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Putin: the results of the verification of the Armed Forces are rated positively

The results of the recently completed surprise verification of the Russian Armed Forces, in general, are assessed as positive, RIA News words of Vladimir Putin.

Putin: the results of the verification of the Armed Forces are rated positively

“I presume that this is only the beginning of the work of this year to study in the Armed Forces. I know that, in general, you assess the results as positive, ”said the president, addressing Sergei Shoigu.

According to the Minister of Defense, this time in the course of the exercise, the command of command was able to get away from the pattern when performing tasks.

“We managed to move away from the stereotyped execution of tasks and actions according to a previously developed scenario, that is, we were given virtually every hour new introductory changes in the directions and actions of tactical battalion groups. The units were managed by commanders on the basis of all types of intelligence and reports of subordinates on the real situation, ”noted Shoigu.

An unscheduled check of troops took place in Russia from March 16 to March 21. This time the emphasis was placed on working off tasks in the Arctic. The exercise involved about 80 thousand soldiers, thousands of units of various equipment.
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  1. alex-s
    alex-s 25 March 2015 08: 18
    There would be more such people in the government!
    1. Metallurgist
      Metallurgist 25 March 2015 08: 22
      Yes, it takes pride for our army.
      Exercises are being held, new equipment is coming in, the defense industry is working.
      It seems to me that this is the beginning of a new round of history - the transition of quantity to quality. From the largest country (territory) to a leading world power, the opinion of which is becoming decisive in the world.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 25 March 2015 08: 31
        Quote: Metallurg
        I know that, in general, you rate the results as positive", The president said, addressing Sergei Shoigu.

        With these teachings we put big bolt on western "horror stories"! That is what Vladimir Vladimirovich probably meant. smile
        1. Metallurgist
          Metallurgist 25 March 2015 08: 34
          I believe that the bolt on their horror stories has long been. Just now the bolt was replaced by a bolt!
          1. ussrex
            ussrex 25 March 2015 08: 40
            rather on the rail!
          2. maximus235
            maximus235 25 March 2015 08: 41
            Now we also scored him
        2. Момент
          Момент 25 March 2015 08: 40
          That’s what they think, why not Russia end the march on Europe and meet with NATO in Germany.
      2. Col.
        Col. 25 March 2015 09: 39
        Quote: Metallurg
        Yes, it takes pride for our army.

        Brothers, you can shower me with rotten tomatoes (especially the couch "fighters"), but nobody canceled the show (I mean the press coverage of such events). What are "sudden checks"? Only diarrhea is sudden! I have served in the "high" headquarters for many years and I know all this "kitchen" from the inside, I myself regularly participated in these events. There are such concepts as "advance preparation", "bringing the ChiS to BG consistently or bypassing intermediate degrees", "decision-making methodology", etc. etc. The higher the level of the "event", the more time it takes to prepare for it! Hundreds of documents are being prepared and coordinated, groups of leadership, mediators, building up the situation, etc. are being created, headquarters and forces, command and control bodies, interaction, support are being guided ... ), the layout in the dining room ... But I understand the policy of our leaders: the people should be proud!
        He who knows nothing believes everything

        1. Vyacheslav
          Vyacheslav 25 March 2015 10: 53
          I did not serve in the "high" headquarters. He served on the ground. As Einstein said: "Everything is relative." Of course, they know that there will be teachings, and they are preparing for them. Or, in your opinion, preparation is not important? And the "surprise" is contained in the "envelope", if you served, you should know this.
          1. Col.
            Col. 25 March 2015 11: 15
            Quote: Vyacheslav
            And the "surprise" is contained in the "envelope", if you served, you should know this.

            "Envelopes" are prepared for D-Day. In everyday activities, everything happens "somewhat" differently. And these "sudden" inspections of this scale are being prepared for months (!) And if we assume, for example, that the transport air regiment really Suddenly and unexpectedly, the task of transferring a certain unit or subunit is set, then it will take from several hours (at least) to several days to prepare, and we are told that he (the regiment) took off in 10 minutes. Do not tell children!
        2. The comment was deleted.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 March 2015 09: 33
      The people also assess the exercises as positive, and that means a lot.
      1. jjj
        jjj 25 March 2015 09: 51
        It turns out that they fought off the aggressor from all directions. And the supreme said that this is only the beginning. Apparently they want to try even more in numbers.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Motherland Russia
      Motherland Russia 25 March 2015 10: 27
      Well, it’s nice, now the main thing is not to drop the bar, but to raise it.
      And remove those from posts who put sticks in wheels. Or nichrome does not.
      1. mojohed2012
        mojohed2012 25 March 2015 11: 34
        Some comrades say that this is window dressing and that a regiment cannot be assembled on airplanes in 10 minutes. Let's argue. Of course, it is basically impossible to create conditions for exercises "as close as possible" to war, therefore there are plans for exercises and their changes in dynamics, but imagine! Thousands of fighters (even if they were secretly trained for this for 2 months) break away from the barracks and parade grounds at once and rush hundreds of kilometers with equipment and aircraft.
        Here, even be over-prepared and "forewarned", but in reality provide logistics, real controllability and command in the tactical and operational level, the availability of sufficient resources and ammunition, etc. - in principle, it is difficult, if you cannot say it is impossible to spend at 5. Therefore, these maneuvers and exercises, the more often they take place, the better the command on the entire chain of command prepares for war.
        I truly hope that, unlike the experience of Chechnya and Ossetia, our command will, in the German model, give more tactical independence to companies and battalions on the ground, which in the future will give greater horizontal coordination of brigades, battalions, regiments and companies.
  2. avvg
    avvg 25 March 2015 08: 19
    The combat readiness of the Army and the leadership of the country were assessed not as satisfactory, but positively, that is, much higher. There is Russia on which to rely.
    1. MBA78
      MBA78 25 March 2015 08: 41
      Obama is not heard ... he is still in the bunker chtoli
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 25 March 2015 08: 21
    Ex, and Psaki then left, who will comment! winked
    1. Afinogen
      Afinogen 25 March 2015 08: 27
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      Eh and psaki then left who will comment!

      Yes, I agree, psaki sorry no one will replace her laughing The new booby is also ridiculous, but yes Psaki is far away.
      1. holgert
        holgert 25 March 2015 13: 57
        ... psaki will be missed ----- without her, just boredom !!!!
    2. Funnels
      Funnels 25 March 2015 08: 28
      They found a replacement of the same individual with one straight gyrus.
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 25 March 2015 08: 34
        Quote: Funnels
        with one straight gyrus.

        Dash-dotted. yes
      2. ussrex
        ussrex 25 March 2015 08: 41
        , which is an extension of his rectum
    3. attuda
      attuda 25 March 2015 08: 31
      who will comment!

      It’s gone psako, the rest is St. Ratta ...
      Naydetsa to whom than there to spit in vosdePi.pi.pi
  4. Pomah
    Pomah 25 March 2015 08: 21
    Well, what could be negative? Of course positive !!!
    1. SteelRatTV
      SteelRatTV 25 March 2015 08: 27
      Quote: POMAH
      Well, what could be negative? Of course positive !!!

      There are no flaws. request In order to teach and to identify them (with subsequent elimination). But it is necessary to talk about this in other places and with other people.
  5. Barboskin
    Barboskin 25 March 2015 08: 23
    In Canada, 200 people attended this great event. There are 80 thousand here, I don't even know how to describe it. "I don't even know such wonderful words, everything is insignificant in comparison with you" - as Rosenbaum sings.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 March 2015 08: 25
    The good news is that American intelligence missed several times the withdrawal of troops and b / t on the exercises. So we are studying military affairs in the present way.
  7. Funnels
    Funnels 25 March 2015 08: 26
    Satisfied with everything. Except NATO
    1. MBA78
      MBA78 25 March 2015 08: 39
      NATO rolled into the asphalt
  8. Wolka
    Wolka 25 March 2015 08: 27
    everything is right, Mr. President, well done ... hi soldier
  9. langeron
    langeron 25 March 2015 08: 27
    The teachings are super. Poles and Balts all diapers and candles sold out!
    1. Predator
      Predator 25 March 2015 09: 17
      Quote: langeron
      The teachings are super. Poles and Balts all diapers and candles sold out!

      So we help them! Around the crisis, and they have a growing turnover of these strategic resources. There is something for the headquarters to do, the strategy to redo-change 72 hours of defense for 1 hour (the time of the GDP to get through and surrender).
  10. fzr1000
    fzr1000 25 March 2015 08: 28
    It no longer smells of war, it just stinks.
    1. Estet59
      Estet59 25 March 2015 08: 50
      Dear, combat training is carried out to make it smell less like war! Too many temptations to pull Russia apart had accumulated in the West, while it was quietly falling apart through the efforts of the Gorbachevs, Yeltsins and their masters. However, it didn't work out! Hence the impotent screeching and petty mischief of local "champions of democracy", such as assigning the name of a political and quite real corpse to the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge. The real prospect of getting in the teeth is the main deterrent to unleashing a war against Russia. The Supreme and Defense Minister are great. Keep it up!
      1. fzr1000
        fzr1000 25 March 2015 09: 47
        I do not argue.
  11. bolat19640303
    bolat19640303 25 March 2015 08: 37
    It is good that they are moving away from templates in solving the assigned tasks. Remembering the service in the SA I cannot say this. So (I believe) we are really learning. The time "maybe" has passed.
  12. Dreiko11
    Dreiko11 25 March 2015 08: 46
    Deficiencies were identified for their subsequent elimination and refinement.
  13. Leonidych
    Leonidych 25 March 2015 08: 54
    in the economy would have brought order ....
  14. provincial
    provincial 25 March 2015 09: 39
    Assessment as a whole - in my time they talked about assessing the situation as a whole, "the pants are off, but ....... not worth it."
  15. Zomanus
    Zomanus 25 March 2015 09: 49
    Well, if there really were continuous surprises, then honor and praise. All the same, you need to move away from the scale of the Second World War, now they simply won’t give such time.
  16. eternalmotor
    eternalmotor 25 March 2015 12: 23
    I look at Vladimir Vladimirovich, and only one thought comes: Tsar!
    1. Col.
      Col. 25 March 2015 12: 31
      Quote: eternalmotor
      I look at Vladimir Vladimirovich, and only one thought comes: Tsar!

      No, "he's a monument"!
  17. Barakuda
    Barakuda 25 March 2015 12: 41
    Putin took a selfie during his absence smile