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Recently, the country of Macedonia, through the mouth of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevsky, made a statement. Gruevsky said that Macedonia will join the Russian project “Turkish Stream” only under the condition of an appropriate agreement between Russia and the European Commission, since Macedonia is a country of Euro-Atlantic orientation. He further noted that this country is not very much in need of the development of gas infrastructure.

Euro-Atlantic Country

As reported at the end of May "" With reference to the Bulgarian Novinite Agency, the Prime Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Gruevsky, made a statement regarding the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project.

According to Gruevsky, Macedonia will join the project only if an agreement is reached between Russia and the European Commission. The prime minister added that Macedonia is a country that makes decisions based on a Euro-Atlantic orientation.

Further, Mr. Gruevsky noted that Macedonia does not really need to develop its gas infrastructure. True, Macedonia needs new sources of supply: the country wants to have guarantees of energy security in the long term. Well, and this country is going to build gas-powered power plants.

Yuri Barsukov (Kommersant) writes that a small country of Macedonia can play the same role in the fate of the gas pipeline as Bulgaria for the “South Stream”. On the other hand, expert Alexey Grivach from NESB, Macedonia, just like Bulgaria, can deprive himself of possible incomes from gas transit, notes. As for Russia, it can theoretically do without Macedonia, laying a pipe from Greece to Southern Italy right away or using the Eastring project to transport gas to Baumgarten. True, this is an extremely difficult option, requiring the launch of a large Trans-Balkan gas pipeline (in which Gazprom does not participate) in the reverse mode.

“In such a situation, Kommersant’s sources increasingly doubt that the Turkish Stream will have a land part outside of Turkey. The overwhelming majority of the Kommersant interlocutors on the gas market, both in Europe and in Russia, believe that Gazprom will limit itself to laying two lines of the gas pipeline through the Black Sea at best. Especially since the monopoly already has contracts for such a project with the Italian Saipem and the Swiss Allseas Group. Both Saipem and the Dutch subsidiary of Gazprom South Stream Transport BV last fall had to seek permission to work and purchase equipment from the authorities of Italy and the Netherlands, respectively, because of sanctions against Russia. Permissions received only one thread. "

While experts were wondering what the outcome of the Macedonian-European история, a messenger from the EU arrived in the country of Macedonia - European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and EU enlargement issues Johannes Hahn.

As reported by 2 Jun RIA News", Johannes Hahn stated that the leaders of the political forces of Macedonia agreed to hold elections by the end of April 2016. According to the European mediator-mediator, Nikola Gruevsky and his opponents agreed that "early elections should be held by the end of April next year."

However, three days later another statement was received - from the irreconcilable opposition.

5 June TASS reported that the leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (the country's largest opposition party), Zoran Zaev, refused to participate in negotiations to resolve the domestic political crisis.

The aforementioned Zaev considered the statements of European Commissioner Johannes Hahn “biased”.

Analyst Dmitry Sedov ("Fund of Strategic Culture"), going beyond the actual Macedonian question, recalled that the United States cooperated with the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, despite the fact that the KLA traded heroin and human organs, and its militants were trained in Al-Qaida camps. To top it all, its leader Hashim Thaci, nicknamed "The Serpent" (now the Prime Minister of the "Republic of Kosovo") was looking for Interpol. According to the analyst, the American “project of Kosovo” was created “with a view to the complete elimination of Russia's influence in the Balkans and the destruction of the very memory of the unity of the Slavs.” Obvious this plan made today Macedonia.

The main instrument of US foreign policy in the Balkans is the “Great Albanian Project.” The idea involves the redrawing of the entire Balkan geopolitical space.

“In order for“ Great Albania ”to take place, its north-western regions should be cut off from Macedonia, their southern territories should be separated from Serbia and Montenegro, and the north of the country from Greece.

According to D. Sedov, the builders of “Great Albania” will not be satisfied with the acquisition of the Kosovo region. The next stage of expansion will be an attempt to tear off its southern regions with a mixed Serbian-Albanian population from Serbia.

Today, KLA militants waiting for their hour move between the “Republic of Kosovo”, the south of Serbia and northwest Macedonia. Kosovo for Europe is a territorially-political formation of a “fundamentally new type,” the analyst points out. This is a "classic protectorate, fully controlled by the United States."

Well, what will happen to Macedonia?

According to the expert, decisions regarding the future of this country are not made at all in Skopje. In Skopje, there is only a herald: this is the American ambassador. He "brings the decisions made to the Macedonian government and the leaders of the opposition parties."

American ears stick out of the den of terrorists. For example, after the Macedonian police repelled a well-known Kosovo Albanian attack by the 9 in May on Kumanovo, fourteen terrorist corpses were found at the site of the clash. It is interesting that then the four bodies disappeared. It turned out that these were the bodies of two American and two British instructors who were part of the attackers. The bodies “surfaced” in Kosovo, based on the “Bondsteel” base.

Nana Yakovenko also writes about the scenarios of the probable dismemberment of the state ("InoSMI"), economist, analyst of the international space communications organization Intersputnik, expert of the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy MGIMO (U).

She recalls that there is talk of a deeper "federalization" of Macedonia, of making it a "flexible federation", and even "confederation". Western experts are talking about a possible dismemberment of the country, since Macedonia is supposedly an artificial state. And if so, a part of the country must be given to Bulgaria, and a part to Albania.

Meanwhile, in Tirana, the analyst writes, the prime minister proclaims the slogans of "Greater Albania." It was in Tirana (the capital of the Republic of Albania - O. Ch.) That the leaders of the Albanian parties of Macedonia follow the instructions.

Nor is the US ambassador to Skopje idle. He calls the leaders of political parties and the opposition: apparently, he also “distributes instructions corresponding to the American interpretation of the script”.

According to the expert, the situation in Macedonia is extremely serious: “The experience of the Maidan in Ukraine shows that the change of objectionable heads of state, it seems, has now been put on stream. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, now - Macedonia ". But what about the “Great Albanian State”? Is not enough for the West "Islamic state"? Such questions are rightly given by Nana Yakovenko.

Russia, we add from ourselves, from the lessons of the next “Maidan”, should extract the simplest fact: where Moscow wants to somehow develop trade relations with other states, politics immediately becomes across the economy. There was South Stream, huge amounts of money were invested in infrastructure — but John McCain visited Bulgaria and South Stream was frozen and then canceled. Now there is an idea about the “Turkish Stream”, but the Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevsky said that his country will join the project only with the appropriate agreement between Russia and the European Commission, since Macedonia is a country of Euro-Atlantic orientation. And so that Gruevsky was more accommodating, Western “curators” scare him at the same time with “Maidan” and “flexible federation”.

In short, in our time, the laying of pipelines has turned into a political rather than an economic occupation. Mr. Gruevsky, maybe he would like to build natural gas power stations and make money on the transit of “blue fuel”, but even more, he wants his country not to be cut into pieces by the “federalists”.

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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 9 June 2015 06: 23
    However, where will the Russian gas from the Turkish Stream go then? Only to Italy, across the sea? I think none of this is required. By 19 the ruins of dill will finally return to common sense, and the gas will go as it did. Only the conditions will be OUR!
    1. Vend
      Vend 9 June 2015 10: 45
      This country does not really need the development of gas infrastructure.

      It was necessary to blurt out. Several hundred billion for transit through Macedonia is, in his opinion, superfluous. Yes, with such presidents, the country will fly into the pipe.
    2. user
      user 9 June 2015 11: 34
      However, where will the Russian gas from the Turkish Stream go then? Only to Italy, across the sea?

      No, they will simply continue the pipeline from China (Western route) to India, because gas from this resource base goes to Europe, by the way negotiations are underway on this topic. So the result may be the most unexpected.
  2. zurbagan63
    zurbagan63 9 June 2015 06: 27
    Macedonia will deflate sooner or later. Then they will take up Greece, if they insist on their independence.
    1. viktmell
      viktmell 9 June 2015 21: 47
      << But what about the "Great Albanian State"? Is it not enough for the West of the "Islamic State"? >> - even to me, not too far off, it comes to me that ISIS, like the VAG, will be financed p and o s ... m, since they are (and threaten) not S Sh P. ..A little bit (for several thousand to tens of thousands) km or miles from p and n d ..... on.
  3. bocsman
    bocsman 9 June 2015 06: 39
    Naive. Their countries will be cut anyway! As if they did not play up in front of the "hegemon".
  4. Rigla
    Rigla 9 June 2015 07: 18
    I do not feel sorry for them. They saw the events of the 90s along with the tragedy of 1999, and the subsequent rejection of Kosovo, they themselves are in the same situation, but still America’s heels were licked all these 25 years. Why complain now ...
  5. bionik
    bionik 9 June 2015 07: 26
    The pro-American puppets have gone wild, but were once infallible wars.
  6. Predator-74
    Predator-74 9 June 2015 07: 44
    Do not want to carry gas through their territory? In this case, gas prices will go up due to its deficit in Southern Europe and Gazprom will partially (or even completely) repel losses. A little later they will beg the European Commission to allow the construction of a transit branch.
  7. ramzes1776
    ramzes1776 9 June 2015 07: 45
    We have concluded an agreement with China, now we need to negotiate with India. And let the LNG buy the geyropa. To whom will they only increase their price of goods?
    1. Ing40
      Ing40 9 June 2015 13: 22
      Last week infa slipped about the conclusion of an agreement on military-industrial cooperation between India and the United States. In order not to lose the opportunity to conclude a contract for the supply of gas to India - the states may spoil.
  8. NEXUS
    NEXUS 9 June 2015 08: 19
    Always at the funny brightly colored Parsley from the "ass" the puppeteer's hand sticks out. hi
  9. RiverVV
    RiverVV 9 June 2015 08: 28
    In my opinion, everyone is already ankle-deep, what they promise and declare "brothers". There were too many lies and show-off. Let them take care of themselves.
  10. oracul
    oracul 9 June 2015 08: 29
    The diligence with which the EU cuts the "gas bitch" is no longer surprising. Overconfidence has never been good. Well, we will not build the "Turkish stream in full, we will limit ourselves to two branches (we will increase supplies to Turkey - they are asking), we will sell the rest of the gas in the east, but in our country we will improve the situation with gasification. If Ukraine, God forbid, remains in the form of a Nazi state, in vain hopes that Russia will make it happy with the transit of the same volumes of gas to Europe, and if it does, it will most likely sell it on the border with the square (today we do not do this for political reasons). And there, I think, the Turks will hurry up - at least Iranian, even Turkmen, or Azeri gas will still go through Turkey and it will dictate the conditions. ”I hope that our specialists take into account such risks.
  11. alstr
    alstr 9 June 2015 09: 20
    Here I have a question: can they read in Europe? Gazprom seemed to directly say that the Turkish Stream is a gas pipeline only to a hub on the border with Greece. Hence the logical question: Why did Europe decide that Gazprom would generally build something outside of Turkey?
    It is possible to help build loans to someone. But we will not build ourselves.
    So really, Europe complicates its own life.
  12. virm
    virm 9 June 2015 10: 01
    There is no agreement even with Turkey. Gazprom is going to pull the pipe to the Turkish coast for its (our) money, and then what? None of the Europeans said they were going to buy gas from this pipe. No one is going to build pipes to the alleged hub. There is no agreement with Turkey.
    They no longer know who to vaporize this gas. It is better to use it in the country than to venture such adventures. And descendants need to leave resources.
    1. dude_not_in_theme
      dude_not_in_theme 9 June 2015 15: 51
      I completely agree. They run around with their pipes around the world and don’t know who to sell to. All send. Shame ..
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 June 2015 10: 17
    Hi Oleg!
    Thank you for the article.

    Somehow everything is very muddy with the Turkish Stream.
    Either we are playing for all-in, or there are joint projects with the Turks that we do not know about and who, perhaps, are waiting for their sensational "explosion" for the gamerope.
    I would like to believe in the second.
  14. Walking
    Walking 9 June 2015 10: 23
    Another American litter.
  15. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 9 June 2015 11: 04
    don't really need in developing its gas infrastructure ... country wants to have guarantees energy security ... going to build gas-fired power plants.

    Where is the logic??? fool
    Apparently the SYNDROME of dill struck the brains of more than a dozen politicians in Eurostan.
  16. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 9 June 2015 12: 09
    At unattainable heights, a piece of cheese was laid.
    Fox, - a cheat and a sneak,
    Smelling cheese a delicate flavor
    (The fox breath captivated damply):
    "Cheese, dear brother, darling,
    won't you please, my dear ... "
    But the cheese heard from Krylov was about her cunning. It wasn’t so easy to get hold of him,
    and therefore a favorite technique
    The cheat failed.
    And the cheese remained for the time being.
    Cheese did not succumb to our provocation -
    A fox feast was put off.
    But the godfather did not despair and went on arguing:
    "You may have confused me with someone, dear friend,
    But among friends
    I say - do you believe it, gossip -
    Not cunning at all and not insidious
    And in friendship with cheeses dyuzhe garnoy.
    I am waiting for your gratitude, she-she ",
    - cried out almost crying
    - "Do not listen to Krylov's fables,
    Close your eyes, plug your ears!
    Well, right, believe me,
    when i'm here, i'm near, i'm now
    With all the simplicity of my soul I want to be friends
    Do not in vain blame me for lying ... "
    The cheese was thoughtful, and there was something to it.
    Such sentimental speeches
    He did not hear;
    He was blurry, melted, he was seduced:
    "Well ... you know, these words are so sweet,
    So sincere that you said ... "
    Swallowing saliva greedily, that to him:
    "So let me hug you tighter
    In recognition of our indestructible friendship! "
    And the cheese was ready to believe in feelings already ...
    But here came the master of cheese.
    Well foxes and the trace has caught a cold, -
    A sad sneak left with nothing.

    Not always happens to circle us around the fingers.
    But to some of the revealed impudent people
    No, no, yes succeeds:
    Do not grieve.

    Fedorov G.M.
  17. friend of animals
    friend of animals 9 June 2015 18: 39
    Well, everything was resolved peacefully, and the protests calmed the election. One had only to abandon the Turkish stream. And then experts predicted a war in the Balkans. Initially, it was clear that this was blackmail. And Greece will also sit exactly on the pope.
  18. holgert
    holgert 9 June 2015 19: 55
    I've been to Macedonia - a rather poor country !!!! And it's strange what they say about the "" uselessness "" of gas --- there they heat with wood in half of the houses, and in winter there is just a stench ....
  19. samuil60
    samuil60 9 June 2015 22: 47
    The Titanic 2 is floating away, and they all want to catch it. The Titanic 1 did not teach anyone anything. However, as always.
  20. sinoptic
    sinoptic 10 June 2015 00: 45
    Apparently, everything will rest on the fact that in 2019 our gas transit through Ukraine will stop. There will be a lot of howling and a cold winter, full of thought. After that, everything will fall into place. And everything will calm down.
  21. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 22 June 2015 11: 33
    They won’t let you build a gas pipeline, you don’t even have to dream - maximum to Turkey! They will force me to swell into the thread to southern Europe and everything is slowed down, do not go to the grandmother! Only naive people can think that the Anglo-Saxons will stop until they beat Russia! Let at least 10 years pass.