The prime minister found a way to attract teachers to schools and doctors in the village

This year the Russian economy will grow by more than 4 percent and by the beginning of 2012 will fill the crisis recession. This was stated by Vladimir Putin in Cherepovets at the United Russia interregional conference. Premier made several initiatives at once. So, he offered to pay a million rubles to each young doctor who comes to work in the village, and for school teachers to introduce a preferential mortgage.

The final - the eighth - regional conference of United Russia on the previous seven was only partially similar. The date of the vote is already known, the days of the election congress have been appointed, which will not be the work of United Russia alone. The party participates in the election campaign together with the All-Russian Popular Front.

“I am convinced that the idea of ​​national consolidation was correct, necessary, and the whole society, and even United Russia itself,” Putin noted. “United Russia itself, which, of course, of course, has a lot of problems, and criticism "United Russia" is right. But still, United Russia has really demonstrated its development, the expansion of inner-party democracy. In general, our faction in the State Duma is waiting for a serious update in half, or even more. And I think this is a positive trend. "

The All-Russian Popular Front, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, are all proposals of a federal scale, which were first made known at such party conferences. Mandatory topic of each - out of the crisis. But if in April, 2010 was talking about a gradual process designed for the near future, today Putin called the dates.

“The country's GDP growth this year will be above four percent. And this means that by the beginning of 2012, the economy fully compensates for the crisis decline,” the head of government shared his expectations. “During the global crisis, a number of factors did not depend on us: risks came from outside, there were a lot of them. But we never referred to it. We didn’t look for excuses and didn’t wait for manna from heaven. We took full responsibility. I would like to say that the United Russia party should always react quickly on acute situations for ragivayut Are they the interests of the whole country, or residents of a particular region of the city -. it does not matter is important to always think about the fate of a particular person. "

In order to discuss topics close to the inhabitants of this particular district, they explain in the party, they decided to hold regional conferences. The industrial potential is largely concentrated in the North-West: there are large automobile productions here, for example, near St. Petersburg, here both leading mining companies, and proximity to borders. Foreign policy does not look far from domestic.

“How many sticks were put in the wheels when we implemented, say, the Nord Stream project, the gas system under the Baltic Sea. How many alternative projects were there, where are they? Only on paper. And Nord Stream is practically implemented,” Putin said "Tomorrow, under Vyborg, we will start to let in technological gas. What does this mean? This means that we are gradually, calmly, without any jerks moving away from the dictates of transit states. And this is a window to Europe in the energy sector."

For those who sat next to Putin, this conference was still a chance for business development. United Russia was convinced with the help of rollers and sometimes poems, in one of which "flax" rhymed with "in love".

“We need long and cheap borrowed money,” said Alla Startseva, vice president of the joint management company Dominion. “Provide loans on really favorable terms, like in the West, at three to four percent per annum. We love our Vologda flax very much, and want you to love him too. "

“We don’t remember how much, in my opinion, the cumulative inflation for the first half of the year is five percent? history modern Russia, - Putin said. - But the situation in which they are issued simply, well, economically unjustified, at low rates, loans, is a very dangerous path. This is only a question of when a crisis will come. He is inevitable. Here is the same thing happened in the States with mortgage lending. Therefore, I think we need to talk about subsidies today. "

The development of small hydrogeneration, which preserves the natural landscape, the project "One Family" - it will allow children from boarding schools to find parents faster, building kindergartens using modular technology - these are all local developments that the party promised to pay attention to. But today it became aware of the decisions taken for the whole country.

Mortgage will be available to teachers. First of all, those who are younger than thirty-five. For them, reduced: the rate - to eight and a half percent and the initial contribution - to ten. Putin recommended his payment to take over the local authorities.

The possibility of housing cooperatives will be able to take advantage of all school teachers, regardless of age. They will be provided free land for construction. A decision has been made regarding young doctors who will want to work in the countryside. Each will receive a million rubles.

“He will be able to use this money for arranging and solving housing and other domestic problems. The only condition is to work for at least five years,” Putin said. “This will cost 11 billion rubles for us. We will first of all have to help those regions they move, they do something to arrange their medical staff. "

The concrete decisions made on the basis of the conference, Putin recalled, were not the first: earlier, after similar conversations, for example, the programs of preferential air travel for Siberians were expanded, and scholarships for interns were increased. For the party need feedback. And not just before the election. Putin confirmed today that the Popular Front is not until December, but for a longer term.
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