Photoreport from the exercise "Union Shield-2011"

Photoreport from the exercise "Union Shield-2011"

The Belarusian-Russian operational exercise "Union Shield" will be held from 16 to 22 in September at the ranges Gorohovetsky and Ashuluk.

Polygon Gorokhovetsky - The main range of the Armed Forces of Russia, the largest in Europe.
Located near the village Mulino Nizhny Novgorod region.
Area - 100 thousand hectares.

Polygon Ashuluk - Artillery ground for conducting exercises with the use of weapons of air defense forces.
Located east of the railway station Ashuluk Astrakhan region.
Area - about 96 thousand hectares.

The maneuvers involved:

about 12 thous. military,
including Belarusian - about 5 thousand, Russian - 7 thousand, Ukrainian - up to 100 people (airmobile company);

about 50 airplanes and helicopters,
including Belarusian ones - up to 20;

more 100 tanks,
including Belarusian ones - up to 35;

280 armored vehicles,
including Belarusian ones - up to 80;

C-300, Buk, Osa, Tunguska, Strela-10, Igla anti-aircraft missile systems, Smerch volley fire systems.

The air defense units fired more than 2 at thousands of different targets, imitating helicopters and low-flying aircraft.

During the exercise, joint actions were worked out as part of the regional grouping of Belarus and Russia.

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  1. +1
    12 October 2011 10: 08
    And what is our boss stool boss, sitting in a suit and not in military uniform? Probably the real officers hinted to him that he should not wear it!
  2. enikey
    12 October 2011 12: 31
    what uniform should he wear if he didn’t even serve
  3. +1
    12 October 2011 15: 27
    more such teachings !!!!
  4. ytqnhfk
    12 October 2011 15: 53
    Yes, it’s immediately clear where we are really learning to fight !! With the Kazakhs, the exercises were almost there for the purpose of looking away, and here everything is as it should with missile launches and interceptions low and inconspicuous targets! And the composition is not a frail beech, wasp, tunguska, tornado, s-300!
  5. zczczc
    13 October 2011 02: 45
    Yes, everything is cool, only I do not believe in the ability of the small army, which was made of our large army, to protect our vast country. Or have they already said goodbye to Siberia and decided not to splurge?
    1. Volkhov
      13 October 2011 03: 19
      These are the exercises of the expeditionary forces, which cannot be large for transport reasons. And in order to protect Siberia and the people in general, a large people's army is needed, the technical base of which was largely liquidated in order to bring about the condition of the Indians with the same result.
      Priority - internal troops.
      1. zczczc
        14 October 2011 03: 48
        Volkhov, I did not speak about the teachings, but about our declining army.
        The teachings are useful even if one person is involved.
        And Siberia is a pity, it is difficult to realize that we are there in the overwhelming minority and in the balance, in essence, are holding it.