Pan Duda went to Pilsudski Square, where he accepted a parade of armed forces as commander-in-chief.

There are, however, and third. Duda, as could be understood from his previous statements, including those made after the elections, is not going to spoil relations with Russia. Apparently, because it is impossible to spoil the spoiled.

Finally, the fourth. Dudu has long been occupied by the so-called Ukrainian question. He intends to organize a peace conference in which, in his opinion, Poland and other neighbors of Ukraine should participate. In short, a new world judge of regional geopolitical scale will soon be revealed to the world. If he is allowed to appear the powers that be.

15 August on the network just appeared a new statement Duda on this issue.

The President of Poland proposed Petro Poroshenko a new formula for peace talks on Donbass. He said this in an interview with "Polish Radio", reports RBC Ukraine.

Interestingly, the emphasis in his statement was placed on the "strongest" European states. Duda told reporters that over the phone, he made Poroshenko a proposal to participate in the negotiations of the strongest states of Europe and the neighbors of Ukraine, including Poland. According to Duda, now representatives of Kiev and Warsaw are preparing a meeting.

However, so far all this is nothing more than words. The route of the first state visit of Duda was laid not at all to Ukraine, but to fraternal Estonia.

As transmits UNIAN with reference to "Polish Radio". The new president of Poland will make the first foreign visit to Estonia. Tallinn Pan Duda will visit 23 in August, just on the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

But the plan for further visits Duda: 28 August - the city of Berlin, September 15 - the city of London. 21-22 September Duda will again visit Germany. (Yes, yes, those “strongest” states.)

Well, and then - to bow to the master: at the end of September, Andrzej Duda will fly to New York, where he will meet personally with Barack Obama.

Late autumn new tour starts in fraternal countries. In early November, the president will depart for Bucharest: there he will take part in the NATO mini-summit.

Then Duda will visit Beijing - the summit "Central Europe - China" is scheduled there.

And where, excuse me, brotherly Kiev? After the Chinese?

It turns out that the date has not yet been agreed. UNIAN indicates that the Polish president will meet Poroshenko over the next hundred days, but it is not known where and when. So said the Minister of the Office of the President of Poland Krzysztof Schersky.

That's it. Ukraine will wait.

As for the visit to Estonia, it is full of symbolism.

17 August RIA News" led statement by Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

“The fact that this is the first foreign visit of President Duda,” said Ilves, “and his destination, Estonia, once again proves close allied relations between our countries.” Poland plays a central role both in upholding the security interests of our region and in strengthening the unity of NATO, and we all see Poland’s persuasiveness in defending the common interests of the European Union. ”

According to the Estonian president, Duda’s visit will take place on the anniversary of the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, after which Poland was the first to lose its independence, followed by the Baltic countries.

There is another symbolism here, let us add it from ourselves. Dude 43, he is relatively young, but he is from conservatives. And the Polish conservatives are not ready to forgive Ukraine a dark past. That is why Duda and insists on negotiations with the participation of Poland. Warsaw must have its say - for example, about the inadmissibility of the glorification of Bandera.

Experts-historians express their opinion about the future difficult relations between Warsaw and Kiev.

"Duda talked about that, - lead "Vesti" doctor's words historical Sci., Chief Researcher of the Department of Eastern Europe, INION RAS, Larisa Lykoshina, - that he is not ready to forget the historical past, he is not ready to forget the difficult pages of Polish-Ukrainian relations. And the glorification of the OUN-UPA, which the Ukrainian politicians allowed themselves, caused a wave of discontent in the Polish political class. Do not think that everything will be so cloudless and unambiguously developing in relations between Ukraine and Poland. There are complex pages there, and, probably, they will not contribute to an unequivocally positive, positive and progressive dialogue between Poland and Ukraine. "

The question of the alleged anti-Russian attitude of Duda is also interesting. Analysts say and suggest a lot, but all these assumptions are not worth a jigger. What to say, why waste words if a person became president a few days ago?

One thing is clear: Duda intends to turn the border of Poland into the border of NATO. More precisely, in the fortified border. And theses about the Russian threat here can be played up clearly and covertly.

With regard to NATO, Duda has already done something. Giving an interview to Polish Radio, he said that he was counting on the deployment of NATO bases in Poland. According to him, which leads "Russian newspaper", a package of relevant proposals is already being prepared - the ones that will be presented at the Alliance Summit in Warsaw in 2016.

Earlier, on August 13, Duda told the Financial Times that NATO perceives Poland as a “buffer zone”, not noticing that the eastern border of NATO is the eastern border of Poland.

In a recent interview with the radio station, Pan Duda announced that he had held talks with some leaders of NATO member countries, with the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance and the Supreme Commander of NATO forces. The outcome of the negotiations: the Polish president "did not meet categorical objections." The president explained the favor of NATO members ... with his own logic: that his proposals were simple and clear. NATO bases have always been located on the borders of the alliance, particularly in Germany; Today the situation has changed.

This “situation has changed” means that Duda is referring to the geopolitical phenomenon of the “Russian threat”, even though he does not voice it out loud. Such a hidden hint must indulge Poroshenko’s tormented heart, whose path to good relations with Poland is a big question.

After the inauguration, the new president did not make any statements that would make Pan Doud refer to Russophobes. We assume that he will not do them, since relations between Poland and Russia are already ruined for a long time. Only sanctions and demolitions of monuments are worth.

To wait for a deterioration in relations with the Poles, so it is the Ukrainians. Not only Poroshenko, but also the common people, who love to make extra money in the fraternal republic. This is especially true of Western Ukrainians.

Martin Domogala, President of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, said in an interview “The problem is that Ukrainians want to work in Poland. Most of them come from Western Ukraine. But they get a small salary. For them in Poland, only this kind of work. ”

As for Russia, Martin Domogala explained: Andrzej Duda is a young politician, and his specific plans are unknown. Domogala hopes that he will be a pragmatic leader. This viewpoint also has the fact that Duda is “not a militaristic politician like Lech Kaczynski”.

Well, wait and see. So far, one thing is clear: Duda, with no less passion, is ready to fight off the forces of the Polish army and NATO from the Bandera radicals, than from the "threatening" Russians.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 19 August 2015 06: 19
    yes what kind of pan ... so, six
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 19 August 2015 06: 47
    To believe the pzheks is the same as to relieve the need against the wind ...
  3. svp67
    svp67 19 August 2015 06: 51
    All of the above, once again shows that the new President of Poland will continue the old course of his country, to create, around himself, a new center of power in Europe, as opposed to Germany. Let's see, but how much he will succeed.
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 19 August 2015 08: 53
      Quote: svp67
      All of the above, once again shows that the new President of Poland will continue the old course of his country, to create, around himself, a new center of power in Europe, as opposed to Germany.

      Tried already, created. They reached Moscow in 1610 ... Napoleon was met with flowers. They flirted with Hitler, then they shouted as they would tear him. And it ended with Auschwitz and the six million dead Poles. All that says the new president of Poland (and the old ones too) is the arrogance of the gentry and nothing more. I would not want to dance on bones, but the best president of Poland is Lech Kaczynski. And that - only because it will never pour any bile on Russia again. And, at least for himself, he embodied the centuries-old Polish dream - for him personally, Smolensk land became his forever. Warriors, damn it ...

      Mexican President Porfirio Diaz (1830-1915) said of his country: "Poor Mexico! So far from God and so close to the United States!" Poland is no closer to God than Mexico, but the contact with the United States is apparently much closer than even Mexico's. Mexico borders on the USA, and Poland in the USA in LJJ .................
    2. Tatyana
      Tatyana 20 August 2015 00: 11
      the new President of Poland will continue the old course of his country, on the creation, around himself, of a new center of power in Europe, as opposed to Germany. Let's see how he succeeds.

      Nothing he - Andrzej Duda - will not work!
      As Poland went under somebody’s bed, it will be so! She is historically not used to this! The main thing for her is to sell herself more expensive!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 August 2015 07: 03
    Well, wait and see. So far, one thing is clear: Duda, with no less passion, is ready to fight off the forces of the Polish army and NATO from the Bandera radicals, than from the "threatening" Russians.

    Hi Oleg!

    Indeed, time heals.
    But the fact that Duda is somewhat different from its predecessors is certain. And God forbid that his curve does not lead to a new tension between our countries. It is also obvious that in the near future we will not be friends and good neighbors.
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 19 August 2015 13: 05
      Quote: aszzz888
      It’s obvious that soon friends and good neighbors, we will not.

      And when was the last time? In a film about tankers and a dog? I would not like to vainly repeat the hackneyed, but amazingly true phrase about the friends of Russia ...
    2. Lyton
      Lyton 19 August 2015 15: 07
      Yes, here he drives to bow to the black master and he will explain to the pan how to behave with Russia, and then it will become clear hu hu, as well as some assumptions.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  5. Gray 43
    Gray 43 19 August 2015 07: 14
    And Ukraine will resemble an open-air cage, surrounded on all sides by fences - the Poles, it seems, were also going to fence themselves off from too "cheerful" neighbors
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 19 August 2015 07: 19
    Andrzej Duda, judging by the statements, is going to blow into his pipe .. But he will dance, under American pipes.
  7. Name
    Name 19 August 2015 07: 22
    The moth flies to the "light of democracy", that's just how long that moth will last ... "Wings" are short. laughing
  8. Lion_smith
    Lion_smith 19 August 2015 08: 21
    -12 qualifying.
    The author is complete incompetence. What are all his conclusions based on? He does not even know that the OUN and UPA ... there were completely different structures. And if one of the units (I don’t even remind you that there was still a division into OUN-M and OUN-B) was guilty of the Volyn massacre, then what about the others? I find it funny.
    There is something more about travel. Duda is just exactly "a few days" (according to the author) appointed, and already obliged to fly to Ukraine? I have a question, but comrade V.V. Puten in 15 years of his reign, HOW MANY TIMES was he in "fraternal Ukraine"? In addition, I am sure that Duda, as a new person, does not know all the layouts. He still has a lot to learn. But just about the establishment of a clear border, about the deployment of NATO bases (in general, if we say so, they already exist in Poland), etc. mister Duda just CLEAR and CLEAR speaks. What will the Poles lose? And what will you lose in Russia?
    Short laugh.
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 19 August 2015 21: 26
      Short laugh. ,,
      we’ll see who laughs and how. some have already eaten apples, others bathe in milk, a trifle but nice. if the Poles, like dudas, think that they will protect them or they will add weight to the NATO base, they will have to be disappointed.
  9. pincet
    pincet 19 August 2015 08: 58
    "Dudu has long been occupied with the so-called Ukrainian question. He intends to organize a peace conference, in which, in his opinion, Poland and other neighbors of Ukraine should participate."
    gathered to share ...
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 19 August 2015 10: 22
    Well, the Poles never concealed their plans to restore the Commonwealth. This is only Svidomo holy faith solely in the good intentions of Warsaw. So, in the interests of Poland, the situation is growing tense, the economy is worsening, the standard of living is declining, so that then everything will surely fall apart and they will snatch their pieces.
  11. Vladimir 23rus
    Vladimir 23rus 19 August 2015 11: 11
    Duda only wants to introduce an article in the Basic Law allowing national referenda
    It has its own complex pages, and probably they will not contribute to the uniquely positive, positive and progressive dialogue between Poland and Ukraine. ”
    . "Our Galicia?" (Our Crimea! tongue ) Give a national referendum? It seems the outskirts really come to an end.
  12. Fin
    Fin 19 August 2015 11: 32
    Warsaw should say its word - for example, about the inadmissibility of the heroization of Bandera

    If you believe this: http: //, then Duda is the grandson of Bandera.
    And Poland, as always, having felt the weakening of its neighbor and the upcoming driban, will not miss its chance.
  13. Stas57
    Stas57 19 August 2015 11: 36
    that says it all
  14. Vega
    Vega 19 August 2015 16: 15
    It was rightly said, this is not a pan, but a six. Build NATO bases in Poland. The question immediately arises - At whose expense? The economy in Poland is not very good, strikes in agriculture, etc. Near a violent neighbor, also expenses. Their ult does not give rest, "hooligans". That is Poroshenko's way - give money. And we will be very supportive of your ambitions and will put forward something on our behalf. Another lover to suck on the feeder.
  15. tiheros
    tiheros 19 August 2015 23: 10
    The soil for dividing the Ukrainian heritage probes.
    1. Amurets
      Amurets 20 August 2015 03: 07
      This is not the first attempt. In the 1930s, Poles were developing plans for the creation of "Greater Poland from MOZH TO MOZH." Hitler and Stalin "helped" the Poles to implement this plan. Apparently these sections did not teach the Poles anything. As the Anglo-Saxons betrayed them in the past, they will sell them in the future. And no matter how paradoxical it sounds, there will be two players in Europe: Germany and Russia with On the one hand, and the Anglo-Saxons on the other. France is not a candle to God, not a damn poker. That is why the United States is so afraid of the rapprochement between Russia and Germany. When they were in the same team 60-70, they were afraid of the United States and could only recommend Germany how to behave. Because there were strong personalities and smart politicians in Germany, and now the stupid Merkel is helping the United States to destroy Germany. This is a forecast.