Mexico: a country occupied by the drug mafia and the United States

Mexico: a country occupied by the drug mafia and the United States September 16 Mexico (officially - United Mexican States) celebrated Independence Day. Interestingly, this third largest area (1,9 million km ²) and population (113 million) Latin American country is almost invisible on the world stage. So, Cuba or Venezuela at the hearing. And the names of Mexican presidents and politicians are known only to a small circle of specialists in South American countries. Meanwhile, this state of affairs, taking into account the rich Mexican stories and the enormous potential of the state seems strange.

In fact, only resonance is caused news about the massacres related to the activities of the Mexican drug mafia and the real war of government forces with gangs. So, September 20 in the suburb of Veracruz in the east of the Mexican state were found traces of a new massacre - the body of an 35 man, reports Reuters, citing local media. Most of the bodies (RIA Novosti reports 23 men and 12 women) were found in two trucks parked outside the mall. According to the Milenio and La Jornada newspapers, there are signs of torture on the bodies. Some of those killed were identified, these are members of organized criminal groups, apparently killed by competitors.

According to Reuters, since the end of 2006, when the Mexican President Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug mafia, about 42 thousand people have already been killed in Mexico. Most of the killings occur in the northern states of Mexico, bordering the United States. It is not only members of criminal communities that are dying, but also policemen, soldiers, civilians.

Recently, one of the most popular former Mexican presidents Vicente Fox (December 2000 - November 2006) gave an interview to a number of Argentine media. According to the ex-president, the radical opponents of the United States - Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) and Raphael Correa (Ecuador) - lead their states to a dead end. Vicente Fox explained that it’s impossible to endlessly help the poor, handing out money right and left, taking it away from businessmen, from the middle class, and eventually becoming dictators like the Castro brothers in Cuba.

Fox and the US criticized, or rather the American president. In his opinion, the United States President Barack Obama is behaving incorrectly, going for a constant increase in state budget spending, expansion of social programs. The former Mexican president praised the work of the center-right governments of Mexico and Chile, as well as the moderate center-left leaders of Argentina and Brazil. Although he did not suggest any plan for the development of the region. Like his successor, the current president of Mexico, Felipe Calderon.

Mexico is passive in the international arena. The names of the brothers Castro, Hugo Chávez, Daniel Ortega are known all over the world. The former president of Brazil da Silva in 2000-s was able to carry out significant socio-economic changes, brought the country into the group of the most rapidly developing countries - BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Brazil began to turn into a regional power.

The main reason for this passivity is a huge dependence on the United States. So, it is worth saying that rare news from Mexico comes without mentioning the American States. Every year, 500-600 thousand Mexican migrant workers settle in the United States, people from other Latin American countries try to get to Mexico through North America. In addition, the main flow of cocaine and other drugs from Colombia and other countries in the region is now going through MCS. The White House is now practically occupied Mexico, placing there significant forces of special services to "help" in the fight against drug trafficking.

In 2007, the government of George W. Bush was generally taking a rare step for the modern world (except for Israel, there are similar measures there — ordinariness). A so-called security wall was created on the border with the United States of Mexico. Felipe Calderon officially stood in a pose, having declared that in the USA create an image of "Mexican threat", besides, xenophobia grows at the household level.

In general, Mexican presidents (and South American) are talkative, but unlike colleagues like Hugo Chávez, Mexicans don’t have further words. Under Vicente Fox and now under Calderon, the UIC remains one of the poorest countries in the world, these presidents did nothing to stop the flight of their citizens to the north. Mexicans from the United States send hundreds of millions of dollars to their relatives, 80% of the country's exports go to the US, as does 48% of imports (2009 data of the year), Washington provides assistance in the amount of 300 million dollars to fight drug trafficking. Mexico depends on gas supplies from the United States, because its not enough to cover all needs. There is a problem in the main sector of the economy - oil production, in the near future - by 2015 - Mexico may become an oil importer (primarily due to the depletion of fields). New projects to develop the shelves of the Gulf of Mexico require huge investments that Mexico City does not have. Therefore, the opposition requires the privatization of the oil industry to attract private investment.

Objectively, Mexico has the opportunity to become one of the leaders of Latin America. Large population, access to two oceans - the Pacific and the Atlantic. The ancient history of the country, with the remnants of the Mayan, Aztec and more ancient cultures, makes Mexico one of the centers of world tourism - more than 20 million tourists a year. The country is one of the world's largest exporters of oil. Production of a number of crops is developed, aided by climate: the country exports fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton. Black and non-ferrous metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical, cotton, and food industries are developed. But in order to rise, the country needs a leader independent of the White House who can break the vicious dependence on the northern empire.

It is profitable for the American elite that Mexico is weak, is, in fact, a semi-colony, in the territory of which the American special services are almost completely independent and uncontrollable. The war against drug mafia is an excellent reason to strengthen our position, to preserve instability in MCS.

So much so that Fox and a number of other Latin American politicians came out with a proposal to legalize certain types of drugs and conclude a truce with the “moderate” part of drug organizations. According to him, the drug barons, having a total profit of up to 50 billion dollars a year, are easily bribed by police units, local authorities, so they can no longer be beaten. Legalization of part of the drug will undermine the economic base of the Mafia, translate this business into the framework of the law.

Calderón doesn’t allow such statements to be made, but he also in a televised address about the 5 anniversary of being in power complained that the country was seized by a wave of violence caused by the omnipotence of the drug mafia.

Therefore, if Mexico City does not solve two of its main problems (related to each other) - dependence on the United States and the war on drug mafia - Mexico will remain a Washington semi-colony.
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