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Feast on the money of Allah


In the capital of Chechnya, Grozny, the City Day was celebrated on a grand scale in conjunction with the 193 anniversary of the founding of the city, i.e. it is not even an anniversary. On this day, also had to open a business and residential complex "Grozny-City", Teacher's Day and the Day of the Chechen youth. In addition, the same day 35 celebrated the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. As gifts, residents of Grozny received not only the 7 high-rise “Grozny-City” skyscraper with observation and helicopter platforms, but also a new building of the republican hospital, a youth center and an ice palace, and a renovated main road.

Feast on the money of Allah

True, Kadyrov refused his personal holiday in advance, he forbade his fellow countrymen to congratulate him on his birthday and celebrate his anniversary, promising to dismiss any Chechen official who would give him a gift.

Such foreign stars as Jean-Claude van Damme, Hillary Swank, Vanessa May were invited to the celebration. There were Russian popular actors, musicians, singers. It is clear that the stars are invited to such events for a lot of money. Among the important politicians were Alexander Khloponin, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the North Caucasus Federal District, Arsen Kanokov, Head of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov, Kabardino-Balkaria.

When journalists asked Kadyrov, the head of the subsidized region, from where the money for all this magnificence - one of them. Akhmat Kadyrov (former Lenin Avenue) is worth a lot, he replied that "Allah gives us money." Under God's Providence, Kadyrov apparently meant the Russian people ?! It is a pity that Moscow in the same way does not provide for the needs of other Russian regions. Perhaps the reasons for the holidays would be more.

“We built the largest bridge in the republic in Grozny, leading from Akhmat Kadyrov Avenue to Vladimir Putin Avenue,” Ramzan Kadyrov said at a ceremony. But the crown of ambition of the head of the republic is a complex of high-rise buildings “Grozny-City”, which resembles prestigious new buildings in a residential area of ​​Moscow. Van Damme, Vanessa May, Hilary Swank, Igor Wernicke, Fyodor Bondarchuk and Sergey Bezrukov were invited to open it. About the one at whose expense the whole banquet, in the republic they prefer not to speak, hinting at the Chechen business elite or, like Kadyrov, at religion: “Allah gives.”

Russians are not satisfied with such explanations. After all, Chechnya is no longer the center of separatism, but an exemplary developing region of the federation, with the same standard reformer chapter. But the standard will remain unique, since its prerequisites are unique, and the rest of the subjects of the Russian Federation 82 better just quietly look for their own ways.

Having won two Chechen wars, Russia seems to have won against Ichkeria. But then she began to plant Russian colonels and officers (Yury Budanov, Sergey Arakcheev, Yevgeny Khudyakov). Then they began to pump up the republic with budget money - for the restoration and the fight against terrorism. At the same time, appetites are growing - in April, Chechnya asked the government for 500 billion rubles. Favor for Chechnya reminds partly of an apology, and partly of gratitude for stability in political preferences. “If“ United Russia ”needs to get 120%, we will achieve this,” promised the Chechen parliament speaker Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov in 2010.

Celebrating the Day of the city came mainly young people, many in their hands were portraits of Kadyrov, Putin, flags of Chechnya, Russia, "United Russia". It is difficult to find a region in Russia where the United Russia party has such support, which is not surprising, given Moscow’s policy.

Representatives of the authorities regularly speak of “friendship of nations”, “equality of all before the law”, development of tolerance and multiculturalism policy, “everyday causes” of interethnic conflicts, shortcomings of the education system that lead to such conflicts. But in reality, we see that we have peoples, in relation to whom they are pursuing a “special policy,” in fact distinguishing them into a privileged group. It is clear that such actions do not end well.

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Khloponin proposed to add this holiday to the list of events on a Russian scale. And he is already brought there - not every Day of the city broadcasts the main television of the country! Old-timers, no matter how hard they try, cannot recall the same large-scale, throughout the country, the celebrations of the Day of Kazan or the Day of Ufa, not to mention the more modest days of Pskov or Ryazan. Days of Moscow are celebrated year after year by the TV channel Center, which is accepted in many regions of Russia, but Moscow is still the capital of our common homeland. 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg was also widely celebrated, but firstly, the date was round, secondly, St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, and thirdly, Peter gave such sons to the motherland, without which (in Nekrasov) life has died down. Consequently, Grozny, having fallen into this Kalashny series, is also slowly becoming one of the main cities of the country, and Chechnya (take it higher and look at the words of their songs) is the center of the world. And TV only sensitively catches new trends and does not regret the expensive airtime for their consolidation and assimilation by the population of the country.

It is also interesting that such festivals are at odds with the Koranic Islam. The main idea of ​​Islam is social justice, it is impossible to arrange such actions when injustice prevails around ...

PS The author is not against the improvement of the city of Grozny, which was founded by the Russian people, but against the separation of Chechnya and the Chechen people as the "favorites" of Moscow. Other Russian cities and villages should also be landscaped. And social justice to be above other motives.
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  1. SKS45
    SKS45 7 October 2011 07: 59 New
    I’ll go and pray to the ATM, maybe it’ll also allocate several million))))
    1. His
      His 8 October 2011 13: 19 New
      Here it’s necessary to go to the Kremlin to pray, I even guess what is the name of Allah helping Chechnya
  2. kesa1111
    kesa1111 7 October 2011 08: 02 New
    Not Allah, FSB Shaitan.
    1. pokermen
      pokermen 7 October 2011 09: 32 New
      And the height of cynicism was to broadcast all this on the central channel !!!!!
      1. valerei
        valerei 7 October 2011 11: 15 New
        Almost all channels themselves are the height of cynicism! The Turks have a proverb: "if you drink water from a bad well, then do not be surprised that your stomach has spoiled." Our DH has long slurped not even water, but slurry! These corrupt creatures will devour any -removed- at speed, just to give money! The most rotten Americanism and Hollywood have long struck our central plague. So why be surprised?
      2. Klibanophoros
        Klibanophoros 7 October 2011 14: 54 New
        Well, in this case, from the point of view of Ernst and Sagalaevs, the Russian cattle should know its place ... Can it also start to cut throats, play football with its heads and hang on the fence of the intestine, like garlands? In this situation, the Kremlin will even be afraid, it will not understand another language ...
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 7 October 2011 08: 06 New
    Yes, let them celebrate, then weekdays will come.
    1. Professor
      Professor 7 October 2011 12: 20 New
      While the GDP at the helm, the holiday on the streets of Grozny will not end.
    2. Foamas
      Foamas 7 October 2011 15: 00 New
      They’re getting “fat” weekdays too !! Since 2000 already 800bn. swelled, Kadyrenok (natural gangster) requires another 500 billion, and the economy, as it was, remained in the budget (budget 0 billion, of which subsidies are 56 billion).
    3. NUT
      NUT 8 October 2011 00: 50 New
      while we are alive their weekdays will not begin
  4. Alexei
    Alexei 7 October 2011 08: 22 New
    Something after this article, I admit, the toad crushed a little bit. But if you look from the other side, it will be a little more difficult for Western media to accuse Russia of racism and oppression of the freedom-loving and destitute people of Chechnya. Can the oil pay off?
    1. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 11: 21 New
      Oil? Whose she is? Ours with you? And if ours, then why should we pay for this banquet from our own pockets? Yes, she is not ours! And who asked us? However, no one will ever ask us. They will take the money from the treasury and waste it as they please.
  5. Sreben
    Sreben 7 October 2011 08: 26 New
    We pay for everything! When will it end! We are too kind!
    1. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 10: 54 New
      This is NOT WE good, but our rulers are good, at our expense. I believe that we should not say "WE" too often, because we, as a people, have long been meaningless to our rulers and are not taking any part in their affairs.
      1. Owl
        Owl 7 October 2011 14: 56 New
        I am ashamed of Grozny’s “European-style repair” with Russian taxpayers ’money, instead of winning the“ second ”war, Russia suffered (thanks to Putinenka) defeat and pays tribute. There was an opportunity to restore order in 2000-2001, but the “leaders” probably didn’t need order, Russia put things in order (Skobelev and others) in the Caucasus, it was tough, cruel, but necessary for the good of Russia. Now Russia is a cash cow for the "power holders", and the Russian People is an annoyingly numerous supplement to the "cash cow".
  6. heruv1me
    heruv1me 7 October 2011 08: 27 New
    yes, they build it, then we bomb it again, then we build it again, then we bomb it again, it’s some kind of Russian-Chechen folk fun.
  7. go_by
    go_by 7 October 2011 08: 31 New
    Flirting with criminals gradually grew into flirting with Islam. It is already fashionable in the circles of the "Russian" elite to sing allah and his prophet. This is called put Russia on cancer.
    1. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 10: 57 New
      So Putin became Allah for the Chechens, if, according to the boy, he gave them money.
      1. Tyumen
        Tyumen 7 October 2011 21: 23 New
        in the circles of the "Russian" elite

        These circles are an elite for fagots Moscow, and not for normal Russians.
  8. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 7 October 2011 08: 57 New
    We, the faithful dogs of the regime, said to the owner at that evil time: “This is the last wolf in the entire district, everyone else has been killed by us. Let's kill this, and there will be peace and quiet on this land” But the owner looked away and thought about something of their own, us wolfhounds, unknown ..
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 8 October 2011 13: 51 New
      There were options: Chekist or EdRo - thanks, clarified, do not overwork ...
  9. Banshee
    Banshee 7 October 2011 09: 03 New
    Unfortunately, this is not flirting.

    This is called a “sales contract”.

    The world in Chechnya is really bought with huge money. Russian. I do not know, and there Allah, Putin does not look like him in any way. But the very fact of such an answer is a spit in the face of any Russian. No one in Chechnya hides the fact of the deal of the Kadyrovs and Putin families. No one in Russia is particularly surprised. Well, maybe the most rabid United Russia. So Putin is also the type of Allah.

    Infuriates another: how many soldiers were laid, how many were crippled, and all for what? Is it possible that at once it was to take and buy all the militants in bulk? Or just decided to save? Or maybe Dudayev was not a merchant mongrel? Or the issue price did not agree? Who will say now ... The rocket was cheaper.

    Another question: would not others like this approach? What is worse Kabarda, Dagestan, Ossetia, Ingushetia? They also want to live like that. And here is a straight drawn route: orem of complete independence, we undertake automatic machines, we fight a little, then everything is quiet and peaceful, and we are filled up with loot for restoration and development. Because we are white and fluffy. How do you like this? As for me, so direct advertising.

    And the money at all may not be enough. And I also want Voronezh City, let's say. And Vanessa May on the day of the city. And salute, so as not to be ashamed to show on the first channel. And generally speaking...
    But we have no mountains, there is no place to sit. Some fields with black soil. X% nd with him, with fireworks, would give money to agriculture. And we will live without skyscrapers.
    1. go_by
      go_by 7 October 2011 09: 17 New
      In our Smolensk province, there is not even black soil. Clay ... We are already sold and re-mortgaged. The trouble is that they are already approaching the "root directory" - Vera. We cherish and cherish our enemies, a culture alien to us. This is already a bad symptom.
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 9 October 2011 00: 51 New
        In our Smolensk province, there is not even black soil.

        But who did they take from the city hall? from which party?
    2. sancho
      sancho 7 October 2011 10: 12 New
      Yes countryman! This piece of Russia is too expensive for us! And we water this earth with blood and sprinkle with money. But look at how they grow at home.

      And, neither land will be bought from us, nor an apartment, nor a house.

      EDROS for stability in this region and for its own calm how many money wagons were brought there.

      And in my opinion. For putting things in order, and for compensating the mothers who lost their sons there, we need to pump out all of them, both oil and money, for 100 years. And, let them live in their villages ... Yurts yes ... Martans. Fattening ...

      It is no longer clear who is the boss in the capital of our country ...
      1. Mesniy
        Mesniy 8 October 2011 09: 01 New
        This is not a piece of Russia but a piece of shit, and this shit will never become Russia.
        1. prunx
          prunx 10 October 2011 13: 04 New
          They brought their stinking mouth, a piece of shit.
    3. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 11: 25 New
      Ready to subscribe to every word! But what depends on us and on everyone? The maximum is to vote against the current rulers. Think about it, dear bloggers,
    4. kostya
      kostya 8 October 2011 02: 53 New
      Yes, indeed, we do not have money for the rural wealth, but for the Chechens, please. What are all the same they are all corrupt all these officials ....
      1. Alexei
        Alexei 8 October 2011 04: 12 New
        More precisely, not with us, but with them, the government. At the expense of the rural household, this is what a benefit is for the people, feeding themselves and, in addition, earning money from them. Jobs. I asked young girls if they would be milkmaids work. They answer yes, emphasizing that everything is mechanized and there is nothing terrible in it. And the booze in the villages - organize and buzz the state farms. People want it! And everyone understands that there is money for this in the treasury. It's just that this you need to crank up a responsible government, not like the current scumbags building politics only on bidding ie natural resursami.A can really rule the world companies and people the brain becomes clogged with any misinformation?
        I deeply apologize for the fiery speech, I just grew up in the village - everything was destroyed before my children's eyes, It got sick.
    5. Mesniy
      Mesniy 8 October 2011 08: 59 New
      in comments to another article, I wrote that Russia pays tribute to Chechnya, so they fooled minuses to me, well, maybe now a little thing will clear up in their brains.
      But by and large, the Chechens took up arms - they dunked the federal government in shit - so it pays.
      Well, who is standing like all rush on his knees - and receives accordingly -% wow.
      Pay then strong!
      1. Alexei
        Alexei 8 October 2011 13: 26 New
        You know how to thicken colors. Suddenly the song was remembered: “You don’t need a knife for greedy, you will show him a penny - and do whatever it is with him.” From the movie “Pinocchio” - Local, I recommend to watch it.
      2. prunx
        prunx 10 October 2011 13: 07 New
        Maybe it’ll ever clear up in your brain.
  10. Net
    Net 7 October 2011 09: 04 New
    Once Kadyrov answered the question about the "subsidized region" that they say give us income from the oil that is produced in our republic and we will not be a subsidized region.
    1. asavchenko59
      asavchenko59 7 October 2011 10: 18 New
      Sakhalin can say the same
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 9 October 2011 00: 54 New
        Then Smolensk will make a paid Mink (M-1) ...
  11. AlexTarov
    AlexTarov 7 October 2011 09: 12 New
    My opinion is that Putin has some kind of tacit agreement with the Chechen government on the cessation of insurgent activity on their part, in exchange for ultra-high funding for the republic, while their spending is uncontrolled. Figuratively - to pay tribute to Chechnya. Why Putin’s agreement? I am sure that he oversees the region, financing and the political balance in it.
    Another ruler will come and say: “Sorry, you live beyond your means. Our Siberian regions, for example, are in dire need of funding. We have restored you further - no privileges. We are transferring your financial flows there. ” And I think that everything will change dramatically. Perhaps there will be clear prerequisites for a "third Chechen company." This is artificial containment. Dangerous game and short-lived. It is not for nothing that Putin took his words “to wet the bandits in the outhouse” back.
    PS while writing Banshee expressed a very similar point of view.
    1. sancho
      sancho 7 October 2011 10: 19 New
      Respected! EDRosy are forced to pay money to this region for their political stability in Russia.
      Only now this money is ours with you .... and not like oil and gas.
      There is an old wise saying - "How many wolves do not feed, he still looks into the forest."

      Therefore, Chechnya is a black hole; money will be thrown in there all the time and everything will be small. All will be covered with gold and there will be little. Because we put them on our necks. And, to remove them is not possible.

      Those who were there know that the Vainakhs do not like to work. This is a subsidized region.

      In Soviet times, there was no Vainakh in any leading position. Because only Russian can make them work. If you release these brakes, there will again be WHO.
      1. Owl
        Owl 26 October 2011 14: 54 New
        "animals" need to shoot and "dig up"
    2. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 11: 34 New
      I agree: a dangerous game. There are cars of money, and in response a penny tablet on the wall of the house: "Putin Avenue" Note: Putin, not Medvedev! How is the exchange? We can say: “A thin world is better than a good war”, who would argue! But in this case it is not peace, but blackmail. And blackmailers always grow their appetites. And what to do next? So pay until the end of the century?
  12. Ivan Krasov
    Ivan Krasov 7 October 2011 09: 13 New
    On the one hand, we see undoubtedly the concern of the head of the republic for the well-being of his people. And it is right. On the other hand, why on a grand scale, and even defiantly spend subsidized money. You must be more modest and not boast.
  13. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 7 October 2011 09: 31 New
    This is our shame. This is a Sabbath on the bones and blood of our soldiers and officers who died in Grozny and generally in Chechnya.
    The city of Grozny is a Russian fortress, not a Chechen city.
    These holidays spit on those who gave their lives, health for a single and indivisible Russia.
    How to explain all this to the disabled person of the Chechen wars, living in poverty, the warrior the winner. Why is he a beggar? Because the winner?
    I excluded Fedor Bondarchuk and Sergey Bezrukov from my list of people I respect. Sold out. Van Dam heh ... with him, but ours spat in the face of those heroic images of which they animated on the screens.

    And generally speaking. Grozny had to be demolished and put in place a huge memorial complex in memory of the soldiers and officers who died there.
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 7 October 2011 16: 37 New
      "An artist, artist, poet or musician satisfies his sublime or beautiful aesthetic feeling; but this is barbaric satisfaction, it is akin to sexual instinct, for he also gives you himself." (Somerset Maugham).

      So they also ... They gave Kadyrov ... And he took it.
    2. Tyumen
      Tyumen 7 October 2011 18: 08 New
      And why did you respect Bondarchuk and Bezrukov before? For movie trash? Or are you close friends?
    3. zczczc
      zczczc 8 October 2011 03: 15 New
      vlbelugin, my father, even when I walked under the table, said that Grozny is a city founded by Cossacks to protect us from the highlanders. And he explained the essence of such a strange name. I did not know the word Chechen then, but the essence is as simple as an orange - a city for protection against the Caucasus, and not for the realization of the vital interests of Caucasians.
      1. Mesniy
        Mesniy 8 October 2011 09: 03 New
        That's right! Founded as a Grozny fortress! Terrible for Chechens!
  14. itr
    itr 7 October 2011 09: 48 New
    Let them glamor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Sergh
    Sergh 7 October 2011 09: 55 New
    Guys, you understand! If you fight soon, you need war soldiers. Great, brave, brave. This is three years ago we saw. And think deeper, I am Siberian, Kazan, East, West, there are still many Russians in Russia, but more is needed !!! ...
    And you have a simple greedy envy that they walked a little. Yes, I myself walk is not sickly! And I don’t envy anyone.
    1. sancho
      sancho 7 October 2011 10: 24 New
      Minus you! You, my friend, are looking at the wrapper ... but you don’t see the essence .... read my comments above. Maybe you’ll understand .... No offense. Ah, Vainakh the herd warrior ... one - ....!
    2. vlbelugin
      vlbelugin 7 October 2011 10: 32 New
      What does envy have to do with it?
      This is an insult for those who fought, for those refugees who still poke around in the corners, leaving their homes there.
      How much money has been allocated to refugees from Grozny? Why is the power there (in Chechnya) licking everything, but does not give money to its (refugees) for the arrangement.
      After all, they also suffered.
      How much money is allocated for the rehabilitation of the wounded in this war?
      How many funds are allocated to support the families of the soldiers killed in this war?
      After all, they are also affected.
    3. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 10: 40 New
      You did not understand, or did not want to understand. It's not about the money, but about the spit that this Chechen boy spat in the face of all other Russian nations. But walking is not sickly - it’s not shameful, the main thing is to get ON YOURSELF!
    4. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 7 October 2011 10: 49 New
      1. valerei
        valerei 10 October 2011 13: 21 New
        Gave minuses, but for what? Something I did not fully understand the meaning of the comment. Recall what happened then. Chechnya resembled a gangrenous finger on the body of Russia. But Yeltsin and his gang were not up to them and not to us. He divided and fought for power and for the legitimate robbery of Russia. When he settled his affairs, it turned out that in Chechnya he was sent to Allah. And then the rookie turned up and said: I will throw them with hats (well, not the cr-tin, but also the Minister of Defense!). In Chechnya, legally !!! the mass of weapons remained, and the Chechens fighters are far from the last, and even at home! And he sent a rook of boys for slaughter. I saw film reports and shaking salags and, in comparison, Chechens, so those are real wolves! These guys were beaten. And only when real professionals were sent there, then the Chechens were driven into the mountains. But how did it end? Our surrender! I read and saw an interview with our commandos. Few words - one mate! Who betrayed Russia again? Guess yourself. And what the mess was there, is the truth completely. We fought like in 41 years. One to one!
    5. itr
      itr 7 October 2011 11: 11 New
      No one envies
      Let them taste American culture! degradation and decomposition, and after three years we’ll see what will happen to them
    6. Mesniy
      Mesniy 8 October 2011 09: 07 New
      This war has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, many of them still living in poverty.
      Imagine that you were thrown out naked from Siberia and then they threw a holiday there, how would you like it?
    7. Owl
      Owl 26 October 2011 14: 55 New
      they "walk" on the bodies of the dead Russian soldiers ...
  16. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 7 October 2011 10: 04 New
    I did not expect such an abomination from Bezrukov and especially from Bondarchuk!
    1. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 10: 50 New
      Actors usually say: do not mix cinematic images and a real person. These people showed their real image. Although acting is one of the most corrupt, they were bought with all the crap.
    2. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 7 October 2011 20: 54 New
    3. does it
      does it 9 October 2011 09: 41 New
      they were paid money for it, which is right, and it is necessary for the Americans (who longed for RUSSIA, like the Byzantine empires to constantly bleed blood on their borders) to show that everything is calm or almost calm in the Chechen region without pink glasses!
  17. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 7 October 2011 10: 19 New
    Russian would have such a leader!
    1. vlbelugin
      vlbelugin 7 October 2011 10: 34 New
      And what's the use?
      Where to get a country that would feed Russia for free?
      And the chieftain will not have a gold reserve - he’s just a PPC.
      If it weren’t for our money, I looked at how many hours he would have held out for the last few days.
    2. valerei
      valerei 7 October 2011 11: 07 New
      This is with whom Russia should fight, then to lie under the winner and milk money from him? What, this kid, boosted the economy of Chechnya? No! About 30% is unemployment. But how they live! Really: Russia pays tribute to the Chechen Khan. It is evident that Stalin alone knew how to deal with the Caucasus.
  18. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 7 October 2011 11: 00 New
  19. Zhenya88
    Zhenya88 7 October 2011 11: 05 New
    -396828_1317970319 [/ img]
  20. Subarctic frost
    Subarctic frost 7 October 2011 11: 05 New
    I don’t see anything tragic in this, now there is a holiday in Grozny, tomorrow there will be a holiday in Sochi, then somewhere else. Everything is fine - it only shows that the country is developing.
    1. sancho
      sancho 7 October 2011 12: 03 New
      Take off your pink glasses ...
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 7 October 2011 16: 40 New
        Better yet, kill the monitor.
    2. Mesniy
      Mesniy 8 October 2011 09: 09 New
      This shows that in the country pederasty is developing rampant.
  21. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 7 October 2011 11: 08 New
    Somehow I traveled on a train with a Chechen, such as a "former militant," but that's not the point. He says that banditry is no longer there, try to do something wrong, start the law, be executed on the spot! And if you're honest, if you work, get up quickly! The cars there are all fashionable now, he says. And the inhabitants thank all of this, bless Kadyrov and Putin. All this is good, but this region does not spoil the Russian Federation in this way?
    1. Subarctic frost
      Subarctic frost 7 October 2011 11: 44 New
      I think not, because the region is very important. Instability in it is fraught with much greater consequences and infusions.
  22. starley77
    starley77 7 October 2011 11: 27 New
    Bought the world, and okay. Is such a world better than war, or is someone ready to go there to fight?
  23. skif07
    skif07 7 October 2011 11: 44 New
    You know, I’m in the past an officer of the Russian special forces, when the second company started and Putin came to power, and we started to crush these jackals, as we did not crush the first, everyone was happy with this power and this policy. Then the younger Kadyrov came to power in Chechnya (a former militant by the way), the lawlessness went strong. They began to be considered the most important people, the Russian soldier ceased to be authority for them at all, and when they started pouring in such money (read-buy off), I quit nafig from special forces. Although there were three years left until retirement. The question is, for what I fought, lost friends? They didn’t give the apartment .. And the funny or deplorable thing is that I, as a DB veteran, are paid 1800 r per month ... This government no longer wants to serve or fight for it .. Unfortunately. I think those who took part there will understand me.
    1. dmb
      dmb 7 October 2011 13: 08 New
      Let's be honest. We were not there to fight our shitty government, but to prevent the jackals from coming to our house. And, I am afraid that through the fault of this government I will have to fight there again and in the near future.
      1. vlbelugin
        vlbelugin 7 October 2011 14: 02 New
        Respect DMB
    2. Owl
      Owl 7 October 2011 15: 11 New
      I fought for my homeland, they taught me that way, until 2000 Putyonenko was respected, then when they realized that we were "supplies" and we were just betrayed, disgust and hatred for the "rulers" of Russia came.
  24. Xmmmm
    Xmmmm 7 October 2011 13: 23 New
    I have one mate in my head ... I can not comment on the article
  25. NKVD
    NKVD 7 October 2011 13: 52 New
    Yeah, I didn’t think that Bondarchuk and Bezrukov were as corrupt as the whole Russian elite. I also crushed these freaks with great pleasure in the second campaign. So far, this so-called elite of the Russian society did not betray us. But Budanov killed one of them and tried to judge those those who soaked the soldiers in ambushes in batches with great pleasure were amnestied. To look sick of such a festival on the bones of soldiers and the money of their own mothers. There is no conscience or honor among the current rulers.
  26. Dock
    Dock 7 October 2011 15: 25 New
    "What units does the structure of the army of the Chechen Republic consist of? It includes: a regiment of private security under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya (the" oil regiment "), two battalions of the 46th division of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, a regiment of special forces at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, two regiments of the Patrol and Post Services, security companies of the commandant’s offices, two special companies (with the former 42nd motorized rifle division), a special police detachment, as well as personal security, with Chechen security forces numbering from 18 to 20 thousand people (according to other sources, up to 30-34 thousand people )
    The salary of an ordinary policeman reaches 30 thousand rubles. Even after the cancellation of the counter-terrorist operation regime in Chechnya in 2009, the high level of income from the security forces remained.
    The own army of the leader of the Republic of Chechnya, supported by funds from the federal budget, is in no way inferior in size to the army of the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sergei Shoigu, and, moreover, even the Federal Security Service. As for the level of combat readiness, the Kadyrovites are significantly superior to the larger "armies" of the state corporations of Russia - Russian Railways, Rosatom, Transneft. "
    Sailed ...
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 8 October 2011 14: 06 New
      When the Russians leave the flood in the mountains, all this will have to be overcome on the go, on foot ... fun, right?
    2. von_Richten
      von_Richten 12 October 2011 17: 47 New
      The second Dudaev is raised by "our" ruling.
  27. strictly prohibited
    strictly prohibited 7 October 2011 16: 38 New
  28. Banshee
    Banshee 7 October 2011 16: 48 New
    Actually, they are nothing but how to fight and did not know how historically. Therefore, this whole gang was bought. This is a good move, feed the Wolf for the time being. To then travanut who need. The question is, will a wolfhound go, overeating someone to vomit, practicing master's grubs?
    It is often cheaper to jerk the owner and again do nothing.

    It is clear that Kadyrov’s army is Putin’s guard “just in case.” And perhaps one of the arguments in its internal Kremlin policy. Recall how the whole West behaved a bear cub to remove Pu. And after all vedmed could do it with one stroke of the pen. As a "president who lost confidence". Could He could ... And, probably, he wanted to shiver in his paws. Because he knew that the second term he does not shine. Might take a chance. But not in this situation, as a new fire in the Caucasus. Yes, and to Moscow would have reached the "raz" ...

    Maybe I imagined, but somehow it happened.
    1. sancho
      sancho 7 October 2011 17: 23 New
      Yes, no countryman said everything correctly. This gang bought. Just how much do we have to feed this gang? Output 2.
      1st feed, feed, feed .......
      2nd stop feeding. Then all this gang, as in Dag, will run through the forests and the massacre will begin again. Since they do not know how to work. Only steal and kill (see story). This is probably where you need to make the only right decision! What to do with a mad dog (wolf if you want)?
      However, I.V. Stalin strangely enough found another way.

      We do not need either war or parasites!
    2. Ivan35
      Ivan35 7 October 2011 19: 01 New
      No, it seems to be true.
      We also have a lot of such conversations - and they’ll kind of go to Kazakhstan to help if the Orange Revolution suddenly (like the Kazakh military can’t shoot, and the troops and people are made up of Russians and Kazakhs - they’re the same), but it’s easy - " help "and leave

      I don’t even know - well, since we “feed” I would like for concrete benefit
    3. Tyumen
      Tyumen 7 October 2011 19: 47 New
      In order to persecute anyone later. The question is, will a wolf go, having eaten up someone to tear, practicing master grub?

      That you just noticed. Only there is no question - they proved loyalty to the owner, the Georgians will confirm. Although before they knew how not to fight, but only to rob.
    4. valerei
      valerei 10 October 2011 13: 45 New
      Very interesting thought and interesting layout. And what? The Russian emperors had a Wild Division! But, it seems to me that now the situation is different. Then there was another time and the people were different: they took the oath of allegiance to the king and performed. And now? The Chechen division did not take any oath, and, therefore, owed nothing to anyone. It is likely that some kind of agreement was between the tops, but no matter how much the wolf does not feed, it still looks into the forest. They’ll come to Moscow to impose a “new order”, and then they won’t leave, huh?
      1. von_Richten
        von_Richten 12 October 2011 17: 50 New
        This is where the fun part starts.
  29. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 7 October 2011 17: 23 New
    joy is what kind of thing for the whole Russian people .... holiday is what ..... already slipped into a damn not seen from the village before beauty .. right wondrous city
  30. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 7 October 2011 17: 24 New
    1. valerei
      valerei 10 October 2011 13: 49 New
      Only I will not have to live in this wonderful time: neither you nor I: grandfather Nekrasov.
  31. senya
    senya 7 October 2011 21: 24 New
    Yeah, everyone will get what they deserve .... Chechens money .... RUSSIAN graves ...
  32. Mahamont
    Mahamont 8 October 2011 00: 17 New
    Blah! About ten years ago, flew over the ruins. And now, the second is Dubai. As if in vain they were lowered below the plinth.
  33. SIA
    SIA 8 October 2011 08: 02 New
    Feast in Time of Plague.
  34. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 8 October 2011 09: 12 New
    Hello everybody!!! I largely agree with the forum users. But still it turns out like this: the war is hard for us, and the world is bad ...... and VICTORY !!!! we can’t always dispose ..... In Soviet times, they didn’t count money, the development of small nations and autonomous republics, especially southern ones, was considered a normal process ..... the so-called help to the “fraternal” peoples ..... and that’s all .. ... because everyone lived the same way. Today, unfair social inequality is growing rapidly, not only among ordinary people, but also among peoples living in Russia ...... the situation is fraught with serious consequences ... In the future, Russia faces a conflict between the central regions and Eastern Siberia, as well as the Far East. ... and this is land, reserves of natural resources, water, etc.
  35. Mahamont
    Mahamont 8 October 2011 14: 22 New
    Let us hope that Chechnya will not escape under the wing of America, as the traitors, Ukraine and Georgia did. Maybe this PR is aimed at the fact that the former Soviet republics returned to us. That would understand that it is better to be friends with us. Maybe this touched the future geopolitical influence of Russia in the world.
    1. Pinocchio
      Pinocchio 8 October 2011 19: 40 New
      The “Union” republics are already different ...... nothing remained of the Soviet times. A different generation of people has grown up that grows in a different socio-economic space. For 20 years, Russia has not been able to go even along the path of integration with the former Union republics. Our leadership of the country lacks state-forming thinking, there is no collector of land. It comes down to babkeeping .......
    2. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 13 October 2011 23: 31 New
  36. Andriuha077
    Andriuha077 8 October 2011 19: 52 New
    The nickname of one of the embezzlers of "Allah", note. The photo is similar to Dobby. A lot of things have already hung on him.
  37. 9 October 2011 06: 46 New
    I agree with many statements and I will not repeat them, but I would like to look at this situation from a different perspective.

    All the same, a bad world is better than a good war. And this problem, called the Caucasus, in my opinion, has only two solutions.
    1) This is total destruction all residents of Chechnya or the method of Stalin.
    Chechnya is like an abscess, which will constantly dig up and periodically erupt (as in August 1999 in Dagestan) and the separation of Chechnya is not an option at all. I think so. that the Chechens have long forgotten what agriculture is, nobody will go to graze cattle (they’d better kidnap slaves from neighboring regions for these purposes, as they did in the 19th and 20th centuries), there is no industry there, in general, nothing. The only thing they can do and want to do is fight. Therefore, to solve this problem radically once and for all, it is necessary to destroy all Chechens (women as potential suicide bombers, children as future avengers for their fathers) or deported somewhere to the taiga. It is easy to imagine what a stink to rise from our and Pindos liberals, from the whole "civilized world community", so no one will do it. I think that even among the members of the forum there are few who want to go to cut out the Chechen villages.
    2) The second way out is the allocation of money for the development of the region. I believe this is the only true and the real solution (a completely different question is how it was implemented). Only improvement in the social sphere can turn people away from the desire to run through the mountains with machine guns. So Putin said to Kadyrov: "from our side, subsidies for the development of the region, from yours, so that everything is quiet in Chechnya." Here is such an agreement. It may be temporary (while Russia has more important things to do, at least rearm the army), and only then it will be seen, it is necessary to gain time for now.

    But, most importantly, one must be realistic and look at the situation without tantrums. And if you are criticizing something, then offer an alternative, some other way out (real), and any fool can scream that everything is bad.

    By the way, the Chechen special forces showed themselves well in Georgia, that's how they will work out their money (a kind of Vikings in the service of the Russian state) fellow
    1. valerei
      valerei 10 October 2011 14: 06 New
      Very reasonable comment. To make one common Russian special forces from Chechnya. Only, quoting the immortal Chernomyrdin: they wanted the best, etc., so as not to play with them. When they feel the power and lack of control and punishment, then again the war! After all, they forgot how to work! Except for housekeeping in villages. The Caucasus, by virtue of its mentality, tends to consider such a farce as a manifestation of weakness, and then you can start again. It is unlikely that the boy does not cherish the idea of ​​his own monarchy in his head.
  38. does it
    does it 9 October 2011 09: 21 New
    and so it is clear that such financing of Chechnya will end sometime, and end when stability comes to the region.
  39. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 9 October 2011 11: 29 New
    And for centuries RUSSIANS Cut at every opportunity, and those who admire and regret CHECHEN SEPPERATISTOV the blue RAZVYAZAVSCHIM WAR and thereby destroy their republic, travel to Chechnya and live there climate is good scenery is beautiful, but there is one BUT !!!!! FOR YOUR LIFE AND DIGNITY, NO ONE AND A Pittance of a BROKEN WILL NOT BE GIVEN, IN BEST CASE YOU WILL SLAVE AND SLAVE IN TEN YEARS, GAVE GOD CAN RETURN HOME
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 9 October 2011 13: 31 New
      You can live with them peacefully, if you show that you are real, not a whiner, and if you can crumble on kebab. Otherwise, any Caucasian can make a problem, even Asians. Yeltsin was a mere insignificance, and that was our attitude towards us. Under Putin, they showed that we can both stick and carrot.
      1. valerei
        valerei 10 October 2011 14: 10 New
        One thing is bad: the temptation to get gingerbread fatter can occur in others. And then what? Who will fight with whom for the carrot? Again Civil?
    2. does it
      does it 13 October 2011 19: 06 New
      plunge into history there that not a single page cuts another people out, you write Russians are cut out at every opportunity, so the Chechens are also Russians, and so it’s clear that outside the creation of gang groups there are external forces, for example, Turkey, which considers Russia its secret enemy number 1, and the situation in the region is also abnormal, you write that I regret and admire the people who ruined my mine, I not only didn’t admire it, but I didn’t mention the word separatist as well, I understand that by this word you mean the whole Chechen the people that Krajina are short-sighted, there is nothing nothing out of the blue by the way at the expense of pity, you see pity at least for one people, I personally don’t, you say the climate is good there, my grandfather went there to rest, back in Soviet times, and nothing happened; it’s clear that since time has come a lot has changed, I agree with the statement of the Maamont.
      1. SAVA555.IVANOV
        SAVA555.IVANOV 13 October 2011 23: 20 New
        Well, when they scoff at Russian children in the DON camp, they have the whole Russian people in sight !!!!! ???? TO RESTORE THEM BETTER THAN BEFORE BUILDING THAT THEY DESTROYED !!! ??? LOTS OF MATURE PEOPLE, ELDERS THAT HAVE MISTAKED ?????? They all knew what they were doing, if, according to your words, they all did it under the influence of Turkey, as an example, this is another formulation - betrayal !!!
        1. does it
          does it 16 October 2011 16: 42 New
          I don’t argue with you, a weighty argument, as they say, "they don’t go to someone’s monastery with their charter," since I came to rest, behave in a human way. I agree with German Sadulayev (about a fight in the Don camp). It’s good that they haven’t arranged a night of long knives yet, but you still need to look for a way out of the so-called * Chechen problem * if Russia loses Chechnya, the border neighbors led by NATO will not doze off
  40. prunx
    prunx 10 October 2011 14: 44 New
    How many idiots are here.
    10 regions with maximum subsidies

    The Republic of Buryatia 12 454 The Jewish Autonomous Region 12 730 The Chechen Republic 13 021 The Republic of Ingushetia 15 258 The Chuvash Republic - Chuvashia 20 331 The Altai Republic 29 683 The Republic Of Tuva 31 686 The Republic Of Sakha (Yakutia) 42 998 Magadan Region 48 947 Kamchatka Territory 86 957. The cost of production in Chechnya has oil worth $ 1,232 billion, or 39,5 billion rubles. Chechnya ranks seventh in the top ten in terms of dates. Why, when the Russian region is dated, you don’t open your mouths, but as non-Russian, it’s shit climbing right away !? In Chechnya, our same citizens live who have no stone on the stone in the republic after the war. Are you feeding and paying tribute? Well, let's talk about your bydlyat concepts: you don’t want to feed Chechnya, why should Chukotka, Sakhalin, Yakutia feed the European part of Russia, or have you forgotten where the lion's share of budget revenues comes from ?! This is a provocative article, calling for ethnic hatred, urging to drive a wedge of ethnic strife into our society, which means to question the existence of the Russian Federation. Don’t you already notice that you argue like Ukraine and the Baltic states in the 90s that they say that they feed the whole USSR? Well, so they freed themselves from the terrible Russian occupation. Or do you understand this when the principality of Moscow will remain from the Russian Federation? The dismemberment of Russia will begin with a Caucasian, draw a line between Astrakhan and Rostov-on-Don, it is along this line that the Caucasus considers its lands to be its own, and they will take them away, because none of the local forum shit is to defend their homeland, in which case, the Caucasus will run. Meanwhile, Chechnya, by the way, will become a dono region by 2014
    rum, already in the budget of 2011, Chechnya does not enter the top 20 subsidized regions.
    1. sirToad
      sirToad 11 October 2011 04: 18 New
      forgot about Altai Krai, my friend. He, too, has been around the world for 20 years.
    2. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 11 October 2011 04: 21 New
      Don’t, my friend, measure with fools and witters!
      Everything is clear to everyone ... And about the two wars and about the loss of soldiers and officers, and about those who returned and did not return, returned crippled, and about the amnesty of the militants, and not about the amnesty of non-militants, and about the civilian population of Chechnya, and about non-Chechens who were kicked out, cut, robbed, and about slaves, and about the attitude of the Caucasus to the rest the population of Russia ...
      Therefore, SAMPLE PEOPLE should delve into and understand the mood of this rest of the population, who is partially unaware of the center’s policy towards the Caucasus, namely Chechnya.
      I know that in the 90s a huge part of the male population of Chechnya, as well as the North. The South Caucasus, parted from the Russian Federation’s scales in order not to participate in local conflicts of those years ... And this fact suggests that from the side of the militants their resistance, so to speak, was based not on internal problems with the authorities, but on an external factor ... Read ...
      Farvest rules ... What a pity!
      In short, the people should know from the First Persons what is really happening.
      Then everyone will be WONDERS ...
      1. Mahamont
        Mahamont 11 October 2011 04: 50 New
        There was a stereotype that Chechens are wild people. For those who have not directly encountered them, it works. It’s really not so simple. Most people want to work and live peacefully.
      2. prunx
        prunx 11 October 2011 13: 35 New
        "Do not, my friend, measure with fools and witters!" - Well, if you accepted this at your own expense, that is, agreed, then so it is. If you think that there are none (and to make sure that you need to read the comments), then you are mistaken. "Therefore, PUMPS should understand and understand the mood of this rest of the population, who is partially unaware of the policy of the center towards the Caucasus, namely Chechnya." - To the rest of the population !? You do not hear me. Maybe it’s worth understanding the people who for decades have not received salaries, pensions; children who do not know what, childhood, toys, school. People there forgot what a house is, electricity, water supply, a clinic, shops with food and clothing. These people were given to the bandits, betrayed. How much will everyone who is outraged by injustice appreciate this? As for business centers and other things, ask yourself the question: why does every ruble go to Chechnya according to its purpose, why is it not stolen there. Yes, it falls much less to us now, but even what comes to be used for other purposes, construction projects are being delayed, development programs are being hindered. This is all done by officials who have bet incompatibly more in the country than all the militants combined. Here is what Dmitry Demushkin (Slavic Union) said in an interview: Now the Network is actively discussing the separation of the Caucasus from Russia, they say that we are too different and cannot coexist in one country. As proof of this, various pages of Caucasian youth in social networks and so on are cited. They actively say that the Russian Caucasus is not needed, that there is nothing Russian in the Caucasus. What do you think about this?
        Dmitry Demushkin: In fact, I was in this information field before coming to Chechnya. If I take my interviews before traveling to Chechnya, in principle, I was absolutely sure that there was nothing Russian in the Caucasus. That apart from subsidies and perpetual instability, nothing happens here. But now I’m thinking about it. My trips have always been commented on by all federal news agencies, very thoroughly. Wherever I go, to Pskov or elsewhere, there has always been much written about this. And now I can’t understand why absolutely all news agencies categorically blocked my trip to Chechnya. It would seem that bad? The leader of the Russian nationalists came to the republic, traveled around it, and did not experience any difficulties. This suggests that there is stability, but for some reason such an obvious thing did not appear on any site. Everywhere this information was blocked, although at first people called, were interested in details, but nowhere did it work. I even watched this morning, not a single news.
        Although the entire blogosphere and the entire Internet write about this, it leads me to some thoughts that the information policy around Chechnya is built in a certain way, people of a certain nationality, we will not call them now. We even understand why it can be built in relation to the Chechen Republic (Chechnya), for 10 years they have been working informationally to create a negative image, now they are not ready to give it up. After all, the media are ready to write about any incident that will happen to me here. By the way, they have already learned that I arrived in Chechnya, yesterday they called and invited me to Karachay-Cherkessia. It was probably such a sign for them that if we did not refuse to go to Chechnya, then we would certainly fly to Karachay-Cherkessia.
        Communicating with the Russian population here, I tried to find something negative. He asked if you are afraid and want to leave here. I realized that these people do not want to leave here and feel quite normal here. But even when they receive positive information from Chechnya, people outside it are still looking for some kind of catch. Yesterday we gave a lot of interviews and talked about the trip, but the headline still included people with machine guns.
        You can write that Demushkin said "The more I get to know Chechnya, the more I become convinced that Russia needs its Kadyrov for the Russians."
        I liked very much the topic of the fight against alcoholism and alcohol, I liked that everyone builds quickly and on time. I liked that the officials assigned separate sections of roads, state farms and houses for restoration. I liked that everything that is under construction costs ten times cheaper than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Well, after talking with people, I really believed that some head of the police department here could not protect prostitution or drug addiction. In general, while I have not seen anywhere negative.
        As I already said, in Moscow we were driven by a Georgian taxi driver who said that we would not go to Chechnya in the “I am Russian” t-shirt. That we will hide it far, and are unlikely to even be able to return from here safe and sound. These are all stereotypes in the media. As it turned out, we can even. We go there all the time in these t-shirts. And here is Kadyrov himself:
        "In short, the people should know from the First Persons what is really happening." - Well, Putin cannot make such statements directly. But the same Kadyrov made such statements publicly more than once. For example: = related There are more detailed answers, I just didn’t find it right away, but maybe it’s cleaned up. Learn to listen and understand. It’s just that nobody seriously takes what Kazyrov says, but guess with his mouth who they are. Learn to overcome the negative background of information, someone formed and imported into your minds opinion, which you then give out unconsciously as your opinion.
        1. Evil Tatar
          Evil Tatar 12 October 2011 16: 18 New
          Prunks, you call yourself strange ...
          So much you want to hear that I will begin to write that: -NO, I AM THE WONDER !!!!!!
          So, PRUNKS, like many here, I don’t understand why they give out money to the murderers of the salag, civilians of the Russian Federation, children, the elderly, from the budget of Russia? Why is Chechnya not disarmed? Why am I unlikely to dare to behave in Chechnya the way most Chechens behave outside the Caucasus?
          Why did Budanov not receive an amnesty, but served his own and still killed him?
          Why are requests from participants in the first and second Caucasian war sent from Chechnya?
          Why why why....
          And you here tell me that someone there didn’t notice the negative ... That the Russians still live there, it turns out ... And they, civilized, come to see the wild Chechens, as if at a zoo ... Moreover, those who wish sometimes come from Moscow ...
          That the Russians need Kadyrov ... Were you fucking ......... Prunks?
          Maybe in the President of the Russian Federation you appropriate it?
          Duck like we already had one Joseph - a terrorist, a schemer, a maniac (underground nickname "Koba").
          Now Akhmat, come on, by the way, what was his nickname in the mountains? Do not you know?
          Ahhhh, you see ... So you yourself are UMKA!
          And more ... Change your avatar, association with the Smersh detachment.
          Another reason: Imagine you are alone with the PCA against the well-armed gang of Aslanbek or Oslam-bek?
          And in the "sidor" a T-shirt carefully hidden from Chechen eyes, which you keep all the war and never even put on, with the inscription-
          I AM RUSSIAN!

          "ask yourself a question: why in Chechnya every ruble goes by appointment, why don't they steal it"
          Name the one who counted!
          And ask yourself the question: - who will steal from the chieftain?
          Aalekh Akbar, they say, ataman’s servants ...

          And with us GOD and four machine guns!
          1. prunx
            prunx 12 October 2011 19: 58 New
            Prunx - in Russian it will sound like Pranx. By the way, there are characters with more indisputable nicknames, for example, the commentator ytqnhfk. In principle, I see no reason to comment on these statements. You can’t explain anything to the bearer of this vomit in your head.
            1. Evil Tatar
              Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 04: 01 New
              What, Prunks? Nothing to answer?
              And how will your NICK sound, I ... us!
              I only hope that in your heart you are Ivan, not Mary, especially not Richard or Leopold (well, you understand, I hope) ...
              And about the puke in the head, so you're right, there are many of them ...
              And if in your head it (vomit) is less, then for some reason it suddenly becomes, so you immediately write - why ... What would become easier for others ...
              And if you can’t explain, then why the hell are you writing?
              1. prunx
                prunx 13 October 2011 10: 38 New
                “Prunks” - running over your eyes doesn’t mean reading, agree, your response was formed even before you read my post. I just do what I explain, it’s not my fault that little gets into your stamped wretched little mind through the skull. Moreover, you draw conclusions from my words in every way distorting the meaning of what I wrote, or simply ascribing to me what I did not say. And all this with blatant ignorance. You have already hung a label on me, you are no longer able to remove it from me, it’s worse for you, and somehow I will survive it. You, too, took a very interesting position: wrote and give Prunks, explain what is wrong.
        2. LESHA pancake
          LESHA pancake 26 October 2011 15: 00 New
    3. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 12 October 2011 16: 07 New
      I’ll run if necessary because I know why I’ll run like this! And the rest I agree! BUT do not think that here are some forum shit !!! I’m ready to die for my own !! But it will cost dearly to everyone who comes across!
  41. shind76
    shind76 10 October 2011 20: 39 New
    the first thing that comes to mind - "the Czech shaved his beard - and you look citizen" .... but as they milked and treasury with the union, they milk right now with the "democrats" .... my friend, the pilot says - "we need 94 carpet walk - and silence))))) - and there wouldn’t be any statements now))))) "..... it’s just a shame for the brothers ..... for the first company ..... it’s disgusting to look at - this show on "tv" ((((((((((((((((
  42. Mahamont
    Mahamont 12 October 2011 05: 12 New
    Quote: prunx
    I liked that everything that is under construction costs ten times cheaper than in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    Stsuko. Fuck. Hands itch to take your carbine, and shoot all construction contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub contractors, sub-sub-sub-sub-contractors. The thieves! Honest people cannot buy housing with honest money. The unjustified overpricing of housing and land prices, by the way, it smells of genocide, it has a strong birthrate. If you are in debt slavery, you will not be able to raise many children. Here in Chechnya, theft is suppressed ... It will be easier for honest people to live there.
    1. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 12 October 2011 10: 26 New
  43. Alex63
    Alex63 12 October 2011 15: 48 New
    If you look at our government, it is to what extent you need to hate your own people and how much you have to be corrupt in order to pursue such a policy towards the Russian nation. I would understand what was happening if Putin and Medvedev were not Russian. But how can you keep on a starvation diet Russian regions, having thrown them essentially for self-survival and, at the same time, pumping out finances from them in the form of taxes, and also selling abroad the minerals mined there, to direct the money received for this to the prosperity of various sultans like Kadyrov. Without Russian money he’s zero. But how Moscow won’t understand that someday Kadyrov will eat up. These people can neither be bought nor tamed. They cannot be either friends or allies. They have a completely different psychology. Now they don’t fight, because Russia (read Putin and Medvedev) they are paid for peace. But one day the time will come and this world will turn into blood. I do not believe Kadyrov.
  44. valerei
    valerei 13 October 2011 00: 29 New
    Pranks, I do not understand: who are you? Russian nationalist or Chechen? Well cited the statements of Demushkin, so what? But after all, his voyage does not prove anything and his interviews with Russians living there prove nothing. Why didn’t the Russians leave there? I think not out of great love for the Chechens, but simply nowhere to go. And if so, then they sit and keep quiet, otherwise they will cut off their tongue. Here you are in the zone and take it to the prison authorities, such as a liquid baland ... Kadyrov brought order? He also led it well: there were no drunks, order in construction, I figured out the bandits (it is good that they began to kill each other), etc. As for the drunk, this is what the Koran forbids, but as for the lack of theft of the republican budget, so let me doubt it very much. They steal and share with Moscow. And about subsidies to other regions: I agree, the distribution of subsidies may be a little different, but what is, that is. Here are the towers in Grozny built, beautiful, roomy, even good for Moscow, but who will they put in these towers? Well, how many offices can be opened there! This is “New Vasyuki” work! And the republic, officially, unemployment is about 30%! Something is hard to believe that Kadyrov will, on the contrary, give money to the Russian budget. What do they have there? Auls with household plots and whose oil is still unknown. Now seriously. After all, we Russians are enraged not only by the fact that money goes to Chechnya, but by the fact that we Russians were killed there (civilians were killed), and our rulers feed them. For example, in the Altai Republic, after all, no one with guns ran in the mountains, and there are no fewer problems there than in Chechnya. Well, that’s it. Additionally, you can read my comments here, and the comments of those who fought in Chechnya will also help to understand us Russians. If you want.
    1. prunx
      prunx 13 October 2011 03: 48 New
      "Pranks, I didn’t understand: who are you? A Russian nationalist or a Chechen? Well, what did Demushkin quote? What is it? Only his voyage proves nothing and his interviews with Russians living there prove nothing." thanks, friend, you opened my eyes, of course it proves nothing. These comments here are all incontrovertible evidence and facts. “As for the drunk, this Quran forbids” no quran forbids me, and the Bible is all the more so, however I don’t drink alcohol. “And the republic, officially, unemployment is about 30%” - about 10 years ago there was 99% unemployment, but this, of course, does not mean anything. "What do they have there? Auls with household plots and whose oil is still unknown." - Take an interest in the beginning of "what they have there." “After all, we Russians are enraged not only by the fact that money goes to Chechnya, but by the fact that we Russians were killed there (civilians were killed)” - let’s also kill the Chechen population. "and our rulers feed them" - we learn to read. "After all, no one in the Altai Republic ran machine guns in the mountains, and there are no fewer problems there than in Chechnya." - I don’t remember that Gorno-Altaysk was completely destroyed. “In addition, you can read my comments here, and the comments of those who fought in Chechnya will also help to understand us Russians. If you want.” - that I have not met one worthwhile commentary, more and more whining. Here, read at your leisure, maybe you will understand what it means to be Russian.
      1. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 04: 56 New
        What, Prunks? Nothing to answer?
        And how will your NICK sound, I ... us!
        I only hope that in your heart you are Ivan, not Mary, especially not Richard or Leopold (well, you understand, I hope) ...
        And about the puke in the head, so you're right, there are many of them ...
        And if in your head it (vomit) is less, then for some reason it suddenly becomes, so you immediately write - why ... What would become easier for others ...
        And if you can’t explain, then why the hell are you writing?
      2. valerei
        valerei 13 October 2011 22: 23 New
        I read the link to kubanezz. Strongly written, especially since this largely coincides with the statements of my son-in-law (cousin's husband), who, as the son of an officer, was born and raised in Urus-Martan. One thing is clear: we are not ready now, as we were not ready in 41 years. My father went through the war from 41 to 45 years old and told something. When will we be? Allah alone knows. But I am convinced of one thing: there will be a war with the Chechens. How does it start? I dont know. It is likely when Russia will cease to feed them. I intentionally wrote "Russia" because I don’t think that Chechens are part of Russia. I am convinced that they do not consider themselves part of Russia. In words - yes, but in fact? Those same 14-year-old Vainakhs, about which Kubanezz wrote, have already grown up and I do not think that they reforged under the strict guidance of Kadyrov. In the meantime, finish the dialogue, because after reading the kubanezz article I consider it pointless.
  45. Evil Tatar
    Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 04: 53 New
    Pranks, so be it ...
    You gave a good, necessary link. I read it. I recommend to others ...
    What do you want to say in your comments? I catch up ...
    Like, like in “Our Rush” on TNT - “Understand and forgive ...” So?
    Or how?
    For example:
    Option 1:
    At present, significant changes are taking place in this republic of the Russian Federation ... Proud Chechens, former militants regret the death of innocent Russian children, women, men, old people at their hands ... Raise their children in the spirit of pacifism, love for Russians and other peoples RF They buried their weapons, including daggers, with which women and children’s stomachs were torn ... And they are ready to go to a bright future with Russia! Protect Russian citizens, if necessary, with weapons in their hands.
    Variant 2:
    You, Russia, urgently need to change the education system of new generations!
    First of all - History, NVP, OBZH, etc. - only good and excellent!
    Everything else, as usual, is comprehensive for the C grade ...
    Mandatory informational propaganda about internal and external threats for adults over 18 years of age.
    Let them watch videos about atrocities, let them know what will happen to them and their loved ones, if that ... And they tell the younger ones until they have grown up, and then they will watch when the psyche gets stronger.
    Option 3 (Write, Pranx)
    1. prunx
      prunx 13 October 2011 14: 15 New
      The link that I gave is intended for all suffering complex "non-Russian". "Understand and forgive" - ​​no doubt! Only truly strong people can afford to be merciful. That is why my ancestors did not destroy and did not make any people a slave, but on the contrary, they were able to preserve and unite the unified. My ancestors brought culture, enlightenment and justice to many peoples, with a firm hand, unbending will and exalted intention, but at the same time preserved the identity of everyone. We have taken responsibility, this mission impossible for any other people, to create a just society on the whole earth that professes good. This is our fate that the Almighty gave us - We are Russians! To abandon this means to betray Faith, our great ancestors, the people who stand behind us, and, finally, ourselves, their essence. It is through the prism of this concept that I look at everything that happens in the world. If you see the Chechen war as a private episode, then I perceive this event as a consequence of the fact that we Russians betrayed peoples who entrusted us with their destiny, betrayed our homeland - the USSR, betrayed the covenants of our fathers and grandfathers who gave us the inheritance mighty power. Believing in the false tales of enemies about our history, we ceased to be a people. We became a herd of sheep, voluntarily assumed the role of a victim, weak-willed, cowardly, dumb, greedy, drunk biomass. We forgot who we are and why we are here. We paid for this betrayal with blood. This is stated in the link that you liked. And only at the edge of the hollow we were able to resist and retreat a few steps from it, thanks to the fact that we were able to keep the Russian Federation from collapse. Otherwise, we Russians would disappear from the face of the earth, the rest of the peoples would share our fate, sooner or later. We are responsible for all. This is generalized. Do you understand my words, Tatar? If you are a Muslim, then one quote from the Qur'an will be close to you: "and may there be among you a community that calls for good, orders the approved and keeps from the unapproved. These are" happy. "
  46. SIA
    SIA 13 October 2011 11: 28 New
    Quote: SubarcticFrost
    I don’t see anything tragic in this, now there is a holiday in Grozny, tomorrow there will be a holiday in Sochi, then somewhere else. Everything is fine - it only shows that the country is developing.

    Nothing tragic that your taxes go to Chechnya? Let them develop, but not at the expense of Russia!
  47. Alex63
    Alex63 13 October 2011 13: 56 New
    If our politicians cannot solve the Chechen problem, except by banal bribing Sultan Kadyrov and his entourage for money from Russian regions, then these politicians, headed by the president and the prime minister, are worthless. The policy of financial feeding the Caucasus will not lead to anything good. These republics and they used to be dependents at the expense of the RSFSR, but now they don’t climb into any gates at all.
    1. prunx
      prunx 13 October 2011 14: 31 New
      And here are two options, either restoring normal life there, or fighting until the last Chechen or Russian. Your suggestions?
      1. Evil Tatar
        Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 15: 18 New
        Mercy and self-sacrifice!
        You did not forget?
        Therefore, if you forgive, then mercy ...
        and if you "wet" it, then to the last Chechen, then self-sacrifice and sacrifice to maintain the main ...
        Both are close to Russians. Is not it?
        I think so ...
        I put + for the rating, including .... I wrote it correctly, I understand ...
        However, it’s a pity, Russian, that your NIC is in Anglo-Saxon ...
        And here is my surname from Turkic-Tatar roots, again in the SA in the barracks of the division, there was a separate mortar battery, 80% of the Tatars, some fair-haired and blue-eyed. Great guys.
        I was immediately mistaken for my own, although in the Union passport - Russian ...
        So, tramp Pranks, I am an Orthodox Russian Tatar, but evil, ...
        Do not rush to conclusions, do not have fantasies ...
        And the quote from the Koran is beautiful ...
        In the Bible, no less correct things are written ... Yes, you know ...
  48. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 13 October 2011 15: 21 New
    1. Evil Tatar
      Evil Tatar 13 October 2011 16: 32 New
      I do not agree with you, LESHA damn it ...
      You can’t say that, an Orthodox Russian brother ...
      I think they understand, but not all.
    2. Tyumen
      Tyumen 16 October 2011 16: 58 New
      LESHA pancake
      Mercy is for your own soul.
      1. LESHA pancake
        LESHA pancake 26 October 2011 15: 03 New