Candidate Test

Candidate Test

I am not an analyst, nor an official ... Just me!
I want to raise a few questions. Not about the internal vertical of power, but about external and internal politics. And I want to address them to the presidential candidate.

You are a presidential candidate. That is, are going to be legally elected president of a great country. I ask you to answer the following questions. The questions are structured in this way. that do not mean "floating" answers, it is enough to answer "Yes" or "No".

1. Do you know that the budget of the Chechen Republic in 10 exceeds the budget of the Far Eastern Federal District?
2. You know. What retirement (disabled, veteran, veteran of labor ....) impossible to live?
3. Do you know that it is impossible for a young family to buy an apartment, even through a mortgage?
4. Do you know that "the village is dying out" (we lose up to 100 settlements a year)?
5. Do you know that farmers can only sell their products to gang dealers?
6. Did you know that the price of domestic fuel exceeds its cost almost 10 times?
7. Do you know that the salary of teachers, doctors, policemen is combined with unemployment benefit in Greece?
8. Do you know that NATO is near our borders?
9. Did you know that 80-90% of citizens would veto a NATO operation in Libya?
10. Do you know that the President of the Russian Federation is also the guarantor of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, human and civil rights and freedoms?

If you answered "Yes" to all questions - you are a citizen of the Russian Federation.
If the answer is no, at least one question - you are a presidential candidate.
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