Tymoshenko's condemnation and the Eurasian choice of Ukraine. Poll

Is the prosecution and trial of Tymoshenko fair?

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Tymoshenko's condemnation and the Eurasian choice of Ukraine. PollRecently, the Czech newspaper The Prague Post published a material containing the opinion that after Tymoshenko’s conviction, the possibility of Ukraine’s European integration was a big question.

Indeed, after the conviction of Tymoshenko in the media, there were many reports that European politicians are massively canceling the meetings scheduled with Viktor Yanukovych, which unequivocally demonstrates that all attempts made by Ukraine to bring the EU closer to the EU have completely collapsed.

Brussels diplomatically stated that he would postpone the scheduled meeting with Yanukovych for another time, provided Ukraine took measures to strengthen democracy, as well as steps that would guarantee the independence of the judiciary in the country, which, of course, is true from the point of view of the outcome of the process in Pechersk court Of Kiev.

The trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the conviction she literally infuriated some Western politicians who tried to involve Ukraine in the European integration process and spent so much effort and money in the Ukrainian direction, putting them in the position of choice: either “endure” Yanukovych, questioning their democratic image, or enter into confrontation with it. Naturally, many anti-Russian Europeans will most certainly take the position of critics of the “authoritarian regime” of Yanukovych and will rely on the “struggle for democracy” together with the convicted Tymoshenko and the “oppressed” people of Ukraine. Thus, a second Lukashenko appears in Europe, who has no other choice but to come closer to Moscow, since he will have to resist external pressure from the “democratizers”.

Fears of European politicians that the EU’s position on the Tymoshenko case will force the Ukrainian authorities to turn towards Moscow and strengthen their strategic ties with Russia are not groundless. Moscow is not wasting time: the recent actions of the Russian leadership towards Ukraine are unequivocally aimed at making it part of the Customs Union, and later on - part of the Eurasian Union. And, fortunately, there really is hope for it, especially in the face of the actual outcome of future elections in Russia, when Ukrainian politicians of various kinds will no longer have any illusions about who they will have to deal with in the next six, or else and twelve years. In addition, the gas issue that has become a stumbling block more than once can now do a good service: Ukraine is being made unequivocally hinting that, when it takes the right position, the price of gas will become much lower.

So where do we go? The longstanding clashes in the ruling elite of Ukraine, the extreme degree of political disunity in this state, if one may say so, the state, total corruption and aggressive anti-Russian, in fact, disgusting and corrupt politics, all without exception, leaders and the overwhelming majority of political leaders of this country during the glorious period of its “independence "Put the current political elite of Ukraine before the fact: without Russia, it is nowhere! Yes, and the Ukrainian authorities are no longer able to close their eyes to the desire of the overwhelming majority of their people to Russian, and not to the European world. The people and their memory can not be deceived.

The time of bargaining is over. It's time to restore the natural course stories, rejecting in her dump the spirit of separation that tormented the Russian and Ukrainian peoples for so many years! How long will this shameful border between us be? How is it better than the Berlin Wall, which has divided a single nation for decades? Taking into account Putin’s promise to the authorities of the CIS countries that are not yet participating in the Eurasian project, Yanukovych and his team will have to answer these questions personally.

Really started Eurasian integration is a historical chance for our multimillion people, which the current leaders of Ukraine have no right not to take advantage of. Otherwise, what will they answer to their citizens? Therefore, for Yanukovych, the only way not to lose the support of citizens, most of whom with great hope accepted the beginning of Eurasian integration and expect from their authorities a real rapprochement with Russia and the restoration of a single state. This is what most Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians dream of. There are, of course, unpleasant exceptions, but we will not talk about them - this is a topic for another discussion.

Having planted continuing, by and large, to remain an “orange” Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, perhaps unwittingly, signed in his preference for the Eurasian European choice, whatever curtsies towards Europe would be attempted by Ukrainian diplomats in the near future. Over the years of the orange-blue confrontation, Tymoshenko and her policy became firmly associated with Western aspirations, and Yanukovych with pro-Russian ones. Moreover, such associations managed to form in Europe. Should Yanukovych somehow justify such an image?

The only thing that is worth agreeing with the defenders of democracy from the European Union is that Tymoshenko’s condemnation is the last nail in the coffin of any legal state in Ukraine, if such a existence was possible at all. And he does not need to mourn - it is not our business. This event only accelerates the natural course of events and brings the reunification of the fraternal peoples under a single beginning.

Only a pity for a woman, for a long time she will have to sit. And I could babysit my grandchildren!
Pomytkin Pavel
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