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Technique in the Museum of the history of the Airborne Forces in Ryazan

On the occasion of visiting Ryazan, I slightly took off the exposition of military equipment installed at the Museum. stories Airborne. I couldn’t get to the museum itself once in the fifth, it does not work all the time.

Artillery self-propelled unit ASU-57

Self-propelled artillery installation SU-85 / АСУ-85



122 mm howitzer M-30

57-mm gun ZIS-2

76-mm divisional gun ZIS-3 with a simplified shutter and lever down, with an angle of elevation 27 degrees

76-mm divisional gun ZIS-3 with shutter from 57-mm guns ZIS-2 and push-button descent

Anti-aircraft gun ZU-23

Self-propelled anti-tank gun SD-57

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  1. 19 July 2015 06: 35 New
    Not bad, but what about our D-30, although still in service today, this is a worthy exhibit! hi
    1. svp67
      svp67 19 July 2015 08: 45 New
      Not bad, but what about our D-30, although still in service today, this is a worthy exhibit!

      And not only, but where are the landing Grads?
      1. 19 July 2015 14: 33 New
        An interesting example, we didn’t have such things!
  2. TsUS-Air Force
    TsUS-Air Force 19 July 2015 11: 53 New
    and where is the engine of the sd-57?
    1. Argon
      Argon 19 July 2015 13: 44 New
      If you are located in the place of the gunner, the engine will be to the right of the gun directly behind the shield. Previously, I had never seen the ASU-57 with such a muzzle brake.
    2. Sling
      Sling 19 July 2015 16: 56 New
      Also interesting, because "self-propelled". Or self-propelled from someone else's traction?
      1. 78bor1973
        78bor1973 19 July 2015 20: 27 New
        The engine from the motorcycle on the bed should be attached!
  3. asadov
    asadov 19 July 2015 11: 54 New
    a lot of equipment in the photo is not enough .. As I understand it, will be continued?
  4. Rjn
    Rjn 19 July 2015 14: 34 New
    SD-57 seems to be called not self-propelled, but self-propelled. This is the terminology.
  5. Noncombatant
    Noncombatant 19 July 2015 15: 15 New
    ASU-57 has a notable informal name)))
    For her size, she received the nickname (moderators, do not swear) - m * ndavoshka
    1. zoriprit
      zoriprit 19 July 2015 23: 30 New
      another name - armor x№№ya and a roof made of tarpaulin ..
    2. zubkoff46
      zubkoff46 20 July 2015 00: 29 New
      And the old woman's name was "Nude Ferdinand" - for the similarity in profile with the German. Or "Armor x ... me and a tarpaulin roof." The engine on it M-20 from "Pobeda" as much as 50 horsepower! If you fold back 5 mm of the sides, then the height of the self-propelled gun was only 120 cm from the ground. Try it, hit it. In general, I walked well, including in the snow. She could carry up to 20 airborne troops on armor, if, of course, the battalion commander did not drive away. Or a bunch of skiers on a zipline. All are not pehedralom, just turn away the face from the snow. Dear car. She landed with a parachute-jet system. Only in those days, ASU-57 was not enough - one division for the whole division.
  6. Denis_469
    Denis_469 19 July 2015 21: 34 New
    On the outskirts of the city, the military unit stands on the Sprut-SD pedestal.
    1. zoriprit
      zoriprit 19 July 2015 23: 31 New
      at the rear checkpoint of the 2nd territory of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs (formerly Automobile School)
    2. zoriprit
      zoriprit 19 July 2015 23: 34 New
      but it’s worth it because they ordered it and then it turned out that the whole test cycle did not pass the machine. So they put the latest technology on a pedestal.
      1. Denis_469
        Denis_469 20 July 2015 11: 13 New
        By the way, they did the right thing. Because knowledgeable people drove past that pedestal, who said that the paratroopers wanted this machine. She was reanimated. And now, thanks to that pedestal for the Airborne Forces, these Octopuses are being made.
        1. zoriprit
          zoriprit 20 July 2015 12: 22 New
          the absence of a serious PTS has always been a headache for the airborne forces .. therefore hastened with SPRUT. I really wanted to have my own tank (the best TCP is the tank itself :) :)) now they are reviving the tank (on the basis of SPRUT) airborne units .. I really don’t know how it will look .. either a regiment (battalion brigade) in Airborne forces .. or a separate battalion as part of a division (instead of the SU 87 divisions disbanded in 85 g) ...
  7. erseer
    erseer 20 July 2015 04: 34 New
    ACS-57 in the context of:
  8. zoriprit
    zoriprit 20 July 2015 14: 12 New
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