Sailors scold the new form from Yudashkin: "easier to drown" than to remove it in water

Sailors scold the new form from Yudashkin: "easier to drown" than to remove it in waterSailors are dissatisfied with the new form developed by a group of fashion designers led by Valentin Yudashkin. According to them, it gives too much attention to appearance and too little attention to comfort and functionality, writes Novaya Gazeta.

Designers replaced working robes from coarse material and bell bottoms, traditionally worn by sailors, with light blue suits made of straight cut jackets, narrowed trousers, or, alternatively, shorts and caps with caps (baseball caps).

“What Yudashkin did was apparently made from the point of view of overall beauty. Something so narrow, tight, and tight. But there’s no point to this. Clothing should be functional,” says second-rank captain, submariner and writer Alexander Pokrovsky.

He explained that wide-cut trousers, firstly, create a layer of water between the body and clothing, if a person falls into the water, and therefore, helps avoid hypothermia. Secondly, if the clothes will interfere in the water, then wide trousers are easy to throw off, while narrow ones should be tied off, taking off your shoes.

"No. Completely remove the pants in the water failed. You can begin to shoot. But it is impossible to completely pull off. Especially difficult - in the area of ​​the ankles, even with absolutely bare legs you can’t pull them off. And if you still have shoes on your feet ... shoes ... In short, it is easier to drown, "- noted Pokrovsky.

"Or here's a different situation. On a submarine, a fire, oddly enough, is worse than water. First of all, ships are burning. And only then they drown. The fact that burning clothes can be easily torn off can save a person’s life. ship ", - added a submariner.

He also commented on poor-quality cloth complaints in the media: "If the threads are rotten, then this is to Menshikov. When he first put the cloth on the fleet, Peter I noticed during the inspection that the cloth was rotten. This is to theft."

"Of course, the sailor cannot be in danger of it - but this form will decay very quickly. We have everything designed for a certain amount of use. If something has exploded and the time must not be written off, then they will not give anything we’ll have to wear rags. Well, if the supply was rotten, it means such an army, "says the submariner. In the past, according to him, sailors dressed in working robes, which were almost impossible to tear.

"Perceived as a scarecrow"

In general, Pokrovsky noted that sailors are extremely conservative in all that relates to appearance: "New clothes are perceived as" scarecrow. "You get used to it with difficulty. But if the form is functional, of course, it is accepted." As an example, he cited the replacement of leather soles for rubber, as the leather slipped.

"Everything that is connected with external signs is perceived as bayonets - some kind of stickers, stripes. Everyone hates sewing them. Mostly they are outraged because of convenience. If you can't run, jump and work in new clothes, then there is no sense in it. The main thing is that the form should be functional, but it will be Yudashkin or someone else - without a difference, "concluded Pokrovsky.

Defense Ministry does not believe that the soldiers are freezing because of Yudashkin

Recall that earlier the scandal because of the new form broke out last winter among the soldiers-conscripts. Then in Siberia mass colds of soldiers stationed there army units were noted. One of the possible explanations for what was happening was the use of a new military uniform designed by fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, which some people suspected was unable to protect soldiers from frost. But later the Ministry of Defense stated that the “form from Yudashkin” was not related to outbreaks of catarrhal diseases.

In addition, recently it became known that employees of the Federal Agency for Fishery on a par with the military will receive their own uniform and insignia "from Yudashkin." According to some data, Rosrybolovstvo developed sketches of new uniforms for its employees, together with the fashion designer, and on the other, it alone and only plans to turn to him for advice. It is also known that nothing was spent on the development of clothing, but “dressing up” would cost the budget, according to media reports, at least 113 million rubles, excluding special costumes.
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