Government trusts shipbuilders

Government trusts shipbuilders

The shipyard "Severnaya Verf" received state guarantees of the Russian government for a total amount of several tens of billions of rubles to fulfill the state defense order (GOZ).

State guarantees are granted until the end of 2015. “This order speaks of the high confidence of the Russian government in the Northern shipyard,” said the company's general director Andrei Fomichev. According to him, the Northern Shipyard is the only shipbuilding plant in Russia that implements the GOZ “day to day”. “The company is working closely with the Ministry of Defense. Issues that arose in the negotiation of complex contracts were resolved daily and constantly during the collective work of the shipyard and the ministry staff. Providing a shipyard state guarantees - one of the results of this work. State guarantees mean the beginning of stable financing and serial construction of ships for the Russian Navy, ”Fomichev said.

According to the State Armaments Program, the North Shipyard, before 2018, must hand over to the customer, the Ministry of Defense, a series of six corvettes of the 23180 and 23185 projects (upgraded 23180 project) and, before 2020, a series of six 22350 frigates. Now the company is building four corvettes of the 20380 project, two frigates of the 22350 project and a special communications vessel of the 18280 project for the Russian Navy. Northern shipyard in accordance with the decision of the Government of the Russian Federation is recognized as the sole supplier of frigates of the 22350 project and corvettes of the 20380 project.
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