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Under whose tune dancing Duda

In the presidential elections in Poland won Andrzej Duda. In relation to Russia, this person is even more belligerent, if not aggressive, than his predecessor, Komorowski. The mentioned Duda supports the idea of ​​sending troops to the aid of the Ukrainian army, bravely fighting for the Donbass. Warsaw has a real chance to help fraternal Kiev: after all, the president in Poland heads the armed forces and determines the state’s foreign policy.

Duda 43, he is still young and full of strength and ambition. And he has a lot of plans. And the victory in the elections just has to implement the most ambitious searchlights.

By the way, the victory was not deafening: the Poles gave 48% of votes (rounded) for competitor Bronislav Komorowski, and Duda received 52%.

What kind of person is the new president of Poland? And what are his plans?

Ban Duda is a new president, but in politics a man is not new. In the elections, he acted as a candidate from the opposition (conservative) party "Law and Justice". Andrzej Duda - Member of the European Parliament. By profession - a lawyer.

Like many presidential candidates in stories humanity, Duda promised voters a change. There is probably no such candidate in the world for a major political post who would not brainwash the electorate with speeches about positive changes and a direct path to a brighter future. “Those who voted for me voted for the changes. Together we can change Poland, ”said Duda in Warsaw.

"BBC" recalls that Andrzej Duda worked as a legal advisor to President Lech Kaczynski. Moreover, Duda considers himself the spiritual and political heir to Kaczynski.

In an interview with Rzeczpospolita, he wrote to the BBC, he said that two days before his death in a plane crash, Mr. Kaczynski told him: generations are coming and people like him, Duda, will have to take responsibility for their fate Poland.

As noted by RBCDuda promised the Poles that the doors of the presidential palace would be open to any public initiative. In addition, he said that he would do everything to strengthen democracy in Poland.

Andrzej Duda - a supporter of rapprochement with Ukraine. Giving an interview to RMF radio station, he spoke about the possible dispatch of Polish servicemen to support the Ukrainian army in the Donbas.

As for the plane crash near Smolensk and the death of Lech Kaczynski, a few years ago Duda starred in the documentary film “Fog”. The authors of this film questioned the official version of the reasons for the death of the president and put forward their hypothesis, accusing the Russian special services of the tragedy.

It should also be added that the Polish party “Law and Justice” has been headed since January 2003 by the twin brother of Lech - Jaroslav Kaczynski. Like Duda, Jaroslav Kaczynski is a lawyer by education.

With the aforementioned Kaczynski, political intrigue is already unfolding. In the electoral headquarters of Andrzej Duda, it was reported that the chairman of the Law and Justice Party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, in the autumn of 2015, could be nominated for the post of Prime Minister of Poland. Moreover, the headquarters have no doubt that the candidate "will become the Prime Minister of Poland", notes Rosbalt. And another quote from the statement of the head of the election headquarters Beata Szydlo: "... it was thanks to Kaczynski that Dud became the president."

If Kaczynski comes to power, we will add on our own, that politicians who are hostile to Russia will fill Poland. In particular, Kaczynski is not known for the warmest attitude to Putin. And the party “Law and Justice” became famous as a supporter of close cooperation between Poland and the United States.

And, of course, the question of NATO. At the pre-election debate, candidate Andrzej Duda called for the deployment of bases of the North Atlantic Alliance on Polish territory.

RIA News" quotes the analyst's opinion given in the British newspaper The Guardian.

The victory of Andrzej Duda in the elections can fix a turn to the right, which ultimately will lead to a "nightmare in Polish foreign policy." Relations with not only Russia, but also with the European Union can deteriorate. So thinks the head of one of the independent analytical centers of Warsaw - President of the Institute of Public Affairs of Poland Jacek Kukharchik.

The expert believes that Poland’s relations with other European countries will largely be determined by whether A. Duda can keep a moderate agenda. If he is influenced by his party, Law and Justice (the analyst calls it nationalist), a “nightmare” can happen: “This can turn into a nightmare for Polish foreign policy, since it can mean coming into conflict with Germany and aggressive rhetoric on towards Russia. We are now on a thorny path ... "

The head of the State Duma’s international affairs committee, Alexei Pushkov, "Twitter" Such an assessment of Duda’s election victory:

“The Poles got rid of Komorowski. Hate for Russia was not enough to win the election. Lesson to his colleagues from neighboring countries. "

Elections in Poland commented on the newspaper "Sight" Director of the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis Mateusz Piskorski.

“The loss of Komorowski,” he believes, “is the result of the fatigue of a large part of the electorate from the ruling Civic Platform party.” It is also the result of a rather sluggish election campaign of Komorowski, who was too self-confident. He thought he could win even in the first round of elections. And then it was too late to take additional measures. ”

But in the campaign of Andrzej Duda, modern technologies were used: “He led a campaign in social networks, and also used technologies that are used during election campaigns in the USA”.

The expert believes that there is a certain similarity between the political lines of Komorowski and Duda. Komorowski said, for example: “Negative changes of the Russian side in relation to neighbors have caused the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which is now affecting the security of the whole of Europe, of the entire Western world, including the security of Poland.” Also, the president declared the threat of "the appearance of green men."

Andrzej Duda points out that Poland should look for allies to confront Russia and Germany: both of these states are allegedly trying not only to use Warsaw in their own interests, but even to "divide Poland." A politician addressed Russia as follows: "... modern Russia, which, besides all this, also openly violates the norms of international law, has nothing to do with democracy."

The expert also recalls that Duda publicly supported the opinion of Polish politician Zbigniew Bujak, who spoke in favor of sending Polish soldiers to Ukraine.

The Journal "Expert" An article by analyst Gevorg Mirzayan entitled "Russia-Poland: Nowhere Is Worse."

The analyst also explains the success of Duda, among other things, a powerful election campaign. And populist promises, of course: “... 43-year-old Andrzej Duda, whose greatest political achievement until recently was the post of Deputy Minister of Justice in the office of former Prime Minister Yaroslav Kaczynski. He conducted an extremely bright and vigorous presidential campaign, having traveled by bus (dubbed “Dudabus”) over 240 Polish cities and distributed a number of popular election promises (in particular, gave the word to do everything possible to cancel the unpopular decision to increase the retirement age in the country to 67 years old)".

In his article, the analyst gives an opinion on the victory of Duda, a well-known Polish chief editor. “I remember the era of Yaroslav Kaczynski’s rule and Rights and Justice,” says Adam Michnik, editor-in-chief of the Polish newspaper Vyborcha, “is a political provocation, the super power of the special services. Poland seemed a country of suspicion and fear. ”

The inauguration of the new Polish President, Andrzej Duda, we will add, 6 August 2015 is due to take place. Thus, the “right to right” and “nightmare in Polish foreign policy” expected by experts can take place no earlier than autumn - winter. We will also find out about the possible NATO novations of Duda and the attitude towards the Ukrainian crisis not earlier than autumn. At the same time, it will be known exactly how the “Law and Justice” party will promote the ideas of “close cooperation” of Poland with the USA. Especially since the chairman of the “Rights and Justice” J. Kaczynski is promised in the autumn to be “promoted” to the post of prime minister. And this man, like Dudu, who seeks to bring Poland closer together not with the EU, but with America, is hard to suspect of sympathy for Moscow.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. shef598
    shef598 27 May 2015 05: 41
    We are waiting for Madame with cookies, so to speak for fixing))))
    1. Finches
      Finches 27 May 2015 06: 51
      It has already been written many times that in the EU countries, especially the six countries of the former social. camps that sold out like the last slut to the Americans, becoming a leader is not possible if you are not a Russophobe! Moreover, Poland has not historically sympathized with us. There, all presidents want to be cooler than Pilsudski, although they understand perfectly well that you cannot become someone if, in reality, you are an ordinary American bedding! With triple energy, they pour out their weakness on Russia!
      Yes, and what do we care about this oh Poland ??? Let yourself yapping, Eka is unseen!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. ispaniard
        ispaniard 27 May 2015 09: 21
        And I liked the idea expressed in the article that Dupa, oh Duda can start / began to bark not only towards Russia BUT AND ON THE SIDE OF GERMANY ...
        In Psheks, how do I see eggs grown too big? ..

        Quote: Finches
        We are waiting for Madame with cookies, so to speak for fixing))))

        And I agree with this idea Poland is laid in (albeit not the foundation), but the supporting structures of the building of the European Union, plastic explosives and a remote blasting overseas ... T.E. Ukraine was blown up:
        between the Russian Federation and the EU
        1). To destabilize the ever-increasing convergence and other integration processes in the economy between these two mastodons
        2). But still, for the most part, Ukraine was blown up in the direction of Russia in order to shower us with g ... m and even as a bonus to receive the "Occupation by Russian troops" of a young democratic state. (Yeah shchaz, the lessons of the "Prague Spring" and "Sturm Grozny" were taken into account).
        And now, in the European Union itself, a similar "Ukraine" is found directly bordering on the "Heart of the EU" -Germany ... - over the ocean will always help Peter in the fight against Ivan and even in the fight against Hans. (After all, Peter served John so faithfully that he will not abandon his faithful Sancho Panza, oh Peter). Nuda nuda, he won't quit ... Peter would have looked better at Mykola, who is lying next to his border, who has been drowning in his own city for a year and a half already. And where is John with his help? But Mykola served John even worse than Peter ...

        And by the way, in vain is Peter about Hans, Hans is not Ivan, you don’t hang him about the lost brothers of the Slavs, firstly because he is not a Slav and secondly because he is a materialist and not inclined to condescension in relation to fools ...
        1. Alf
          Alf 27 May 2015 19: 14
          Quote: ispaniard
          And by the way, in vain is Peter about Hans, Hans is not Ivan, you don’t hang him about the lost brothers of the Slavs, firstly because he is not a Slav and secondly because he is a materialist and not inclined to condescension in relation to fools ...

          The Minister of Defense flies into the office of the President of Poland.
          Pan President, an attack has been made on our country, the enemy has crossed the border and is successfully developing the offensive inland Poland, our troops are heroically moving forward towards the rear, the American president said he would not intervene!
          How dare these damned bastards?
          And they didn’t do it, they are Germans ...
      3. Vladimir.z.
        Vladimir.z. 27 May 2015 09: 23
        .... By profession - a lawyer ....

        That says it all.....
      4. Darek
        Darek 27 May 2015 10: 19
        Quote: Finches
        It has already been written many times that in the EU countries, especially the six countries of the former social. camps that sold out like the last slut to the Americans, becoming a leader is not possible if you are not a Russophobe!

        And he is ... Well ... Doesn’t want to fly to Smolensk? To honor memory ... and in general ...
        But this is so ... Thoughts aloud.
        At Smolensk we have the place for Russophobes.
    2. qwert
      qwert 27 May 2015 07: 13
      Zhirinovsiy also says a lot of things, but if he is made president, then naturally he will not carry out all those harsh words that he speaks to increase his popularity. I hope that the Pole has the intelligence not to act to the detriment of Poland. Poles are economically more profitable to be friends with Russia. And the new president should understand that the death of Polish soldiers in Ukraine (and the fact that the Poles are still warriors, history has repeatedly demonstrated) will not add to his popularity at all.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 27 May 2015 07: 29
        Quote: qwert
        the death of Polish soldiers in Ukraine (and the fact that the Poles are still warriors, history has repeatedly demonstrated) will not add to its popularity at all.

        Or maybe they should send it? Surely the Poles will fight with Bandera! so let them shoot in the right direction. And there ... you see, a scandal ... the Poles will demand revenge for their own (with their ambition) And the border with Poland is very transparent ... and here they are, "dear" Westerners ... and Lvov is not D'vov, but Lemberg. .. oh what can happen in this situation
        1. candy wrapper13
          candy wrapper13 27 May 2015 08: 33
          * Surely the Poles will mate with Bandera *-"We will return Lvov, we will kill Bandera's men." Polish banner at the national rugby match " wink

          * Volyn massacre * -Poles remember yes
          PS As REGNUM reported, it was planned that the first international meeting of Andrzej Duda in a new status will be held with the Ukrainian president. However, the meeting was canceled. The probable reason is the departure of the head of Poland to Brussels to a meeting of the European Parliament, of which he remains a deputy. lol
      2. yushch
        yushch 27 May 2015 08: 29
        That's honest, well, absolutely this is insignificant news for us. Well, no way these scavengers (hyena of Europe) can not harm us, because. they are even scanty in Europe, and they will never stop barking and sputtering toward Russia, it sits on them at the genetic level.
        P.S. By the way, the surname is symbolic of their prezik, it turns out right according to Sikorsky, he will play on the leather pipe of his black master. good
        1. Mareman Vasilich
          Mareman Vasilich 27 May 2015 09: 13
          Here is the comrade, you say right. The fact that the Poles are mentally political prostitutes, we know without them.
      3. Dart2027
        Dart2027 27 May 2015 08: 57
        Quote: qwert
        death of Polish soldiers in Ukraine

        So they have been there for a long time. The corpses of Polish PMC members were found at the airport, and it was rumored that not only Bandera were in the downed air defense transport carrier.
      4. The comment was deleted.
      5. Angro Magno
        Angro Magno 27 May 2015 19: 51
        Quote: qwert
        I hope that the Pole has the intelligence not to act to the detriment of Poland.

        Your will, but I would not really hope so. Just look at the history of Poland.
    3. self-propelled
      self-propelled 27 May 2015 10: 12
      the next Duda the possessed. as for me, whoever comes to power in Poland is all one Yusov litter
    4. vlad_m
      vlad_m 27 May 2015 10: 44
      Americans chose a new president for the Poles ...
      Themselves, the Poles, for the most part are quite sane and reasonable people. They perfectly understand "where the wind blows from". But ... It turned out what happened.
      You cannot deny Amers a sense of humor. Do they specifically select politicians with such names?

      Donald Took Associations - Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck.

      Duda. Associations - Dude. Dude - translated from English. = dude.

      Put your dude on the post?
      1. dali
        dali 27 May 2015 13: 19
        Quote: vlad_m
        Themselves, the Poles, for the most part are quite sane and reasonable people. They perfectly understand "where the wind blows from". But ... It turned out what happened.

        However, these sane hawks are all that the Americans and their Polish puppets are breathing in ...

        Well did not vote for the sane? belay
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. anakonda
    anakonda 27 May 2015 05: 49
    An outspoken Russophobe came to power in Poland, as it is not sad, and quite active, not questioning his actions.
    1. Same lech
      Same lech 27 May 2015 06: 04
      Frank Russophobe came to power in Poland

      Well, well, not a single Russophobe has yet been able to defeat RUSSIA .... this DUDA will have a 1002 attempt with the same result in the song ...
      what a pain .... RUSSIA - POLAND ... 5: 0
    2. ramzes1776
      ramzes1776 27 May 2015 07: 13
      One Russophobe more, one less. We are in the drum.
    3. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 27 May 2015 08: 41
      * Frank Russophobe came to power in Poland *-but ... "for Russia, the victory of the right is rather a plus. Duda is quite constructive, as far as one can judge a person who so far has not been able to clearly show himself in politics. He, unlike the same Tusk and the Kaczynski brothers, is young and does not come from Solidarity, "" Duda will not be accommodating with the head of the European Council Tusk, tensions may arise in relations with Germany and, in general, politics will become less European and more oriented to the country's national interests . And the fact that Poland will now become a less convenient partner for Washington and Brussels for Russia will, of course, be a positive moment"- believes Dmitry Ofitserov Belsky.request . wait and see yes
      “Poland must pursue an offensive foreign policy in the international arena, not enter into any conflict with Russia, since there is no such need, but to understand the essence of things, to see threats, ”- says Duda. hi
    4. Alf
      Alf 27 May 2015 19: 17
      Quote: anakonda
      not questioning their actions.

      That would be before doing, he thought ...
  3. staryivoin
    staryivoin 27 May 2015 05: 58
    Trumpet in a Polish orchestra playing an American melody
  4. Denis
    Denis 27 May 2015 06: 02
    questioned the official version of the causes of the death of the president and put forward their hypothesis, accusing the Russian special services of tragedy
    Rather, he is a dupa (pshek.)
    It’s their tradition not to be able to fly
    Meanwhile, General Sikorski flies to the Middle East at the beginning of the summer of 1943 to inspect the Polish military units stationed there.

    In the evening of July 4, on 23.07, the Gibraltar dispatcher gave permission to take off. At first, the plane, as usual, was gaining altitude, but then it suddenly began to dive slowly, and already at the very end, before it fell into the sea, its engines died out. The prime minister and his entourage perished. Only one pilot survived.
    And here, as if the whole world made fun of
    In a week on February 18, the funeral of 20 pilots who died in the crash of a CASA plane will take place. Polish Air Force spokesman Weslaw Grzegorzewski told Radio News Agency that farewell to the dead would be held according to military ceremonies. The President and the Prime Minister announced their presence at the mourning ceremony. Before the funeral, a field service will be held, and then an order for the posthumous assignment of new military ranks will be counted. The CASA C-295M military transport plane crashed on January 23 at the airfield in Miroslawiec during the approach. All aboard were killed - four crew members and 16 officers returning from Warsaw from a safety conference
    To look for such perverts
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 27 May 2015 06: 52
      Quote: Denis
      Rather, he is a dupa (pshek.)

      Yes, there were several posters of his campaign, where the surname was written in capital letters. As a result of the poorly selected background, instead of DUDA, DUPA was clearly read.
  5. Sasha75
    Sasha75 27 May 2015 06: 02
    What are you wondering there simply cannot be another president other than the one who will swear with us, that is, with Russia. This state was created to hate Russia. I repeat in the Second World War every second Pole died. The current government wants to surpass this record so that every first one perishes. So that the people of Poland do not exist and they do it with great success, this is their main goal for this, their people, and chooses what kind of people such and power are. We already have an example of a state trying to live on hatred of the Russians. Ukraine, everything is clear to everyone. The good news is that soon, according to refugee quotas in Poland, there will be more children from Libya and from Africa in general, who simply don’t like whites who brought them such a necessary democracy that they don’t know where to go and whether they feel the Pole on the drum or not the difference is mischievous.
  6. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 27 May 2015 06: 12
    again the Dudayevites on the threshold of Russia will shout about "Russian occupation"
  7. captain
    captain 27 May 2015 06: 47
    For our state, that the former, that the newly elected is not very nice characters. But as they say :-) which are. Our Foreign Ministry to work with them. Poles for us opponents for a very long time, it happened historically. And I very much doubt that in the near future, the president of Russophile may appear there. The history of the formation of Ukraine, like two drops of water, is similar to the history of Poland.
  8. koksalek
    koksalek 27 May 2015 06: 49
    Another country merchant on the cheap for mattresses. Worse than prostitutes, ready to serve a mattress for nothing if only to spite neighbors
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 May 2015 07: 09
    the “right turn” and “nightmare in Polish foreign policy” expected by experts can take place no earlier than fall - winter.

    There was no gift, it came even worse. Balts and Ukrainians are probably in complete political ecstasy. For Poland, this should ultimately end in tears, both economically and politically.
    1. qwert
      qwert 27 May 2015 07: 16
      On the whole, ordinary Poles understand that Russia needs to live in peace. But it seems that when counting the voters, they also consider American dollars. As long as there is a tang in the world, there will be no order and peace on the planet.
  10. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 27 May 2015 07: 26
    as they say in Belarus - everything will go - Duda)))))) the question is not worth it ........ what is old - what is new ........ wave your hand ....
  11. fomkin
    fomkin 27 May 2015 07: 33
    Our Dudu are already waiting.
  12. Lyton
    Lyton 27 May 2015 07: 35
    Radish horseradish is not sweeter, Russia will not gain anything from this pipe, if relations can become even worse.
  13. parusnik
    parusnik 27 May 2015 07: 41
    Duda, he will be blowing his own dudes, the blues of American blacks, and with the change of president in the USA, other music .. but one figs American ...
  14. Micross
    Micross 27 May 2015 07: 59
    Yes, everything is the same !!!))
  15. pensioner
    pensioner 27 May 2015 08: 06
    Under whose tune does Duda dance?
    Let's wait and find out. yes
  16. wandlitz
    wandlitz 27 May 2015 08: 27
    The politician spoke about Russia as follows: “... modern Russia, which, besides all this, also openly violates the norms of international law, has nothing to do with democracy” ......
    You might think that the United States, England and others ...... s are a model of democracy. Just mongrel Lyakhovsky are afraid to bark in their direction.
  17. Gray 43
    Gray 43 27 May 2015 08: 34
    Do not take seriously all his slogans - he wants rapprochement with Ukraine only in order to chop off a piece of territory, and the fact that Russophobic rhetoric is so that Ukrainians would not guess))) if you recall the elections in the vast expanses of the former Union, they often won candidates with a pro-Russian line in relations but after the election, the weather vane turned exactly in the direction of the West and local nationalists, maybe in this case too? The Poles simply can’t handle the conflict on two fronts - against Germany and against Russia, and the Germans may now have territorial issues
  18. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 27 May 2015 09: 17
    That the previous leader, that the current, "horseradish radish is not sweeter." One word is Poles. Recently caught my eye. ",,, the specific features of Polish alcoholism can be deduced from the dominance of hysterical and psychasthenic characteristics in a hypothetical folk character." (from)
    Anton Kempinski is a Polish psychiatrist "...
  19. Vladimir
    Vladimir 27 May 2015 09: 19
    Before the elections, anything can be said and promised, and rhetoric may remain rhetoric, and the Polish vector will be corrected by Europe anyway.
  20. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 27 May 2015 09: 32
    Andrzej Duda points out that Poland should look for allies to confront Russia and Germany

    Right, continue on. You are on the right track ...
    One of neighboring Germany already did this and ended up with what 2.5.45 ended up with. yes

    And then on the ruins of Poland your "overseas friends" will write to you:
    here lies our "partner" Rabbit ... fool
  21. Uzzy
    Uzzy 27 May 2015 09: 39
    If Kaczynski comes to power, we add on our own, Poland will be run by hostile politicians.

    And before he arrives, they simply adore us!
    Anyway, it is unlikely to be worse, if not a global catastrophe!
  22. Bakuta
    Bakuta 27 May 2015 10: 02
    If Komarovsky was pro-European, then Duda is pro-American. Radish horseradish is not sweeter!
  23. loaln
    loaln 27 May 2015 10: 13
    History has long answered this question. They always dance to the tune of the one who pays. And, here, we will briefly deal with this. The USA and the EEC have only placed in Poland the production of, so to speak, consumer goods. Yes, and they helped to reorganize and modernize the sickly own production. But, who is the main consumer of the product? Answer me? Here you have the one who pays. Does he order music? What to say? Well done Poles! Every time I am surprised at this, meeting in many places well-known brands of the Polish spill.
    And, most importantly, what needs to be done so that an anti-Russian polka makes everyone happy, but not for Russian money? Although, money also tends to spread into different pockets.
  24. imugn
    imugn 27 May 2015 10: 18
    "Yes, doo, doo. Yes, doo, doo ..."

    M. S. Gorbachev
  25. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 27 May 2015 11: 21
    The war with Russia will be the last mistake of Polsha. This anti-Russian state has no right to exist!
    1. Mjohn
      Mjohn 27 May 2015 11: 31
      And Bulgaria is better than that?
  26. The gentleman
    The gentleman 27 May 2015 12: 15
    another screamer ... you can add that if he shouts in the direction of the Russian Federation, then uncles from the EU will show him a finger. if he goes his own way, they will arrange Ukraine. Poland began to scream more, but this is not necessary for the people. let's see what happens . and by the way, the desire to send a soldier for the war against the Donbass is a frank intervention in the internal affairs of another state (although Poroshenko does not understand this, and who there understands something now), where is the civil war
  27. _my opinion
    _my opinion 27 May 2015 13: 40
    Andrzej Duda is a supporter of rapprochement with Ukraine.

    yeah, you still worship the UPA ... because in your esteemed Ukraine, they began to cultivate this infection ... recall how many Poles the UPA has exterminated ???
  28. Andrey Petrov47
    Andrey Petrov47 27 May 2015 14: 23
    Where the Psheks send their troops to Ukraine is to Lviv and other western regions in order to regain their former colonies.
  29. Black
    Black 27 May 2015 15: 11
    Deep down, the Psheks understand in what position they are facing the United States. And the fact that now Ukraine (which they deeply despise) is even more sophisticated, certainly pleases them. Therefore, they will help Krajina, so as not to allow them to rise from the mud or drown in it.
  30. Victor-M
    Victor-M 27 May 2015 15: 43
    In the presidential election in Poland, Andrzej Duda won.

    And then her death intensified, yes, yes, yes, yes!
  31. shifervals
    shifervals 27 May 2015 21: 24
    In Polish foreign policy for the last 200 ... 250 years, only 2 (two) questions have been urgent:
    1. Whose ass is it today?
    2. How are we licking?
  32. friend of animals
    friend of animals 27 May 2015 21: 41
    You should not wait for some aggressive actions of the new president of Poland against Russia. This is all politics, which cannot be said in order to win the election.
  33. Stoler
    Stoler 27 May 2015 22: 00
    He does not dance, he crawls!
  34. Masya masya
    Masya masya 29 May 2015 07: 26
    Let him move away from the euphoria of the election, and he will unfold in full.