The military will check the reliability of the Bulava two-year rockets

The military will check the reliability of the Bulava two-year rockets

The next launch of the famous naval rocket will not be a salvo, as commander-in-chief of the Navy Vladimir Vysotsky promised, but a single one.
As a source at the Navy headquarters told Izvestia, the military decided to play it safe and, before launching three missiles from the submarine at once, would make two single launches. Industrialists at the same time claim that launches go according to plan.

“We have two single launches and one salvo of three missiles on schedule this year,” a representative of the military-industrial complex told Izvestia.

He stressed that missiles fired more than two years ago will be involved in test launches, even before the military leadership announced large-scale checks at manufacturing enterprises. In addition, the expert noted, now the former failures of the Bulava are increasingly blaming not the rocket itself, but the Dmitriy Donskoy boat, converted to the Bulava, from which launches were launched. Since the beginning of the Bulava tests, 16 launches have been carried out, seven of which are considered emergency.

However, in the headquarters of the Navy emphasize that missile testing is still out of schedule.

- The salvo of the three missiles was originally planned to be carried out in the October launch. However, at the last moment this idea was abandoned in order to once again check all the systems of the rocket and the boat. It is possible that the December salvo will be postponed for 2012 year, if during the two launches any problems are found, - said the source "Izvestia".

The closest launch of the Bulava is scheduled for October 20 – 22 from the new Borei boat Yury Dolgoruky, which was specially built for this rocket. So far, all launches from Dolgorukiy have been successful, which confirms the validity of the claims of industrialists to Donskoy.

The last time (or, as they say superstitiously in the fleet, “extreme”) “Bulava” was let out from “Dolgoruky” on August 27. The rocket showed the maximum range 9,3 thousand. Km.

If this time everything goes well, the Bulava will be launched on November 18 – 19. If the November launch is successful, a salvo launch of three missiles will take place in December. He must finally confirm that the new naval missile is ready for combat duty.

After that, the Bulava, together with the Boreas, will have to be adopted by the Russian Navy. However, to the "Boreas" just in case, too, make a complaint. In particular, the military is not satisfied with radio electronics, hydraulics and hydroacoustics of new boats.

- "Boreas" is also not fully finalized. There is a very raw control system, which will have to be adjusted and adjusted for a long time, - explained the representative of the Navy.

Military expert Konstantin Sivkov clarified to Izvestia that the launch of the Bulava was delayed by the military and the designers due to the lack of confidence in the reliability of the missile system.

- In a salvo launch, the disturbance of the aquatic environment from the previous rocket plays a big role. Unstable water can knock down a rocket during an exit. Therefore, all systems should work flawlessly. And then the accident "Yars" in Plesetsk, which sowed doubt. Only successful launches can dispel them, Sivkov explained.

Now, besides “Dolgoruky”, which is already going out to sea, the construction of three more “Boreevs” is continuing - these are “Alexander Nevsky”, “Vladimir Monomakh” and “St. Nicholas”. Total to 2020 year, plans to build eight "Boreev".
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