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Russian Foreign Ministry: Ukrainian military continue to hunt for Russian journalists

Ukrainian security forces continue to conduct aimed fire at journalists from Russia in the special operation zone, the OSCE should insist that Kiev investigate these cases, reports RIA News A statement by the ombudsman for human rights Konstantin Dolgov.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Ukrainian military continue to hunt for Russian journalists

Yesterday, REN TV journalists Dmitry Vakhnitsky and Fyodor Boldarev came under fire from the Ukrainian military and were blocked in Shirokino. According to the channel, the staff "managed to get out of the car, which was shot at, and take refuge in one of the houses."

The representative of the Foreign Ministry called these actions of the security forces inadmissible. “Fire is firing, with aimed fire, for media representatives. This is a gross violation of the relevant international obligations of Ukraine, not the first, it is a series of unlawful actions that directly threaten the safety of Russian journalists, ”Dolgov said.

According to him, there should be an adequate response from the OSCE to such incidents.

“Such actions need not only to be condemned, but we must strongly urge the Ukrainian authorities to conduct at least one investigation of these incidents. Nothing has been done so far, including the murder of Russian journalists. No one was convicted, no one was punished, ”the diplomat said.

According to him, “OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Miyatovych should specifically urge the Ukrainian authorities to put an end to such actions, as well as the creation of unacceptable unlawful obstacles for the activities of Russian media in Ukraine in general.”
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  1. another RUSICH
    another RUSICH 25 March 2015 17: 59
    But when will this Savchenko be condemned yet? or wait until she dies?
    1. vodolaz
      vodolaz 25 March 2015 18: 00
      Do not you say!!! This is the same democratic state, of course, after the patrimony of democracy with stars and stripes !!!
      1. herruvim
        herruvim 25 March 2015 18: 01
        When, in 1945, Americans and Russians began organizing excursions to the concentration camps for the Germans, poking their faces into the local "attractions", forcibly showing the chronicle in cinemas, the Germans were shocked. Many were crying. Some fainted. But when the "true" correct Ukrainians are shown footage of Odessa residents burnt alive, the torn bodies of women and children of Donbass, they do not faint. They scoff. They yell: “That's okay! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! ... ”The Germans were horrified by the atrocities of their compatriots, they only amuse the" true "correct Ukrainians.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Mark Alekseevich
        Mark Alekseevich 25 March 2015 18: 04
        According to him, there should be an adequate response from the OSCE to such incidents.
        1. Sibiriya
          Sibiriya 25 March 2015 18: 33
          The new aerobatic team of the Russian Air Force "Wings of Taurida" at the base airfield in the Voronezh Region is completing preparations for the Victory Parade. From April 1, training will continue in the Moscow region. The group was created in the spring of 2014 and named after the annexation of Crimea to Russia. "Tavrida" flies on the latest combat training aircraft Yak-130, piloting in parade formation - it is more difficult than combat - Voronezh pilots are taught by aces from the "Swifts" group. The pilots will show the figures "Cuban diamond" and "balalaika" over Red Square.
          From morning till night, the rumble and whistle of jet engines stands over the Borisoglebsk airfield. Training is intensive: four flight shifts per week, each for eight hours. Pilots practice aerobatics in a variety of conditions: alone, as a couple, as a group, as a leader, as a follower, in clear weather and in the clouds.
          - It is not known what weather will be over Moscow on 9 in May. You may have to break through the clouds in the group. In order not to lose each other and not waste time collecting the system, we are working out now, - the pilots explained.

          Before group flights, "pedestrian aerobatics" takes place: taking model airplanes in their hands, the pilots walk along a special area, divided into sectors and lined with routes, depicting how they will actually fly.

          - There are many cases: in addition to flight shifts, there are theoretical studies, another job, Sunday remains for the family. But flying is great! They studied for five years only for this, ”smiled Senior Lieutenant Alexander Kozochkin.
          1. Sibiriya
            Sibiriya 25 March 2015 18: 33
            The best instructors of the Borisoglebsk airbase were selected for "Wings of Taurida", who teach cadets to fly here. In the aerobatic team, the instructors themselves turned into students, and the back, teaching chairs of the Yak-130 were taken by the Swift pilots.

            - Strong guys, they succeed in everything. They absorb new knowledge like a sponge. I think that in the near future they will act as an aerobatic team, - said the Swift pilot Dmitry Ryzhevatov. The Swifts themselves, together with the Russian Knights, will show a "Cuban diamond" figure in the skies over Moscow: a rhombus made up of five Su-27s and four MiG-29s. The figure has nothing to do with Cuba, but is named after the airfield where the aerobatic teams are based, Kubinka.

            The six Yak-130 will pass over the Red Square in an isosceles triangle, while the distance between the aircraft will not exceed three meters. The figure has no official name, among themselves the pilots call it "Borisoglebsk balalaika". The group will be led by the deputy commander of the airbase Denis Kokhanovsky.

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            1. Sibiriya
              Sibiriya 25 March 2015 18: 34
              The "ceremonial" planes are no different from the combat ones: the same dark gray with red stars. Engines of other Yaks, not participating in the parade, are driven nearby. An engineer from the Irkut plant is squatting under one - the clearance of the landing gear flap turned out to be one and a half millimeters larger than it should be. Senior engineer of the airbase Roman Sadykov is not overjoyed at the onboard electronics of the Yak-130:

              - On previous types, an aircraft-testing technician had to open dozens of hatches, climb inside with a manometer and a ruler, measure everything manually. It is especially inconvenient in the winter when warm clothes impede access. And here it is enough to press the pre-flight control button and the aircraft itself will report on the status of all systems. Much easier and faster, flight preparation time was halved.

              In the XIX century, the horse guards arena was located on the site of the airfield, and the training audiences of the air base served as cavalry barracks. Borisoglebsk flight school was founded in 1922, one of its first graduates was Valery Chkalov. Chkalov Flight School, which had grown out of school, graduated from the current Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Viktor Bondarev. In recent history, the school has become an air base where cadets practice. And Borisoglebsk has been a city of aviators for almost 100 years: in every second family, someone serves or works at an air base. Everyone will watch the 9 air parade on May.

              - I’m sure everyone will watch: parents, relatives, spouse, both sons, said Denis Kokhanovsky. - Senior 17, also going to become a pilot.
      3. Reserve officer
        Reserve officer 25 March 2015 18: 11
        These guys have long been no longer just journalists. They are war correspondents.
        A deep bow to you guys for your work. And for the truth that you show in your reports.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 March 2015 18: 01
      As they say, drink water, this case of shelling of Russian journalists, like all the previous ones, will be released on the brakes, and the useless OSCE will be silent in a rag.
      1. ksv1973
        ksv1973 25 March 2015 18: 04
        Quote: Giant thought
        As they say, drink water, this case of shelling of Russian journalists, like all the previous ones, will be released on the brakes, and the useless OSCE will be silent in a rag.

        ... sticking your tongue in your ass!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Vitaly Anisimov
        Vitaly Anisimov 25 March 2015 18: 11
        Valtsman about Bandera .. (this is something new ..)))) For our journalists, this is why the hunt is open .. Petruha is rushing about from side to side .. Here Benya will soon be stabbed in the back! And our media are GOOD! They work not for money, but for the idea of ​​risking their lives! Thanks you!
        1. Ramzaj99
          Ramzaj99 25 March 2015 18: 20
          One gets the impression that they already openly put their own on Parashka .......
        2. mole
          mole 25 March 2015 18: 32
          Quote: MIKHAN
          Valtsman about Bandera .. (this is something new ..))))

          This is not new - this is another maidan in Valtsman's brain! fellow
        3. soviet skytourist
          soviet skytourist 25 March 2015 18: 48
          Valtsman about Bandera
          Rothschild will come - he will restore order. all Bandera leaps leash smoke screen, destroyed the state and the army, along the way, they organized the Russian genocide and all of the bargains of bankers
      4. vvu-globus
        vvu-globus 25 March 2015 18: 39
        But in general, there is a ceasefire, and why, then, is a fire being fired, and even on journalists?
    3. milann
      milann 25 March 2015 18: 04
      Such actions need not only to be condemned, but also to be strongly urged
      So are we going to "resolutely condemn" and "call"?
      Or it’s time to remember that Russia is a great power capable of protecting its citizens anywhere in the world ...
      or are these just words?
    4. D_E_A_L_E_R
      D_E_A_L_E_R 25 March 2015 18: 11
      The hunt for journalists both continued and continues and is carried out purposefully, at the end of the report it is perfectly shown:
      SAXA.SHURA 25 March 2015 18: 13
      That's who you talk with in these words, condemn, call, investigate, the same thing as talking to a baboon sitting on a tree, he will understand you very much. Besides destroying, there is no other option and never will be.
    6. Pomah
      Pomah 25 March 2015 18: 29
      There is Minsk-2, we have agreed, but no sanctions have been written ... or I don’t know something ...

      It is clear how they are going to punish and punish Russia, but if “someone else” does not fulfill this international treaty, then what?
    7. Very old
      Very old 25 March 2015 18: 42
      Lord, do not let her die before the trial - the universal Srach is not needed in FIG

      Judge am ! Are docks not collected?
    8. sent-onere
      sent-onere 25 March 2015 19: 15
      Guys journalists are selfless, fearless people, their personal contribution to the coverage of events in Ukraine can hardly be overestimated, and I am talking not only about military operations: those young girls who are in Kiev, in fact, are also at risk, because from this evil spirits that have settled in Kiev and their armed battalions do not know human laws. Many thanks to all the journalists who give us truthful information from the scene and the opportunity to shout on the Internet that others do not understand something well and what needs to be done this or that way. It is thanks to these "soldiers of truth" that you are not drugged by propaganda, you have the opportunity to comprehend and choose how the inhabitants of Europe, who, with great efforts, can piece together a mosaic of truth and the horror in which our compatriots work with you.
    9. The comment was deleted.
  2. Ruthless
    Ruthless 25 March 2015 17: 59
    The OSCE, as usual, does not see or condemn anything ... am
    1. bort4145
      bort4145 25 March 2015 18: 02
      Ukraine has created a service blocking anti-Ukrainian propaganda.
      The TrolleyBust service, created by volunteers, is a set of special tools for tracking user accounts on the Internet that disseminate anti-Ukrainian propaganda on social networks. Current site base 6 million users

      forward to "democracy" ***! wassat there’s another bridle there,
      as well as lash and spurs, but this is for guidance.
  3. Ross_ulair
    Ross_ulair 25 March 2015 18: 00
    It will agree with the militias that when moving the journalists behind, at a certain distance, there will be a mobile group with a mortar. And after the shelling began to cover these freaks to such a mother.
    Or a couple of times to play live bait. So that none of the "shooters" remain alive
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 25 March 2015 18: 14
      The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to destroy all who bring the truth to the peoples of the Ukrainian fascists who are creating outrages and crimes.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. ksv1973
    ksv1973 25 March 2015 18: 02
    Until the Ukrainians "overwhelm" some Western bigwig from the OSCE, the OSCE itself will not "scratch" to conduct any investigations. So all the appeals of our Foreign Ministry to the OSCE are an empty concussion.
    1. vvu-globus
      vvu-globus 25 March 2015 18: 46
      The OSCE is spotters. Tomorrow, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will begin an anti-terrorist operation and strike at the storage sites of heavy weapons assigned to the militias. The OSCE includes representatives of NATO member countries.
    2. Karasik
      Karasik 25 March 2015 18: 52
      Quote: ksv1973
      Until the Ukrainians "overwhelm" some Western bigwig from the OSCE, the OSCE itself will not "scratch" to conduct any investigations.

      Even if this happens, guess right away - who will be blamed for this?
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. fairmen
    fairmen 25 March 2015 18: 04
    Yes, it’s good that they didn’t kill, and send the chamotra Savchenko to the zone to the farthest corner of the immense mother of Russia so that he would serve 25 years and return the old grandmother to the country
  8. milann
    milann 25 March 2015 18: 05

    We have something to be proud of!
  9. valokordin
    valokordin 25 March 2015 18: 06
    In general, it’s time to condemn Savchenko, but probably there is not enough evidence, they are waiting. As for the shelling of Mariupol punishers, it is necessary to recoup, having previously announced an ultimatum. Cover the whole gang and open a guerrilla offensive inside the city. To clear Donetsk city of this scum.
  10. EvgNik
    EvgNik 25 March 2015 18: 07
    They shot at journalists and the OSCE and the media reported that they had destroyed 29 Russian special forces. The power of the Ukrainian army is growing! It will soon grow to the 4th, and even to the 3rd on the continent.
  11. nord62
    nord62 25 March 2015 18: 13
    And where does the OSCE - the same mumbled buffoons, like many other world organizations, dancing to the tune of a kulovoda in star-striped portkas and with a cylinder on the head.
    There can only be one option - to cover these dill degenerates.
  12. Lelek
    Lelek 25 March 2015 18: 17
    (According to him, there should be an adequate response from the OSCE to such incidents.)

    Well, yes - right now this OSCE will take over and start to react contrary to the boss’s team. Naive is worse than a fool. bully
  13. Carlos
    Carlos 25 March 2015 18: 24
    These "smart guys" from the OSCE always have one stupid answer, "Know the comment."
  14. NSerzh
    NSerzh 25 March 2015 18: 24
    so the war goes on what's the difference journalist or not ebosh everything that you see ahead soldier
  15. dirik
    dirik 25 March 2015 18: 25
    We must stop persuading the OSCE to see something, and constantly announce to the whole world that this organization does not do nichrome and cannot make any decision!
    1. not main
      not main 25 March 2015 19: 03
      Quote: dirik
      We must stop persuading the OSCE to see something, and constantly announce to the whole world that this organization does not do nichrome and cannot make any decision!

      But do not you think that this is the goal of Kiev? Replace the OSCE with EU troops (more precisely, NATO)!
  16. rf xnumx
    rf xnumx 25 March 2015 18: 28
    According to him, there should be an adequate response from the OSCE to such incidents.
    OSCE response
  17. veksha50
    veksha50 25 March 2015 18: 35
    Something pushed into my head: to assemble a group of snipers and destroy those who fired at the journalist ... In a few days it would be possible ... And the posters everywhere - for what ... But in general - the sniper and sabotage struggle had long been developed and expand...

    PS But it’s time for Savchenko to be sentenced to a decent term (even if lawyers think), so that others will think: what if I find myself in Russia, what will happen to me? ...
  18. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 25 March 2015 20: 22
    Which Bandera wants to see the truth of their box about himself? he must be a noble hero, not a murderer of the citizens of his state.
  19. coffee
    coffee 26 March 2015 00: 02
    Chechnya has prepared an armed response for the United States