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China launched two regular satellite navigation system BeiDou

The Chinese launch site Xichang launched the Changzheng-3В booster, the Yuanzheng-1 accelerating unit of which successfully launched the 18 and 19 satellites of the BeiDou navigation system to the calculated orbits, the newspaper reports "Sight" with reference to the Xinhua Agency.
China launched two regular satellite navigation system BeiDou

This is 27, the successful launch of Chinese carrier rockets of the Changzheng-3В family.

It is worth noting that in May 2015 of the Russian Federation and the PRC agreed on the mutual operation of the GLONASS and BeiDou systems, and in June, the Chinese authorities expressed the hope that the countries would be able to achieve a new level of cooperation between the two navigation systems.

China began to launch the Beidou regional navigation system satellites into orbit in 2000. Currently, it has 19 spacecraft, which determine the geographical coordinates in China, neighboring states and other areas of the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2012, Beidou is available for commercial use. The Chinese authorities plan to expand it to 35 devices by 2025, turning it into a global navigation system.
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 27 July 2015 08: 52
    China launched two regular satellite navigation system BeiDou

    According to our BAY-DAY ... it is necessary.

    In general, the Chinese fellows in this regard are quietly and inexorably moving towards their goal ... the creation of a national satellite constellation of the navigation system and will achieve their goal ... they are not limited in time and resources.
    1. Stalker.1977
      Stalker.1977 27 July 2015 08: 57
      China is cool, well done however.
      1. Kostyar
        Kostyar 27 July 2015 09: 07
        What can I say, the Chinese are achieving their goals, and in the government they have patriots, not servants of the West .....
        1. NordUral
          NordUral 27 July 2015 09: 35
          This is their success, and our problems are patriots in government and in power in general.
  2. Alex_Rarog
    Alex_Rarog 27 July 2015 08: 55
    Well done, and the carrier is a good trend.
  3. Decathlon
    Decathlon 27 July 2015 09: 01
    "... operation of GLONASS systems ..."
    Maybe the Chinese will help! I'm tired of tracking our school bus in Algeria and hearing from the service company: "It's okay, this is a zero level, soon the satellites will find it and return it to its place!"