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Housing problem of Russia. Lack of decent housing threatens the social and demographic security of the country

One of the most serious socio-economic problems of modern Russia is the housing issue. It is no secret that a significant part of the country's population, especially in large cities, is in need of better housing conditions, and even in the acquisition of at least some of their own housing. The level of provision of citizens with housing is the root of many other serious problems of Russian society - the crisis of the institution of the family, the decline in the birth rate, simply the comfort and well-being of the lives of Russian citizens. When a significant part of the population is not provided with housing to the proper extent, it harms not only these specific people, but also the state as a whole, including its security, the prospects for developing and strengthening its position in the world. After all, housing problems are directly connected with socio-demographic problems, with problems of social polarization of the population, that is, they set a certain vector of social development of the Russian state and society. There is a very significant price polarization on the Russian housing market - housing prices in Moscow, in large cities of the country, in small cities and in rural areas differ many times. In some depressed regions of Russia, housing can be bought for hundreds or even tens of thousands of rubles, while in the capital, in large cities, housing, even an economy class, costs at least several million rubles. Thus, a huge part of the population is deprived of the opportunity to purchase their own housing in large cities, and if we take into account that it is in the cities that the main part of the population is currently concentrated, attention should be paid to the direct link between the birth rate and the housing provision of the population. In rural areas, housing purchase issues are easier to solve, but the lack of work and the low level of social infrastructure development make the purchase of housing “in the countryside” meaningless, especially for young professionals.

Household Transformation and Housing

It is housing problems that become one of the reasons for the transformation of Russian households. Thus, the report of Ksenia Abanokova “Russian households: evolution of structure and consumption” emphasizes that recently the classical model of a household consisting of parents and minor children living under the same roof has been replaced by either a single residence or living in a complex family - with older relatives, parents of a wife or husband, other relatives. According to the researcher, only from 1989 to 2010 years the proportion of traditional families (that is, parents plus minor children) decreased from 77% to 67% of households. The number of single-person households increased by 19%. From 23% to 33%, the number of families with a complex composition has increased (parents plus adult children, older relatives, brothers and sisters, etc.). Such a phenomenon as a decrease in the number of traditional families in the household structure is a specific response to the deterioration of the material well-being of the Russian population. Most often, couples prefer to secede from older relatives, and if this separation does not occur, then in most cases - due to lack of financial ability to disconnect. After all, not every Russian family, especially at a young age, can afford to buy their own housing. On the other hand, the very fact of creating a family is often associated with the existence of conditions for creating a family. Meanwhile, many Russians simply have nowhere to bring a wife or husband, no place to have children, and the opportunity to take a mortgage or even rent a house is also far from being present in every family. Again, in a large city, housing rental prices are high and often comparable to salaries, in small cities prices are significantly lower, but unemployment is a serious factor in the obstacles to renting housing. It also forces migrants from small towns to migrate in search of work to larger cities, where they also have to spend substantial funds on rental housing and often cannot afford to acquire a family.

Housing problem of Russia. Lack of decent housing threatens the social and demographic security of the country

In sociological science, such a process is called the term "antinuclearization of the family." For modern Russia, antinuclearization is characteristic due to the influence of several factors. Firstly, this is a very strong rise in prices for housing, especially in large cities, which makes its purchase virtually impossible for most families of average and, especially, of small income. Mortgage becomes the only way out for many young families, but not everything is smooth here, given the huge interest payments on the mortgage loan, as well as the lack of stable work and stable incomes for a large number of Russian citizens. As a result, many young families are unable to purchase their own housing, even through a mortgage loan, and are forced to live with the older relatives of the husband or wife. Naturally, this very model of family life organization is unhealthy and very often entails numerous domestic conflicts that ultimately can lead to family discord and break up of families. Finally, even the majority of parental families are limited in living space and live in two-bedroom apartments, which directly affects the ability of young families to have children. If one child can be grown up as a parent in a “twin”, then with two, and even more so with three, it is already much more difficult. Moreover, the expansion of the young family here is very closely dependent on the opinions of parents and if the latter are against the birth of new children, they can easily influence the reproductive behavior of their adult children, which is also not a normal phenomenon. But for young families, deprived of the opportunity to purchase their own housing, there is no other way out, and they are forced to live with their parents - often up to middle age, before the physical death of the latter, followed by the inheritance of the apartment into ownership (and even if it is not to be shared with other relatives).

The second factor in the antinuclearization of families in modern Russia is the “infantilization” of the young generation, as a result of which adult children, after coming of age, choose to live with their parents for themselves, even if they have the opportunity to stay. Social growth in the modern world occurs much later than before, and in 22-25 years, or even 30 years, many young people continue to live with their parents and, accordingly, do not create their own households. They are also pushed towards this choice by the possibility of maintaining their freedom from family ties, including financial as well as temporary, for a longer time. However, there is an obvious correlation with high housing prices. Living with parents is obviously much cheaper than renting an apartment, taking it as a mortgage. Even if there is money to buy a home, then you can rent a home and maintain a higher standard of living, or not to buy a home, but to spend money for other purposes. Thus, in the majority of Russian families, the accommodation of adult children with parents or other older relatives, in one way or another, has financial grounds. By the way, it is financial issues that often become decisive in terms of breeding offspring - to have a family now “expensive”, therefore many Russians of both sexes prefer to delay the time of marriage and, especially, of childbearing, as far as possible. Naturally, the birth of the first child in adulthood ultimately affects the number of potential children in a particular family or in a particular woman. That is, the dependence of the demographic situation in the country on solving the financial and housing problems of the population is being established. Despite the fact that recently the state has taken certain steps towards stimulating fertility, they can be considered insufficient.

The housing issue under capitalism and socialism

The problem of providing the population with affordable housing is as old as the world. With the development of urbanization and industrialization, a significant part of the rural population rushed to the cities, which led to an increased concentration of the population in the cities and, accordingly, in the emergence of the phenomenon of "housing needs" (this term was introduced by Frederick Engels). Build housing in the city by independent forces has always been much more difficult than in the countryside - both because of the lack of a large amount of free land, the need for an expensive supply of communications, and because of the need to obtain various permits for the construction of housing. Also, the urban population, for the most part regularly employed and employed at work, simply does not have free time for self-build housing. Thus, the problem of housing in the cities has always been much more acute than in the countryside. This problem was especially actualized with the formation of the modern appearance of the cities, that is, with the beginning of the construction of apartment buildings. Housing construction in capitalist countries is carried out mainly by private companies in order to extract profits from the sale of built apartments. However, in this situation, that part of the population that does not have the necessary financial resources to purchase their own housing remains “on the street” - that is, it is forced to rent housing. In the modern world, conditions have been created for acquiring housing in a mortgage or by installments, which requires families or individual apartment buyers to have a stable income and the opportunity to pay a certain amount of money to lenders for a long time. On the other hand, the dependence of a person on the mortgage in the modern world acts as a guarantee of his obedience as an employee. The threat of being unemployed, losing the ability to repay a loan, implies a possible loss of mortgage housing, which makes the mortgage buyer more comfortable and obedient to an employee who is afraid of losing his job and agreeing to low wages and other unsatisfactory working conditions.

The significance of the housing problem in a capitalist society was covered by Friedrich Engels, whose works on the position of the working class are considered fundamental. According to Engels, the main problems in the field of housing are crowded resettlement and poor sanitary conditions of the working class. Over the past century since the life of the classic Marxism, over and over, the living conditions in the cities, of course, have changed. But the possibility of acquiring their own housing has also become more complicated. As a result, a large number of workers were forced to rent housing, but this created additional financial difficulties, since not all families could afford to allocate substantial funds from the family budget for rental housing. There have been examples of the construction of charitable housing, but the full solution to the housing problems of the population has followed only in countries that have chosen the socialist path of development. The socialist way of solving the housing problem is truly unique, since it has no analogues in capitalist countries. If before the October Revolution 1917, the housing problem was solved in the same way as in other countries - people either bought housing with their own money or built it themselves, rented a house or huddled in the premises provided by employers, then after the revolution a stunning experiment was made to provide the population with housing. The expropriation of the housing stock of the wealthy strata of the population in the first post-revolutionary years and then, after giving up the “new economic policy”, made it possible to resolve the issue of providing housing to broad strata of the population. Many mansions that belonged to the aristocracy and the merchants, as well as to the wealthy burghers, were turned into apartment buildings, which made it possible to settle in them a huge number of people in need of housing.

Soviet housing policy

In the Soviet Union, and later in other socialist countries of the world, massive construction of social housing was carried out, distributed among all citizens in need of it. It began as early as 1920, when construction of houses for specialists and industrial workers, for military personnel began, and gained a truly massive scale in 1960, 1980, when the entire Soviet Union was built up with typical "Khrushchev" and "Brezhnevkah". The latter, in their turn, were settled by families of very different social levels and material wealth moving from the barracks and communal apartments. As a result, the problem of “homelessness” of the working population was practically eradicated in the USSR. Practically all Soviet citizens — residents of cities, with the exception of representatives of the “social bottom”, who led the antisocial lifestyle, thus became owners of apartments or, at least, rooms in hostels. Moreover, citizens were provided with housing based on the composition of the family, which allowed families with several children to receive three-four-room apartments. The housing was provided and representatives of the lower social groups who took jobs in enterprises. At the very least, they got rooms in communal apartments and hostels. It can be said that by 1980. The housing problem in the USSR was largely resolved. It is in Soviet housing that most of the country's population currently lives, and even those who have purchased apartments in new houses, to a large extent used to acquire them the resources of Soviet housing — their own or their parents. However, up to the present, the question of providing decent housing for residents of emergency and dilapidated houses, as well as houses devoid of modern amenities, remains relevant. Indeed, even in large cities of Russia, up to the present, one can find a significant number of residential buildings without central water supply, sewage and even gas. This creates a particularly negative contrast compared to a new, comfortable housing being commissioned. And the situation when people living next door to new homes in the infrastructure of the last century is inadmissible, since it contributes to the deepening of social inequality and deprivation of the population, is a fertile ground for the spread of socially negative, radical and extremist attitudes among a part of the population.

Attempts to provide the entire population of the country with more or less decent housing were undertaken at the sunset of the Soviet period stories. Then the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPSU Mikhail Gorbachev declared the goal - to provide each Soviet family with a separate apartment by the year 2000. However, this goal, as we clearly see, has not been achieved. One of the main reasons was the collapse of the socialist system, after which the solution of their housing problems began to be positioned as the business of each particular family and each individual person. Of course, even in the Soviet period, the housing problem was not completely resolved - a huge number of Soviet citizens continued to live in dilapidated and dilapidated housing, in "communal apartments" and rooms in hostels, retained a formal registration in orphanages, boarding schools, penitentiary institutions. However, it is difficult to disagree with the fact that obvious efforts were made to solve the housing problem, and these efforts were extremely effective. New cities and towns were built, entire districts and microdistricts in old cities were put into operation. In fact, most of the housing stock in many cities of the country was built during the Soviet period - and this is one of the most important merits of the Soviet government to the peoples of the republics that were part of the Soviet Union. By the way, the Soviet model of solving the housing problem has become a model for the implementation of a similar policy in a number of countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America that have chosen the socialist path of development.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the transition of Russia to a market economy, of course, affected the state of solving the housing problems of the population. In the first years of reform, there was practically no state distribution of housing and a housing market, since until 1995, only 4-13% of apartments were in private ownership. The rest of the first five years of reform have not yet been privatized. The bulk of housing deals during this period was carried out through exchanges, while the supply significantly exceeded the demand, since a large number of people wanted to change their conditions by moving to a new place of residence or receiving funds for reducing living space, but people still did not have an adequate level of welfare , allowing to acquire real estate. The situation began to change in the process of further development of the market economy and increasing the welfare of the population. The privatization of housing also played a big role in the development of the housing market and increasing the well-being of the population, since people were able to inherit their family’s apartments, sell them, rent them out, that is, housing turned into a real commodity, and high housing prices guaranteed well-being to the “lucky ones” who had extra housing, inherited from relatives or acquired for the purpose of investing. It is the period from the middle of 1990's. and until the first half of the 2000's. was most favorable for citizens in terms of housing, because housing prices have not yet jumped to an extremely high level and left the possibility of middle-income citizens to purchase housing. In the middle of 2000's. began a rapid rise in housing prices caused by currency inflation. At the same time, commercial housing construction intensified, and the mortgage market began to develop, which also contributed to the growth in housing affordability for the population groups that had no opportunity to purchase housing with their own financial resources.

How is the solution to the housing problem

By the middle of the 2000s, when the socio-economic situation of the Russian Federation was significantly stabilized, the country's leadership returned to forgotten Soviet ideas about solving the housing problems of the population. As early as September 2005, the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, during a meeting with the government, regional leaders and members of parliament, said that it was necessary to implement the Affordable and Comfortable Housing - for Russian Citizens project. In 2008, it was decided to transform the project into a state program, but the actual solution of the tasks posed by this project did not happen. First, the economic problems associated with the crisis contributed to this, and secondly, the state actually lacked adequate resources for the implementation of this project. In particular, it was envisaged already in 2010 to increase the volume of commissioning of new housing to 80 million square meters. meters It was supposed to solve the problem of reducing the deterioration of the housing stock in the cities and villages of the Russian Federation, improving the quality of public services. However, none of these problems was resolved, since the commissioning of new housing in 2010 amounted to only 58,1 million square meters. meters, and the depreciation of the housing stock has not decreased and was 60%. There are still a lot of questions about the quality of housing and communal services provided to the population, who are still dissatisfied with the large number of Russian citizens who are owners and tenants of housing. More or less, the issue was resolved only with the provision of separate and comfortable housing for such a category of citizens as veterans of the Great Patriotic War, but they are becoming less and less every year, so the solution to this problem is no longer as difficult as 10-20 years ago .

Despite the fact that the living conditions of Russians, of course, are improving, a huge number of our citizens continue to exist in unworthy conditions. First, there is a huge number of homeless people, as well as “potential” homeless people - people who have registration in “state-owned” institutions. Secondly, hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens continue to live in rooms with little accommodation for comfortable living - from construction trailers to the nomadic dwellings of the peoples of the North. Finally, despite the fact that the resettlement of communal apartments began in Soviet times, in recent years the number of inhabitants of communal apartments began to increase. Communal rooms have again become housing in demand by Russians, especially in large cities, as immigrants arriving from the “province” and many urban young families and individuals cannot afford to buy or even rent isolated housing. There is one more problem - the presence of people who formally have a residence permit and even are owners of shares in parent or family apartments, but in fact they live in rented apartments for life, because they cannot afford to buy their own housing, but they cannot even live in parent apartments due to the small area of ​​the latter. The question of providing Russian citizens with the necessary number of square meters for each family member remains very acute. Many families with children, including two, three and a large number of children, live in one-room apartments, “hotels” and “communal apartments”, in rooms in dormitories, practically unable to correct their housing situation and purchase a roomy housing that allows comfortable the existence of all family members. About 12% of Russian families continue to live in three, and even four of them in one room and even in a part of the room. According to the provisions of the United Nations, this indicates that this housing is “slum”, that is, not intended for a comfortable and dignified existence of modern man.

Emergency Fund - Putin ordered to resettle

The problem of dilapidated and emergency housing is very relevant for modern Russia. In 2013, the total housing stock of the Russian Federation was 3,3 billion square meters. Of these, 100 mln. Sq.m. accounted for emergency and dilapidated housing. These are huge numbers. Especially, if we take into account that not all really emergency and dilapidated houses are brought by municipal services to the relevant registries, since this implies additional troubles for local authorities. In accordance with the law, emergency houses should be resettled in the first place, but where should people be resettled if housing construction in Russia is carried out at a slow pace, and commercial structures building new houses are not interested in providing housing for displaced persons from the emergency fund . In the same 2013, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has already expressed dissatisfaction with the small and slow pace of resettlement of Russians from emergency housing to comfortable apartments, since by 2013, thousands of Russian citizens were planned to be settled in 42, but in reality only thousands of citizens were resettled in 1,5. The head of the Russian state was assigned the task of 1 September 2017, to solve the issue of resettlement of Russian citizens from emergency housing, but it is not yet clear whether it can be solved? It is supposed to settle out of 11 million square meters. emergency housing meters about 777 thousand people. 6 May 2014 approved a set of measures to eliminate emergency housing stock in the Russian Federation, within which specific indicators were approved for the total area and total number of citizens of the Russian Federation to be resettled. The Ministry of Construction was tasked with creating new mechanisms for the resettlement of the emergency fund, recognized as such after 1 in January of 2012. However, it is clear that the implementation of this set of measures will face a number of difficulties. After all, the pace of construction remains low, and the crisis of the end of 2014 - the beginning of 2015. significantly affected the state of the Russian economy, including housing. In this context, a very serious problem for the Russian state is the almost complete absence of the practice of building social housing, which is addressed by many countries of the world. After all, a large part of Russians, due to the insignificance of their incomes, cannot even afford to purchase their own apartments, including through mortgage lending. Accordingly, the only hope for them is government support. A certain step in this direction was made through the introduction of maternity capital, which can be spent on the purchase of housing, including the payment of the mortgage contribution. However, the size of the maternity capital - about half a million rubles - does not allow to buy him even a room in a communal apartment in a large city.

Of course, such an inattentive attitude to the housing issue not only affects the comfort of life of Russian citizens, but also gives rise to many social problems. The most serious of them is demographic. For many Russians, the absence of their own living space and the possibility of its acquisition in the foreseeable future becomes an obstacle to the creation of a family, to having a child, not to mention the number of children, sufficient for reproduction of the population. To say that it is possible to move to a “province”, where cheaper housing means to bump into demagogy, since in most provincial cities, not to mention rural areas, there are no jobs, the necessary social infrastructure is at an extremely low level of development. The fact that today many Russian families live in their own housing, which gives them the opportunity to bear and raise children, is a consequence of the achievements of the Soviet housing policy, since a significant portion of the population “eats” the fruits of the Soviet era - uses the housing fund “Khrushchev”, “Brezhnevok” , "Stalinok", inherited from older generations of relatives. However, the time limit for the permissible operation of these buildings is coming to an end, the housing and communal infrastructure is wearing out, which suggests that the housing problems facing the country will be deepened in the near future. So, as of the beginning of 2013, there were more than 1,6 million apartment buildings in the country, which had wear from 30 to 65% and, accordingly, needed immediate overhaul. About 45 million people live in such houses - almost a third of the total population of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the total amount of housing stock with a degree of depreciation of more than 66% is 56,9 million square meters. meters, including 38,4 million square meters. meters of housing stock was recognized as decrepit and 18,6 million - emergency. Sooner or later, the authorities will also ask about the need for resettlement of the gradually dilapidated Soviet housing stock, which can only be done in the context of the development of mass housing construction, and not “point building”, but building in whole blocks and microdistricts, as was done in Soviet times.

"Enclaves of poverty" and "depressed" populated areas

Another problem that inevitably follows from the preservation of dilapidated housing stock is the “ghettoization” and “marginalization” of urban space. Today, in many large cities, the old districts, especially those built up with pre-revolutionary houses, are considered to be unfavorable for comfortable living. They remain those people who can not afford to buy a new home, and even the sale of old and purchase at the expense of the proceeds from at least small apartments in more comfortable areas. Among these people there is a high percentage of socially maladapted, marginal citizens. This creates a certain social background in such areas, affects the quality of life of the urban population and the state of the urban environment as a whole. On the other hand, such areas are actively settled by the low-income part of foreign labor migrants, migrants from the province, which makes them into a kind of “enclaves” of social disadvantage. Finally, people living in dilapidated and emergency houses directly threaten their safety - life and health. Frequent cases of fires in such houses, the collapse of walls and ceilings, which, including, claim and lives. Can Russia risk its population so much? It is obvious that the lack of a developed practice of responsibility of municipal and regional authorities for the tragic accidents in the emergency housing stock contributes to the “inhibition” of the solution of the housing problem of the Russians. Therefore, it is advisable to tighten state control over the solution of the problem of resettlement of Russian citizens from dilapidated and emergency housing, with appropriate sanctions against unfairly working and sabotaging decisions of federal authorities of employees of regional and municipal authorities, responsible control instances.

Finally, one should also address the problem of solving the problems of “depressed” cities, towns, and rural settlements in which accommodation is uncomfortable precisely because of the lack of a developed infrastructure and mass unemployment. It is known that the collapse of the industry that followed in the 1990-ies, had a negative impact not only on the country's economy, but also on its demographics. Internal migration flows have increased due to the exacerbation of the uneven development of the Russian regions, individual urban and rural settlements. Natives of “depressed” populated areas, not having employment opportunities at the place of residence, are forced to leave for more prosperous cities and regions. There they create a stir in the housing market, increasing the cost of renting housing, but in “depressed” localities, houses and apartments are empty. Even at low prices to sell an apartment or house in such a village is very problematic - due to the lack of buyers who do not even consider the possibility of acquiring housing in a city or village with a lack of working places, an undeveloped infrastructure of education, health care, leisure and entertainment, numerous social problems, including alcoholization and drug use of the population, the increase in crime caused by mass unemployment and the “hopelessness” of the local population. Living in such settlements is simply uncomfortable for their residents, and most importantly - unpromising. The only way to solve this problem is the revival of industry and agriculture of the country, including in the "province". However, so far we have not seen the pace of the accelerated emergence of new industrial enterprises, the development of agriculture, that is, it is extremely premature to talk about solving the problem in the foreseeable future.

The solution to the housing problems of modern Russia is inextricably linked with the general increase in the level of economic development of the country, with the overcoming of negative trends associated with the lack of efficiency of the local authorities and administration. In February, 2015, a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation was held, dedicated to the socio-economic situation in the regions of the country. Following the meeting, President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin signed a number of instructions, including an order concerning the solution of the problem of the resettlement of Russian citizens from emergency housing. It was entrusted to ensure the unconditional implementation of regional programs for the resettlement of citizens from emergency housing, while it was decided to maintain the amount of state financial support in 2015. Before 30 on April 2016, regional leaders of the Russian Federation must submit reports on how the problem of relocating Russian citizens from emergency housing stock and providing those resettled with new comfortable housing is being resolved. Indeed, over the last five years, 5,5 million square meters of emergency housing have been eliminated, about half a million Russian citizens were resettled and received new comfortable apartments. But how many more emergency and, in particular, dilapidated residential buildings remain in operation? I would like to hope that the top leadership of the Russian state is really concerned about the solution of the housing problems of the Russians and will make efforts to further improve the quality of life of the population. Moreover, one of the main tasks in the general direction of ensuring national security and state sovereignty of the Russian Federation - demographic growth - also depends on the solution of the housing problem.
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  1. bender8282
    bender8282 27 July 2015 06: 02
    they don’t forget to raise the prices for housing and communal services. And this is not a store, you don’t want to pay, there is no alternative!
    1. BMW
      BMW 27 July 2015 09: 50
      In addition to inflated tariffs, even in the receipts, postscripts are written, sort of like errors. In the June ticket for two thousand heating, although it was turned off on May 31, tomorrow I'll go butt.
      And so everywhere, water, electricity, heating. I have to go to accounting every three months.
      1. Vend
        Vend 27 July 2015 11: 07
        Housing is worth a lot of empty, its prices are sky-high. The mortgage is not profitable, because the percentage of the monthly payment is calculated from the amount of the loan, but it is necessary from the salary of the borrower. Then the housing problem can be solved easily.
    2. msm
      msm 27 July 2015 13: 59
      Even in the housing and communal services they came up with one thing - they removed the insulation in the basements of houses near hot water. And for a long time when the hot water is turned on, the cooled water flows, and the hot meter spins, and the hot one costs many times more cold ...
  2. Igor39
    Igor39 27 July 2015 06: 25
    A friend lives in Germany, says that they give loans at 1,5% for building a house or buying an apartment !!! Well, we are richer, we earn more money, under the USSR they gave free of charge, but now salaries are small and you have to pay for everything, there are obvious improvements.
    1. Skif83
      Skif83 27 July 2015 10: 01
      Do you really ... remember the USSR? But what about the statements of the current "leaders" that everything was bad in the USSR?
      And since they remembered, the understanding that it is impossible to correct the situation under the current liberals should be present.
      No one says that everything in the USSR was perfect, because the villains were, are and will always be, the question is what position in power they occupy. Now they are in power, and ... our housing is expensive and nothing!
      So you need to think a little at the top of your body when you go to vote (this, unfortunately, is the only way to peacefully try to resist the liberals), well, you vote head, heart and well ... oh let the pro-Western bastard vote.
      1. Skif83
        Skif83 27 July 2015 11: 02
        Again, stupid minus signs, arguments - "zero". Therefore, we live like this, the bulk of them mutters to themselves, but how to say aloud - the tongue sticks in one place ...
        Then it’s better not to bother with little hands at all, you don’t need to minus without arguments, plusing is not critical, because plus is consent.
        But we kind of try to look for the truth, then the disagreement should be argued by our point of view, maybe it is the truth ?!
        Inche all this, come on, naked chatter ...
        Remember that EP promised:
      2. Sling cutter
        Sling cutter 28 July 2015 00: 03
        Quote: Skif83
        So you need to think a little at the top of your body when you go to vote (this, unfortunately, is the only way to peacefully try to resist the liberals)

        Comrade, do not be naive.
        For the current government, a people is one that is used as a cash cow, which will eventually be slaughtered.
        After all, the presence of housing or its absence in the family directly affects demography in the country, and raising the birth rate in the country is not included in the plans of the bourgeoisie.
        The people have only one way out - this is a change of power to a popular one and there is no other way.
        You can consider my comment as an advertisement for the Socialist Revolution.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 27 July 2015 06: 30
    Housing problem of Russia. Lack of decent housing threatens the social and demographic security of the country

    I consider this problem a complete disgrace for our country.

    Prices for normal housing are going beyond all reasonable limits, mortgages, too, so far as a lifelong yoke on the neck of the buyer ... too many leeders of mediators have sucked in housing construction.

    I figured it would be easier to build a private house for myself ... than to buy a three-ruble coin or something in a high-rise building and be a mortgage slave all my life .... truly RUSSIA is a wonderland ... I took a loan and you tryndets ..
    1. Georgy USSR
      Georgy USSR 27 July 2015 08: 17
      I myself live in a communal apartment, the wear of the house is 75%, 35 years of construction, recognized as decrepit. I tried to buy something in a mortgage as a percentage of 14 per annum because an elderly family. 10 years of 24 thousand with an income of 28 thousand, it’s just not realistic and this is one of the lowest prices per square meter on the outskirts
    2. BMW
      BMW 27 July 2015 09: 55
      Our cost of housing in the secondary market is only 5-10% lower than in the primary. A paradox, and this does not depend on the age of the house. In houses 60 years old, the cost of apartments is the same as in 30 year olds.
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 27 July 2015 18: 17
        Quote: bmw
        Our cost of housing in the secondary market is only 5-10% lower than in the primary. A paradox, and this does not depend on the age of the house. In houses 60 years old, the cost of apartments is the same as in 30 year olds.

        No paradox. In that part of the town (or the village, it doesn’t matter how to name it), where I live, the end of the 1920s, the houses are not only older, but much smaller than in the newer parts (buildings of the 1950s and 80s), and there is less land , and the prices are significantly higher even just for a house with the same number of bedrooms, and if you count as a square, it will be even higher. There are many reasons for this - in our part, both the train and the bus to Manhattan stop (and from other parts either go and not without difficulty and park a car for free, or drive about 20 minutes, and the weather - it can be different), and schools (the youngest and average) more successful, and the main stores are easily reached on foot. Moreover, the demography is the same (mostly white, with a small admixture of Asians), and the school district is the same (and the high school is finally one in the whole town). Not to mention a comparison with other cities where both geography and demography can vary quite a lot.
        So, as realtors say, "Location, location, location".
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 27 July 2015 17: 55
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      truly RUSSIA wonderland

      Well, how can you not recall the classics?
      Quote: Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"
      People are like people. They love money, but it has always been ... Mankind loves money, no matter what it is made of, whether from leather, from paper, from bronze or from gold. Well, frivolous ... well, well ... and mercy sometimes beats in their hearts ... ordinary people ... in general, resemble the former ... the housing issue only messed them up...
    4. NordUral
      NordUral 27 July 2015 23: 06
      And this is the trick - the one who is bound by a large loan will always be silent, no matter what happens in the country.
      1. Cat man null
        Cat man null 27 July 2015 23: 13
        Quote: NordUral
        he who is bound by a large loan will always be silent, no matter what happens in the country.

        Do not explain? IMHO, absolutely not related two things ..
  4. en 45
    en 45 27 July 2015 06: 33
    I live in a small town. At the end of each year, the city administration, through a local newspaper, reports on the work done for the year. Each time, they proudly report that during the year it was commissioned .... sq. meters of housing, which is by so many percent more than last year. Only for some reason they forget to indicate that this housing was built by people with their own money and there is absolutely no merit of the administration here.
  5. Dimy4
    Dimy4 27 July 2015 06: 35
    Then the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee, Mikhail Gorbachev, declared a goal - to provide each Soviet family with a separate apartment by the year 2000.

    Then the malicious cathedral was born - Everyone will receive an apartment separately after two thousand years.
  6. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 27 July 2015 06: 39
    we were promised, as it were, and we were waiting ...
    1. anip
      anip 27 July 2015 08: 41
      And when I laid out such pictures, so cheers, patriots, zaputintsy said that, they say, these are all kinds of pictures ...
      I can imagine how they would yell if all Putin’s promises for the whole time were reminded.
      1. BMW
        BMW 27 July 2015 10: 04
        Yeah, here some say that they got up from their knees, they began to build and develop production.
        I don’t eat anything good in my region.
        And what they built is miserable pieces from the Soviet past, and even that is primitive and mediocre.
        1. Former
          Former 27 July 2015 13: 23
          They build and build a lot - "I answer"!
          But in "industry" these are oil and gas fields, oil and gas terminals and pipelines.

          On the "mainland" these are Shopping Centers and Office Buildings.
          A lot of housing is being built, I think, many times more than in the USSR (well, at least in my city, the Bearing Plant was destroyed, Sibelektromotor - everything under the site for the construction of housing, shopping centers and office buildings).

          They are building a lot of housing, but it is unfortunate that they drive young people into the mortgage (and many for a long time - these are not cooperatives of the times of the USSR, and even more so not MZHK and free housing)
          And how are they building?
          Sometimes you look and think, but will this building stand for 50 years? (At least)

          I am not a "all-consuming" (and how can you be an "optimist" after 30 years of "perestroika"?), Just an old grumpy "techie").
          In general, as far as industrial construction is concerned, especially the "oil industry" I could tell a lot, but this is not in the format of this topic.
          1. NordUral
            NordUral 27 July 2015 23: 08
            I will subscribe to each letter.
  7. klev72
    klev72 27 July 2015 06: 58
    A couple of years ago, I watched an interview with a Western banker, who bluntly said that for bankers the interest rate of 5% per annum when issuing loans to the population is a lot, but for ordinary citizens it is simply predatory! In this regard, I recalled the conflict of a Russian-speaking citizen in the Baltic States 7-8 years ago, which was covered by the central media. The new-old owner demanded to be evicted into the street, and the authorities explained that a woman can take out a loan at 7% per annum to purchase housing! At the same time, I talked with a lady from the management of a local private bank, who did not hide that 150 thousand earnings in her institution is the norm. All this convinced me that even the "state" Sberbank is typical freeloaders and sooner or later this situation with loans will run into the need for radical changes, which contradicts the interests of bankers and liberals of Russian tailoring, and a simple "strong-willed" decision of the prime minister or president is not here "ride"! But without solving this problem, the country will also slide into a demographic hole, which our "partners" are happy about.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 27 July 2015 07: 43
      Quote: klev72
      "state" Sberbank - typical freeloaders
      it's right to say: "Sporbank" ...
    2. max702
      max702 27 July 2015 08: 33
      In the USA, the mortgage bubble burst at 1.5-2.5%, and we have a (real) mortgage of 17-25%, and this despite the fact that incomes in the USA and Russia are somewhat different .. So far, everything is based on the unthinkable and simply titanic patience of our people, ability to live in almost any conditions and circumstances (it used to be worse), but nobody canceled the economic laws, and everything goes to the point that this bubble will burst, the prerequisites of this are visible to the naked eye (not repayment of loans). And the legs of this phenomenon are growing from the exclusive greed of freebie lovers! Yes, I’m talking about bankers and their desire for life at a usurious interest, gentlemen gotten comfortable, took a loan in a Western bank at 5-7% and gave it out to their citizens at 17-25% .. Profit .. So, without doing ANYTHING MATERIAL and live, and the fact that by doing so they destroy the REAL economy they do not care for FAVORABLE and enough for their age! Think about why in ancient Russia it was forbidden to engage in usury and why people of Jewish nationality were so disliked that from time immemorial they lived on this. That’s why the banking sector howled when they cut off loans from the West at a low interest rate, and the influence of this monster such that the supreme power is forced to throw the lion's share of the finances to feed this monster. Such a picture around the world, namely the global financial banking sector, leads civilization to sunset and general collapse. Once again I will repeat without producing anything MATERIAL banks as worms and other parasites destroy our civilization
    3. anip
      anip 27 July 2015 08: 46
      Quote: klev72
      A couple of years ago I watched an interview with a Western banker who spoke directly about the fact that for bankers the interest rate of 5% per annum when issuing loans to the population is a lot, but for ordinary citizens it’s simply predatory!

      I remember about 7 years ago on TV they showed massive protests of the Spaniards in connection with the fact that they raised their mortgage then (or wanted to raise it) from 2-3% to 6% per annum! So we on TV loved to savor it so much, citing the statements of the Spaniards that, they say, now they will have to work in bondage all their lives. however, for some reason they have always been silent about the Russian interest. Or is it much easier for the Russian 14% to be "tolerated" than the Spanish 6%? Or don't give a damn about your own people, the main thing is to worry about a foreign people?
    4. atalef
      atalef 27 July 2015 16: 08
      Quote: klev72
      A couple of years ago I watched an interview with a Western banker who directly spoke out that for bankers, the interest rate of 5% per annum when issuing loans to the population is a lot, but for ordinary citizens it’s simply predatory

      If we are talking about a mortgage, then yes, 5% is a very large percentage
      As an example, we have now
      in my opinion in the region of 2.2-2.5%
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 27 July 2015 18: 26
        Quote: atalef
        If we are talking about a mortgage, then yes, 5% is a very large percentage
        As an example, we have now
        in my opinion in the region of 2.2-2.5%

        At this percentage, I would immediately run to refinance. I have 3.875% and for those who take today it will be higher than 4%.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. mervino2007
      mervino2007 27 July 2015 19: 03
      Quote: klev72
      an interview with a Western banker who directly spoke out that for bankers, the interest rate of 5% per annum when issuing loans to the population is a lot

      Banks in the Russian Federation justify a large percentage of payments for the loan - the instability of the ruble, its constant inflation. There is such a dependence, but not it is the main component of these percentages. To a greater extent, the amount of credit payments depends on the price stability of domestic products. As well as the harmful practice of setting salary levels, even in state-owned enterprises, regardless of the level of employees. The management of such organizations bypasses the requirements of existing documents on the ratio of patches to the average level. Society does not perceive normal, not causing social tension and lowering the stability of the country, the ratio between maximum and minimum wages. There is no one to introduce and control them - neither trade unions, nor oligarchs.
  8. burmundia
    burmundia 27 July 2015 07: 05
    And again and again. THANKS TO PUTIN !!!!!!!!!!
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. anip
      anip 27 July 2015 08: 15
      Quote: burmundia
      And again and again. THANKS TO PUTIN !!!!!!!!!!

      I am joining. Thank you, dear guarantor for 14 percent or more, mortgages, thank you, dear guarantor for 20 percent or more, credit percent. You are literally a dear guarantor to us.
      1. anip
        anip 27 July 2015 08: 38
        Oh, they’re already minus, see Putin personally gives them loans at 3% per annum.
        1. BMW
          BMW 27 July 2015 10: 09
          Do not pay attention to them, such for a piece of bread with caviar, anyone's ass will be licked to a mirror shine.
    2. 27 July 2015 13: 42
      Come on lol , the Chinese have not built a single house in such a time what ,unreal fool ! Although, reduce the number of bureaucrats and intermediaries, prices would be much lower good , now the average is about 60 thousand rubles per square! recourse
    3. Alf
      Alf 28 July 2015 21: 32
      Quote: Sanyht
      IN GREAT CHINA ...- A SKY SCRUB for five thousand inhabitants is being built in 19 days (TECHNOLOGY)

      And in more detail can such a speed of construction? Something is hard to believe. Although, if you recall the quality of all the Chinese junk ... No, I do not believe it !!!
  10. SibSlavRus
    SibSlavRus 27 July 2015 07: 29
    Since 1991, I have considered my country as an occupied, pro-Western capitalist illegitimate government, which is already confusing reality from impunity and permissiveness. Until this power is shaken (or fucked, it's time already) as it should, then nothing will change, the endless solution of problems will be veiled with small handouts and sometimes landings. It is our own fault - we do not keep the power in good shape, but it has already managed to adopt laws in its defense and strengthened its power potential. The Maidan in Ukraine by our incompetent "hand to drivers" simply saved the day. I still remember Medvedev's impudent statement, on the eve of the events in the outskirts, supported by Putin, about the final privatization and the liberal path of development.
    By the way, one of the reasons why the authorities began to stir and force some events to start was frightened by the example of a coup d'etat on the outskirts, and the current authorities know how it happens, because they themselves were in 1991-93. had experience, and even election-re-election fear does not appease.
    1. anip
      anip 27 July 2015 08: 49
      Quote: SibSlavRus
      I recall Medvedev’s insolent declaration, on the eve of the events on the outskirts, supported by Putin, on the final privatization and liberal development path.

      Only hurray-patriots-Zaputinam all unknown. This is anyone bad, but not the king.
      1. Former
        Former 27 July 2015 13: 36
        To be honest, I didn’t know that I was not the only “renegade”!
        All for the "Emperor", I alone am "against" - or rather, I see that the country is "boasting" in fact, there is nothing for the country (although I understand that there is no alternative to it now)

        Thank you, and SibSlavRus, so I'm not the only one!
        And then we sat on the last watch with our doctor and it was about what they were talking about.

        We sat, drank tea, and came to the conclusion that no one seemed to be teaching History at school:
        - Remember, probably:
        -The Tsar is Good, and the Boyars are bad ....
        It is clear that everything is not as simple as black and white, but still ...
        1. Governor
          Governor 28 July 2015 02: 11
          If you think that there is no alternative to Putin, then you are no better than the avid cheers-patriots-zaputinuev.
          After all, this is another and long-playing (15 years playing) bike of cheap, but effective propaganda.
          In our country there is a situation when there is only black and white. Otherwise they will milk us until everyone dies.
          1. Former
            Former 28 July 2015 16: 16
            I would be glad to "Leader" with ideas clear to me, but forgive me, I don't see this yet.
            I’m not painting, I would plow day and night, I would go to war, but for those whom I really believe in!

            I would very much like such a "crisis manager" as Beria and such a leader as Stalin (yes, at least "minus" - we will not get out without such leaders (if anything, all the relatives were dispossessed and were in the camps).

            But no, and I think it won’t.
            Well, this clearly does not apply to this topic.
            And "typuses" like the same Prokhorov hardly know about the "aspirations" of the people.

            The trouble is not even that in the Duma and “at the top” there are former “brothers” who have changed their “sweatshirts” and crimson jackets for clothes from “Versace”, former black-marketeers and “party members” who have switched over, the trouble is that there is NO There is not a single MANUFACTURER of the ruling class!
            None of them stood by the machine, pulled cables, or dug trenches ...
            And their children will come to replace them.

            So at least for 30 years I have been waiting for "ours" to come to the "city", when the hooves of their horses clatter over the pavement, but I do not believe that "OUR" will ever return ...

            - Who was killed, who remained on the farm with a young woman or a widow, who was outbid ...
            And who is THIS "OUR"?
            Now I don’t even know ...
            If we could survive the rest of the days in peace, how long are we who survived "perestroika" left?
    2. NordUral
      NordUral 27 July 2015 23: 12
      I agree with you! Scared Outskirts of liberoids. And for me personally, the big question is, do we have in our country power that is not thieves and not lying?
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 27 July 2015 07: 42
    Then the Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee, Mikhail Gorbachev, declared a goal - to provide each Soviet family with a separate apartment by the year 2000...And at the head of Glavstroy EBN was put, as he said in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda .. literally I do not quote, but the meaning is, what kind of builder I am, I am a politician .. And by and large, construction in Russia, even housing, is " gold mine ".. yes, the cost of apartments, by and large, is very overpriced .. We somehow at the enterprise had an idea, in addition to the main activity, to be engaged in the construction of housing both for employees and for the rest of the needy .. it was supposed to rent apartments from the subsequent ransom .. considered .. a profitable business, if without theft .. sent the calculations to the center .. refused .. it was in 2007
    Actual article, thanks Ilya ..
  12. Fox
    Fox 27 July 2015 07: 47
    But why does everyone think that the state owes them? What did they do for the State? Have they given birth to children? Or do you live for yourself? ... a beer with a cigarette? I’ve built an apartment for myself. Then I’ve built Rodova’s house, I live in it. I didn’t take any loans, I didn’t do any loans. There are a lot of work in the village, but there are no people who want to work. Although the salaries are decent: a jeep driver , a milkmaid on a 25tyr farm ... no, they’ll climb into the city at 20, + flipping over the road ... and let them live in a gamut! why the hell from my taxes will they leaf over for these parasites AGAIN for a freebie?
    1. anip
      anip 27 July 2015 08: 18
      Quote: Fox
      But why does everyone think that the state owes them? What did they do for the State? Have they given birth to children? Or do you live for yourself?

      And why do people all the time owe to the state?
      And what made such incredible things, for example, Germans for Germany, or Americans for the USA? so why do they live with dignity, unlike the people of Russia?
      This is your question - sheer demagogy.

      Quote: Fox
      decent salaries: a driver in a jeep-25tyrov, a milkmaid in a farm-20tyrov

      Yes, that would work as a milkmaid for 20 thousand, then you will talk about a decent salary.
      1. Fox
        Fox 27 July 2015 11: 53
        Quote: anip
        Yes, that would work as a milkmaid for 20 thousand, then you will talk about a decent salary.

        I’m working as a carrier there, and a friend as a milkmaid works. Her husband and son are there. In total, they have 60 tons, and yes, they work from 5 to 16.
        1. ilyaros
          27 July 2015 13: 16
          60 tons per family is a beggarly existence.
    2. max702
      max702 27 July 2015 08: 48
      Nda, and soot is nice man who do you work and with what salary, and how did you build housing? Toko tell me everything, do not forget anything, otherwise they found out from one such "hard-working" and very correct one as he built a house for a salary of 30 thousand and raised a house and raised 4 children .. It turned out that both the inheritance had fallen to him and the extra work wives (not registered and little legal) and he himself, due to an interesting profession and position, raises salaries three times more or less .. So count EVERYTHING without getting overwhelmed, and only then tell tales about wealth and hard work for 25 thousand.
      1. Fox
        Fox 27 July 2015 12: 05
        Quote: max702
        and soot, dear man, who do you work with and what salary

        I’m not going to report, tea isn’t taxable. And so, I’ll say: from 94 to 06, the special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (sorry: I didn’t take bribes), I don’t bring the price of building materials for 2000-06, I’m too lazy to look. I retired and got a day off. I worked as a machinist at a factory, worked as a taxi driver. In my free time I worked at a building site and worked with a friend at a cottage construction site (heating and water supply). Parents and I sold the shares of VAZ (I worked there before the army). So I finished. Now I drove to I’m doing business with the pioneers at my own collective farm and school (for free). Yes, and most importantly, I DON'T DRINK. And stop whimpering, smear the snot on the hare, that’s how ... designate a goal in life, and not stare through someone else’s wattle fence. that would not be upset. I drive the boss. The annual bonus is about 200 tyrov. Envy, ignoramus.
    3. Rastas
      Rastas 27 July 2015 11: 22
      The arguments of the Putinists are very reminiscent of such a situation. Here you buy stewed meat in the store, and then come to the store and present it to the seller. And she answered you - yes, you go to x ..., yes, in another place you would have bought rotten, and buy Vali in another place if you do not like it.
    4. Former
      Former 27 July 2015 14: 37
      Dear fox!
      I have everything - both a house and a car (an old American full-size jeep is a favorite toy), the requested work with normal, albeit not very high pay, there are 9 neglected crafts (and how many industrial and residential facilities! —For only 33 years of experience did not have!

      And of course, like many of those born in the USSR, I not only worked but also worked hard, you won’t believe it happened even at 3 jobs at the same time!)
      I raised two children, worked honestly, of course, served as an "urgent" (in the USSR) - and I think that I have the RIGHT to ask from the Country to which I gave more than enough (IMHO).

      PART I agree with you.
      But only in part.
      No offense, you have the other extreme (unlike the "ruling class", choking on saliva - go into business, earn money)

      Country (namely, the Country, not the devil!) Is not only BUSINESSMEN and PEASANTS.
      These are oil workers, turners, locksmiths, power engineers, engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists - to hell with him, even banal "goldsmiths" (we all do poop and write?)

      I myself grew up in a village and both mother-in-law (both the first and the second are village ones), so peasant labor is familiar to me and, in general, is not a burden (like my wife, an ordinary village woman), but without "means of production" there will be no meat no milk or bread (no, there will be a stopudov, but only for the "sebe" (or small farm).

      In general, I take off my hat to you, peasants, but forgive the old fool, a pombura (for example) should not receive 35 rubles for 15 days of the watch and should not give 35 "rubles" out of these 20 for a mortgage.
      An engineer on a top drive should not receive the same 30 in 15 days, and your fellow countrymen (as I understand you from the "Trans-Urals"?) Should not work as carriers on Vankor for 25 cube (actually 40, but this is 2 months almost without getting out of bagels).

      Decent salary for hard work (believe me, I know what I'm talking about - KRSnik (for example) sometimes plows like the peasants never dreamed of (forgive me, but this is a fact!) - 40 degrees of frost, in a jamming solution, a soaked tubing rolls through and through 12 hours without lunch sometimes falls in the beam without having time to undress, right to the floor - there is no strength to crawl for 30..40 rubles for a "tag" (and there are watches up to 3 months!)), Decent pay, THANKS of the State to every honestly working hard worker (and it doesn't matter if he is a notorious KRSnik or a commissioning engineer, like my son, who now works in Bashneft for 18 rubles a month)
      - let it be, not like in the USSR, let it be like the capitalists (I worked with them, I know what I’m talking about!), of course, social benefits and so on.

      The essence of wisdom
      -There is something to demand from the state of honestly working work!

      And we, we will be grateful if the State turns to face us and not our ass!

      And we will tear at the "British flag of the foe" and we will raise the destroyed factories and plow not only for the loot, but as sometimes happened in the USSR and at the "Command of the Heart" (no matter how pretentious it may sound now!) And we will fly to Alpha Centauri!

      And forgive me, a half-year-old hard worker, not to convince.

      Well, to you - health, good luck, happiness and long life
      1. Fox
        Fox 27 July 2015 15: 24
        Quote: Former
        PART I agree with you.

        Yes, not in part, but in full. I’m just copying the truths of laziness, and there’s no time for it too. And by age we are almost the same age. I just talked about whiners and their concepts, which you don’t pay for, I’m just looking at a hill or a glass. Now it’s just : ON THE STATE OF RELIABILITY - CLEAR THE LAYS! Therefore it is necessary to take care of yourself.
        about 3 works, he worked hard when he was going to build))))
      2. The point
        The point 28 July 2015 14: 33
        Speaking of loans in general and mortgage in particular.
    5. CAPTAIN
      CAPTAIN 28 July 2015 10: 53
      So the fact is that the government regulates the interest on the mortgage! And not me and not you! It’s how you hate your people to allow such housing prices and such interest on the mortgage!
  13. Aleksander
    Aleksander 27 July 2015 08: 06
    after the revolution, an amazing experiment was made to provide the population with housing.
    Expropriation of housing stock
    wealthy strata of the population in the first post-revolutionary years and then, after abandoning the "new economic policy", it allowed to solve the problem of providing housing to the general population.

    This is an experiment! belay A cool way to solve the problem is to take away housing from some to give to others belay . It seems to me that the author has too big an apartment, and yet there are much more needy people. Whether to evict him, the more he likes this way of solving problems!
    The solution isfree distribution of sites under construction, for which a part of the land should be transferred from agricultural to land for settlements. Land in Russia-SEA. And the work will boil, and the construction industry will go uphill and the work will appear. But this is impossible - too many people feed on the allocation and sale-resale of a meager number of sites ....
    1. Fox
      Fox 27 July 2015 08: 16
      Quote: Aleksander
      -free distribution of plots for construction

      land should not be sold, only lease from the state for life! land is real sea ... and you can’t take it.
    2. QWERTY
      QWERTY 27 July 2015 09: 55
      What is the use of free sites? The site itself is not so much and actually costs. It is worth a lot to bring gas to it. The pricing principle for this matter is generally incomprehensible. I brought gas to my parents' house for 600 tyrov, in my opinion, 180 meters distance. So I lived like that. For 180 m trenches and plastic pipes 75 mm take 600000 !!!!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Aleksander
        Aleksander 27 July 2015 10: 16
        Quote: ytsuken
        What is the use of free sites? The site itself is not so much and actually costs. It is worth a lot to bring gas to it. The pricing principle for this matter is generally incomprehensible. I brought gas to my parents' house for 600 tyrov, in my opinion, 180 meters distance. So I lived like that. For 180 m trenches and plastic pipes 75 mm take 600000 !!!!

        The main thing is electricity, the rest all "grows" in the process of life. AND free a plot that costs the state nothing would be its good participation in the construction of citizens. Moreover, then it will take taxes ...
  14. Island
    Island 27 July 2015 08: 51
    Quote: Fox
    But why does everyone think that the state owes them? What did they do for the State? Have they given birth to children? Or do you live for yourself? ... a beer with a cigarette? I’ve built an apartment for myself. Then I’ve built Rodova’s house, I live in it. I didn’t take any loans, I didn’t do any loans. There are a lot of work in the village, but there are no people who want to work. Although the salaries are decent: a jeep driver , a milkmaid on a 25tyr farm ... no, they’ll climb into the city at 20, + flipping over the road ... and let them live in a gamut! why the hell from my taxes will they leaf over for these parasites AGAIN for a freebie?

    I remember after seeing private inums in Italy, there was a strong desire to do this in Russia .... we lived in Kaluga then .... as a result, I gathered like-minded people who were interested in this idea and who were not the richest, and built a chat house for 17 apartments. ... on 6 hundred parts .... I will not hide that it was not easy, but the result was worth it ..... the house is beautiful, with their layout and the main form of service themselves they chose .... although most of all the water utility was outraged, even they went to court ... but they didn’t grow together .... such an example exists .... I also think the option
  15. Shmel-pchel
    Shmel-pchel 27 July 2015 09: 27
    Excellent article!
    The only way out for Russia I see is a one-story building, with the rejection of megacities and large cities.
    Legislatively prohibit one-room apartments and studios in the layout of modern multi-apartment buildings, we have so much of this stuff !! Adopt a federal law with severe penalties (real terms of punishment of officials, no condition) of developers and officials for its non-compliance. Set in the law the percentage border for apartments of a certain room in residential buildings. For example, 2-room - 20 ... 25%, 3-room - 60 ... 65%, 4-room - 20 ... 15%. The time has come for radical action. A young family should drive a minimum of three rubles, and immediately! Plan your future not for 5-7 years (as it usually happens), but for 15-20 .. In our country there is no social discipline !! The problem is not only in the officials and developers who profit from this problem, the problem is also in ourselves. Otherwise, we cannot solve the demographic problem.
    And of course the massive construction of roads and infrastructure.
    1. atalef
      atalef 27 July 2015 16: 19
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      I see the only way out for Russia, a one-story building, with the rejection of megacities and large cities

      Is there enough money for infrastructure? Water, electricity, gas, roads?
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      Legislatively prohibit one-room apartments and studios in the layout of modern multi-apartment buildings

      and generally deprive the low-income part of the population of every opportunity to buy an apartment
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      Adopt a federal law with severe penalties (real terms of punishment of officials, no condition) of developers and officials for its non-compliance

      another law and create an authority to monitor its implementation
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      The time has come for radical action.

      I'm sorry, for the sake of ... what measures?

      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      A young family should drive a minimum of three rubles, and immediately!

      before birth
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      Plan your future not for 5-7 years (as it usually happens), but for 15-20 ..

      some manage to get a divorce 3 times
      Quote: Shmel-pchel
      And of course the massive construction of roads and infrastructure

      where is the money, zing?
      1. Shmel-pchel
        Shmel-pchel 28 July 2015 22: 32
        And you yourself, can you offer something? Criticism without suggestions, windbag, in the spirit of Gozman-Sobchak, talerastny, sarcastic little yelling in the rain! Against everything and nothing!
        Regarding infrastructure and money for it. The problem is not money, but the lack of desire and will of our official to deal with the problem seriously. Easy and quick money breaks down. Which time passes! There will be a will after a serious kick from above - there will be money. Kick a puff!
        About the low-income parts of the population. Where have you seen such parts that could afford odnushka in a megalopolis for 3,5..4 million rubles (such as in Nizhny Novgorod)? and with a mortgage of 12-15 years, all 6-6,5 million rubles, or a studio room of 20 square meters for 1 million rubles? In a megalopolis - because, apart from how they are no longer where, nor what is especially being built .. I exclude the Moscow Region.
        Regarding the law. Yes, the law is needed. But there is no organ, we have them so completely, we need to cut off the unnecessary. This is a matter of control and enforcement and no organs are needed!
        Regarding "before birth" - yes before birth!
        As for "some manage to divorce 3 times" - and some do not. Any long-term program does not cover all factories. The topic is completely different! From the area of ​​lack of social discipline.
  16. fomkin
    fomkin 27 July 2015 09: 30
    The article is relevant. My long-standing desire is to have more publications on the questions of modern Russia. Along the way from the memories. I had to work at a large engineering plant. Amazed by the amount of housing stock built by the plant during the Soviet era. Old-timers said that even bachelors received apartments. Now he takes the hell out of all these mortgages, continuous problems with scammers. Sorry for the youth. What kind of demographic policy is there?
  17. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 27 July 2015 09: 45
    I am not an expert. But there is also construction technology for mass construction. The same prefabricated panel houses, for example. For several hundred thousand rubles. house. Earth sea, it will be spent only on the supply of communications and I do not want to build. As I understand it, the task was not yet toughly set. And our official, this individual of this kind, until you kick, will not move. We need a state program, financing and demand.
    1. klev72
      klev72 27 July 2015 10: 04
      The whole problem lies in the fact that the majority considers the head of state directly guilty, and not the legislators and the government in the first place! Our country is large and you cannot bring Putin to every city, we need a mechanism to regulate the development of civil society in the localities, starting with housing, banks (loans), kindergartens, schools, etc. - all this must be united and directed for the development of Russia. A week ago he returned from his native Almetyevsk (200 thousand population) to Izhevsk (under 700 thousand), the difference is obvious. My wife compared the city: "little Kazan", everything is just as clean and tidy. Houses have been renovated, etc., people pay 5 rubles for improvement, while in Izhevsk they pay 320 rubles for a major overhaul! Putin is to blame !? The official is on the spot and then whoever is lucky, and from whom the demand is real!
      1. DPN
        DPN 27 July 2015 11: 39
        Yes, Putin is not to blame but our capitalist system, the people themselves wanted this !!
        1. klev72
          klev72 27 July 2015 13: 04
          The people are one, and the capitalist system looks different in cities at a distance of slightly less than 300 km? By the logic of things, the capital of the republic cannot look worse than a 200th town. Everything rests on local officials! In a small town, everyone is in sight and trying to benefit the city, despite the size of the budget. If you do not believe it, then I will say that under socialism it was the same!
    2. Aleksander
      Aleksander 27 July 2015 10: 30
      Quote: Vladimir1960
      I am not an expert. But there is also construction technology for mass construction. The same prefabricated panel houses, for example. For several hundred thousand rubles. house. Earth sea, it will be spent only on the supply of communications and I do not want to build. As I understand it, the task was not yet toughly set. And our official, this individual of this kind, until you kick, will not move. We need a state program, financing and demand.

      So WHAT to build on? Earth-NO. That is, it is, as it were, but it is also not ...
    3. Aleksander
      Aleksander 27 July 2015 10: 30
      Quote: Vladimir1960
      I am not an expert. But there is also construction technology for mass construction. The same prefabricated panel houses, for example. For several hundred thousand rubles. house. Earth sea, it will be spent only on the supply of communications and I do not want to build. As I understand it, the task was not yet toughly set. And our official, this individual of this kind, until you kick, will not move. We need a state program, financing and demand.

      So WHAT to build on? Earth-NO. That is, it is, as it were, but it is also not ...
  18. wei
    wei 27 July 2015 10: 48
    about housing the problem is not in closets, the problem is in the heads
    so many people have set up housing that there is no one to live in (which is not surprising because it was built to preserve and increase capital, money laundering for anything else but not for people to live) sleeping areas are being built next to sleeping areas (because it’s profitable). a person will pay for housing if he is not a state employee? There are no factories, enterprises, apart from those that serve this region. It’s like building a city with kindergartens and schools, and not building maternity hospitals in principle.
    and the only way out of the situation is for the state to solve this problem, is everything perfectly regulated through taxes (determine the norm of living space per person, even 200 meters, everything that is over tax and not like 200 but progressive) will investors leave? yes a fair wind to them in their hunchbacked back, what's the point of taking a place from the house but no one lives there?
    about loans.I almost choked on tea "- the Central Bank did not expect such a strengthening of the ruble, measures are being developed to stabilize growth" (read how to protect currency speculators from a fall in the currency) with such a development of "cheap" loans, you will never see and not for anything.
  19. Forget
    Forget 27 July 2015 11: 03
    The best for mass housing is Khrushchev. they justified themselves.
    1. Shmel-pchel
      Shmel-pchel 27 July 2015 12: 54
      with their five meter kitchens?
      They were good for their time!
  20. DPN
    DPN 27 July 2015 11: 31
    Why brains to powder, the Russians returned to kapstroy where a man is a wolf man, where money is everything. There is money there is housing, there is no money live under the fence, so the population of the country who is now 50-65 years old wanted. Most of them received housing from the SOVIET AUTHORITY after working for 10 years in factories., As they say now for free.

    Dividing the country into classes over the rich, rich, middle and poor, they got what they wanted. The destiny of the poor to live on a reservation in slums is the rule of the capitalists, most Russians ran into this by believing the offended Yeltsin! And it’s not in the interests of the state to give a person pennies.
  21. lukke
    lukke 27 July 2015 11: 48
    The topic is really topical and concerns MOST. To the author +!
  22. Ilya77
    Ilya77 27 July 2015 11: 50
    At the very least, people can provide themselves with housing, but what to do with infrastructure, which has not been invested in for 30 years ... And of course, a lot depends on local officials, and on the ground here ... whatever money goes for a communal overhaul, and so everyone understands.
    The infrastructure is worn out absolutely everywhere, no one is doing this, what will happen next is not clear. In the field of heat power, in my opinion, it is easier to reconsider the general approach radically and to abandon central heating.
    1. Former
      Former 28 July 2015 06: 45
      As a former power engineer (senior operating personnel), I can say that everything is not so simple.
      It seems to be simpler - bring gas to each apartment building (or put a mini boiler room), but this is the cost of construction and installation works, design work and so on (and all this is in the dense urban area)

      It is possible and electric heating, but this is even worse - 10kV networks are worn to the limit (as well as 35kV and 110kV)

      But this is just the "tip of the iceberg"
      The discharge of thermal loads from the CHPP will lead to the impossibility of the turbines to work with production selections (stupidly not enough cooling)

      For most CHP plants, cooling problems are very acute. Many stations can not bear the load, for example, in the summer
      It seems to be a fig with him, there is a CHP and okay! But electricity is also not produced, and many areas are "energy deficient" (FOREM, so that it!)

      Putting gas pipelines into the city line, installing gas distribution stations and hydraulic fracturing and most likely increasing the throughput of gas pipelines are decent costs.

      Pellet burners or "Carborobot" type boilers?
      It’s a good option (although there are no emissions, especially from coal-fired boilers), but again the costs.

      For a new house (neighborhood) - I think it’s real (if you also organize a place for storing fuel)
      For the built ...
      I think the tenants are unlikely to agree (but how else to "stir up" something like that?)
      About liquid fuel, silence is still expensive!

      Alternative sources - the sun, wind, etc. - again, expensive and not very effective.

      Refusal from CHP and district heating is possible
      1. "Beyond the Urals" (where it is warm)
      2.In new houses under construction (if there is a possibility of gas supply, as the least "costly" type of fuel (again, provided the throughput of gas pipelines)
      3. Stopudov in the individual construction of cottages, houses of low floors.
      4. In places of exit of geothermal sources

      Okay, writing a lot is not particularly interesting.
      The problem is complex and very complex, not having an unambiguous solution. Something without central heating is simply impossible!
      This is the Far North Siberia and many other regions.

      And of course everything that Chubais did not "take", everything that is included in numerous "TGCs" is worn out to the limit!
      These are thermal power plants and small state district power stations and heating centers and heating networks and so on.

      "Reforms" of Mr. Chubais, transfer to "outsourcing" and "enlargement" of repair units, "increase in overhaul intervals" and an almost "mass exodus" of specialists in the repair of heating equipment to "better places" (for example, to the "oil industry") are absolutely, completely, "no ice" ....

      And of course, the catastrophic "aging" of personnel in the Energy sector - young people are not very willing to go to work in the energy sector for penny salaries (we are not talking about the subdivisions of Mr. Chubais-HPP, nuclear power plants, large thermal power plants and "networks")
  23. Fox
    Fox 27 July 2015 12: 31
    Quote: Fox
    . envy, ignoramus.

    I’ll add more: I’m going to VAZ 2105 in 89 release. I’m repairing it myself. And you advice, hands will not grow out of a bunny, but from your shoulders, and you will be happy.
  24. tolancop
    tolancop 27 July 2015 13: 19
    "... Then the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev declared the goal - to provide each Soviet family with a separate apartment by 2000. However, this goal, as we can clearly see, was never achieved .."
    In the late 90s he tried to queue up at the factory for an apartment. They didn’t. I went to see a legal adviser. Answer: with your data and will not deliver. To my question about MikhalSergeich's statement about an apartment for every family by 2000, the answer was unequivocal: "There was a statement, but in development of the statement NO DOCUMENT having legal force WAS ACCEPTED ...". Michal Sergeich was a great brehat ...
    By the way, while writing, he recalled that during the ONO he had to study the programs of the CPSU - Khrushchev and Gorbachev. So ... the comparison is not in favor of Gorbachev. The Khrushchev program clearly defined goals, objectives and specific measures to achieve them (at the same time I found out for myself the reason for the emergence of small-sized kitchens in Khrushchev - there was a significant development of catering!), And in the Gorbachev program - only declarations and idle talk.
  25. Mercury
    Mercury 27 July 2015 15: 30
    The problem is very urgent. Housing is worth simply heavy money. In 2006-2008, I earned 60t.r on average, previous years 40t.r. The price per sq.m. is 80.000r., At a cost price of 25t.r.
    God gave a son, they thought about their housing. The bank approved a loan of 1,9 million. for 20 years, one-meter facility, 45 meters, monthly payment 29t.r.Wife for three years on maternity leave, then I have three years of unemployment, now I can’t get a job for six months. They didn’t take this ibeca well. There’s only enough money for food, education and vacation once a year. Land in the country is empty in bulk. No one is given. Houses (new buildings) are empty. Mostly people who come from Asia buy housing, they don’t care for how much, at what percentage to lend. Well, the bulk of housing purchases is improvement of living conditions, over a large area with a surcharge. Housing is simply unaffordable. Maternal capital does not solve problems, the government does not want to regulate housing prices, GIVE FAMILIES A LAND FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!
    They give, but not to everyone, with red tape and in places unsuitable for living. Officials think about people, stop thinking only about yourself and "use budget funds."
  26. Belopolyak
    Belopolyak 27 July 2015 15: 52
    Oh, oh, I wrote here recently on this topic, so in the end I’m a loafer and a loafer and indeed a guano. This despite the fact that I work and not a drug addict and not an alcoholic.
    By the way, I’m not in a hurry to start a family either, I don’t need to wander about together (three, four, four, necessary). And go to the apartment of the wife’s parents ... thank you, I'd rather be single and walk than live with my mother-in-law. Say together, you can shoot ... yes you can, she gets pregnant, gives birth and I work alone! Baby laughter, not money, what is, what is not. ZP in the end I have enough to pay for housing, buy diapers and travel to work, a little left to eat, but you can forget about things. As a result, I will be a bad husband, I send scandals to her on a well-known road (because I hate it when they saw me, as it happens rarely and for pro forma because there are not many reasons) I pay 25% of alimony and forget about the new family forever. Because creating a new one with tailings of child support will no longer be realistic.
    1. holding
      holding 27 July 2015 19: 25
      Your reasoning is young. With age, you will take a different look at all this.
      Marry, give birth, everything else will follow by itself.
      GOOD LUCK!
      1. Belopolyak
        Belopolyak 27 July 2015 22: 58
        Quote: hoot
        Marry, give birth, everything else will follow by itself.

        No thanks. I do not want to bear fruit yet. Yes, I am poor, although ZP 48000 is now, but people who have housing and income of 20-30 thousand, are much richer than me. A lease eats up a part of the income at once, collects to buy yours ... takes another piece and remains less, but you can’t see the end and edge. What remains is being consumed, as a result, I have no savings for other needs. Going on vacation is more expensive for me than for the rest, because I pay for empty housing much more expensive than a communal apartment having an apartment. This is an example.
  27. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 27 July 2015 16: 49
    The housing problem is much broader than the author outlined it and the prospects for its solution are much sadder than it is commonly believed. Yes, the "high prices" for housing is very bad and the author correctly described the consequences of the "price" unprecedented. I know a little how things are in construction and what constitutes the pricing of the notorious "square meter" and I know perfectly well that the price exceeds the cost of building a house with communications by 2,5-3 times. BUT .. "Kickbacks". "bribes", "assistance in coordination" and other "third-party" fees "eat up" one third of the cost of a "square meter" plus payments to the general contractor and intermediaries, and the developer's profit does not exceed 30% -50%. But this is actually a lot. But to build "housing" is not enough, and the infrastructure for it is a transport linking with areas of work, leisure, etc., parking lots are needed, schools and kindergartens are needed, but this is all very bad. Very bad. Having built "anthills" with an invented name for dog kennels in 18-24 sq. m area of ​​"studios" no one bothers to build nearby accessible parking lots and build good wide roads to connect all these "anthills" with "civilization". The same applies to the "fashionable" construction of "cottage villages", "townhouses" and other "suburban" housing - for some reason no one bothers to build normal roads in these "villages" themselves and connect these settlements with cities and other things. But the construction of roads, electricity, gas and sewer communications is the most important thing the state should do! The construction of roads in the regions, the conduction of gas and electricity supply ensures their development, provides investment attractiveness. It is roads and transport hubs that should be a priority for the state, and the housing complex will pull itself up - if there is an appropriate infrastructure, the region will develop in any case.
  28. Alexander_
    Alexander_ 27 July 2015 17: 26
    Petersburg is the communal capital of Russia, but the authorities are building another stadium for 48000000000 rubles. The metro must be dug more actively, and the borders of the city need to be expanded. But no, the stadium is more important.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. atalef
      atalef 27 July 2015 17: 32
      Quote: Alexander_
      Petersburg is the communal capital of Russia, but the authorities are building another stadium for 48000000000 rubles. The metro must be dug more actively, and the borders of the city need to be expanded. But no, the stadium is more important.

      This is more than a billion dollars
      Burj Khalifa ”(“ Arabic. برج خليفة ”-“ Khalifa Tower ”, until 2010 it was called“ Burj Dubai ”-“ Dubai Tower ”) - a skyscraper with a height of 828 meters [1] in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. The shape of the building resembles a stalagmite
      $ 850 million worth

      Well, how many apartments could one cram there?
  29. holding
    holding 27 July 2015 19: 21
    For a long time I scored on the rating ...
    It won’t be better, it’s stupid to think, I’ve been living under Putin for 15 years, but it’s not getting any better, it’s getting worse. This is what I see with my own eyes. The authorities in Russia are VORIE. And I can’t change anything. ? None. Because there is no way to really influence this very power.
    All peace and good luck! Live your life, not virtual.
  30. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 27 July 2015 19: 57
    I read the comments. Each has a grain of truth. I will not make my contribution in terms of commenting on the cost of housing, mortgages and possible solutions to the problem.

    I will draw a general conclusion regarding the housing policy of our glorious state.

    This conclusion is extremely disappointing and looms like the Leaning Tower of Pisa over the ice rink: our state, despite the "spectacular waving of hands", is ABSOLUTELY not interested in increasing the birth rate.

    From year to year the Ulyukaevs, Grefs, Potanins, Rotenbergs say a lot about "a radical revision of housing policy", but since the owners from the West have set themselves the tough goal of reducing Russia's population since the collapse of the USSR - there will be no improvements! This is unambiguous. There is no need for the Russian people to multiply. And the point ...
    1. atalef
      atalef 27 July 2015 20: 24
      Quote: noncombant
      From year to year, the Ulyukaevs, Grefs, Potanins, Rotenbergs say many words about "a radical revision of housing policy"

      It was strange to see Rotenberg and Potanin on your list (I understand billionaires, but not politicians, and especially not public ones) and not to see people doing just that and talking - chatter and promises
      Quote: noncombant
      on the "fundamental revision of housing policy"

      namely Putin, Medvedev, Matvienko and who is in charge of the EP and the State Duma?
      Or how ? Didn't they say that?
      1. Noncombatant
        Noncombatant 27 July 2015 20: 47
        Dear Atalef!
        Firstly, thanks for the comment.

        Secondly, you got so excited because I mentioned the name of your fellow tribesman?

        Thirdly, the list of surnames was built on the principle of random sampling. Of course, this is precisely what this is most talked about in terms of duty, and Putin, and Medvedev, and dearest Matvienko. He was not going to fence off anyone. Here, your comment on the promises of Putin and Co. is absolutely appropriate. hi
  31. Alibekulu
    Alibekulu 27 July 2015 21: 40
    Maybe someone is interested - google how the construction savings system works in Kazakhstan. The main principle of the building savings system is that citizens who want to improve their living conditions must accumulate in savings accounts in the bank half of the amount they need to improve their living conditions, i.e. for the construction of new housing, to buy an apartment or to repair the housing in which he lives. The remaining half of the bank provides him with a loan.

    Housing Construction Savings Bank fully state. One of its main tasks is to help people with low income levels improve their living conditions. Every year, while the process of accumulation is going on, the money on the account will not only accrue interest, but will also be given a premium from the state.
    The system is designed for those who dream of an apartment, has a steady income, but is not ready to immediately pay from 15 to 30 percent of the cost of housing - a necessary condition for a mortgage. Housing Construction Savings Bank will issue long-term loans for a small fee from 2-x to 3-percent per annum. But you can not buy an apartment right away. First, the client must go through the so-called accumulation phase. That is, every month to postpone part of their salary in the account in Zhilstroysberbank.
    At present, over 500 of thousands of clients are serviced by ZHSSB.
    The German model is taken as the basis for building the Kazakhstan system of housing construction savings, which has proved its effectiveness and has become a kind of benchmark of state policy in the field of housing provision for citizens. A well-thought-out policy in just a few decades has made the German housing savings system not only the most affordable mechanism for buying real estate, but also one of the main forms of savings to ensure a high standard of living for German pensioners ...
  32. NordUral
    NordUral 27 July 2015 22: 53
    So what? Did it only come down now? In my "soviet" opinion, housing construction should finally be taken up by the state.
    Not a mortgage (with the prospect of eviction on the street), not loans from bank robbers, but a state program, like Soviet cooperatives. And the state should build, at cost + minimum organizational costs. Only common meters of an apartment or house are paid, all infrastructure is in the state. Details can and should be discussed, but the main thing is the sale of housing by installments at the lowest possible prices.
    Everything else is from the evil one.
  33. unsermann
    unsermann 28 July 2015 01: 10
    The author writes absolutely correctly. But now it’s a kind of uncomfortable feeling through all this - as if he was shutting off the GDP from all this. As if the elite, the system, etc., were to blame, but not the GDP itself. Excuse me, who put him on the throne? What is GDP part of? Is it not part of this eblyta? The solution to the problem is through the dismantling and replacement of this very ruling party and the new industrialization of the country. And no less. And citizens, when they take the ballot, should think in the UPPER hemisphere of the brain, and not the inferior one.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 28 July 2015 01: 15
      Quote: unsermann
      The solution to the problem is through the dismantling and replacement of this very ruling party and the new industrialization of the country

      So .. a worthy goal, and how are we going to do it?

      Quote: unsermann
      And citizens, when they take the ballot, they should think in the UPPER hemisphere of the brain, and not the lower

      A-ha .. well, we take the bulletin, and what do we see there?

      And we are there so fucking that it inspires the slightest confidence, we don’t see ..

      Our actions? request

      Quote: unsermann
      What is GDP part of?

      He is trying to reform the part of the system that brought him to power, and which, to the extent of his strengths and team (you don’t think that GDP has his own team? Yes, he would have been eaten for a long time).

      Do not believe? Let's get a look..

      - when the GDP came, there was a so-called. "seven bankers", right?
      - where is Berezovsky now? Gusinsky? Is Khodorkovsky the same? It's like "one"

      - With GDP, the offices began to rise slowly but surely, in one of which I started working (they stupidly collapsed before him, after a year of complete lack of money I dumped from there)
      - The offices are called TsNIIMASH, NPO Energia, NIIIT. They are now intensely inviting students to work, and, as I know, not without success. Salaries there .. correct, promising work .. I would go if I weren’t for fifty dollars laughing
      This is just for example, I also know such offices that have no relation to space. But the picture there is similar.

      It's like "two".

      Permutations at the top and lower, sometimes taking place-they are from the same GDP.

      Slow? Yes. Is it possible faster? I do not know. But I think that it’s unlikely - too big and heavy car, not sharply
      if you turn it, it will tip over.

      Well, something like this for a start yes
  34. The point
    The point 28 July 2015 14: 31
    The Affordable Housing program is our everything!