Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontyev, 22 September 2011

Today Palestine is filing with the UN an application for international recognition of its state - a state without definite boundaries, without a single territory at all, and, by and large, without objective possibilities to independently provide for its existence.

That is, of course, for Israel the Palestinian “nano-state” is a headache. But this "nanobol" is nothing compared to the big headache, without which this state would never have come into being. The fact is that so far small but proud Israel was in its area the coolest kid behind the back of a large overseas brother-in-law. In short, he was a regional superpower.

The Zionist state was born in the 1947 year only because of the direct political, and then military support of Stalin, who saw in Israel a springboard of Soviet influence. This influence quickly faded away, supplanted by the United States. From now on, to this day, the United States is a privileged ally, sponsor and guarantor of the existence of the State of Israel in an uncomfortable geopolitical environment.

During the Cold War, Israel was desperately needed. After the collapse of the USSR, the Americans' fulfillment of their “sacred obligations” to Israel did not constitute a big problem, although it steadily undermined the image of the United States in the Islamic world. And now, when the Bush "crusade" against international terrorism, in contrast, by the way, to the global crisis, has come to naught, the situation has changed.

"The moral obligations of the United States should not be a cover for the Israeli government, which turns Israel into a strategic burden," writes Anthony Cordesman, an influential US analyst specializing in the Middle East.

With the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, who announced a turnaround in relations with the Islamic world, the indestructible US-Israeli alliance has cracked. His statements recognizing the 1967 Green Line of the year as the basis for defining the borders of Israel and Palestine caused a hysterical reaction from the Netanyahu government. And the active support of "democratization" in neighboring Arab countries causes Israel to have very specific concerns.

Still would! Arab democracy certainly does not bode well for Israel. Misfortune never comes alone. Here Turkey is the pillar of NATO’s southern flank, Israel’s many-year closest military ally. Well, did Recep Erdogan's Islamic Party come to power? For a long time it seemed that this is such a "specially trained" Islamic party, and Erdogan - an American Islamist dummy. How can an Islamist be an ally of Israel? No way!

Due to circumstances beyond its control, now Turkey has found itself in a position, in fact, the only regional superpower. First, the collapse of the Union and the Soviet bloc left it the dominant force in the Black Sea. The defeat and collapse of Iraq, and then the "Arab Spring", destroying one after another all significant players, and finally the capital problems of Greece, its eternal opponent in Europe, finally cleared the field for Turkish ambitions in the region.

And in such a situation, when dreams of “Ottoman revenge” come true in front of our eyes, so that the Turks would not use such a card ?! There is an opinion that Turkey deliberately provoked an Israeli attack on the "freedom flotilla". Iron reason to break the relationship. Today, Erdogan interrupts military cooperation with Israel, promises patronage of premature offspring of the Arab democratization, sends a fleet to the Mediterranean, directly threatening Israel. Poor little Israel rushes about in search of allies - Armenia, Cyprus. A weak replacement for the big brother.

As Tzipi Livni, head of the opposition and former Israeli foreign minister, stated, "Ankara is well aware that the United States no longer considers Israel a strategic partner and treat it as a burden that cannot be parted. Israel may lose the opportunity to be a Jewish democratic state" - added Livni.

Israel will not be able to become an Arab democratic state with all its desire - such states exist only in the vigorous imagination of Mrs. Clinton. The United States is not allowed to be a non-democratic Jewish state: this will completely spoil their image in the region. In fact, the state of Israel is only allowed to be the United States. Israel does not know how to live differently in its region. So if for some reason the United States cannot give such permission, it will be necessary to look for another region.
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