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Visit of Sergey Shoigu to China. Discussion of military threats and the exchange of medical techniques

In the near future, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China may be engaged in the exchange of military medical experience. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, while on a visit to China, visited the PLA Central Hospital (People’s Liberation Army of China). Shoigu said that it would be nice if the hospital using traditional Chinese medicine appeared in Moscow, and the hospital using the methods of the Russian military medicine opened in Beijing.

Visit of Sergey Shoigu to China. Discussion of military threats and the exchange of medical techniques

Sergey Shoigu quotes TASS:
Of course, we are interested in the experience of our colleagues in the field of military medicine. Doctors of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, specialists of the Main Military Medical Directorate are instructed to establish closer cooperation with colleagues. Moreover, we would like to start a new page of our cooperation with you and offer you, as the main medical institution of the Chinese armed forces, to exchange either departments or clinics, open your clinic in Moscow, and ours in you. I hope, with your help (we) will have traditional Chinese medicine. And we have something to share with each other.

The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of China met with the deputy chairman of the Central Military Council (Central Military Council) of China, General Xu Tsilyan. High-ranking military officials discussed modern military threats, in relation to which China and Russia have similar positions. This is the official Russian Ministry of Defense website.

Shoigu said that the situation in the Asia-Pacific region remains rather complicated due to various kinds of territorial claims, and also mentioned problems in North Africa that spread in the form of instability to other regions of the world. Xu Qiliang noted that the joint Russian-Chinese work plays a crucial role in the global security system.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 19 November 2014 12: 56
    The black monkey will devour all chewing gum from such news. What if he chokes that without him they will make a geyropa and the whole meritos cf.
    1. Stalevar
      Stalevar 19 November 2014 13: 03
      Although it was argued that cooperation covers only economic aspects and no military treaties will be signed, there is still rapprochement in the field of defense. But it cannot be otherwise. Two huge countries must ensure the security of their economic interaction. This implies the need for interaction and defense, and very dense. Until the conclusion of military alliances and even the creation of blocs. This is normal in conditions of aggravation of international tension and is beneficial for both partners.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 19 November 2014 13: 11
        Sorry for frivolity in a serious topic, the Chinese love their traditional medicine, of which 3 drugs are recognized by the world medical community, I remember only one, in my opinion "bezornil", ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids, if I'm not mistaken.
        But this is not the "frivolity", but this (you need to give this type to the Chinese, as connoisseurs of alternative medicine - by the way, they slightly "pumped out" Karachentsov)the shock is that this video is fresh!:
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 19 November 2014 13: 16
      The use of Chinese medicine in the MO, in my opinion, should give a positive effect.
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 19 November 2014 13: 16
      The use of Chinese medicine in the MO, in my opinion, should give a positive effect.
      1. tronin.maxim
        tronin.maxim 19 November 2014 13: 31
        Quote: Thought Giant
        should give a positive effect

        I agree with you! Although we have traditional medicine, however, much has been lost with the advent of civilization.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 19 November 2014 12: 59
    Shoigu is doing everything right ... it is necessary to establish friendly relations with the Chinese in all areas despite all concerns about their expansion.

    We must convince everyone, both here and in China, that good peace and friendship are better than a good war and an eternal quarrel between peoples.
  3. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 19 November 2014 12: 59
    These are the first visits since meeting 20s in Australia. You can see there is something to talk about. Who are you with? ...
    1. Renat
      Renat 19 November 2014 13: 15
      By the way, becoming the Minister of Defense, Shoigu first visited the Middle Kingdom. And their chairman, in turn, also devoted the first visit to Russia, and only then flew to the debtor.
      1. Penelope
        Penelope 19 November 2014 13: 47
        Military cooperation with China will only benefit our Armed Forces.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. 4thParasinok
    4thParasinok 19 November 2014 13: 01
    here it is, another proof of Shoigu's "genius". Although maybe the grandchildren are growing up (I was not interested in his family) and so decided to send them abroad at the state expense?
  5. RusDV
    RusDV 19 November 2014 13: 04
    The exchange of military medical experience in the near future may be engaged in the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

    It seems to me that in reality we are talking about the same "medicine" as the joint exercises with China "against the terrorist threat" ..... From Shoigu, a medic is the same as a ballerina .... Something more significant was discussed. ...
  6. Horly
    Horly 19 November 2014 13: 07
    Bullshit is a defense minister going to solve the tasks of a medical director? And does anyone believe that? Along the way, issues there are completely different
    1. tasha
      tasha 19 November 2014 14: 15
      Please read the article to the end.

      A visit to the hospital was obviously part of the visit's program. And, of course, according to the results, a comment was needed from S.K. Shoigu.
  7. bmv04636
    bmv04636 19 November 2014 13: 08
    "Trifle", but nice:
    After a major overhaul with modernization, the Tu-160 strategic bomber made its first test flight, the Tupolev press service said.
    Tu-160 was in the air for 2 hours 40 minutes. The flight was made by a first-class test pilot of the Kazan Aviation Plant named after S.P. Gorbunova Alexey Ryabov, reports "Interfax". As the newspaper “Military-Industrial Courier” notes, further on the missile carrier test flights will be performed by the crews of the Kazan Aviation Plant named after S.P. Gorbunov and an independent inspection, as well as a familiarization flight by the crew of the operating organization. “Currently, in the workshops of the enterprise, the Tu-160 missile carriers are undergoing modernization of the first stage, while almost all on-board radar and navigation equipment is changing. Modernization of aircraft systems will improve the flight performance of the aircraft, ”the press service said. The Tu-160 is a supersonic strategic bomber with a variable sweep wing, developed at the Tupolev Design Bureau in the 1970-1980s. It has been in service since 1987. In July, it was reported that the Tu-160 from 2016 will be equipped with modernized turbojet engines of the NK-32 type. The production of these engines, discontinued in 1993, is handled by a subsidiary of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) - the Samara plant Kuznetsov.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 19 November 2014 13: 12
      Quote: bmv04636
      "Trifle", but nice:

      good class! (and what year's boomer?)
      1. bmv04636
        bmv04636 19 November 2014 13: 25
        initials and personnel, at work it is customary to give nicknames to mail and electronic document management
  8. nvb
    nvb 19 November 2014 13: 09
    The more common points there are, the wider the cooperation will be. We must do everything to get rid of the stereotypes of past hostility. I served in ZabVO, so I know firsthand what kind of relationship. At each political session we were told about the threat from the south. Times are changing, we need to be friends, than to fight. Better a bad neighbor than a good enemy.
  9. B.T.V.
    B.T.V. 19 November 2014 13: 10
    The exchange of experience is good, but it would be better to open a department on the basis of the Military Medical Academy, it seems that there will be more benefits, but this is my opinion.
  10. 70BSN
    70BSN 19 November 2014 13: 12
    lol In the evening, in the sauna, they will analyze in more detail how to give lu.ley. angry To Fashington angry
  11. Sirocco
    Sirocco 19 November 2014 13: 17
    It’s interesting, what really lies behind Shoigu S.K.
    Visit of Sergei Shoigu to China. Discussion and exchange of medical methods

    An interesting turn, the defense ministers of the Russian Federation and China, are engaged in medical techniques. This is equivalent to what the Ministers of Health of our countries will discuss at the meeting.
    Discussion of military threats and exchange of military techniques

    Oh and the cunning Sergey Kuzhugetovich. laughing
  12. Iskander 090
    Iskander 090 19 November 2014 13: 30
    I hope not only acupuncture was discussed ???
  13. natterru
    natterru 19 November 2014 13: 54
    Serdyukov would have to be chopped from head to toe, and the biggest needle should be driven into the ass, so that other effectively stealing managers would not want to steal.