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Europe is waiting for help from the BRIC countries

Europe is waiting for help from the BRIC countriesOutside there is a rather gray autumn, almost the same as in the European financial markets. For many, the objective reality was that very soon the European economy could fall into a sharp peak, if the hand of friendly financial assistance was not extended to the Old World. But where can we expect this kind of help if the whole world is literally reeling in the economic sense of the term. Under current conditions, it is absolutely pointless to rely on the USA, since the American financial system itself is in a state of faintness and often indulges in agony attacks. He hopes for himself, that is, for finding, so to say, internal reserves - it is the same as trying to pull oneself out of the swamp by the Munchausen way: although the hands are strong, the body has too deeply sat down in the crisis mass. It turns out that Europe needs to ask for help from someone else.

And in this situation, one of the options for exit can be considered "fraternal" assistance of the BRIC countries, which include China, India, Brazil and our country. In such a situation, the Europeans embarrass themselves. Well, you just judge for yourself, in order to at least somehow continue the development of a united Europe, they will have to ask for help from those countries which, according to the Europeans themselves, are undemocratic, archaic and others like that. All this becomes similar to how Aunt Cat came to ask for help from the kittens she had banished in due time. As in the case of the vain kittens, the BRIC countries can also offer support to their European aunt Cat. In particular, the Chinese authorities are already saying that they are ready to seriously invest in the European economy. At the same time, the words “on their own terms” are increasingly heard. It turns out that those times have passed when prim Europe, and the United States too, dictated to the rest of the world the conditions that they saw as beneficial, and therefore the only correct ones. Of course, is it possible to argue in this situation with the same China, which has more than 3 trillions of gold reserves. For any insinuations of the power of the Celestial Empire, they can simply say “Do not want - whatever you want ...” and turn to Europe in a somewhat different place. This means that Europe will either have to accept the conditions of China, or continue to gradually prepare for the burial of its economy.

Many, by the way, are confident that, they say, if it were not for the Greeks with their pre-default status, they would live in the European Union in the meantime. What is there! Already, in addition to Greece, the worst economic situation is in Portugal, Ireland, Latvia and even Italy. And some European politicians see a way out in issuing pan-European bonds, some of which can be bought out by anyone. Other politicians express quite a revolutionary idea, according to which the debt should be evenly distributed between the countries of the European Union. One can imagine how the European countries with the largest economies, Germany and France, reacted to this. If you follow the logic of people who offered this option for further action, it turns out that in the future, Greece itself can spend as much money as it pleases. At the same time, the Greeks will have nothing to fear - all the same, all the other EU countries will pay for them. Such an idea is totally unacceptable. In the end, a united Europe is not such a single entity. It is here that residents of the regions with successful development pay for subsidized regions ...

And if the plan with the all-European debt bonds still has a future, the background plan looks more like a beautiful fairy tale for those who are used to living beyond their means, not wanting to work.

In this regard, Europe has really only one way out - literally make the BRIC countries invest in their economies. Moreover, investments should be long and weighty. So, China alone is trading with the European Union in the amount of about 300 million euros. This colossal value should be increased even more so that the old Europe began to move away from financial ills.

Brazil is also supporting Europe. Of course, the Brazilian economy is far from having so many reserves as the Chinese economy, but the Brazilians can contribute to the support of Greece itself, with its debt exceeding 150% of GDP.

And what can Russia do in this situation? Our country is ready, as Finance Minister Kudrin has repeatedly stated, to invest in the European financial system, but ... This "but" is now heard from Russian politicians. Indeed, what's the point of investing capital in the EU economy, which is cracking at the seams, if these contributions do not bring dividends to Russia. In this case, Russia may well dictate certain conditions, including in terms of the abolition of visas between the EU and the Russian Federation. The presence of visas today is one of the objective brakes of joint cooperation. On the other hand, it is necessary to actively propose for Europeans not only raw materials, but also finished products. This will enable a united Europe not only to buy goods and services at relatively low prices, but also stimulate purchasing power from ordinary EU citizens.

You need to use the opportunity to export to Europe, regardless of China. Our country has such opportunities. Laying the North and South streams for Russian gas in the EU countries is one of the options for serious investments from our state.

In such a situation, it is necessary, as they say, to take the bull by the horns. If the Russian authorities and the Russian business are slow, then the vast European market may “get” to others. However, the issue of cooperation must be approached very carefully. Unreasonable investments in an economy that is experiencing not the best of times can lead to the fact that Russia is also pleased with the European economic whirlpool.
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  1. Anatoly
    Anatoly 20 September 2011 13: 55 New
    Lord! his people-a beggar !!! what the hell are investments in Europe!
    What are we going to invest? money received from our taxes? from our salaries! it’s clearly not the income of the oligarchs! not the revenues of gas and oil corporations!
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 20 September 2011 17: 20 New
      we are going to invest? Yes, to us in this Europe - with a device, but they will give or will not give them money, they won’t even ask us for any
    SAVA555.IVANOV 21 September 2011 00: 42 New
  3. oper66
    oper66 21 September 2011 00: 58 New
    in order to get out of Chris, it is necessary to live within our means, as in the saying "stretch your legs, by your clothes," they raised their living standards and incomes now and it turns out that incomes do not coincide with expenses, but the states print blank green paper and like conquistadors weave it in tough times instead of beads to other countries on actual material values
  4. Dmitry T
    Dmitry T 21 September 2011 02: 34 New
    Yeah, well, if only they (the European Union) refused the NATO army, which is on the verge of fiction, then talking about it would probably make sense. And so eat the fish and ... sit down ... Help them today, and tomorrow you will become objectionable. Let the WTO accept ..
    Although I still do not understand whether Russia needs this alliance?
  5. solodova
    solodova 21 September 2011 16: 32 New
    Invest in the EU, an instrument of globalists who have made Russia a raw materials appendage. belay .. If our government does this, for me it will be another indicator that "our government" is the proteges of globalists who transfer Russia by inheritance from Gorbachev to Yeltsin, from Yeltsin to Putin, from Putin to Medvedev ... They may well give money to their patrons, but they’ll only take them away from a simple Russian peasant, who today plows to feed his family at 2-3 works ...
    1. qwz_qwz
      qwz_qwz 21 September 2011 23: 36 New
      They wanted to spit on a simple Russian peasant and a woman too, or maybe they wouldn't even spit they don’t even notice ordinary people
      1. solodova
        solodova 22 September 2011 11: 49 New
        When they begin to spit too clearly, the people will stand on their hind legs, and if not now, legitimately, in the election process, then later. And then, no longer the Communist Party, no one can keep this revolution, and given the policy of the globalists, if they can’t stop, they will try to send through nominees who will lead the crowd to pour out anger at the innocent. You know, manipulation is easy.
  6. Sergh
    Sergh 22 September 2011 05: 33 New
    Well, grandmas will obviously give, naturally at interest, on any of their conditions. It’s clear that we have (or rather, at the top) money. Only I did not understand the author, Seryoga Voznesensky, what is he asking us, what to do or is he asking for money for loans for Europe? Of course, I would have given a bit, even without interest, but on the condition that this gypsy-Sarkozy publicly watch on camera from @ c @ l. Something very he began to drill. Well, there you can offer in a circle the following, Europe is big, let them ask.
  7. Banshee
    Banshee 22 September 2011 12: 32 New
    Yeah, and they gave us no interest under Yeltsin? So then they also got some money for Putin’s giving these loans ahead of time ...

    Another question is that China (albeit on its own terms) can very well save money. They have this kindness ... as the Chinese. And it will not be very profitable to us.

    China us bye is not the enemy. Already good. But it is a rich and aggressively independent country. How much have they bought in the States? Now, if the same thing is done in Europe, it will be somewhat sad.

    It's time for global conquests to pass. Why conquer someone if you can buy? As does China.
    And to be a raw materials appendage ... In principle, what's the difference, who, China or Europe? The main word here is an appendage ... It's time to move away from it.
  8. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 29 December 2011 17: 01 New
    Citizens, forgot how they threw Sberbank with Opel? For Europeans, the most important thing is to get all the preferences for your loved ones, and throw your debts on someone left. Of course, you can help them, but only on your own terms. as for the Sergh proposal, it’s better not to - and if they like it, you’ll hesitate to pay these messes