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Glad of Gender Equality

November 27 is to host the first meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of the new, eighth convocation, which will be of an organizational and transgender nature. Since the coalition agreement initialed the five most democratic and open for cooperation factions of the Verkhovna Rada, even before their creation, there is no longer any sense in the work of the new legislature in the traditional sense of the word.

It remains only to choose the speaker of the coalition, the prime minister of the coalition and approve the coalition government. Everything. The rest of the deputies, not members of the coalition, should come to terms with the role of rogue states, since many of them, almost all of them, voted for the dictatorial laws of January 16. This led to Maidan, Maidan overthrew the bloody regime, joined the EU, but then something went wrong, and as a result we are fighting with Russia for the bright ideals of European integration, which will begin no earlier than 2020 in the form of a virtual member in the future. Approximately this picture is obtained as a result. And where does transgender? This is the most important part of the coalition agreement, which for some reason was not reflected in the preamble. Look: the parliament has been updated, many new people have come, who have not fully decided on their orientation. The Rada must become a symbol of a new, purely European body; therefore, the outdated division of infrastructure facilities into “M” and “F” is hopelessly outdated. I remember that in one of the convocations of BP, one transgender creation (a real case) received accreditation, a man who felt like a woman and went to the toilet for women. The girls were very indignant and felt somehow uncomfortable. However, then, in the distant times of totalitarianism, the equality of all sexes, including intermediate, transsexual, was an abstract idea. In the office of BP, there were open homophobes who simply expelled a creature, a prototype of a real European, from parliament under a false pretext.

So that the situation does not repeat today, when EU membership is looming on the horizon, it is necessary to immediately open the toilet room for transgender people. This will allow to introduce high European standards already at the initial stage of the coalition Verkhovna Rada. The implementation of the transgender project is the most promising start-up of the new parliament. This will demonstrate the high level of innovativeness of the new composition of BP.

The next item of the coalition agreement, which for some reason did not find its public reflection, is the startup Mustafa Nayem, who presented it in the best tradition of Tim Cook and even, I’m not afraid of the word, now deceased Jobs. It is called simply and concisely - “Suck everything, or Why I will not work for one deputy salary”. As for me, this is one of the most promising projects in the spirit of the Internet. People are still doing absolutely nothing, but they are already sharply increasing their capitalization. He can now even score a bolt on everything, because he is revolting against rampant corruption and bribery. Agree, this business model is very, very promising. It is necessary to formalize it, because the idea of ​​Mustafa is warmly supported by many young deputies, especially from the organization of Lviv manual labor lovers. In order to indiscriminately not find fault with the innovative model of conducting parliamentary activity, one should carefully listen to the needs of national and sexual minorities.

Next, we have startups of extremely active field commanders who are forced to leave the trenches of the ATO and write laws that nobody needs in wartime conditions. In this market, a promising project to attract NATO to finance various trips to popularize ATO around the world is in the greatest demand.

Never before in the Verkhovna Rada were there so many heifers and field commanders at the same time. This phenomenon must be urgently detailed, described and recorded in a coalition agreement.

As we all perfectly understand, the parliament from the first days of its existence should give Ukrainians not only deputies for garbage lustration, but also inspire hope in transgender equality. Otherwise, there is a serious threat of destabilizing the situation on a large geopolitical board. For a short period of time, Ukraine is obliged not only to create a powerful military superpower with a transatlantic fleet and military bases around the world, but also completely eradicate homophobia, as well as contribute to the implementation of the most promising startups. The rest - default, the physical extinction of older people, racial genocide in the east of the country, murders of civilians, authoritarianism - these are not the primary tasks of the Maidan authorities.

After all, why do we all desperately need a referendum on the immediate entry into NATO? Yes, so that at least they could be accepted there and transgender people could be taken into the army to establish universal social justice. Today in Ukraine, if you are not an African American, a veteran of Maidan, a transsexual and a lesbian, you simply have no prospects for Euro-association and representation of your interests in the highest legislative body of power. This challenge is necessary to adequately accept. Inside.

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  1. Revolver
    Revolver 25 November 2014 06: 51
    This challenge must be adequately accepted. Inward
    Like, on the cheek? And how, wait for Obama's visit, or go on your own to provide home service? And Merkel what to accept? In general, such important and complex problems have to be solved by the people's representatives, which is already breathtaking. Sala to Ukraine! Little heroes !!!.
    1. Babr
      Babr 25 November 2014 07: 19
      "as a virtual member in perspective." "a purely European organ," I especially liked it. Can the author convey the essence lol
    2. Finches
      Finches 25 November 2014 07: 26
      We, of course, laugh with great pleasure at the foolishness of our neighbors, but you need to understand that all this can end very sadly, with the coming to power of the ultra-right, in the person of some Yarosh! Today, here on VO, the Weimar Republic has already been mentioned, and so there the same "eccentricities" of the democrats ended with Comrade Schickelgruber's coming to power, and the world was not laughing after a while ...
      1. Kapitan Oleg
        Kapitan Oleg 25 November 2014 10: 52
        But it seems to me that Yarosh is just not the worst. In the end, he is an open enemy, all in plain sight. The hidden enemy, which is hiding behind various universal values ​​there, liberalism, gender equality, is much worse than that ... Such peace-loving individuals create the most terrible crimes.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 November 2014 09: 39
      What is the people, such is the Rada.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. APES
        APES 25 November 2014 12: 44
        Quote: Thought Giant
        What is the people, so is the Rada

        RBC Ukraine is running a poll: "Person of the Year"
        look at the results, funny ....
    4. The comment was deleted.
  2. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 25 November 2014 06: 52
    M-daaaaaa ... P ... sy ... get the better ... trouble request
    1. Shveps
      Shveps 25 November 2014 10: 47
      Do you think Russia is an exception to the rule?
      Today, society once again faces the impunity of those with money. With money, as a rule, we have those in power. Or in business. The modern "higher" society, mired in abundance and immorality, This explains the tendency to extraordinary satisfaction of the basic human instinct, as well as (money allow!) Manic desire to have something like that, not like everyone else - a luxury car, golden toilet bowl, 5-year-old boy at night ...

      In Korzhakov's memoirs, and in numerous testimonies of the then “Kremlinites”, the “blue party” is mentioned almost more often than EBN itself. Thus, Yeltsin's press service was generally called a "blue incubator" for recruiting personnel solely based on sexual orientation. Kozyrev's Foreign Ministry did not lag behind this incubator, in the prim corridors of which many sleek men with "anxious" looks suddenly appeared. According to the intelligence services, in 1991-1995 the number of homosexuals in the government and the presidential administration reached a quarter, and in some departments - even up to a third of the state officials listed there. However, even in the "organs" that were once completely closed to "gays" today, one can more and more often find high-star homosexuals who have risen on the wave of "reforms" ... ". It is known that one of the very noisy and militant chairmen of a certain party regularly recruits young athletes to guard himself, who are ready to provide the leader with sexual services ...

      This problem arose in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for which most officers are not ready.

      The Russian Ministry of Defense has developed a training manual, which tells how to find out the sexual orientation of the military. Officers are advised to examine the soldiers' genitals for tattoos and ask the fighter about their first sexual experience.
      As a result, a picture of the neuropsychic stability of military units should appear. According to the document, early sexual experience and "promiscuous sexual intercourse" qualify as a sign of neuropsychic instability along with addiction to alcohol, the experience of running away from home, suicidal tendencies, theft.
      Moreover, all these details, as well as a tendency to perversions, will be revealed through questions about the family, childhood and grades in school. The training manual recommends finding out from the soldier his attitude to the girls, and then - to examine the existing tattoos.

      Pedophilia is a separate issue!
      If in 2000 in Moscow there were 160 cases of sexual violence against children, then in 2008 there were already 4479. There have been almost 7 times more cases of involving children in the dissemination of pornography (2017 versus 361). According to statistics from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, children began to be involved in prostitution more 11,8 times, and the number of sites with child pornography increased 25 times!

      These are the consequences of the sin of godlessness, the sin of today's debauchery, instilled by the authorities through the electronic and print media in Russia among the Russian people.
      1. Olga Sinigrosova
        Olga Sinigrosova 25 November 2014 13: 36
        It’s not the authorities who impose it, but people who want to show themselves carry all their interests and experience into the network. Others clutch at this and, having nothing of their own, ascend to the pinnacle of truth. I should note that your mention that the authorities of RUSSIA do this is neither true nor true. This is done by the authorities of France, Switzerland, Germany, etc. If you are careful, and not just strive to pour mud on Russia, then pay attention to new laws, as well as new provisions for guardianship authorities. Learn this stuff.
        1. Shveps
          Shveps 25 November 2014 15: 05
          Quote: Olga Sinigrosova
          People do not impose power, but people carry all their interests and experience into the network

          And power and people are a derivative of the satanic system in which we live.
          Both homo and pedo are a consequence of the spiritual ill-being of society, and the academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences I.A. Gundarov said very well about this:
          "Spiritual ill-being is the result of an attempt to replace our former mentality. Why are the consequences of the Great Depression in the United States and the" shock therapy "in Russia so strikingly different? Americans came out of the socio-economic crisis without changing their spiritual and moral foundations, which remained the same, It is a different matter with us, where they tried to amputate the old “uncivilized” soul, and in its place they tried to replace it with a new one, “modern and civilized,” where the state-forming nation was inspired with a sense of guilt and national inferiority. It is important to take into account that the rejection of the new ideology in Russia is determined not so much by the previous Soviet upbringing as by the long-standing historical memory of the people, its ethnic archetype (the collective unconscious, according to Carl Jung).
          ... And when we realized that we can measure level of sinfulness in society, a new direction has appeared - the epidemiology of spirituality, the science of moral and emotional processes taking place in society. "

          And no law, without changing the system, is capable of radically changing the situation. Smooth and varnish - no more!
      2. dmb
        dmb 25 November 2014 15: 42
        "Examining the genitals is a sure sign of high combat readiness and concern of the boss for his subordinates." This slogan should be hung over every recruiting office. There will be no end to those wishing to serve ... the truth is only a certain category.
  3. Magic archer
    Magic archer 25 November 2014 07: 08
    The current Rada is just a circus. Scary. With gay clowns, killer jugglers, embezzlers, embezzlers! All bunch of vices! And imagine what laws they will make ... it's beyond good and evil ... negative
  4. sv68
    sv68 25 November 2014 07: 18
    oh and it starts two in one, a circus in a madhouse or vice versa. a jolly fellow will go looking for a life partner, a boxer is not a dog, and the one that the mayor will tie three words with fists for two hours, the Avaks will defeat another three million Russian military, they’ll light up new tires right in the parliament and demand buns that aren’t lyashkin but edible and will pass a law according to which all laws passed before are illegal because these laws were not adopted by them, but it means illegitimate. Atomic death will finally abandon the wheelchair and demand rolls -Royce at the expense of the state. Aneta's just one problem-Th and how to do with the country for all the other problems already nesuschestvenny.navernoe be glad SMS from smoked-how to share the remains of what was recently seems as though the land.
  5. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 25 November 2014 07: 18
    pidorgi surround! Sarah Connor time to call.
  6. Homo
    Homo 25 November 2014 07: 25
    Was it impossible to write an article without the word "startup"? It seems that on the site there are Russian (by language) people, but the articles are full of unnecessary words that have worthy analogs in Russian!
  7. Quantum
    Quantum 25 November 2014 07: 50
    Zubchenko, as always, on top! An article has been written sharply and with humor!
    Soon, we will watch this circus in Parliament in reality.
  8. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 25 November 2014 08: 07
    Not "African American", but "African Ukrainian". :)
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 25 November 2014 11: 01
      The Nazi Council will pass laws exclusively of Nazi content.
    2. Penelope
      Penelope 25 November 2014 11: 01
      The Nazi Council will pass laws exclusively of Nazi content.
  9. Orang
    Orang 25 November 2014 12: 42
    Transgender people. Previously, they stuffed such a stuffed animal in a psychiatric hospital and treated.
  10. Vasily Ivashov
    Vasily Ivashov 25 November 2014 13: 22
    Meanwhile, with what syllable the article was written and what is happening in Ukraine there is a direct and inextricable link. Rudeness is not only in power, but also in the souls of people - this is the saddest thing for Ukraine. Because there are so many scumbags among the Ukrainian security officials in the ATO zone. Probably their darkness in other places of this free and European country.
  11. Prager
    Prager 25 November 2014 13: 43
    Tse is not happy, but a bunch of degenerates and imbitsilov. health-conscious people there are catastrophically small!