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Political NGOs with American and British funding in St. Petersburg

The environment of Russian human rights activists is vast and diverse. But diversity in many respects remains only external. The number of human rights non-profit organizations that provide real free legal support to Russian citizens is literally buried in the swamp of NGOs, which have very little to do with real legal protection. At the same time, often (very often) the essence of the “human rights” activity of such NPOs comes down to discrediting Russia in the international arena, and the NPOs themselves are found to be (de facto) belonging to a peculiar acne rash in the form of foreign agents. Taking into account the fact that Russia is still overcoming the crisis of adolescence, this rash leaves visible marks on the face of the country.

In the list of “human rights” structures conducting specific activities in Russia, its place is held by the autonomous non-profit organization Human Rights Resourses Center (HRRC) of the city of St. Petersburg. The stated goals and objectives of this NPO are, of course, good. The HRRC website talks about what the organization does:

Provides legal assistance to NGOs and initiative groups in conducting inspections (including unscheduled) by the Justice Ministry, the prosecutor's office, and other state bodies on various issues - from violation of certain legal norms by NGOs to attempts to include NGOs in the register of foreign agents.
The structure is really trying to “secure” all sorts of NCO-foreign agents from being recognized as foreign agents.

Political NGOs with American and British funding in St. Petersburg

It's all? Not really. HRRC has a rich "human rights" history The work is structured in such a way that its permanent leader, Maria Alexandrovna Kanevskaya, together with her fellow human rights defenders, has long been entrenched in influencing public opinion by receiving grants from foreign sponsors.

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included the St. Petersburg HRRC in the list of foreign agents by publishing sources of funding for this NPO. It is noted that the main grantor of the Resource Human Rights Center, Ms. Kanevskaya, is the NED organization, the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation (USA). At one time about the activities of the NED published material in the newspaper "News".

This organization is very interesting. In the 2014 year alone, NED, which sponsored various color revolutions, sent over 10 million dollars worth of 9 million to Russian human rights advocates, increasing the funding of frankly anti-Russian projects with 16% over the past year. The nature of the activities of the American Foundation and the focus of its work can be judged at least by the fact that it is leading the NED, which launches its hands into the social and political life of the Northern capital, Nadia Duke. The person is quite famous - a teacher of Soviet and Russian history at Oxford University.

You can understand on what basis the history of the USSR and Russia, Ms. Duke, can be understood by becoming acquainted with the information that Duke is from a family with deep anti-Russian roots, who settled away from the "bloody regime" at one time. Nadi’s father — Petr (Petro) Duke (the relationship became known from the material british newspaper). Petro Duke is a representative of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), whose name can be found, for example, in the London branch of the Union of Officers of Ukraine and the Union of Ukrainians of Great Britain.

Thus, the foreign fund NED, which is run by the daughter of a Nazi criminal of the Second World War, provides financial assistance to the St. Petersburg NGO Human Rights Resourses Center (and not only him; the press repeatedly reported on the financing of the NED Foundation “Committee of Soldiers' Mothers”, “Memorial” and others), and the Human Rights Resourses Center, in turn, “provides assistance” to Russian citizens, “faced with legal problems.”

ANO Resource Human Rights Center, receiving funding from the American Foundation, reacted painfully to the fact that the Ministry of Justice secured the status of a foreign agent for this NGO. Maria Kanevskaya burst out in an angry report with the saying title “Foreign agents”: mythical enemies and real losses of Russian society. ”

But if the organization of Maria Kanevskaya led a transparent advocacy, then why did the law on foreign agents itself raise so many questions for HRRC? After all, there are similar laws in the country from which the organization receives its main funding - in the USA. If Maria Kanevskaya forgets about it, then you need to remind:

Russia uses the positive experience of civilized, democratic states in ensuring its own security (this draft law was prepared by analogy with the US law on registration of foreign agents 1938 of the year). The law creates the conditions for openness, transparency of the functioning of NGOs with foreign participation, as well as an effective mechanism of civilian control in this area. Citizens have the right to know whose interests the organization really represents, which positions itself as a structure for the legal protection of citizens.

Without disproving the fact of receiving funds from the American NED foundation, the HRRC (St. Petersburg) declares some pressure on NGOs from the state, adding that it is allegedly “impossible to work” under such conditions. In what conditions? Is the publication of the truth that the money for human rights activities come from the United States - is it so impracticable for the “Resource Human Rights Center” conditions?
Back in January, Voice of America published the article “Human rights activists are trying to resist the pressure of the Russian authorities.”

From the material:

The director of the autonomous non-profit organization Resource Human Rights Center, Maria Kanevskaya, in turn, stated the need to seek to repeal the law itself on “foreign agents”. Kanevskaya believes that this law does not work - "because non-profit organizations do not engage in political activities." In other words, NPOs entered into the register of “foreign agents” do not participate in elections and do not fight for power.

The participants of the Resource Human Rights Center refused any discussions of the current Russian legislation, stopped criticizing it and making proposals for changes in regulatory acts, and declined to comment on this topic. “Thus, we stopped forming public opinion regarding the policies pursued in the state. That is, they tried to protect themselves in all possible ways, ”says Maria Kanevskaya.

Even from these two paragraphs of the Voice of America material it becomes clear that HRRC is used to being cunning. At first, Kanevskaya stated that NGOs not included in the list of foreign agents do not engage in political activities, and then “refused any discussion of the current Russian legislation, stopped criticizing him, (...) tried to protect themselves ...” So it means that at the time of adoption of the law NGOs after all, they were engaged in political activities, and only the law on NGO-agents revealed the political activity of the same HRRC of St. Petersburg. Opened so that Kanevskaya announced the termination of the activities of the Resource Human Rights Center. At the same time, the term “cessation of activity” can be quoted completely, as the de facto activity in a certain segment continues.

Does this mean that it is fundamentally important for HRRC activities in St. Petersburg that the Russians are not aware of the organization’s funding through a fund headed by the daughter of a Nazi criminal and directing American lobbyists' funds to artificially create the Russian political crisis? If this is important, we can say that all questions about the effectiveness of work from the point of view of real legal protection of the population of the Russian Federation "Resource Human Rights Center" are removed - with Kanevskaya and its center everything is clear ... The organization clearly worked on the principle "the one who pays the most, orders music ”And hardly kept in mind questions about the actual development of the legal system of Russia for the benefit of the development of the state and society. But she kept in mind how, receiving funds from various sources, to improve her own well-being. It is also related to the issue of the “non-commercial” activity of the organization.

Petersburg Channel Five In the program, Nicky Strizhik spoke excellently about the self-serving activities of the Resource Human Rights Center Maria Kanevskaya (material from YouTube from 19 May 2015) (from 5: 35):

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  1. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 24 June 2015 06: 15
    Non-profit organizations financed from abroad by various American organizations must be registered with the FSB, the prosecutor's office, and at the slightest violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation, defending the interests of foreign "investors", CLOSED.
    And the people who organized such NGOs were taken for permanent accounting and control, as agents of influence of the West and the USA, who at any moment can betray the interests of Russia.
    1. Grbear
      Grbear 24 June 2015 06: 40
      Registered - yes. But to close it - only by a court decision on illegal activity (with a "wolf ticket" to the organizer). Do not drive the "sponsors" underground. The rest - draconian administrative fines and control of financial flows (how much, to whom, for what purposes). Everything is civil and benevolent. There is a lot to catch with this "sticky tape". hi
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 24 June 2015 07: 12
    Drive a filthy broom, and even better restore the punishment for treason, read below, smear his forehead with green paint ... so that a bullet of infections does not bring ....
  3. Valery Valery
    Valery Valery 24 June 2015 09: 35
    I think that gradually, we will crush all these agents!
    1. Volzhanin
      Volzhanin 24 June 2015 11: 09
      But better immediately overnight!
      And the stench will be less - only once! And the respect of the people to the authorities will increase and human resources for the development of hard-to-reach territories will be freed.
  4. Kaluzhanin
    Kaluzhanin 24 June 2015 10: 53
    I've been wondering for a long time: do people who are engaged in such activities really believe that they bring good, light and prosperity to their homeland? During school time I was in camps, where directors talked about how they find funding for organizing thematic children's camps in American foundations. I am a tenth grader, what difference does it make to me where the financing of the camp is taken if I am interested in spending time there with friends. But I, a tenth grader, always had one question: Why would another state support any camps in a provincial town in faraway Russia? The principle is known - you have to pay for everything. So: how it will be necessary to work out or reimburse the funds to the funds that they allocate to the camp organizers. Honestly, I have not yet found a clear answer to this question, and this interests me even more - it means paying for this funding is beyond my understanding at the moment. Those. the reckoning for the use of the money of the American funds should be and is probably already going on, only it cannot be understood how a person is paying for it, only it can be seen from the outside how he begins to take active action against his state, and it seems to him that he is good for people. They are used, bought with money, and now they are making money work.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 24 June 2015 16: 57
      Quote: Kalujanin
      Do people who engage in such activities truly believe that they bring good, light and prosperity to their homeland?

      The leadership, of course, is not going to bring anything to anyone (well, just got a salary home). Such in the war easily went to serve in the police. Around themselves, they gather an easy-to-imagine, controlled, inadequate and simply semi-criminal audience.
  5. tank64rus
    tank64rus 24 June 2015 18: 36
    One word is a foreign agent. Spies and traitors.
    ALEA IACTA EST 24 June 2015 19: 49
    The guillotine is crying for all these ... bad people. am
  7. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 24 June 2015 21: 34
    For some reason, it seems to me that the Central Bank did not in vain start mowing banks and depriving licenses, because I think that Bashlyalovo comes from there, did the grantees strain? And I also remember when in the USSR there was only a ruble. Green papers were sent to us on a special flight in boxes from under Xerox.
  8. Olegater
    Olegater 24 June 2015 21: 48
    Dear FORUMCHANTS and those who visit the site - do not stay away and sweep this garbage out of your cities and from OUR RUSSIA. Whoever sees or hears about the activities of these reptiles do everything possible. Hurt them as much as you can; don't let the cockroaches breed and influence the minds of our people. We got the creatures.
  9. Raider
    Raider 24 June 2015 23: 03
    Judging by the photo "... its permanent leader Maria Aleksandrovna Kanevskaya", the selfie was taken in the toilet (the tiles were on our walls), a suitable environment for liberal "toilet flies".
  10. Raider
    Raider 24 June 2015 23: 03
    Judging by the photo "... its permanent leader Maria Aleksandrovna Kanevskaya", the selfie was taken in the toilet (the tiles were on our walls), a suitable environment for liberal "toilet flies".