Shop number 8623

Writes saoirse-xnumx: There are a lot of aircraft manufacturing plants in Moscow. These plants are not interesting outside, but very interesting inside. In Soviet times, it was only those who worked there that could see what was in this record, but now it's another time and everything has become a little easier. And at night on a rainy autumn day, when the guard peacefully slumbers, I teleported to the territory in search of another photographic material. So welcome to workshop number 8623.

1. A little soaked in the rain, I went into the open corridor and began to inspect everything.

2. All the doors were closed and it was possible to get there without harming anything only in this workshop.

3. A couple of minutes and I'm at the door. And immediately realized that the night would not be in vain.

4. In the only illuminated place of the workshop there are stocks for the assembly of aircraft; they come in various sizes and shapes, usually the plant itself produces them.

5. The whole workshop is absolutely working, and relatively clean.

6. Freshly painted detail on the cart.

7. As I understand it in this round thing is assembled.

8. Workplace location.

9. Such stands are in every factory where I was. True posters on them are different.

10. Forms for fighter noses.

Shop number 8623

11. I think for this there is a specific name and it is still interesting to know the process of making noses.

12. After about an hour in the workshop, a wildly screaming form of life was discovered. The cry was so sharp that I almost dropped the camera with the tripod together. The animal clearly had a romantic mood and the ora were heard, a cat appeared a couple of minutes later. It was not possible to photograph them. they quickly retired and I continued to shoot things completely incomprehensible to me.

13. Racks with templates, with the help of them given the desired shape of the plating details.

14. There are a lot of them.

15. Again, I do not know the mechanisms.


17. Table on which hand paint rivets and other unpainted elements.



20. Wing.

21. Galvanic bath.


23. This part of the workshop was equipped with various machines, the machines are quite typical for factories. Many different patterns of wood.

24. Another fighter.

25. In two hours in this workshop I received a good charge of positive emotions, and all because I love cats and airplanes.
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