Analytical program "However" with Mikhail Leontyev, 13 September 2011

"The world has changed since 11 September" ... This is a common place. So what has changed in the world over these 10 years, except for metal detectors at airports and tearing off all kinds of shoes? On the one hand, obviously, everything. On the other hand, it seems like nothing.

On the day when America celebrated the mournful anniversary of the terrorist attacks, al-Qaida fighters and field commanders, armed and trained by America, celebrated their victory over the Libyan regime in Tripoli, which had recently been an ally of America in the war against international terrorism. Al Qaeda and other radical Islamist groups through 10 years after the attacks are considered to be an acceptable tool for solving local American problems not only in Libya or Syria. Today in America it is considered a good form to threaten different countries from Central Asia to Russia and China by “repeating the Arab spring.” Just in time for the 10 anniversary, the destruction of the mythological leaders of world terrorism, Osama bin Laden, and Mullah Omar, who joined him, was announced. Their trace disappeared. And on the site of the collapsed towers two memorial pools solemnly opened.

Whether the vessels of tears, or - the ends in the water. As with history same September 11. It does not matter here, after all, who and how blew up the skyscrapers. It is important that this turned out to be extremely timely and highly demanded by America, which at that very moment began to creep into the current crisis.

The geography of the war of the United States against international terrorism surprisingly coincided with the geopolitics of oil - the task of controlling the main sources of hydrocarbons and their transportation routes. As a result, virtually all oil and gas production of the Gulf, except Iran, was under their direct occupation. At the same time, the “war on terror” made it possible to increase government spending almost uncontrollably, open channels of dollar emission and increase public debt.

Mad euphoria of the sole superpower. There is no need to reckon not with opponents - with allies. No one is needed. Because we can print money as much as necessary. Free money is what makes your head spin much stronger than any military advantage. What makes Bush America different from Obama's? Obamovskaya can not already print as you like. Prints, but realizes that they are not free, that is about to pay. Obama's America, shocked by the crisis, felt its vulnerability. She felt her limited strength. And, nevertheless, it must, is forced to maintain its dominance.

Bush wars - the "war on terror". This is, in fact, the "Order Wars". That is, the task is to establish a new order - remember, the “new big Middle East”. There is euphoria, confidence that you can maintain order alone.

The wars of Obama - "wars in defense of the insurgent people against the violence of the authorities". "War of disorder," wars in which terrorists will fit as allies. No power to keep order. However, there is still power to create and steer a mess. The Obama Wars are wars of controlled chaos.

Here, in fact, such a trend is irreversible: order is controlled chaos — uncontrollable chaos. Because the crisis is systemic, that is, irreversible. So the power to control the chaos runs out. This is the solution to a systemic crisis. The end of one system and the birth of another. In the chaos. A very unpleasant sight.
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