Russia and the intensification of the Syrian issue

Russia and the intensification of the Syrian issue Against the backdrop of increased violence in Syria, Russia is beginning to sag under pressure from the West. Earlier, Russia invariably blocked the adoption of the UN resolution on Syria. Although Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, after meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron (12 September), has already said that Russia will support the resolution if it is addressed to both parties to the internecine conflict.

Now the representative of Russia in the UN, Vitaly Churkin, declared that Moscow could support the Syrian resolution. According to him, the main thing is to “stop the violence and start a political process,” which will lead to the reform of the system and calm the people.

The West demands a resolution that will condemn violence. Thus, French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe believes that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has completely lost its legality and was late in reforming the country.

Currently there are two draft resolutions on Syria - proposed by Paris, London, Berlin, Lisbon and the second, softer, Russian. The European option offers a condemnation of violence and the imposition of sanctions if violence in the country is not stopped. Moscow supports only the call for an immediate cessation of violence, but not the imposition of sanctions in any volume against Syria.

Beijing supports the position of Russia, considering that unilateral sanctions against Syria may contribute to the development of events according to the Libyan scenario.

Increased violence in Syria

- On September 26, several soldiers were killed and 14 captured army officers, they were ambushed in the town of Kusayr near the Syrian-Lebanese border. This city is located in the region of Homs, which for Syria in recent months has become the scene of the fiercest clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement forces. According to the Syrian government, there are “armed gangs” of Islamist rebels in this province who are planning to build an Islamic state in Syria. The Syrian opposition claims that armed soldiers and officers who deserted from the army have armed resistance to government troops because they do not want to kill their fellow citizens and have gone over to the side of the rebels for the sake of protecting civilians.

- Colonel of the Syrian Air Force Riyadh Musa Asad announced the creation of the “Free Army of Syria”, which will lead the armed struggle for the liberation of the state from the regime of Bashar al-Assad. According to him, the basis of the rebel army will be deserters, Sunni soldiers who fled from the Syrian armed forces in protest against the use of violence against fellow citizens.

- For several days now there has been a military operation in the city of Rastan (the city was surrounded on September 26): the army is trying to crush the resistance of deserters from the Khalid bin Walid brigade. According to the opposition, up to a thousand people put up armed resistance, government troops inflict artillery strikes and use helicopters, air strikes.

“According to Al-Arabia, the command of the Syrian army brigade, Al-Kharmush, has taken over the opposition. The rebels reported the murder of 80 people from various power structures of the country - the General Directorate of Security, from the Shabiha units (these are pro-government Alawite militias).
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