MiG-29K refuels MiG-35


An interesting photograph of Ivan Kirillov, taken in the 5 August 2011 area of ​​Zhukovsky, is testing refueling in the air from the first prototype carrier of the MiG-29K carrier-based fighter (9-41, “941 black” on-board number). The demonstrator of the MiG-35 (onboard number "154 blue", the former prototype of the MiG-29М and MiG-29М2) serves as a refueling aircraft. Tests are conducted within the requirements of the Indian Navy.
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  1. +1
    8 August 2011 11: 20
    Yes, he has a 4th tank under the wing. Ah yes well done !!!
  2. svvaulsh
    8 August 2011 14: 17
    Remove the landing hook and look for differences!
    1. Superduck
      8 August 2011 14: 25
      there are only differences in electronics; I don’t know what kind of new index they gave him.
      1. svvaulsh
        8 August 2011 14: 35
        Here I am about the same! I will not say with the MiG-29K on the engine’s rotary engine, otherwise it is the same complex (with the exception of a more reinforced chassis).
  3. Veff
    7 September 2011 13: 35
    MiG-29K is not UPAZ, but PAZ-MK.