Modernized tank T-90С

The National Defense Publishing House, specifically for the Nizhny Tagil arms exhibition, which will be held on 8-11 in September, published exclusive photos of the upgraded T-90С tank in the August issue.

Modernized tank T-90С

The main direction of modernization of the T-90C is a new turret, which is equipped with improved fire control system, automatic loader and gun, as well as additional remote-controlled machine gun armament and protection. Particular attention is paid to improving the commander’s tactical control of a tank and subunit, searching for targets and controlling the main armament fire in all types of combat is equally effective day and night. The software and hardware complex gives the commander the most complete picture of the battle. The controllability of the upgraded T-90С tank has been significantly improved due to the introduction of automatic gear shifting and a turn drive from the steering wheel. Installed a more powerful main engine. There is an additional power unit, which will provide power supply to the tank in the parking lot. At the same time, the dimensions of the vehicle did not increase, and it continues to remain in the 50 class t in terms of mass, surpassing all other modern tanks in this indicator.

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