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US Secretary of State: The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was "violent annexation"

US Secretary of State John Kerry said during a speech on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of the so-called Welles Declaration that the accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR in 1940 was “violent annexation”.

US Secretary of State: The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was "violent annexation"

In particular, he noted that this declaration "condemned the violent annexation of the courageous peoples of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia."

“We remember this declaration issued by 23 on July 1940 of the Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles as evidence of our shared (with these countries) unshakable commitment to freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Kerry RIA "News".

The US Secretary of State emphasized that "this document means more than a temporary symbolic gesture."

“From 1940 until the full restoration of the independence of the Baltic states, half a century later, the flags of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fluttered in Washington,” he added.

Kerry also noted that the United States and the Baltic states "share a commitment to democratic values ​​and border security." According to him, "the territorial integrity of sovereign states is unshakable."

“The American people welcome our Baltic friends as NATO allies, EU members and partners committed to a common view of a peaceful, united and free Europe,” Kerry concluded.
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  1. Decathlon
    Decathlon 23 July 2015 09: 44
    "... the courageous peoples of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia."
    What peoples? belay He himself understood what he said ?!
    1. Grandfather bear
      Grandfather bear 23 July 2015 09: 55
      Does it know its history?
      They seized the land from the British kingdom.
      Captured the land of Native Americans.
      Took Texas and California.
      And where did he fight?
      Lavrov! Well, where are you?!!
      1. Момент
        Момент 23 July 2015 10: 10
        In 1845, the United States of America annexed the Republic of Texas and recognized Texas as the 28th state of the united state. Thus, the United States inherited the territorial dispute between Texas and Mexico, which quickly led to the Mexican-American war, as a result of which the United States seized additional territories that expanded the country's borders up to the Pacific Ocean.
        And when the Americans of Texas overpowered Mexico, it was called democratic accession ... Of course, what kind of aggression
        1. WKS
          WKS 23 July 2015 10: 41
          The "oneself" argument is a weak argument. The USSR did not anxify the Baltic states. The Baltic republics voluntarily and legally became part of the USSR, which is proved by the fact of their voluntary withdrawal from it. The annexed territories do not have this opportunity. And from the fact that Kerry and his predecessors made some statements on this matter, the facts cannot be canceled. There are always supporters and opponents of any political processes. At the time of the entry of the Balts into the USSR, there were much more supporters of this than opponents, just as during the exit of these republics from the USSR. Nobody forcibly held them. The republics had their own parliaments, governments, self-government bodies, and the national culture and language developed.
        2. tomket
          tomket 23 July 2015 10: 42
          Quote: Moment
          this was called democratic affiliation ..

          Yes, at least remember the story of Hawaii.
        3. Motherland Russia
          Motherland Russia 23 July 2015 10: 48
          And in general, they took the land from the indigenous population - let them return.
        4. ispaniard
          ispaniard 23 July 2015 11: 01
          US Secretary of State: The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was "violent annexation"
          Brrr, stand "Dawn"! And the accession of the "Baltic republics" to the EU and their entry into the NATO bloc is then what? ..

          P.S. You see Johnny very tight on the brain, it was not enough for you that you and Tefft were pushed in the face in the city ... in Sochi:
          - making Putin wait
          - x ... b to the "Eternal Flame" on foot uphill under the scorching sun
          - meet Lavrov in a Pobeda car
          - cute smile in response to the presented basket of tomatoes and cucumbers ...

          Next time, the conditions of the "Admission" will be even tougher, the Russians know a lot about this, I think I already managed to make sure ...

          And this, without any "Shapkozakidatstva" only facts.
        5. The comment was deleted.
        6. ROD VDVshny
          ROD VDVshny 23 July 2015 13: 20
          This formation, called the United States, is essentially gangster and criminal, from the beginning of its "formation" to the present day.
          The genocide of the local population and the use of weapons of mass destruction (smallpox) against Aborigines, mass deception and land seizure - that’s their story.
          No less indicative is a more modern history, it is enough to count the unleashed wars, the use of nuclear weapons (again WMD!), The invasion of Vietnam, etc. etc.
          And nothing about the "shit-democratization" of the whole world and a long, anxious nose around the world - I am silent laughing
      2. roadsmell
        roadsmell 23 July 2015 10: 16
        John forgot to set as an example the legitimacy of the use of indigenous lands and the actions of the US school to respect indigenous human rights laughing
      3. demo
        demo 23 July 2015 10: 25
        Enough for Lavrov to respond to the demagogic attacks of inadequate villains.
        The outgoing administration is not responsible for anything.
        Even for your words.
      4. Scandinavian
        Scandinavian 23 July 2015 11: 15
        US Secretary of State: The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was "violent annexation"

        First raped, and then annexed? or at first annexed, and then raped? Mr. Secretary, could you clarify?
      5. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 23 July 2015 11: 57
        Quote: Grandfather Bear
        Does it know its history?
        They seized the land from the British kingdom.

        Duc ... a nation of separatists. It's time, it's time for Britain to start ATO in the territory of the self-proclaimed United States of America. smile
        Quote: Grandfather Bear
        Took Texas and California.

        Texas is generally a song. There are parallels with Novorossia - almost 1 in 1. Dissatisfaction with the new constitution, accusations of separatism, militia, collection of money, weapons and volunteers in the United States, the "north wind", etc.
    2. Stalker.1977
      Stalker.1977 23 July 2015 09: 57
      Mr. John, do your best with your LGBTesh affairs, and history is not your thing.
    3. Vend
      Vend 23 July 2015 09: 58
      The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was a “violent annexation

      Before poking a nose into this story, this stuffed animal should remember how the USA was created. The United States stands on the blood of Indian tribes, blacks and Chinese. So whose cow would moo.
      1. jjj
        jjj 23 July 2015 10: 03
        He somehow lost sight of both Tehran-43 and Yalta-44, when the American authorities did not have anything against the Soviet Baltic states and agreed to the presence of these republics in the Union. Yes, and Helsinki-75 did not talk about any aggression
        1. engineer74
          engineer74 23 July 2015 10: 51
          Quote: jjj
          He somehow lost sight of both Tehran-43 and Yalta-44 ...
          He, about them, does not even suspect!
      2. Grandfather bear
        Grandfather bear 23 July 2015 10: 09
        Good news!
        MacArthur Charitable Foundation from the United States is the first among those listed on the patriotic stop list of the Federation Council to leave Russia

        We are waiting for the continuation of the "banquet"!

        Open Society (Soros Foundation), National Endowment for Democracy, International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, Freedomhouse, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Foundation for Education for Democracy, East European Democratic Center, World Congress of Ukrainians, Ukrainian World Coordinating Council , Crimean field mission for human rights.
    4. Varyag_1973
      Varyag_1973 23 July 2015 10: 01
      For Decathlon. Why should the talking head understand something? He probably doesn’t even really know where "courageous peoples of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia"what is and where it is in general!

      And if we talk about annexation, then it was necessary to remember the Russian Empire, and not the annexation in 1940! They were then joined by all and sundry, and either bought for half, or won at cards! Same to me "great" peoples! All their greatness lay in the fact that the second wife of Peter the Great was from there, and either she was a cook or a scrubber!
    5. Juborg
      Juborg 23 July 2015 11: 17
      The formation of the USA itself is a violent annexation with the manifestation of an extreme genocide to the original population. As they say, who would mumble, but be silent.
    6. cdrt
      cdrt 23 July 2015 12: 48
      Quote: Decathlon
      "... the courageous peoples of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia."

      No, well, we all saw how these peoples showed courage: in the SS, and Salaspils.
      Although ... there were Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian divisions in the Red Army, there was even such a thing as a division of Latvian (or Lithuanian) Jews (unofficially of course, but really more than 50% are staffed by people of these nationalities) in the Red Army.
      In addition, everyone who served the SA noted that the same Lithuanians were drop dead soldiers
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 July 2015 09: 45
    the annexation of the Baltic republics to the USSR in the 1940 year was a “violent annexation

    It would be time for American politicians who do not know what history is and what is more, with a low educational level, to stop making statements that once again emphasize their ignorance. Which country, such and politicians.
    1. Dixismr
      Dixismr 23 July 2015 09: 56
      It is you who have addressed to the wrong address. The same booby Kerry in Germany said that in American society, one of the essential elements of freedom is the ability to be an idiot. And this is the virtue for which they are fighting.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 23 July 2015 11: 16
        What can you do. If they consider themselves "exceptional" (probably idiots) so be it. Therefore, we have the right to consider this an integral part of freedom.
  3. Ribald
    Ribald 23 July 2015 09: 46
    For the annexation of the Republic of Texas, did this lizard snout not mention anything? Well, at least in passing.

    “From 1940 until the restoration of the independence of the Baltic states half a century later, the flags of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania developed in Washington,” he added. ©

    But now, at the Proyebaltov "independence" parades, the US flags are flying.
    1. Per se.
      Per se. 23 July 2015 10: 04
      Quote: Ribald
      For the annexation of the Republic of Texas, this lizard didn’t mention anything
      The Yankees not only annexed Texas, moreover, the declaration of independence from the power of the British King George III, in the legal field was nothing more than separatism. The country that sets itself up as the "standard" of justice, freedom and democracy began with the genocide of the local Indian population, the slave trade and the use of blacks as slaves. Racism was openly manifested even after the victory of the northerners over the southern states, practically until the end of the 50s of the twentieth century. On the conscience of the Yankees are two nuclear bombings of Japanese cities that were not military targets, many troubles and bloodshed in the world up to the present time. Indeed, whoever would read morality to us here, as well as to the whole world ...
      1. Ribald
        Ribald 23 July 2015 10: 11
        I agree with you completely, I’ll add from myself: They used not only Negroes, but also the Irish, whom England traded in almost more than blacks.
  4. Altona
    Altona 23 July 2015 09: 47
    And the fact that Alaska was annexed fraudulently, how is it? The money was not paid, allegedly disappeared, and they were drawn on the check, and not in physical gold ... And what kind of "statehood" do the limitrophes have? They have always been farmsteads, everything was built for them by German barons and Russian industrialists ...
  5. The comment was deleted.
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 23 July 2015 10: 02
      Yes, they have such a job now, more barking.
  6. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 23 July 2015 09: 48
    Well, yes, during the "violent annexation", the Balts were destroyed in the same way as bandits from Europe, the Indians were destroyed ... am
    These "exceptional" do not seem to know their own history. Probably "Amnesia" for the entire State Department ... crying
  7. svb1261
    svb1261 23 July 2015 09: 49
    Kerry, teach a better story ... something has spaces in it ... and also the Secretary of State of the superpower is supposedly ...
  8. Abbra
    Abbra 23 July 2015 09: 50
    They Obama was born in the annexed by the States of Hawaii ... Whose cow would moo ...
    1. fairmen
      fairmen 23 July 2015 09: 56
      Firstly, they didn’t occupy it, but were returned to the Russian Empire, and secondly, he went to the ass freak
  9. Igor39
    Igor39 23 July 2015 09: 52
    such violence ...
    1. Tektor
      Tektor 23 July 2015 11: 10
      The art of politics is to keep silent about what is not profitable to talk about. Well, let's say it was not voluntary entry, but annexation. And what was the alternative? Now it is clear that - depopulation and extinction. Well, which is better: proudly die out or to ingloriously survive?
  10. Andrea
    Andrea 23 July 2015 09: 54
    our unshakable commitment to freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity, ”quoted RIA Novosti as saying.
    Nothing to bother ... say it to the Serbs, Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis, as well as Vietnamese, Koreans, Cubans, etc.
  11. Gor-1974
    Gor-1974 23 July 2015 09: 54
    In general, according to Wikipedia, the term annexation means: Annexia (lat. Annexio, from lat. Annexus - affiliated) - unilateral unanimous forcible joining by the state of all or part of the territory of another state. Therefore, saying Violent Annexation is the same as saying oil-butter, or as there used to be a movie with the same name, a ninja killer, something like that.
  12. Watchdog
    Watchdog 23 July 2015 09: 54
    Violent annexation is to take their lands from the Indian tribes of North America and drive them into the reservation. This is annexation. And the entry of these buttons into the USSR is the restoration of the status quo of the Russian Empire.
  13. sgr291158
    sgr291158 23 July 2015 09: 54
    This Kirya, where did he get the idea that Russia is going to join the Baltic states. Or he’s on principle just to blurt out.
  14. Severomor
    Severomor 23 July 2015 09: 55
    "..... Sprats just panicked: on the one hand, they were the majority in the river, on the other hand, the river separated two forests, and in which case all the movement went over their heads, regardless of their desire.
    Moreover, even the most insane sprats understood that for any coastal resident they are just a light snack, and who will listen to the opinion of the snack ... "(c)
  15. splinter666
    splinter666 23 July 2015 09: 56
    Perhaps Kerry's logic is this:
    Well, it was necessary to rape 14 countries in one day so that they would join and not complain to anyone ...
  16. Name
    Name 23 July 2015 09: 59
    With the Crimea did not ride, now the Baltic states ... then they will demand the return of the Kuril Islands.
  17. Flinky
    Flinky 23 July 2015 09: 59
    And this got drunk. Apparently, with Waltzman sat at the same table.
  18. Prisoner
    Prisoner 23 July 2015 10: 00
    After all, they are broadcasting all this nonsense in all seriousness. And this is not in their mouth a blatant lie in the name of the policy of their native terrarium, it is their primeval ignorance. The underdogs rule the crap.
  19. ArhipenkoAndrey
    ArhipenkoAndrey 23 July 2015 10: 00
    And the territories of the Indians, too, joyfully poured into democracy? The Secretary of State would be better off silently, he would have gone for smart and competent, although I seem to have gotten excited with a competent one.
  20. 1536
    1536 23 July 2015 10: 01
    Let our Foreign Ministry send copies of archival documents from 1940 of the year to this hange (if not all of them have been burned by the graduates of Afanasyev’s nest), in which these Baltic states themselves are imposed on us in the state. Waiting for them, how come. If it were not for the bridgehead for the attack on Russia, which they, by the will of fate, have been holding and are now holding with the help of the Americans, nobody needed these abandoned lands.
  21. U-47
    U-47 23 July 2015 10: 02
    It seems to me that a dwarf state that does not have any resource, scientific and technical, military, personnel or investment potential in the concepts of "independence" and "freedom" puts a slightly different meaning, very different from ours, Russian.
  22. saniajan
    saniajan 23 July 2015 10: 03
    Then, in general, the creation of the United States occurred as a result of the forcible annexation of foreign territories with the genocide of the local population !!!
  23. Evgen2x
    Evgen2x 23 July 2015 10: 04
    Damn killed)))) courageous peoples of the Baltic states))))
  24. bmv04636
    bmv04636 23 July 2015 10: 05
    The question is what gave them the euro collective farm. One thing is visible only a sharp decline in the population and all.
  25. Isum
    Isum 23 July 2015 10: 14
    Something like this....
  26. LPD17
    LPD17 23 July 2015 10: 15
    Phew. Your verses are not about anything for anyone.
    Where is Lavrov's statement on the occupation of YES even a Texan ???
    Ahhhh, no him.? And will not be!
    The role of patience is to endure, and not to shout to the elder. And in space we endure, save star wars. And the state’s savings in treasurers and government bonds. Where are the kids? Oh, again outside the borders. It’s strange. But you yarpatriotically yelling in surprise.
    So you can endure, well, or croak in your swamp. You are already 89 percent, scammers.
    You can minus, you are funny and worthless.
    FIREMAN 23 July 2015 10: 15
    the annexation of the Baltic republics to the USSR in 1940 was a “violent annexation”

    Well then, Psashki’s pregnancy is a successful operation of the special services of the Russian Federation in a hybrid war.
  28. Victor-M
    Victor-M 23 July 2015 10: 28
    The USA bought Alaska and California from Russia, are the inhabitants of these states entitled to demand independence and disconnection from the USA? Peter 1 bought the Baltic lands from the Swedes; is it legal to disconnect the Baltic states from Russia? It seems that the transactions are identical, but how much different approach to them. what
  29. monolith 36
    monolith 36 23 July 2015 10: 33
    “We remember this declaration, issued on July 23, 1940 by Acting Secretary of State Sumner Welles, as evidence of our shared (with these countries) unshakable commitment to freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Kerry told RIA Novosti. There was no project in the project to remember!
  30. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 23 July 2015 10: 48
    In fact, before making such statements, Kerry would not be out of place to make an excursion into the history of the Russian state.
    "" "In 1721, the Swedes signed a peace treaty with Peter-1 in Nishtadt (Finland), according to which Russia, having paid a monetary compensation of 2 million efimks (thalers), acquired the entire Baltic region, part of Karelia with Vyborg and the islands of the Gulf of Finland and Riga, with all living on them and all movable and non-movable property "" "" "
    Sometimes the Balts were allowed to remain independent, which invariably led to a logical result - a complete decline, after which Russia was again picking up those lascivious.
    So that the Americans have no reason to raise the issue of the annexation of the Baltic states (money paid) - Lavrov in Alaska can make an equivalent statement (money paid). The situation is mirror - money = goods.
  31. olimpiada15
    olimpiada15 23 July 2015 11: 06
    "The United States and the Baltic States share a commitment to democratic values ​​and border security" ...
    Everything is said for fools.
    As for security: setting up military bases far from its borders, the United States cares exclusively about the security of its territory, because in the event of a military conflict, a retaliatory strike will fall on those territories where their bases are located and the states that deployed them on their territory will suffer.
    The deployment of military bases and missile defense systems in different countries around the world increases US security while untying their hands for any interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries, but at the same time exposing these countries to retaliation for US actions.
    Since when is sexual promiscuity, diligently cultivated all over the world, a democratic value? Generally speaking, democracy is understood as the ability of the country's people to live and develop in accordance with the moral ideas about the world inherent in certain peoples, and not the imposition of alien ideas. Democracy is a concept for an individual, and not for individual organs of a human organism. It is not for nothing that there are sayings such as "gray hair in the head, devil in the rib", etc., and sayings are popular wisdom.
    In general, as always, palming a cow’s cake, the United States calls it a delicious gingerbread.
    And interestingly, they are believed, not wanting to face reality.
  32. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 23 July 2015 11: 14
    Then let him add that those rulers of the United States who at one time recognized the Union and its territories were "Brainless Devils", and only he and Sarai, oh, pardon Barak, are so white, fluffy, versed in history and international law!
    In general, with their "policy of double standards" have already got it!
  33. akudr48
    akudr48 23 July 2015 11: 16
    Violent annexation is a new word in Russian.

    Something similar to the extraordinary expressions of the democratic present:

    Friendly bombardment (hit your own, so that others are afraid)

    No-fly zone (to bomb more conveniently)

    Popular privatization (grab as much as you can)

    Equality of all before the law (law that draws)

    Elective vote (vote, do not vote, you will get anyway ...)

    Honest media (who pays the most, that and the pan)

  34. igordok
    igordok 23 July 2015 11: 19
    the annexation of the Baltic republics to the USSR in the 1940 year was a “violent annexation

    What is your evidence? (C)

    75 years ago, on 21 on July 1940, Soviet power was restored in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and the creation of the Lithuanian SSR, the Latvian SSR and the Estonian SSR was proclaimed. 3 — 6 on August 1940, in accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, these republics were accepted into the Soviet Union.
    Judging by the photographs, the Baltic states were annexed by force, harshly and with mass executions. With the armies of the "captured" countries, the Soviet "invaders" acted in a demonstratively cruel and inhuman manner. The "occupiers" included them in the Red Army, retaining their ranks and personnel. By the way, in this way, a soldier of the Estonian army, Arnold Meri, became a soldier of the Red Army, namely the 22nd Rifle Corps, into which the Estonian army was transformed.
    Lithuania, as the first and terrible humiliation from the "Soviet occupiers", received the city of Vilno (Vilnius) with the adjacent territory, which previously constituted the Vilna district of Poland. What to say? Lithuania inherited the heavy totalitarian legacy of the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact. It should be noted that the Baltic republics, which became a highly developed industrial region under the USSR, were a very economically backward region before the accession. So, in 1940, the level of the economy of the Baltic republics was 25-30% of the economy of the times of the Russian Empire. However, now, at a rapid pace, the Baltics are again turning into the original state, which was before the accession to the Soviet Union. And a small selection of photographs about how the "occupation" of the Baltic republics took place:
  35. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 23 July 2015 11: 32
    US Secretary of State: The accession of the Baltic republics to the USSR was "violent annexation"
    Like the territories of North American Indians hi
  36. slizhov
    slizhov 23 July 2015 11: 38
    Like joining the same Texas ...
  37. klavyr
    klavyr 23 July 2015 12: 00
    bleat, whose cow would moo! America's story began with ANNEXIA AND THE GENOCIDE !!!
    1. Ruswolf
      Ruswolf 23 July 2015 12: 10
      bleat, whose cow would moo! America's story began with ANNEXIA !!!

      .... And still continues! hi
  38. afrikanez
    afrikanez 23 July 2015 12: 38
    Seen metastases from a broken leg reached the brain laughing Bredyatina with a goat fool
  39. Obolensky
    Obolensky 23 July 2015 12: 44
    I wonder what the Secretary of State smokes? Strong and distinctive weed. If it's weed at all.

    On this topic.
    The Baltic countries have never been sovereign and independent states. Forever under someone were. What kind of independence are we talking about?

    Regarding the history of the United States, many here are right, I will not repeat myself. It's just that this country is like a cancerous tumor on the body of a healthy organism. A tumor that infects everything else. What are they doing with such entities? - Cut out.

    And let "this" take a normal history textbook and reread it. And stop smoking all kinds of crap.

    The whole world is already laughing at American politicians and the military, and they, with the stubbornness of rams, are butting the wrong gates again and again.
  40. shimus
    shimus 23 July 2015 13: 22
    :) smiled.
    As I understand it, the whole US State Department has annexed IDIOTISM to an unknown source !!!
  41. demand1
    demand1 23 July 2015 13: 34
    "The American people welcome our Baltic friends as NATO allies, EU members?" No, but I wonder, this retired Marine, who was knocked off his brains in training, will be able to show exactly where his Baltic friends are on the map? Or does the maternity write a speech to him?
  42. LPD17
    LPD17 23 July 2015 13: 42
    Interesting ......., why Mr. Peskov or Peskov, will not go ALIVE to the assembled foreign journalists and will not state the FUNCTIONS refuted by you above? Psaki, whatever it is, but I was NOT afraid to go live, even to your beloved, Comrade Matthew Lee. And talk.
    ? ...... oh yes, our pESkoff is busy ......, marrying a very used skater in Sochi, so there is no time to fulfill the OBLIGATIONS on the information front.
  43. RUDY
    RUDY 23 July 2015 14: 02
    You read, you read all this crap, and sometimes you really want the Third World War to begin, and that this P **** mill be wiped off the face of the earth. For **** whether already.
  44. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 23 July 2015 18: 29
    In America, being stupid is normal, he himself said it and proved it. fool laughing
  45. andrei332809
    andrei332809 23 July 2015 20: 15
    wake me up ... well, or stop the Earth, I will come down
  46. gammipapa
    gammipapa 23 July 2015 20: 27
    Yes, send this Keri in Russian in plain text without diplomacy, so that he would follow the bazaar.
  47. erseer
    erseer 27 July 2015 00: 00
    Quote: Grandfather Bear
    Does it know its history?
    They seized the land from the British kingdom.
    Captured the land of Native Americans.
    Took Texas and California.
    And where did he fight?
    Lavrov! Well, where are you?!!

    "Feats" of "Matrasia":
    Where and when did American troops invade from the beginning of the 20th century? We do not take into account Pearl Harbor, participation in the Second World War, including the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. None of the countries listed below did not declare war on the United States.

    1901 - the introduction of troops in Colombia.
    1902 - the invasion of Panama.
    1904 - the introduction of troops in Korea, Morocco.
    1905 - American troops intervene in the revolution in Honduras.
    1905 - the introduction of troops in Mexico (helped the dictator Porfirio DМaz suppress the uprising).
    1907 - the deployment of troops in Nicaragua.
    1907 - US troops intervene in the revolution in the Dominican Republic.
    1907 - American troops participate in the war of Honduras with Nicaragua.
    1908 - US troops enter Panama during elections.
    1910 - The United States sent armed forces to Nicaragua and organized an anti-government conspiracy.
    A junta of pro-American generals was formed in 1910. In the same year he became president
    Estrada, but the very next year he was succeeded by A. Diaz, supported by American troops.
    1911 - Americans land in Honduras to support the uprising
    under the leadership of former President Manuel Bonnila against the legally elected President Miguel Davila.
    1911 - Suppression of the anti-American uprising in the Philippines.
    1911 - the invasion of China.
    1912 - the invasion of Cuba.
    1912 - the invasion of Panama.
    1912 - the invasion of Honduras.
    1912-1933 - the occupation of Nicaragua. Nicaragua became a colony of the United Fruit Company monopoly and
    other American companies.
    In 1914, in Washington, a treaty was signed under which the United States
    the right to build an inter-oceanic canal in the territory
    Nicaragua. At 1917, E. Chamorro became president; he concluded with the US
    several new agreements that led to even more enslavement of the country.
    1914-1934 - Haiti. After numerous uprisings, America introduces its troops, the occupation continues for 19 years.
    1916-1924 - The 8-year occupation of the Dominican Republic.
    1917-1933 - the occupation of Cuba.
    1917-1918 - participation in the 1-th world.
    1918-1922 - intervention in Russia.
    1918-1920 - the introduction of US troops in Panama.
    1919 - The introduction of US troops in Costa Rica.
    1919 - the invasion of Honduras.
    1920 - Guatemala.
    1921 - American support for militants who fought for the overthrow
    Guatemala’s President Carlos Guerrera for the benefit of The United Fruit Company.
    1922 - intervention in Turkey.
    1922-1927 - the deployment of troops in China.
    1924-1925 - the invasion of Honduras.
    1925 - Panama.
    1926 - invading troops in Nicaragua.
    1927-1934 - China is occupied by the United States.
    1932 - the invasion of El Salvador.
    1937 - Nicaragua.
    1. erseer
      erseer 27 July 2015 00: 01
      1947-1949 - Greece.
      1948-1953 - Philippines.
      1950 - Puerto Rico.
      1950-1953 - the invasion of Korea.
      1958 - Lebanon.
      1958 - War with Panama.
      1959 - American troops entered Laos.
      1959 - Haiti.
      1960 is a military operation in Ecuador.
      1960 - the invasion of Guatemala.
      1965-1973 - aggression against Vietnam.
      1966 - the invasion of Guatemala.
      1966 - military support to Indonesia and the Philippines.
      1971-1973 - Laos bombing.
      1972 - Nicaragua.
      1983 - military intervention in Grenada.
      1986 - the attack on Libya. Bombing Tripoli and Benghazi.
      1988 - the invasion of American troops in Honduras.
      1989 - US troops suppress unrest in the Virgin Islands.
      1991 is a large-scale military action against Iraq.
      1992-1994 - the occupation of Somalia. Armed violence against civilians, the killing of civilians.
      1998 - Sudan. Americans destroy a pharmaceutical plant with a missile strike, claiming that it produces
      nerve gas.
      1999 - The United States and NATO launched a campaign (without UN sanction) on the 78-day aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia.
      The result is the collapse of Yugoslavia.
      2001 - the invasion of Afghanistan.
      2003 - the invasion of Iraq (without UN authorization).
      2011 - Libya (in violation of the UN resolution).