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Construction of the enemy. How Western propaganda makes us "bad Russians"

I have long had the thought to write about the Western propaganda system - a system refined to the smallest detail, to which our media still has to work and work. It actually forms the lifestyle of the American and now European man in the street. Every year, huge amounts of money are spent on brainwashing in the United States and European Union countries, comparable only to the military budgets of these countries. And it is precisely on this method of influence that extends to our territory that almost the main stake is being made.

Point one: ousting competitors from the political field

Modern Western society, having improved its material condition, lost its ideological monolith, which consisted of pluralism and difference of opinion. Ask about history 20 century - how many prominent left movements were represented in the West! How many basically various oppositional structures existed in the countries of the first world! They had the opportunity to create an alternative picture of what was happening and, albeit with distortions, they still forced the average man to doubt the veracity of what the newspapers and later televisions could tell him. In some places, pro-Soviet or even neutral politicians, gaining the authority and sympathy of the general public, found themselves in power, such as, for example, de Gaulle.

Today, for any movement that declares a “non-traditional” course of improving relations with Russia, the path to power is closed in principle. Election processes are fully and completely controlled by the world backstage, which itself chooses its protégé. This may not work in smaller cities or regions, where it is more and more open and real, but in the end, the most important posts will still occupy comfortable backstage personalities. Of course, it cannot continue for so long - in Europe, for example, right-wing traditionalists like the French National Front, led by the decisive Marie Le Pen, are already gaining popularity. But the West does not like to play democracy at home - for the time being it is difficult to imagine a situation in which a person sympathizing with Russia will become the president of a large European country and even more so.

Point two: monopoly on popular culture

It is unlikely that among you there are those who have not watched at least one Hollywood fighter. Remember - who is the main enemy there? Who always acts as an anti-hero, a usurper of freedoms and a terrorist? Russians. Now, however, another trend is in fashion - the use of Arab terrorists as bad guys, but I guarantee that it will not last long. Classics are always relevant, and if needed, we will again see Stallone, Willis, Statham or anyone else carrying the “evil commies.”

The influence of Hollywood is enormous: it is possible that an American or a Frenchman would like to learn a different point of view, but it simply does not exist. Do not take our weak domestic cinema as a competitor to the almighty Western! After the collapse of the Soviet Union and especially after the death of Stalin, our interests in enemy territory were severely infringed. As mentioned above, very few politicians can convey to the public the idea that Russia, if not a friend, then at least not an enemy. The whole mass culture is filled with hidden, but very intrusive propaganda. What to talk about if she acts even with us and corrupts our young people! And I am very pleased that, against this background, Russia Today began to increase its audience and created several additional channels in other languages. Ideally, our position should be clear throughout the world - we will not attack first, we want peace, but we will not allow us to oppress and wield us in any way at our backyard.

Point three: “Call white black and white black”

Hypocrisy is inherent in the West news, but a long-established and formed fact. However, even 50 years ago, even the Americans did not dare to go against the truth - they recognized the primacy of our contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. Alas, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, European-American propaganda gained momentum. An obvious example: in Japan, a considerable part of young people believe that it was the Soviet Union that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why? And so in the movie some said (back to the second paragraph).

The trouble is that the western man in the street has become extremely vulnerable in terms of information. Tell him that Russia has introduced 100 thousands of soldiers to Ukraine - and he will believe. Tell him that the Russians have shot down that Boeing - he will believe again. Tell him that this is Russia to blame for everything and it must be destroyed for the good of the world - and he ... In general, of course.

We must understand: in the course of the careful work of the special services, various structures and organizations subordinating to a single center, a generation of stupid, naive and deceived people has grown. If we are resisting the rewriting of history, if only because the proper foundation was laid in Soviet people, in the West society blindly believes everything that television says. Or it abstracts from this, but it does not cease to watch movies, and there is the same pumping: Russians are evil a priori.

It is not so easy to say how to deal with this phenomenon, but one thing is clear - one cannot be inactive. It is necessary to expand international broadcasting, break through the information blockade and convey the truth at all levels. And do not forget about yourself - we also have thousands of people who think in terms of liberal democracy. It is very important to work with them at least in order not to leave the rears bare in the event of a large clash with the West. And it is already underway - so far in the cold mode, but who knows what will happen next?

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  2. blizart
    blizart 21 July 2015 05: 52
    What is your proof ?! Evidence that even with a clear and broad broadcast of our views, they will be heard and perceived in the West? Despite the fact that no one there really wants to either hear or perceive them. To be honest, I want it like under Nicholas 1. The Russian Ambassador wakes up the French Foreign Minister in the middle of the night. He: "Huh !? What, war!"
    - No, not yet. You see, in one of the Parisian theaters the play "The Death of Paul 1" is being performed, and the cause of death in it differs from that officially recognized in Russia. Be so kind as to remove the production, otherwise the Sovereign Emperor will have to send two million spectators in gray greatcoats to clap it!
    Here's how to convey their point of view to them!
    1. domokl
      domokl 21 July 2015 06: 07
      The author, in my opinion, again offers to play on someone else's site. One Olympics has made more than a hundred films. So I think international events are very important for Russia now. It will not be possible to break through the "heads".
      1. Knight
        Knight 21 July 2015 06: 46
        Quote: blizart
        Evidence that even with a clear and broad translation of our views, they will be heard and received in the West?

        Quote: domokl
        international events are very important for Russia now
        We need a systematic policy: to make feature films, to hold international events, to broadcast our position through the media, etc. We, unfortunately, have not yet done everything that is necessary in this direction.
      2. dakka-dakka
        dakka-dakka 21 July 2015 19: 04
        The Olympics in the northern new world was broadcast in castrated form, which caused non-acidic seething. But the full version was found in the tyrnets, and the general public remained sedimented, which is good.
      3. tracer
        tracer 22 July 2015 20: 22
        To tell you the truth, at best, the Sochi Olympics were covered in North America as "NO ONE". Usually it was lit up very nicely .. With reports from toilets and other "cute" charms. Therefore, let the Sochi Olympics deceive no one. Its influence on the position of the layman in North America tends to zero. And this trend will continue. The educational level here is below the baseboard, even the baseboard paint. It is true that everything that is shown on television is the "absolute" truth. It is also interesting that in the mentality of the Anglo-Saxon culture it is inherent to be interested only in what concerns only one's own "ass". And what does not concern her, it has neither weight, nor value, nor interest. They will never understand us, because they never wanted and do not want to understand. Anglo-Saxon elites governing society will always be hostile to the Russian civilization as the defender of justice and truth on the planet. Because they are different, their world is based on deception, robbery and violence. They will never understand us, and there is no need to harbor illusions.
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    3. ispaniard
      ispaniard 21 July 2015 08: 39
      Plus, the author missed another important point -We also grew up on these films Yes, it was unpleasant to me even then that they show us in their films so-taciturn, A little dumb, cruel, cunning, but most importantly STRONG Russians. For victory over which the main character / s had to tear their star-striped ass ...
      Moreover, if it was impossible to wage a war in the cinema on an equal footing with Hollywood (and in the 80s and 90s it must be admitted there was a cool dream factory that produced films for all tastes, not like today's dreary city ... with a bunch of remakes of remakes with spolosh computer graphics) The union received, oddly enough, bonuses in terms of respect from those who saw the terrible, almost invincible Russians in the films. And if you will excuse me The Americans are barely defeating the “Komi” with their last bit of strength, then where else could they twitch ???
      Moreover, the brutality of Soviet characters greatly impressed American Teenagers (Darth Vader Syndrome) and until now, if in a conversation the generation of Americans of the 70-80-90s wants to show their brutality, then the reference goes not so much to "My Boys" as to "Red Cars" ": Ivan Drago, Ivan Danko, SPIETSNAZU, KaGeBe, etc. Thousands of them ...
      Yes, and personally, I have always admired not Rambo and Rocky but (See pictures)
      I think that if Hollywood now begins to unfold against Russia, then this will result in sour cranberries from which even McCain's grandchildren will be sick. Hollywood 70-80-90s. fired his cool shot in the Cold War now using it in agitation. purpose only confirms the term - "Washington Regional Committee" and the creations released from his studios will often resemble "Die Hard 5" ...
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      2. ispaniard
        ispaniard 21 July 2015 09: 07
        Well, and accordingly the laconic, brutal "Red Cop" captain Ivan Danko.
    4. one
      one 21 July 2015 09: 20
      The trouble is that the western man in the street has become extremely vulnerable in terms of information. Tell him that Russia has introduced 100 thousands of soldiers to Ukraine - and he will believe. Tell him that the Russians have shot down that Boeing - he will believe again. Tell him that this is Russia to blame for everything and it must be destroyed for the good of the world - and he ... In general, of course.

      Quote: blizart
      What is your evidence ?! Evidence that even with a clear and broad translation of our views, they will be heard and received in the West?

      Do you need proof of what?
      Well, go over quickly on comments ...
      approximately every third
      and some discussions are almost entirely possible, screenshots can be made and posted on their websites (just like us, some screenshots are posted to convince of something) - to frighten their ordinary voters, "we will put tanks in front of the Bundestag ..." and etc.!
      then we are surprised in chorus - "and sho it is they who consider us as aggressors, we want peace!"
      Vosche pins me, like the same nicknames, in some posts they write - "we will tear America and Europe to shreds, we will throw our hats ..." and right there, in other posts - "well, why are they so stupid, they won't stop their" hawks "..."
      sho the most interesting - they manage to get a bunch of pluses for those and other exclamations !!!
      provocateurs - they are also provocateurs in Africa.
      (cheers patriots = false patriots!)
      you need to follow the bazaar!
      (that is, for the tongue!)
      and at least sometimes at least a little bit of movement of the brain gyrus!
      Of course, if she is not alone, and she is lower than the back.
    5. qwert
      qwert 21 July 2015 09: 30
      Or maybe all the same juggling send a note of protest? Act officially. Declare indignation on every fact at the state level. They got a book or a film about the Russians and animals - a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding to be removed from hire or from sale. Abandoned? We send their ambassadors from our country.
      And in any case, do not buy such films in Russian rental. (and they are bought from us) Let millions lose at our box office, then they will start looking for enemies in other countries.
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 21 July 2015 18: 07
        In this case, the entire Russian Foreign Ministry in its entirety will only work on compiling protest notes. laughing And in general, this measure will be largely meaningless - those who must respond to notes on duty should simply ignore them, or, let’s say so, they will take note without any reaction. And the fact that the general public of the country finds out about the notes of protest to whose address the note is sent - we will talk about the United States - you are so naive in your confidence that the essence of these protest notes will be brought to the same American people - I do not. Yes, even if the population of the United States learns about these notes of protest, I am sure that this will not change anything. As the State Department will comment, the whole American people will think so (with rare exceptions in the person of those who are accustomed to and can think with their own heads). As for the loss of Russian or any other rental in the countries of the post-Soviet space - I believe that the US filmmakers will not cry from loss of income, because they are not comparable with the proceeds from movie distribution in the states themselves. This is easy to see for yourself by simply comparing the proceeds from the rental of the film in the United States and in Russia.
        I have the honor.
  3. Semyonych
    Semyonych 21 July 2015 06: 41
    One Olympics made more than a hundred films.
    Are you serious? It is obvious that Russia is being drawn not only into an arms race, but also into a race of unjustified spending on maintaining the country's image abroad. For 1,5 trillion rubles that was spent on the Sochi Olympics, and this is THREE! the annual health budget of our country, probably all could be cured! children with severe diseases of children, for the treatment of which television is now collecting via SMS. Then the image of the state would grow to heaven.
    1. Ponomarev
      Ponomarev 21 July 2015 06: 56
      The Olympics paid off on the very first day of its holding. And the money spent on it was not cut in a shredder, but they paid for the work of our metallurgists, builders, etc. Another question is that in the second and third rounds of circulation, the money received partially went abroad (the profit of some businessmen in offshores, purchases of foreign cars, iPhones and other equipment). The slogan "everyone can be cured" is like in the years of the civil war - "here the revolution will win and there will be no crime." Money is not God to save everyone from disease. They are not sick because of their presence or absence. The reasons are in the Soul. And to spend money on the image of our Motherland abroad, I think, is stupidity. Money can't buy love. They love the strong, brave, smart, decisive (some of them hate and fear them, but it's even better), but they don't like rich spenders anywhere.
    2. 1536
      1536 21 July 2015 19: 23
      Let me disagree with you. The capitalist will not give money for sick children. At the Olympics gives. Because it makes a profit. Besides sports facilities, for example, the Moscow Olympics are still used by sick children as well. Sochi Olympics outlined at least the contours of infrastructure in this region. No need to juggle. In fact, money should be enough for everything. But this does not happen. Therefore, even if a small fraction of taxes from the activities of firms involved in the preparation for the Olympics is transferred to children, this already justifies their implementation.
  4. ovod84
    ovod84 21 July 2015 06: 45
    it’s necessary to create good computer games, where the history of our country was touched upon, which will also affect our young people and Western ones, our knowledge of our history and our world’s birth.
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 21 July 2015 07: 02
      To do this, you need to raise the entire gaming industry, and now it is in the pen. I have a brother programmer, with great difficulty found a job for a normal salary.
    2. 0255
      0255 21 July 2015 08: 25
      Quote: ovod84
      it’s necessary to create good computer games, where the history of our country was touched upon, which will also affect our young people and Western ones, our knowledge of our history and our world’s birth.

      There are such games - tactical strategy "Blitzkrieg", stealth action "Death to Spies". I recommend! True, there are few such games.
  5. Kibalchish
    Kibalchish 21 July 2015 07: 04
    An obvious example: in Japan, a large part of the youth believes that it was the Soviet Union that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Author, why cultivate this long-exposed myth? In Japan, commemorative ceremonies are held every year, in which it says who dropped the bombs.
    The Soviet Union is ill treated for another reason.
  6. Bort radist
    Bort radist 21 July 2015 07: 11
    Quote: domokl
    The author, in my opinion, again suggests playing on someone else’s site

    I agree that it is stupid to try to break through the wall with your forehead (to make films about bad and stupid Americans), and the possibilities of our "cinema" are not impressive. There is still another aspect, to push common citizens is one of the points of the anti-human plan. Recently read an article it flashed and disappeared. The bottom line is that science fiction has disappeared as a genre in both cinema and literature. "Captain Nemo", "A Space Odyssey", ....... Reading these works, people dreamed of scientific discoveries, the conquest of the elements, the development of scientific progress. Now fantasy has been replaced by FANTASY. Trolls, fairies, werewolves, vampires, batmen, X-men, ...... These are the heroes of the growing up, these dreams never come true. Humanity turns into a dog chasing its own tail. They want to turn humanity into an anthill, a swarm of bees. Consumption and work. Reproduction and education under control.
    1. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 21 July 2015 09: 28
      perfectly noticed ... the feeling that humanity has ceased to be interested in scientific progress, romance, the desire for discoveries, overcoming scientific dogma has disappeared .... but now all the fairies, elves, gnomes and trolls ......
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 21 July 2015 07: 43
    about the Western propaganda system - a system honed to the smallest detail, to which our media can still work and work. ..It would have been this system for centuries ..It is necessary to expand international broadcasting, break through the information blockade and convey the truth at all levels..This is half measures ... to bring culture to the Western masses ... and we are still strained with it .. Russophobic films, in fact, shot by domestic directors, win at film festivals ... so as an example ... Russia must contrast the West with other moral values, and with this we have a strain ..
    1. dmb
      dmb 21 July 2015 12: 34
      I also liked this phrase the most. it remains only to find out what truth the author intended to convey about our state: that mortality and tariffs are increasing, that the level of education is falling, and the level of well-being of Sechin and Yakunin is growing? I’m more than sure that our enemies will receive this news with great approval, well, maybe with the exception of the latter (competitors after all), and even then until it turns out that they keep the money in the West. Or maybe they will begin to love us for strengthening the army? so it is also unlikely. This usually scares ordinary citizens and makes them fork out. so what truth will we bring?
  8. V.ic
    V.ic 21 July 2015 08: 19
    Yes, "our" media are not interested in the struggle against the capitalist-imperialist "blood brothers". Their task Number one this is the fooling of their own "nourished population" (the so-called electorate)! The raven-raven will not peck out the eyes!
  9. fomkin
    fomkin 21 July 2015 08: 19
    The foundation of any propaganda.
    1. MolGro
      MolGro 21 July 2015 09: 08
      This is the main misconception of all propagandists, on that the third Reich burned out !!!
      The bed is sweet and pleasant, you can speak it as much as you like, and like any poison it always kills its creator!
  10. Belousov
    Belousov 21 July 2015 09: 00
    It is expensive and ineffective to deal with mattress mats on their territory. At least for the moment. We need to develop our national idea. And so far we have no idea, we are planting "Western values" such as liberalism, tolerance, multiculturalism and other garbage.
  11. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 21 July 2015 09: 24
    We need to make more historical films. In the USSR, films with this bias have always been made, subconsciously, children grew up on historical examples, a sense of duty, patriotism, and love for the motherland. Our national idea of ​​modernity should be closely intertwined with historical truth and spirituality, and then Hollywood and Rambo, Rocky, etc., will not be scared.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 21 July 2015 10: 11
    I do not at all see the superiority of their propaganda over ours, it’s just that our target group is smaller, and the methods and results are about the same TV press analyst Internet, as a result, they don’t like us, we don’t like them, the question is whether it’s worth changing what happened over the centuries and is it possible otherwise, all the same inside we differ from the West much more strongly than outside, and it’s not necessary to make much effort to sow distrust and hostility.
  14. Dan Slav
    Dan Slav 21 July 2015 10: 21
    Alas, we suffer the same.
    Punishers, dill, mattress covers ... Well, there are plenty of articles about the enemy even on this site. Both malevolent and propaganda.
    Separation of people is extremely beneficial to state elites. It allows you to make any crimes with impunity - to steal, remove unwanted people, keep society in an information vacuum and pressure.
    Under the cries of patriots it is always convenient to hide from responsibility.
    Yes, and the budget painted for the war with an enemy environment is a good justification for difficulties within the country. Now we have slipped somewhere in the post-war, and maybe even in the post-revolutionary time.
    After all, there are no CMEA countries and the Warsaw Pact. Russia practically plays alone. The rest diligently take advantage of her weakness! We are puffing that we are cool!
    Although it is necessary to be an example for other countries precisely in the situation of their people. Build housing, develop a road network, build railways, trains, planes, cars ....
    The people will heal well! AND! it will be the most powerful blow to the enemies! Especially if they are in like Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, ....
    Well, something like this!
    No wonder the Soviet Union collapsed! He was like a thorn in the eye of international thieves!
  15. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 21 July 2015 11: 02
    In Europe, at the behest of sov, brains are washed day and night in the media about how Russians threaten freedom and democracy! True, normal Finns, Italians, Spaniards do not believe! But TV does its best to talk about how a terrible totalitarian regime rules in Russia! And the first violin is played by our liberals! They act as experts all the time! The fifth column in action!
  16. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 21 July 2015 13: 22
    mustache paws and tail are my evidence laughing
  17. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 21 July 2015 13: 31
    The script of the American film about the Russian.
    The script should contain:
    1) Russian general named Peter Gogol
    2) The beast-like Russian captain Ivan Pyotr. The captain's mother apparently sinned with the bear; the bear broke loose and screamed. The captain likes to drink vodka from a square bottle and eat ikra with a spoon from bochka. The main occupation is to cut the heads of cute children in front of the Afghan (or any other) fathers with a large knife, singing the International.
    3) Evil KGB officer Konstantin Dolvski, loves to shoot soldiers who refused to score with the butts of blond Afghan kids.

    4) Russian girl Natasha Moskvova. A good girl, because she sleeps with the main character - an American.
    Russians indulge in acts of unmotivated vandalism, sadism, sexism and communism, burning Afghan villages. A close-up is the bestial face of a Russian helicopter pilot, drunk v govno, firing a rocket after a rocket at an Afghan woman with a child. The rocket hits the woman. Close-up - the murdered woman lies beautifully, looking at the sky with dead eyes, let down by a Maybelin. Next to crying baby. The viewer angrily squeezes a bag of popcorn in his fist. Russian soldiers dressed in sharovary and papaha shoot cleanly dressed Afghan peasants.

    Close-up - killed Afghan young people on a baseball field, in the hands of a killed teenager - a homemade baseball bat, which he tried to defend. Five minutes ago, the young man received congratulations, having beaten off a particularly tricky ball. The turban in the shape of a baseball cap swells with blood. A brutal Russian soldier chasing an Afghan girl, trying to rip off her mini-skirt. Thump. The Russian soldier bewilders the left eye to the right, from which the knife handle sticks out. This is an American zoologist John Lesbovski, who studied the population of Afghan rhinos and caught the Soviet invasion comes to the aid of Afghans. Within five minutes, with the help of alpenstock and Spyderko’s penknife (close-up on the label), he destroys half of the Russians. But Captain Ivan Pyotr grabs an Afghan boy and puts a huge knife with the inscription on the blade of the USSR at his throat:
    - Too fighter weapons, I Kill maltshik.
    “I will take up arms, you will not Kill maltshik.”
    - Yes.
    John throws the captured machine.
    “I’m teasing you,” the captain laughs and kills the boy.

    John hit the butt on the head. Then again, then, having grasped the anaconect, they hit the kidneys as the more vulnerable part.
    - Kill everything! Shouts the captain. With laughter the Russians destroy the Afghan village without sparing any school, kindergarten, cinema, or stadium.
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 21 July 2015 13: 34
      John wakes up in the dungeons of KJB.

      - Ti American. Says Konstantin Dolvski to him.

      “Yes,” John says bravely.
      - T say in TV that Amierika plyokho.

      - Never! - John proudly refuses.
      Konstantin Dolvski beats John several times on the head, hurts his hand, and finally realizes, kicks him in the groin.

      At this moment Russian girl Natasha enters. She is dressed in a gray uniform sundress with red shoulder straps to the elbow and carries a tray in her hands. On the tray are two glasses in cast coasters of caliber 152 mm, a decanter vodka and a samovar.
      - Capitan! What do you do! In the communist party learn wrong!
      - Silence, glitch dovchonka! Truly, community is to kill!
      He beats Natasha in the face with his boot. The girl, crying out, grabs her cheek. John jumps up and sticks a cup holder into Constantine’s eye.
      - We run! - says Natasha, - I will bring you to Sweden.
      Within half an hour there is a scene of withdrawal to Sweden through the nightmarish scenes of life in the USSR. In cities, Russians walk in quilted jackets and felt boots, in villages - in hides and sandals.

      On the border, Ivan Piotr jumps out of the stone and grabs Natasha, putting an ax with the inscription of the CPSU at her throat.
      - I kill her, and then kill you!
      - Ty coward!
      - I'm a coward! I'll kill you first!
      Ivan rushes at John, should be a painful scene of the fight, in which Ivan uses all sorts of dishonest tricks, from a boat motor and rails, to a tame bear.

      Finally, John throws a rail over Ivan’s head, and a bear’s head into a boat motor. John and Natasha sail to Sweden in a boat made of unplaned logs and a sail made from the skins of cows
    2. Elena2013
      Elena2013 24 July 2015 14: 56
      One more evidence that the Soviet army in Afghanistan fought not with the Afghans, but with the US terrorist armies!
  18. iouris
    iouris 21 July 2015 15: 02
    “Our” “elite” makes us “bad Russians”. There is no Russia in their project, and therefore they run across with money to Anti-Russia.
  19. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 21 July 2015 17: 02
    Quote: Dan Slav
    Although it is necessary to be an example for other countries precisely in the situation of their people. Build housing, develop a road network, build railways, trains, planes, cars ....
    The people will heal well! AND! it will be the most powerful blow to the enemies!

    Strongly "FOR", but this will unacceptably reduce the incomes of TNCs and oligarchs ...
  20. itr
    itr 21 July 2015 17: 40
    Well, we all know that Americans are dumb and fat
  21. captain7
    captain7 21 July 2015 18: 18
    Here, take a look at what zilchas think of ...
  22. estixnumx
    estixnumx 21 July 2015 20: 19
    Every time I watch Rambo I as he plots one of the Marines kills, I remember the next joke
    Instructor in Fort Breguet talks about the special forces of the USSR
    - Russians have airborne blue berets, one blue beret costs 3 of our green berets,
    - The Russians have Black Berets Marine Corps, one black beret costs 5 of our green berets
    - Still the Russians have special troops, where some animals serve them even do not give weapons - the bat system is called.
    It seems so somehow
  23. valerysvy
    valerysvy 21 July 2015 22: 32
    Amazing where the country is heading! Who "makes us bad"? Me? Personally? The country has been shod with a narrow group of Persons for 15 years ... All of them "from scratch" have become the Richest People by world standards "... Putin costs the country an order of magnitude more expensive than Any General Secretary like Brezhnev ... Is that not so? People in Zh ... . in a huge mass of its, you can not talk about it ... it is necessary to look for enemies?
  24. SlavaP
    SlavaP 21 July 2015 22: 58
    I must say that, for example, here in Britain, there are surprisingly many thinking people. Obviously - when propaganda becomes too very annoying, then they stop believing in it. Surprise - the RT (Russia Today) channel is very popular here. That is, a step in the right direction has been taken, you just need not to lose the moment.