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Serdyukov and the army

Serdyukov and the army

Already 4, the post of Minister of Defense takes Serdyukov. There are more than enough contradictions, but it is necessary to look objectively at the ongoing reforms and to single out not only their negative sides, but also positive ones.

Reforms are needed, it is an indisputable fact, which is pointless to discuss. For many years, military technology has been an advanced branch of science, for this reason little is developing at such a rapid pace as weapons and military equipment. Under these conditions, with the stagnation that had formed in the previous two decades, something had to be done. This is exactly what the new minister should have done.

Whatever we say and whatever shortcomings we try to look for, a lot has been done. First of all, even if not the most advanced, but new equipment, the need for which all the Armed Forces experienced, began to enter service. During the period of trial operation, deficiencies are being eliminated, on the basis of which the industry should promptly eliminate them. The purchase of certain types of weapons abroad is due to a number of inconsistencies in the characteristics of our samples to the requirements of the modern Armed Forces. No one refuses to support the Russian defense industry, and moreover, huge funds are being subsidized for the development of the military industry, but at the current stage in a number of areas it is more expedient to use foreign equipment, if only to work out a methodology for working with it and set tasks for manufacturers .

After years of stagnation, the Armed Forces began to take an active part in both Russian and international exercises, in connection with which the level of combat training and interaction began to grow. Taking into account the events in Georgia in 2008, appropriate conclusions were made and shortcomings are eliminated in practice, largely with the use of new technology.

The housing supply of the servicemen, after all, has moved, the military mortgage program is actively working. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to distribute all the apartments at one o'clock, but in the future the officer corps is unlikely to remain homeless. Young officers who have the desire to buy apartments now, and this is an indisputable plus. As for those who did not get into the military mortgage system, such rates of housing obtaining as we are seeing now were never in the post-Soviet period.

Media support has been created for the Armed Forces, which is aimed at propaganda and coverage of life in the army, work is underway to establish a contract service.

Material incentives in the Armed Forces have allowed many families of servicemen to reach a new level of life. Many promise promising orders to increase the money allowance, and few people doubt whether financial security reform will be beneficial.
However, there are drawbacks. First and foremost, they are connected with the regular reduction of the Armed Forces and the reform of their structure as a whole. Here, unfortunately, you have to "cut to the quick." Any system has flaws, it must be admitted, and they can be identified only when the system begins to work. Under these conditions, people should not keep silent about the problems, but talk about them. Thus, the manifestation of civil position deserves respect. Holding the rally under the slogan "Army against Serdyukov" was in itself necessary and necessary, however, the requirements for resignation are not entirely correct. There are a lot of dissatisfied people, so many supporters, who finally began to receive apartments, and, finally, began to fly, carry out shooting and engage in their favorite business. The problem of providing military pensioners with housing and their standard of living is an acute problem, but it must be solved constructively, not against someone, but for their rights. Supporting and understanding its participants, I do not agree a bit on concreteness.
The imperfection of the 400 order is obvious and indisputable, however, with all this, concrete people are involved in violations of the law associated with it, and far away without the order of the first persons. In fact, in many respects, the checks carried out in the Armed Forces for corruption, have yielded results, very often the measures applied to commanders who are not at hand, are very tough. In the same cases where the levies continue, the people themselves are to blame for whom it is convenient to live as a slave.

Understanding that all is not well and perfectly, it would be illogical to demand the minister’s resignation on the floor of his reforms. No matter how big the eyes of fear are, the next catastrophe of unfinished reforms is much worse than reforming to create a "new look"

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  1. PSih2097
    PSih2097 22 September 2011 08: 23
    Taking into account the events in Georgia in 2008, the corresponding conclusions were made and the shortcomings are eliminated in practice, largely with the use of new technology.

    Especially the General Staff relocation to the new permanent residence and the transfer of orders using cell phones.
    In fact, in many respects the checks carried out in the armed forces for corruption give their results, very often the measures applied to commanders who are not clean at hand are very tough. In those cases when the extortion continues, the people themselves are to blame, who are comfortable living as a slave.

    And then what do the military prosecutor's office and special departments do? Even if they can’t do anything without a pointer from above. Moreover, the MOs, by their orders No. 115 and No. 1010, themselves provoke extortion ...
  2. makarich26
    makarich26 22 September 2011 08: 42
    The author of the article is Serdyukov?
    1. aleks
      aleks 22 September 2011 11: 18
      Serdyukov-Sulima, right?
  3. KuigoroZHIK
    KuigoroZHIK 22 September 2011 09: 31
    lol here hilarious .....
    Guys, a man decided to beat us ....
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 22 September 2011 09: 40
      The headline is funny. Serdyukov and the army are incompatible things
  4. anrey
    anrey 22 September 2011 09: 54
    Serdyukov has one plus - a good memory. Most likely, when he served in the army, he was punished for some leprosy. He was offended by this, remembered it well and now he takes revenge on all the military, and at the same time on the Motherland. Where did the author see the positive aspects of the military reform? It would be logical to first define the tasks of the army, and then reform it for these tasks. In our country, the reform began before the tasks were set. Parameters in terms of the number of personnel were taken well, if "from the ceiling", but for some reason there is a suspicion that this is the wish of our Western "probable friends." Our army, thanks to our military science, defeated all opponents in all wars. And now we are being reformed by our former defeated opponents (or maybe future ones?). On TV, only one visible achievement is shown about military reform - Serdyukov's stomach is getting bigger and bigger every week.
  5. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 22 September 2011 10: 14
    In gave out something ... "Thunder of victory, sound!" ... As usual: everything is going according to plan, we just have to wait ... ON WHOSE PLAN ???

    "but at the current stage, in a number of areas, it is more expedient to use foreign equipment, at least in order to develop a methodology for working with it and set tasks for manufacturers."

    5 points! Let me remind you how it was done in the USSR before the Great Patriotic War. A team of specialists was assembled (I will not give the names, laziness, to be honest, but Yakovlev A.S. in the book "The Purpose of Life" describes everything well), sent to Germany, where they GATHERED WITH the achievements of the German military-industrial complex and PURCHASED samples of equipment. Which they later studied safely.
    But for some reason, it was not a question of arming our army with foreign equipment. Despite the fact that our industry was inferior to German. And, oddly enough, not lost. According to the results.

    "New technology, albeit not the most perfect, began to enter service, the need for which was felt by all the Armed Forces."

    Yeah, mainly for the disrupted state defense orders. In Voronezh there is such an institution, "Chemical Automation Design Bureau". There is an analogy with the "Mechanical Engineering Design Bureau", right?
    There is such a fold, closed, littered with unfinished engines for rockets. And unclaimed ready.
    KBKHA makes engines for everything from ATGM to Progress.
    Ask what is so weak? Yes, everything is the same ... The money did not come. But now (as in the past, and the year before last), in October-December, the assault will begin (it is necessary to report to the Ministry of Defense officials about the "disbursement of funds" by the end of the year), work in three shifts with all the consequences.
    I live in the former departmental house of the KBKhA. Last year I did not see my neighbors for months, and if I did, then in a state of zombies. And there is only one answer: "State order, be it wrong."
  6. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 22 September 2011 10: 27
    "As for those who did not get into the military mortgage system, there has never been such a rate of housing acquisition as we are seeing now in the post-Soviet era."

    Anyone have any idea what this is about? I read it three times. Didn't get it. Either after the words "missed" a colon must be put, or something else ...

    "The problem of providing military pensioners with housing and their standard of living is an acute problem, but it must be addressed constructively, not against someone, but for their rights."

    And for their rights, it turns out, it is necessary to fight with ghosts?

    The result: a barrel of water poured into the Serdyukov protection mill. No more. But, as they say, better than nothing. Though after the rally began to move.
  7. vlbelugin
    vlbelugin 22 September 2011 11: 38
    Where did this author come from?
    Take the "friend" to the troops. Often speaking with my fellow soldiers, I have NEVER heard a positive response about the reform and the Ministry of Defense itself.
    Laughing and outrage is caused by such a reform AUTHOR.
    Article SUGGEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. akvald
    akvald 22 September 2011 11: 46
    Is it not clear that this article is an answer to September 18th. Apparently, they looked from the Kremlin’s office that it was the military who had become sweet at the furniture of the Führer, so he showed some warning, an order and capital order article.
  9. merkawa
    merkawa 22 September 2011 11: 51
    It’s a pity that only these reforms in the army are carried out as in the case of the reorganization of the USSR, At first everything will fall apart, then they will be created from scratch, they ascribe merit to themselves to create a new history of the state fellow
  10. Varnaga
    Varnaga 22 September 2011 12: 08
    Reasonable article. Everything is logical and correct. Here, many people like to give examples from personal life and from the distant past. The systematic approach is absent completely, some concrete example is taken and projected onto everything else, narrow-mindedness and inertia of thinking are simply unbelievable. Some even naively think that they will allow our specialists with Western technology and development, and at the same time, the complexity of the equipment has grown incredibly and lagging in any direction can be simply irreplaceable. Even if space, military levels are not allowed to electronics, then there is nothing to talk about technology. The country of elves is in its purest form.
    1. petor41
      petor41 23 September 2011 16: 42
      You probably know about the armed forces and the Minister of Defense by hearsay once you leave such comments! Serdyukov just doesn’t have a systematic approach! Take his whistles with the creation of a military police and the transition to contract service! In 2009, they created the police, in 2010 they dispersed them, in 2011 they created them again, we are waiting for them to disperse them again! With the contract soldiers the same trouble! And to fight corruption, he specifically dispersed the Financial Supervision Authority of the Moscow Region, apparently from the principle that no one reveals corruption, which means it does not exist!
  11. aleksandr55
    aleksandr55 22 September 2011 12: 22
    Serdyukov has no authority neither among the troops, nor among veterans, nor among the population. The only question is why he was put and held in this post. The security of all of us depends on this.
  12. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 22 September 2011 16: 45
    The article is clearly custom-made, and the assumption that this is the answer to September 18 is most suitable. Read the article, and it immediately becomes clear that in our country the minister of furniture industry actively supports the patrimony, which has been managed for several years. Regarding the provision of apartments - a complete mockery. Yes, they are building a lot, but the Ministry of Defense does not pay for the already constructed apartments, which are empty for several years. The financiers of the Ministry of Defense have only one dream - that the construction company goes bankrupt and then buys everything cheaply. The crow praises the rooster for praising the crow. Maybe not the original, but it is. The mess has just ended with the non-payment of monetary allowances to thousands of officers in Moscow and the Moscow region. The prosecutor’s office is involved, but where did she look before? And what about the furniture minister bleating about this? Optimization. You don’t have to pay. But you yourself put them at your disposal. Provide normal living conditions. and keep building your ministerial tummy. And about the new equipment - this is a real mockery. Everyone remembers the episode with the seizure of several dozen tanks from Georgia. Almost new ones, from repair. So the officers sadly said that now at this pace of delivering tanks to the troops, now the furniture maker will not give a year and a half cars. Motivating what was done, although trophy. It’s hard to read such a laudatory article. Journalists turned into a journalist, and this is not a disease, this is a diagnosis.