The sad results of 20 years of independence

If the power of the "orange" existed before 24 August 2011, then it is clear that this day would be celebrated in Ukraine on a large scale at the highest level. After all - 20 years of "Square". The official part of the holiday was not without ordinary greetings on behalf of the leaders of other states, the main of which, naturally, was from the US President. Barack Obama said the following: “Twenty years ago, the people of Ukraine gained the lost independence and freedom that they had long sought. All Americans, in particular, those who came to our country from Ukraine, welcomed this event. Since then, the United States has supported democratic development and Ukraine’s European aspirations and will continue to do so, deepening our strategic partnership. ” In addition, according to the American president, "the people of the United States join their president in celebrating Ukrainian independence and in the hope of growing opportunities for all Ukrainians."

What happened in two decades with Ukraine, Little Russia? This is a sufficient period to sum up some results. According to Ukrainian polls, the majority of citizens assess the situation is not fashionable, not from the standpoint of “positivism”: according to a survey conducted in 2010, 9,5% of the polled citizens of Ukraine considered that “everything is not so bad and you can live”, more than half - 53, 4% that “it’s hard to live, but you can tolerate”, another 29,8% said that “it’s impossible to endure our difficult situation”, and 7,3% of the polled citizens could not answer the question.

Yes, the citizens of Ukraine look to the future without much optimism: 28,2% of Ukrainian residents believe that “the situation will deteriorate quickly”, 38,8% of citizens hope “for gradual changes for the better”, 22,7% of the respondents try to “not think about tomorrow , live in the present, ”and 10,4% could not answer the question clearly.

True, the majority does not want to unite with Russia, in principle, this can also be understood, Moscow cannot even give a good image of its future to its citizens, not to mention its neighbors in the former USSR. So in 2011, answering the question - “If a referendum on independence of Ukraine was held now, how would you vote?”, 46,6% of its citizens would vote for the independence of the Ukrainian state, they would vote against independence — 27,8% of citizens, 11,5% The respondents reported that they do not care in which country to live and 12,5% could not give a definite answer.

Although the question posed by a different question (in 2011 year) - “Do you regret the collapse of the USSR?”, The affiliated population responded as follows: 47,4% - answered “yes, regret”, 29,7% of respondents said “no, I do not regret”, another 10,4% was indifferent, 12, 5% could not give an answer.

It shows well the current situation in the social sphere and the country's economy, another survey, people answered the question - “Whose time is it now?”. Giving an answer to the question posed, people put the highest scores on the following social categories: politicians - 44 points, beggars - 40 points, adventurers - 36 points, thieves and fraudsters - 48 points, bureaucrats - 33 points. At the very bottom of the social ladder were: workers - 13 points, moral authority - 11 points, chosen ones - 12, talents and professionals - on 7 points.

The opinion did not come true that as the Soviet generations left for the other world and they came to succeed the generations of those who did not know the Soviet Union, its “totalitarian horrors”, the society will finally take the path of full Europeanization. In Ukraine, sentiments associated with the desire to deepen cooperation with Russia, to take a course towards integration in one form or another are still strong. The Ukrainian elite, as before, "sits on several chairs" - looks towards the US, the EU, not forgetting, on occasion, to ask the Russian Federation for concessions in memory of the "brotherhood of nations", de-Sovietization, Ukrainization and Westernization of the wreck- "Ukraine" Big Russia. Without forgetting about your pocket.

According to another survey conducted by the Research and Branding Group, Ukraine still has no national idea that could unite most of the society. According to the survey: 40% of respondents found it difficult to define it, and 18% stated that it does not exist at all. The population of Ukraine has no historical and civilizational values ​​that actually form the basis of the state. The state was created artificially on the basis of the region of the Russian civilization-Russia, which includes four historical areas: Great Russia (mainly, except for a number of territories included in the Russian Federation), Small Russia (Ukraine), Belaya Rus and New Russia.

In addition, the aggressive “Ukrainization”, Russophobia and Westernization, which was conducted by official Kiev, led to the fact that at present Ukraine consists of areas whose population disagrees on all the main issues of Ukraine’s existence. In fact, Ukraine is not a subject of world politics, but an object that is used as a bridgehead directed against Russia.

The construction and commissioning of the South and North streams will further weaken the position of Kiev, in the possibilities of blackmail of the EU and the Russian Federation. Not wanting to integrate into the Customs Union was another proof of the falsity of Yanukovych’s promises. In essence, the Yanukovych regime is the direct heir of the three preceding comprador regimes, which gained power through pro-Russian rhetoric. At present, in Ukraine there are generally no noticeable forces that would be focused on the interests of the people.

For the past two decades, the West has pursued a policy of neo-colonialism towards Ukraine, depriving the country of advanced sectors of the national economy. Strengthening dependence on the importation of the means of production, industrial and food products. In fact, Ukraine was specialized in the export of iron ore and rolled steel, but it is clear that focusing only on these sectors will not feed the rest of the population, it is simply too much for the owners of TNK-TNB. Therefore, using the methods of social and economic genocide, the population of Little Russia is rapidly "reduced." From 1991 to 2011, according to the State Statistics Service, the population of Ukraine was reduced by 6,27 million, as of 1 in July 2011, 45,675 million live in the country. That is, the population has decreased by 12%! This is a real genocide, and the trend continues - in six months 2011, 232 were born thousands of people, thousands of people died 344.

Approximately 4 / 5 rolled metal goes to western countries, this actually speaks about that. that Sakharov’s dreams of bringing dangerous and dirty production to the territory of the USSR came true, while preserving the environment in Europe. At the same time, Ukrainian engineering industries, where large masses of skilled labor are required, have degraded and almost do not consume metal. The Ukrainian state has actually lost the status of a technological power that it had in 1991 during education, some life is warming only in the remnants of the once powerful military-industrial complex (and it mostly performs foreign orders, and the army does not go, but in general the army the fate of the Yugoslav-Serbian army awaits — complete “optimization”, to the level of a parade regiment) and the country is reduced to the level of a raw semi-colony. The neoliberal model prevailing in Ukraine does not involve concern for the reproduction of resources, technology, labor and the environment, it focuses only on the distribution of short-term benefits among oligarchic families.

Such a foundation of Ukraine, its people, as a powerful Soviet agro-industrial complex was undermined. His "undermining" was carried out in the first half of the 1990-s. And then it was completed, so in 1996, the US Congress in resolution No. 120 demanded the following: “The Government of Ukraine must make its first priority the dismantling of the socialist sectors of its economy ... by ... privatizing state farms and collective farms and ending their monopoly control in the agro-industrial sector ". The then Ukrainian President Kuchma, under pressure from the United States, issued a decree on the seeding and decollectivization of agriculture, his main goal was to destroy the large-scale agro-industrial complex, crush arable land among small owners who, being deprived of the means of production, naturally could not organize even food needs in the world), and prepare the land of Ukraine for sale to companies in the West and in the East.

At present, there is more than 40 million hectares of agricultural land in Little Russia, while approximately 27 million hectares of land are divided into shares and private property is located, approximately 7 million peasants, most of whom cannot independently process their plots. As a result, if the production of grain and sunflower is still maintained at the level of 2 / 3 to the level of 1991 of the year, then the situation in the livestock of cattle, pigs, sheep, as well as the production of potatoes, vegetables, fruits, flax and other crops is sharply negative . In essence, the task of neocolonizers has been solved - the production of several types of agricultural crops for export has been preserved (you can see on the example of a number of African countries), while the other types are excluded from the agro-industrial complex. As a result, the food security of the country was completely undermined; those peasants who could have stable earnings remained on the sidelines of life. This became one of the methods of the socio-economic genocide of the people; in some agricultural areas, the death rate exceeded the birth rate 3 times. Plus internal and external migration. People go to the cities, or run abroad. Neo-colonizers do not need such masses of the population, they were needed only under the socialist model of management. Therefore, with the continuation of the current course, the population will continue to decline.

The “reforms” led to the complete undermining of the national security of Ukraine in the military sphere. After all, it is impossible to say that Little Russia has no potential enemy who can encroach on its present territories - Romania, Poland, and Turkey are potential adversaries. Certain circles are already making territorial claims to Little Russia, the leader among them is Romania. The army is in a deplorable state, and further optimization is waiting for it. For all the years of Ukraine’s independence, its Armed Forces have never received the full amount for their content, which was determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Defense” - this is 3% of the state’s GDP. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have always financed the residual principle, approximately within 0,9 - 1,2% of GDP, i.e. not more than one third of the required amount. Military analysts of Ukraine and Russia note that by the end of 2011, the Ukrainian army will actually come to the limit of its existence as a structure that can fulfill the functions assigned to it. The state of weapons and military equipment in the army is close to critical. So, in the Ground Forces, according to experts from the Center for Army Studies, conversion and disarmament, more than 90% of weapons and military equipment have actually exhausted their resources (they are almost still of Soviet times). The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported at the end of 2007 of the year that 80% of the main nomenclature of missile-artillery weapons, about half of the fighters and 60% of bombers became unsuitable for use. In fact, there is no combat-ready Navy.

The extremely negative situation has developed in the field of civil society, not only is the society highly polarized, split, it is apolitical, endless political scandals, lies of politicians, have caused a backlash - people's indifference. They live their problems. In addition, there is a loss of social norms and an increase in the number of destructive actions in society. Under the USSR, there was a powerful propaganda machine, which was bad or good, but it did an important job - it constantly pressed on the “brains” of citizens, taught what is good and bad. Now it is not there, but there is a mass of channels (not only TV, but also the yellow press, a lot of sites on the Internet, etc.) through which destructive programs are introduced, introducing violence, fornication, general licentiousness, bad habits, as a way of life.

The real hallmark of today's Ukraine has become - unjustified aggression against the Russian language, Russian culture, falsification of the general stories and attempts to revise the outcome of the Second World War. As a result, the Ukrainian statehood was in complete ideological and civilizational impasse. There was a real split of the population, which may be one of the prerequisites of a civil war (if external forces wish to arrange it, and judging by the “Tymoshenko case”, this process has already been launched). Thus, according to the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), about 70% of the population of the eastern, southeastern regions (Novorossiya) and Crimea believe that the political views of the inhabitants of Western Ukraine are close to fascism. In this case, it is difficult to disagree with the example of prudence rare for the current President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev: “If this power is dancing on the bones of people who once defended their countries, then we must understand what our attitude to this power will be and based on this, to build their foreign policy priorities. "

And the regime preceding the regime of Yanukovych-Yushchenko, in general, can be called neo-fascist. He came to power, violating the prescribed norms of the Constitution, was a frantic xenophobe-Russophobe in politics, distinguished by extreme demagogy and populism. Supporting a similar regime of Saakashvili, in August 2008 of the year almost caused a fratricidal war when the citizens of Ukraine fought against the Russian armed forces. He unleashed repressions against dissidents, an attack on civil rights - the fabrication of custom-made cases of "separatism" against pro-Russian activists of the Crimea, Transcarpathia, Donetsk.

The sad results of 20 years of independence

The relative stability and “inner world” were actually preserved only because the bulk of the population was crushed by the struggle for survival, it was not up to open social protest.

It is clear that 20 years of independence give a good lesson that they should not participate in the collapse of their country - the USSR, because only a handful of oligarchs and their servants, who turned Ukraine into a closed joint stock company, received all the benefits. For ordinary citizens, there is no future in this system, the only possibility of a normal life for citizens of Little Russia (Ukraine), White Russia, and Large Russia is the reunification of all the fragments of Great Russia-Russia into a single whole. The revival of socialism, as the main model of social development.
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