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Why not welcome the new Rada ...

... Before the early parliamentary elections, less than two days are left, and the most concerned citizens of Ukraine care about the main thing: what will the new Verkhovna Rada be like? A ridiculous question: which deputies the people will elect, this will be. But no. Almost nothing will depend on the people and will not. Well, such a “young democracy” won in Ukraine through the coup 22 February 2014 of the year. What the sponsors and inspirers of “revolution and gidnosty” will say and order, then the “fighters-democrats” must do. Regardless of offices and positions.

But if they do not, they will lose both their chairs and positions. Old ones will be thrown away, as used “products No. XXUMX”, and new ones will be pulled, sorry, pulled into the vacant cabinets. Everything is clear, functional, and completely democratic.

The speaker of the current Rada, Oleksandr Turchynov, somehow unwittingly set out the predestination of a new parliament, which Ukrainians will allegedly elect. When they adopted "enemy" laws on the status of Donbass, the pastor with the mandate and in the chair declared that he was critical of some of the norms of the laws proposed by Petro Poroshenko, but Rada supported them in order to implement the president’s peace plan. “I am critical of many norms of this law, but I am convinced that the Verkhovna Rada should have given the president the opportunity to implement his peace plan,” said Turchinov.

And when he was accused of violating the rules of procedure, Alexander Valentinovich made such a face that it’s better to never see bromine at all, and said that, supposedly, all this is pre-election speculation of “enemies”. And the main thing should not be a democratic procedure (not before now, when war is “Russian aggression”), but political expediency: “Every day, when there is no active armed confrontation, we can use it to strengthen the defense capability of the Armed Forces”.

So this is what the future Verkhovna Rada is needed - a humble gathering of buttons when accepting tasks set by external sponsors, customers and owners. Their owners, wishes are not discussed, tea is not a newspaper, but unquestioningly carried out. Without there foolish references to the national interests of Ukraine. But when the discussion of internal issues or the redistribution of property - state or belonging to unwanted "enemy" oligarchs begins - then please turn on your like-minded terrarium at full capacity and engage lobbying opportunities. Not for nothing, even in a war-ravaged country, a favorite party in the electoral list is paid from 5 to 7 million. People don’t pay for a beautiful icon on their lapels. And not only for parliamentary immunity (she is fiction in the face of armed bandits or hired killers). They are preparing to "beat off" this money. So, in Ukraine, there is still something to rob, rickety and overide. And external sponsors are ready not to interfere in this matter. Say, let the fools come to blows, or, as the "peresichny" potsreot-Movovnyuk would say, "to grind." And they do not interfere in the solution of geopolitical tasks set for "sons of a bitch, but our sons of a bitch." Rada is a payoff for the oligarchs and their politician lobbyists, to which they have to digress for the benefit of their wallet. And do not hinder the use of their country as a proving ground or a springboard for the war of the West and the United States with Russia for world domination ...

So, I repeat, little will depend on the people. Both elections and people's campaigns at polling stations are just a fiction, a democratic screen for solving completely different problems. A people can only use applicants for mandates to solve some pressing urgent problems. Well, there is a bag of buckwheat, a can of condensed milk and a bottle of vodka to get on the ball, in exchange for a voice. Vytsyganit some money, promising to put a cross in the bulletin "where necessary." To ensure that the entrance or the road was repaired, a playground in the yard was built, etc., etc. But for people it is an election without a choice. Everything has long been painted and put together as it should.

The people, of course, can bring some surprises, acting on the wise selfish principle of the times of poverty “take everything from everyone, but vote according to conscience”. But even this will not save - no one will allow the specified scheme to break.
So why do we need these elections? That's right, in order in the eyes of the whole world to complete the legitimization of the Ukrainian government, set after the February 22 coup d'état. The first to legitimize the president. Now, in the same way, they want to let all the rest pass through the “crucible of the people's will” - Rada, who, from the point of view of laws and democratic procedures, will become legitimate herself and form the same legitimate government. This is the first.

Secondly, the Rada must ensure that the course of Ukraine “ordered” from the outside will continue, that it will continue to conduct an aggressive Russophobic policy and continue the civil war in the southeast. To do this, BP should legitimize and legitimize in the government of the guarantors of this course - active participants in the coup, who have long been sitting on the ground and will not ask unnecessary questions. And to guarantee a frankly ethnocratic, neo-Nazi and neo-fascist racially correct Ukrainian character of power.

For this, the so-called “chromadsky activists” from among the submissive former journalists who first provoked the Maidan in different ways and all these Maydaun militants who “made the Maidan” and then enrolled in the cartel and police battalions were sent to the Rada on the lists of various parties. for conducting in the Donbass the punitive operation under the bashful name "ATO". Ukrainian journalist Miroslava Berdnik somehow tried to count the number of militants, battalion commanders and "naked Cossacks" in the party lists. It turned out impressively: “the battalion commander of the Dnipro battalion Yuriy Bereza and the Azov battalion commander Andrey Beletsky got into the entrance section of the Popular Front. ... In addition, the lists of the Popular Front also include the commanders of the Chernigov battalions - Roman Pitskiv, "Peacemaker" - Andrey Teteruk, "Kiev-1" - Yevgeny Dade, as well as the deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine Andrey Levus, the deputy battalion of the Kulchytsky National Guard under Mikhail Bodnar , fighter of the Golden Gate battalion, Mikhail Gavrilyuk (naked Cossack. - Auth.), commander of the company of the Aydar battalion, Igor Gladiy. At least 13 percent is promised to the militants of the Radical Party headed by the “militant homosexual Lyashko” ...

To this we can only add that all the note-taking leaders and ideologists of neo-Nazism and neo-fascism from Freedom and the Right Sector also go to the Rada. And they are practically guaranteed to be "mandated" either in party lists or in majority districts.
Nobody in the West, I repeat, wants to risk. So, as happened after the “Orange Revolution” 2004 of the year, when the “Messiah” Viktor Yushchenko, having devoured all sorts of nastiness and dispersed the “right” allies (Yulia Tymoshenko) and “any friends” (the most current president and present pro-presidential oligarchs), everything prosr ... sorry, profukal. Now all “sons of bitches, but our sons of bitches” at all levels will be in power. And the fact that most of them are murderers, punishers, policemen, criminals, just psychopaths and sadists, shouldn't bother anyone. In the West, no one cares. And Ukraine? And in Ukraine elections ...

Third, in addition to the rank-and-file participants of the “democratic transformation” and the “ATO”, in the Rada should receive the arena and the rostrum of those who were appointed the pusher of the president and, possibly, the future replacement of all on the Ukrainian top, who will cease to “comply”. First of all, these are, of course, new and old "Maidan engines." The leaders of the “Popular Front” speaker are pleased with Turchinov and his “battle-fighting brother” Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk - this is the type they “lit” with the 2013 / 2014 maidan. And also Yulia Tymoshenko, who at first was of the type "prodal", booed on the Maidan and pushed back to where Yushchenko found her - into the dustbin stories. But then again her, “the only peasant in Ukrainian politics,” was returned to active life. When they realized that she had eggs, Turchinov and Yatsenyuk could have strained this. Alas, but this is so ...

The second front-guarantor of the fact that Ukraine does not “jump off” is, of course, the oligarchs (like the governor of Dnipropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky), for whom the war is a mother. And the opportunity to get new dividends, property and spheres of influence. These people are simply vitally interested in the “muddy water” in Ukraine, which is caused by the civil war in Donbass and in which it is so easy to catch goldfish for profit and greed. These people are already looking at President Poroshenko as the first among equals. And they are always ready to substitute for him a footboard, if he starts, from their point of view, “buzzing”. And on the orders from the outside and under the guarantee of their capital, these people are ready for anything in Ukraine. They do not plan to live in this country ...

... So, as they say, everything is for the elections. This will not give anything concrete, but walks to the plots through the cold autumn weather will at least slightly strengthen the body and eliminate hypodynamia. Get rid of the Rada will not work. Oh, and she will be cool! Previously, it was a symbol of political corruption, readiness for mimicry for money and at the behest of the soul, bribery, embezzlement and corruption. Now, to these outstanding qualities that are not going anywhere, new ones will be added. I am glad, thanks to the degradation of public consciousness, manipulation and brainwashing with propaganda, the devaluation of moral principles and norms, will be the guarantor of tightening the screws against dissidents and dissatisfied. A means of continuing the civil war in the Donbass and inspire further aggravation of relations with Russia. To this, I recall, there is an order. And what order, and such performers ...

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  1. GrandsonUncle Vasi
    GrandsonUncle Vasi 25 October 2014 08: 42
    Even in the troubled 90s in Russia there was no such idiocy and absurdity. The people were outraged, but did not look for an external enemy. And no matter how the "plumber" is drunk sad , but the country withstood the severity of his reign and withstood the problems. good
    What awaits hohland in the future?
    UKR.NET request
    1. Egoza
      25 October 2014 09: 04
      Quote: GrandsonUncle Vasi
      What awaits hohland in the future?

      The answer is - Complete decay! Is it in vain that all these "commanders" are trying to protect the parliamentary immunity? At the subconscious level, they understand that there will be a judgment. And Europe will not accept their anywhere, although they hope to leak out one by one. "By the standards of history, this will take place in an instant, but according to" human hours "- well, in five years we will manage to transform a patchwork quilt in a cozy NEW blanket.
      Shl. In general, can you imagine how the meetings of the new Verkhovna Rada will be held? Previously, they were limited to massacre, but now, apparently, they will immediately come with machine guns. "Vote! Who didn't vote? Oh, you ...!" And tra-ta-tta-ta. "Who else is next in line to become deputies on the list? Come in! The place is vacant!"
      1. pest
        pest 25 October 2014 09: 17
        Yes, and there will be no talk on mov, only on a hairdryer
      2. Lukich
        Lukich 25 October 2014 12: 36
        Quote: Egoza
        In general, can you imagine how the meetings of the new BP will be held?

        and they will come to meetings on armored vehicles laughing
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 25 October 2014 09: 55
      All seats in the Rada have already been allocated and approved by the Washington Regional Committee, it remains only to comply with the formality - to organize the appearance of elections.
      1. Lukich
        Lukich 25 October 2014 12: 37
        Quote: Thought Giant
        All seats in the Rada are already allocated and approved by the Washington Regional Committee

        Duc psaki called and Crimeans vote
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. SveTok
    SveTok 25 October 2014 09: 22
    The Verkhovna Rada resembles a car that has gained speed, sees with horror that it is rushing in the wrong direction, wants to stop and cannot.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 25 October 2014 12: 24
      Because there are too many people who want to hold the wheel
      1. Lukich
        Lukich 25 October 2014 12: 38
        Quote: Balu
        Because there are too many who want to hold on to the wheel of lawlessness

        Well, how is it, rights have long been bought smile
    APASUS 25 October 2014 10: 03
    The country is on the verge of changes, but it would be better if they weren’t there. Everything suggests that those who were in the trenches who need war would come to Rada. .There is no turning point in thinking, because already time is running out .............. then there’s only a chasm!
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 25 October 2014 11: 01
    “Romania is not against helping Ukraine to pay debts, but Ukraine must understand that it is a big country, which itself must find solutions for survival, without asking all the time for money", - TASS quoted Basescu as answering journalists' questions following the EU summit in Brussels.

    Even Romania, which together with the Ukrainian crop "muddies" the waters in the Dniester region, could not withstand the eternal begging of Svidomo.
  5. siberalt
    siberalt 25 October 2014 11: 30
    What will be the new Rada? There is no need to guess. Let's see who first starts a fight at the first meeting. This is their traditional fun. laughing Received a mandate, and together with it, "no deputation", and there at least the grass will not grow.
  6. Uzer 13.
    Uzer 13. 25 October 2014 11: 50
    There is no sign that a change has occurred in the minds of the Ukrainian layman. They still believe that it is possible to quickly move from the dark Soviet past to a brighter European future. That's just a frail Russian army stuck on the border, a little in the way. You just need to finish building the wall, at the same time a raven , dragging solid fuel into nests, shoot-and the last obstacles to the great Ukrainian people to Europe will be eliminated.
  7. hard
    hard 25 October 2014 13: 10
    What brought Mr. Pe-jeh to Ukraine! Worst Planet of the Apes. I grieve very deeply (without irony). Kyu!
  8. Prager
    Prager 27 October 2014 15: 14
    all Ukraine is terminally ill with acute, turning into a chronic inflammation of the mind, and the elections proved it.