Fidel Castro called on Russia to save humanity

Fidel Castro called on Russia to save humanityThe leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, spoke about who is able to save all people from imminent disaster. In his opinion, China, Russia and the third world countries can take on this mission. Among the main culprits of the impending collapse, he called the American politicians and the military.
"The Empire (USA) demonstrates the unequivocal symptoms of a deadly disease," stated Castro in an article published on the Cubadebate website. In his opinion, the fate of all mankind today depends on the policy of the American authorities and the influence of the US defense industry.

The stupidity of one of the last three "mediocre presidents" can decide the future of the planet, explained in his favorite style of Castro. Equally important are the leaders of the military-industrial complex, "who rule the empire."

According to the leader of the Cuban revolution, such states as China, Russia and the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America can become an element of stability in a distraught world. The key role in this is to be played by the "friendly nations", which are gaining weight in the global economy and are permanent members of the UN Security Council. They are able to lead the country and the so-called third world, said Castro.

According to the leader of the Cuban revolution, the people of developed countries can also contribute to the salvation of the world. The wealth of these states is increasingly depleting their own financial oligarchies, so thousands of ordinary people are beginning to play their own role in the struggle for the survival of humanity.

In recent months, Fidel Castro has often appealed to politicians to find solutions to problems such as inflation, climate change, the danger of a nuclear war and the ensuing environmental catastrophe. He has repeatedly warned that "the human race is in real danger of extinction." However, each time he emphasized that humanity "will be able to save itself."
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