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Steep peak ratings of "leading" political parties in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Service for Sociological Research Research & Branding Group conducted a survey to determine the ratings of political parties in Ukraine. During the press conference, the results of the sociological research were announced. How does it transmit "PolitNavigator", the parties that have become leaders in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada suffer a real rating defeat from the Ukrainian citizens.

The main question was presented as follows: “If the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were held next Sunday, which party would you vote for?” If you believe the results of the poll conducted by the company, then the leaders are “Petro Poroshenko’s Block”, who are ready to cast their votes 13,2% of Ukrainians. It would seem that Poroshenkovtsi should be happy for their first place, but there is no joy. The fact is that since September last year, the BPP rating has fallen by half.

The situation at the “Popular Front” Yatsenyuk is even worse. Only 2,5% of respondents supported it, and the result of the survey in the eastern regions of Ukraine looks more eloquent: 0%.

Steep peak ratings of "leading" political parties in Ukraine

The results of other parties:
“Self-help” - 8%, “Radical party” Lyashko - 5,7%, “Batkivschyna” - 5,6%, “Opposition bloc” - 5,3% (record index since September 2014), pravoseki Yarosh - 4,4%, “Freedom” TynnyX - 2,7%.

23,1% of Ukrainians said they would not go to the polls, and 24,1% said they do not know who to vote for.

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  1. Metallurgist
    Metallurgist 20 March 2015 12: 01
    And where is the answer for United Russia?
    PS Another version of the answer, accordion, is true: "I don't understand the varieties of g0vna."
    1. Vend
      Vend 20 March 2015 12: 07
      Quote: Metallurg
      And where is the answer for United Russia?
      PS Another version of the answer, accordion, is true: "I don't understand the varieties of g0vna."

      The Balts have already screwed up with the survey, they are now afraid of svidomye. What if 80% of the population votes for United Russia, there will be hysteria all over Ukraine laughing
      1. sso-xnumx
        sso-xnumx 20 March 2015 12: 26
        Or this option:
        "... And now the great day has come,
        They gave me a newsletter
        I take and put a cross - uh,
        I vote against everyone!

        Uh-uh hey
        I don’t play with goats.
        Uh-uh hey
        I do not choose you.
        Uh-uh hey
        There is a vote.

        Elections, elections,
        Candidates - n # doors! "
        1. inkass_98
          inkass_98 20 March 2015 12: 39
          Quote: sso-250659
          Elections, elections,
          Candidates - n # doors! "

          "-Tell me, couldn't you do without this word?"
          - What do you mean, the whole song was written for him! "(C) laughing
    2. bort4145
      bort4145 20 March 2015 12: 08
      Ukrainian sociological research service Research & Branding Group conducted a survey

      Only 31.7% figured out the choice of lots. 50 percent of the population is actually against existing options (23,1% + 24,1%).
      Potroshenko -13,2%, Yaytsenyuhu -2,5%
      And who has 5,4 percent of the population? laughing

      And the most important question - who were they questioned territorially? Kiev, Rivne or Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk too? It is clear that the Donbass did not.
      1. serega.fedotov
        serega.fedotov 20 March 2015 12: 11
        Quote: bort4145
        50 percent of the population is actually against existing options.

        Svidomye began to ripen, only Borjomi nifiga now does not help!
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 20 March 2015 12: 13
      The farther, the lower the ratings of these Ukrainian parties will be, the people are already beginning to understand how he burst, succumbing to the beautiful promises of the current rulers of Ukraine.
      1. Mooh
        Mooh 20 March 2015 12: 17
        Think agony? I fear that no matter how new even more radical punitive guys would appear in politics.
    4. milann
      milann 20 March 2015 12: 15
      All these polls are not worth a damn. If the elections were held today, nothing would have changed, and the Nazis would have settled even more in power. Washington steers.
    5. Zhekson
      Zhekson 20 March 2015 14: 23
      Lyashko’s, it’s not a party, but a general brand of some kind!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Viktor Kudinov
        Viktor Kudinov 20 March 2015 16: 38
        Great is Ukraine, but there is no one to vote for! request
    6. Su24
      Su24 22 March 2015 23: 14
      Rather than joking, it would be better to pay attention to the growth of the rating of "Right Sector" 1,5% in the fall to 4,4% now. So that's it ...
  2. avvg
    avvg 20 March 2015 12: 01
    There, on the "Ruin" there are no practical political parties, there are various sects, Pravo sec, Lyashko sec, Samo sec and others, gatherings of “nach gadov”.
    1. Ruthless
      Ruthless 20 March 2015 12: 05
      That's it, in fact, there are not parties, but interest circles at rural clubs ... hi
      1. mojohed2012
        mojohed2012 20 March 2015 12: 14
        We are far from such nonsense to which the juntovites brought the country.
        This is how people should be zombified, so that when interviewing foreign independent journalists in the Western region and in the central ruin, the Russians frantically threaten the Russians in Russia and the southeast.
        The United States has achieved outstanding success in zombifying nations (even against the backdrop of an extremely terrible state of the economy and social life).
        Question: if and when the DPR or someone else from the East will liberate the krajina, will we be able to reprogram people to the level of perception we have received.
      2. chebman
        chebman 20 March 2015 12: 15
        Yes, in Russia everything is the same, well, maybe, with the exception of a part of the Communist Party’s electorate of old leaven.
  3. sever.56
    sever.56 20 March 2015 12: 03
    It is a pity that the Ukrainians began to reach only through their stomachs, for whom they rode on the Maidan ... !!!
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 20 March 2015 12: 16
      They rode for the deceased Bandera and ShUkhevich, as well as for their St. Adolf.
      All Natsiks on the ruin are not really independent. The reins from them go into the hands of the oligarchs and the US embassy.
  4. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 20 March 2015 12: 05
    Where is the column "FOR PUTIN"?
    1. a52333
      a52333 20 March 2015 12: 14
      Quote: Scandinavian
      Where is the column "FOR PUTIN"?

      Nda. No such. There is an Opposition bloc - and inadequate. By the way, the opposition bloc has grown significantly!
  5. _my opinion
    _my opinion 20 March 2015 12: 10
    today and tomorrow this service will be appointed by the Kremlin's agent, then it will be banned, and in a couple of days another (manual) agency will roll out a new farrowing, which will set a sharp rise in the rating of the ruling "parties".
    What will be widely publicized by a marketing organization called ukrosmi ...
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 20 March 2015 12: 19
      There is a 100% excuse - if the ratings are "bad", then there is only one option - it is Putin and the FSB to blame. They set it all up.
      And, by the way, in Kiev, the water from the taps is dirty - it's Putin and the FSB have tried.
      And when pensions are cut, these are agents of Putin and the FSB.
      And when thousands of coffins are transported from the South-East - this is Putin's fault. He invaded there and for some reason stands still. He would have to advance further, but he stands, and the "valiant" APU for some reason fills the coffins with his own and carries them to the rear.
  6. avt
    avt 20 March 2015 12: 10
    Quote: sever.56
    It is a pity that it began to reach Ukrainians only through their stomachs ... !!!

    "Kobzar" did not read! ?? ,, Hohol will remain cold, although let him go to Europe, where you have to act with the mind, he only strains the ass ..... "So the stomach is not aisles, only the lower hemispheres play a role in the higher nervous activity of chvidomy organisms of Banderlog in Ukraine. Yes . It comes to them through a flogged ass.
    1. sever.56
      sever.56 20 March 2015 12: 25
      Quote: avt
      "You haven't read the Kobzar! ??" Khokhol will remain lousy, although let him go to Europe, where you have to act with your mind, he only strains your ass ...

      Beautiful version. I really like it, but someone says that this is the poem "Khokhly", written by TG Shevchenko in 1851, someone that these poems do not belong to him. But, I still like it! hi
      1. avt
        avt 20 March 2015 12: 50
        Quote: sever.56
        , but someone says that this is the poem "Khokhly", written by TG Shevchenko in 1851, someone that these poems do not belong to him.

        And you know - I have never met anywhere that someone specifically opposed Shevchenko's authorship in public. This is how, under his own name and with reference to specific facts, no one jumped out, did not shout - falsification, swearing. ”Only here runs that, maybe, he did not personally write. In general, even ykry did not go into hysterics about falsification. I heard a timid about ,, something, in some places we have sometimes " laughing.Likewise, the fact that Svidomites do not like to remember, and for them it is generally a nightmare in reality is simple, documented, fact - the diaries are PERSONAL kobzar - Shevchenko wrote in RUSSIAN as he wrote prose in Russian too! laughing That is, the language in which I thought, but it is customary to say that the native language is considered to be the language in which I think. Tilki verse in mov e. Here is such a squiggle wassatBut this is "the deeds of bygone years, the legend of deep antiquity", nowadays Benya is doing something in Kiev! What, eh !? laughing Not - really showed who is the boss in the house! laughing
  7. bannik
    bannik 20 March 2015 12: 11
    Oh, something seems to me that svidomye voted. What the hell is the junta now your voices?
  8. takeoff
    takeoff 20 March 2015 12: 12
    Dumb poll. Questions need to be asked differently. For example: "Do you agree that the Verkhovna Rada has spied on Ukraine?"
    1. Djubal
      Djubal 20 March 2015 12: 22
      "Do you understand how you were tricked?" Also an option
  9. kursk87
    kursk87 20 March 2015 12: 18
    Politics is a dirty business, many slogans, promises. and the result is one, the life of a simple person is deteriorating
  10. Grbear
    Grbear 20 March 2015 12: 19
    Yeah, Great Ukrainians, you don’t have to vote humanly for a long time. First end the civil war by surviving a dictatorship that is already beginning, famine and devastation. Then the recovery period under the leadership of a strong personality, which will not be up to political toys (the same tyrant, but pro-Russian, otherwise you will not see money. The West was already reminded). And after that, perhaps ... you will not need the presidential election at all. You will receive governors and ... that’s it. hi

    ps 57% "I will not go" and "I am at a loss" - a clear sign of the "hatoscracial" mentality, supplemented by ordinary intimidation. This was only under the "black colonels" or Pinochet. But these at least did not sell their countries. Tse - Europa fool
  11. manguest
    manguest 20 March 2015 12: 20
    b / country has already made its choice and is preparing for the land. The land, in turn, is preparing for sale. No one else needs to be asked anything, so the parties along with the ratings are confidently moving in the direction of the garbage can.
  12. lukke
    lukke 20 March 2015 12: 22
    23,1% of Ukrainians said they would not go to the polls, and 24,1% said they did not know who to vote for
    are these two different groups of opinion polls ?! or have something in common? If they are different, then it turns out that almost half (47,2%) of the population are apolitically indifferent!) And this does not include refugees in Russia, the DPR and LPR ...
  13. svetoruss
    svetoruss 20 March 2015 12: 23
    Well, this poll shows that the transition from ostensibly "democracy" to totalitarianism is a matter of survival for the junta. However, given their general incompetence, an epic failure can be expected.
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 20 March 2015 12: 40
    I predict the creation in Ukraine of a new political party with new heroic personalities not yet washed down, with the provisional name "Until Complete Victory", with the main and only point of the program - the victory in Donbass. And as a result, all this electoral herd in full force will vote for the continuation of the war.
  15. brasist
    brasist 20 March 2015 12: 41
    Ped.di.kov it became less if the memory serves them somewhere ~ 8% probably moved to the geyropu ...
  16. BOB044
    BOB044 20 March 2015 12: 41
    But who needs it, party ratings, in Ukraine. When you look at everything that happens there from the side. The first thing that comes to mind. That everyone there suffers a head. They are wrapped up like this, then like that. And they all clap their hands. And yelling yak at gilyaka. And destroy the Donbass. So that goes to them to spoil everything there. For them, whoever would come and make them a good and satisfying life. hi
  17. veksha50
    veksha50 20 March 2015 12: 42
    I just now took and calculated the total amount of votes "FOR" these parties ... Although I myself never believed these polls (what they have, what we have - I think that they are all biased), however, "FOR" today's junta 31,7, XNUMX% ... In general, a lot ...

    PS Once again confirms the need for unsanitary treatment (steaming-roasting-disinfection) of the population ...
  18. atamankko
    atamankko 20 March 2015 12: 45
    The main criterion for voting
    in Ukraine, fear and illiteracy.
  19. individual
    individual 20 March 2015 12: 48
    Why vote when everything is decided by a man with a gun. wassat
  20. kelevra
    kelevra 20 March 2015 12: 49
    This is a good signal to the paratrooper that no one needs war except him! And to those who sit in peace and tranquility and shout all sorts of slogans for the war. As soon as they come to him to serve the country, immediately to Poland!
  21. Donrumum
    Donrumum 20 March 2015 14: 11
    This study shows that less than 25% of the population supports the current junta, and only 49% support the government in general in their country. Those. every second "Ukrainian" does not consider the entire convocation of parliament and the cabinet as a government, including the president))) It is very indicative))).
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Signaller
    Signaller 20 March 2015 16: 00
    Zombie Ukrainians can be cured only by military defeat and further denazification - expert
    This article was yesterday. Everything is clearly spelled out there. Which parties, which people, are all completely stupefied. Type Russia attacked Ukraine. All. What are the ratings, what are you ??? What are the diagrams. They only feel the power, nothing else has been given. This is another stuffing-type there are such people in Ukraine .... Yes, they are not there. A bunch can be. The rest- Russia attacked and all-point. Such only a complete defeat, as in Germany in 45 cure. No more.
  24. Const
    Const 20 March 2015 23: 03
    Those. 39.2% ardent nationalists plus 13.2% chocolate nationalists? 52.4% of the population of a territory that considers itself a country at war with Russia? What kind of fraternal people can we talk about?