How Ahmadinejad offended al-Qaeda

How Ahmadinejad offended al-Qaeda
Just think about it! The Islamists, the evil and irreconcilable enemies of America and Israel, fought among themselves.

Al-Qaeda's English-language magazine Inspire has released a special issue entirely dedicated to the anniversary of the 11 terrorist attack in New York and Washington on September 2001. The cover shows a picture of the blown twin towers and the huge title “The Greatest Special Operations of All Time.” Adherents of Bin Laden with with ecstasy they describe the “Manhattan Action”, as they have long called the strikes of airplanes, piloted by “martyr heroes”, on the New York skyscrapers.

At the same time, other exploits of al-Qaeda militants are listed, for example, the explosion of a commuter train in Madrid, where about two hundred simple Spanish hard workers died, as well as the cold-blooded execution of 13 American troops at the base of Fort Knox in November 2009 by Major Malik Hasan. For the time being, this camouflaged Islamist was given special praise (“Can one even argue about the virtue of what he did?”) From Anwar Auliaka, who is now perhaps the most authoritative and energetic of al Qaeda leaders; he is in Yemen and from there leads the fight against the Saudi authorities and the Americans.

New and somewhat unexpected can be called the fact that the al-Qaida organ sharply falls on none other than the Iranian president Ahmadinejad, who, in his speech at the current session of the UN General Assembly, said that the September 11 campaign was not the work of Al Qaeda and the Americans themselves. “Why does Iran support this ridiculous assertion contrary to any logic and evidence?” - asks Inspire.

This, by the way, could be asked of many Russian analysts and publicists, intelligence generals and popular favorites raging in talk shows, telephone interview heroes who continue to fool our population with maniacal persistence, instilling in it an absurd version that The American authorities prepared and carried out the murder of thousands of their fellow citizens. But what to expect from people who until the end of their days will be convinced of only one thing: everything that the Americans say is sheer lies, everything that Americans do is an absolute evil.

But the Iranian president - should he be smarter than our political analysts?

Of course, Ahmadinejad does not believe in the nonsense that he carries, but this is an element of a big political game, just like his constantly repeated cries about the Holocaust and the need to erase Israel from the world map. It is necessary to conquer the soul of the Arab world, to attract the "Arab street" to its side, and this task is successfully accomplished: Iran, being not an Arab and not a Sunni country, becomes the leader of all radical forces in the Arab Sunni countries.

This is absolutely not necessary for the Iranian people, at least half of whom would be glad to get rid of the regime of the clerical-police state capitalism, but then it corresponds to the great-power aspirations of the Tehran elite.

However, here Iran has a powerful competitor - the unswervingly Islamizing Sunni Turkey; a struggle is unfolding, in which regional hegemony will be a gain. Straight quarreling with Turkey is undesirable, but you can recoup al-Qaeda, and this is a Sunni organization, you cannot allow it to hold high the banner of struggle against America. This banner must be intercepted, namely, Shiite Iran in the eyes of the Sunni Arab masses must be the only leader of "resistance to Americans and Zionists."

In the future, we can still witness the confrontation of two Islamic fundamentalisms - Sunni and Shiite. As they say, both are worse. In the meantime, we see a farce: a group of murderers and fanatics shouts: "How dare you! We blew up three thousand Americans, you cannot take this honor away from us!" And their like-minded people from the "other office" answer them: "Oh, quit, do not ascribe to yourself what you have not done."

And the hardest of all is for Muslims who, on the one hand, rejoice in the confirmation of how vile Americans can reach - they blow themselves up, but on the other hand, they are not less happy with the fact that there were heroic Muslims who sacrificed their lives for the sake of hitting the very heart of the enemy.

How to combine it - here even sophisticated Moscow political scientists, I am afraid, will not prompt.
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