"Motovilikhinskie plants" will become the artillery plant number 1 in Russia

"Motovilikhinskie plants" will become the artillery plant number 1 in Russia

In the year of its 275 anniversary, Motovilikha Plants OJSC opens the most modern and high-tech artillery production in Russia.

As the press service of OJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody reported, the company has implemented the first stage of an investment project to create a center for a high-performance machining complex.

During the first stage of the investment project, carried out over a year and a half, two modern production sites were designed and built: a site of processing centers and a site for processing artillery barrels. The area of ​​new production amounted to over 15 thousand square meters. The use of this equipment will increase the technical level of military products and will increase the volume of its production. In addition, a set of works was carried out to bring to the standard parameters of buildings, structures and networks of building M where the production is located.

The opening and launch of the new production was timed to the Day of Mechanical Engineer, which was celebrated on September 25. The ceremony was attended by the governor of the Perm region Oleg Chirkunov.

Thanks to the support of the regional authorities, the investment project received funding from the federal budget in the amount of 280 million rubles. The company's own investments amounted to more than 1 billion rubles.

By the end of 2012, the second phase of the investment project is planned to be completed. Its result will be an improvement in the quality of all manufactured products, a reduction in production cycles, a reduction in production costs by 10%, and an increase in output per worker for 20%.

The investment project is being implemented as part of the development strategy of Motovilikha Plants for 2011-2015. The strategy determines that the development and production of military equipment is becoming a key area of ​​enterprise development. By 2015, sales of military equipment under the state defense order and under export contracts should be more than 10 billion rubles annually. (more than half of the total revenue of the holding).

As a result, the Motovilikhinsky Plants will become the No. 1 artillery plant in Russia.

As stated by the General Director of OJSC Motovilikhinskiye Zavody, Nikolay Bukhvalov,

“The most difficult second stage begins. After all, it is not enough to choose equipment, to order it, to mount it. It is necessary to properly organize production, create a new work culture on this equipment. No investment will yield returns if the organization of production is not at the proper level. ”

Oleg Chirkunov, the governor of the Perm region, for his part, noted that “for any enterprise it is important to choose the right development strategy. “Motovilikha” made such a choice ... Now “Motovilikhinskiye Zavody” is seriously claiming to become a leader not only in its industry, but also as a leader in the Perm region ”.
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  1. PSih2097 27 September 2011 10: 08 New
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    In the year of its 275 anniversary, Motovilikha Plants OJSC opens the most modern and high-tech artillery production in Russia.

    And before that, he drove the most backward and defective? or until this year he produced the guns depicted in the photo?

    Field artillery and mortars
    120-mm gun 2B16 "NONA-K"
    130 mm gun M-46
    152 mm gun 2A36 GIACINT-B
    152 mm howitzer 2A65 "MSTA-B"
    152 mm D-20 howitzer
    120-mm portable mortar 2S12 "SANI"
    Self-propelled artillery, mortars and complexes
    120mm 2S9 Nona-S self-propelled gun
    120-mm self-propelled gun 2S23 "NONA-SVK"
    120-mm self-propelled gun 2S31 "VENA"
    240 mm self-propelled mortar 2S4 "TULIPAN"
    Комплекс 1В12, 1В12-1, 1В12М, 1В12М-1
    Multiple launch rocket systems
    122-mm combat vehicle BM-21 MLRS GRAD
    220-mm combat vehicle 9P140 "Hurricane", transport and loading vehicle 9T452
    300-mm combat vehicle 9A52-2 "Tornado", transport and loading vehicle 9T234-2
    300-mm combat vehicle 9A52-2T "Smerch", transport and loading vehicle 9T234-2T
    Civilian products
    Road construction machinery
    excavator-planner ET-4322 (based on KAMAZ)
    multifunctional floating excavator MZ-159
    MOTOVILIKHA truck crane KS-5579.22 (35t.)
    Combined road car KM-800C
    Oilfield equipment
    drilling equipment
    oil production equipment
    equipment for overhaul of wells
    1. Vadivak 27 September 2011 20: 34 New
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      With your permission, I’ll add, maybe someone is interested -
      The Motovilikha produces the unique Gorchak Universal Firing System

      SLD is intended for fortification equipment of fortified areas, checkpoints, border zones, protection of important objects, has enhanced protection and improved living conditions for calculation, provides a new quality the ability to quickly create a defense system without significant time costs, as well as relocation by road or rail. For firing, the manhole cover with a complex of weapons will rise above the ground, while the calculation remains inside the fighting compartment, controlling the fire remotely.

      OOS allows you to effectively deal with:

      open, lying and entrenched enemy forces at a distance of up to 2000 m,
      lightly armored targets at a distance of up to 2000m,
      tanks at a distance of 70 to 4000 m,
      attacking planes and helicopters at a distance of up to 1500 m.
      Weight (without weapons and ammunition), t 3,5
      Diameter 2315 mm
      Height 1880 mm
      Battle crew, people 2
      Time to transfer to a combat position and back, from 10

      • 7,62 mm PKM machine gun
      • 12,7 mm machine gun
      • 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-17
      • ATGM "Competition"
  2. Banshee 27 September 2011 11: 52 New
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    The size of the investment is impressive. Especially their own.

    More good products !!!
  3. merkawa
    merkawa 27 September 2011 12: 31 New
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    As they say, we’ll see what is released on the new equipment. Another thing that’s not closed is that it was re-equipped.
  4. bubla5 27 September 2011 14: 26 New
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    From the federal budget 280 lyamas, are you laughing at something you can do with this money for the defense industry, a couple of Tornadoes and Hurricanes
  5. APASUS 27 September 2011 20: 30 New
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    Good news! Good luck!