Kadyrov: the strength of our country in unity

Kadyrov: the strength of our country in unityThe head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, proposes to give the consolidation of representatives of various nationalities and religions living in Russia the status of a national idea.

Commenting on the words of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, said Wednesday in Kislovodsk at a meeting with representatives of youth organizations, Ramzan Kadyrov said that "for Russia, the theme of friendship and unity of its peoples is fundamental."

“Without this, the country does not save itself as a whole, does not become a powerful, strong power. The strength of our country is in unity. And now, when the forces that want to split Russia, to undermine it from within, are trying to become more active, we must come out with a united front and defend the inter-ethnic, inter-religious stability of the country. I believe that this idea should be the first and main idea of ​​Russian society. I would say the national idea of ​​our state, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov.

The head of the republic is convinced that political forces, public organizations and ordinary citizens, first of all, should think about what unites all Russians, what can unite us all, make the country stronger and more powerful.
“I fully share the idea of ​​Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that the future of Russia depends on the consolidation of representatives of various nationalities and religions. We have our own path of development, our own path to the rapprochement of nations and religions. He really is different from the European. And the problems arising in the West should not frighten us, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov, answering journalists’ questions.

He stressed that, unfortunately, not all representatives of parties, various movements and public organizations, offering to drive someone, cut off some territory from the country, feel their responsibility to the people, to the whole society, to the possible tragic consequences.

“We all experienced it ourselves. Someone was not stopped, someone was given a tribune, someone was allowed to raise his head. This led to a tragedy of national scale. But even today, there are people in the country who, under the pretext of freedom of speech, radio, in the pages of newspapers, romanticize the leaders of the illegal armed groups, call terrorists separatists, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov.
According to him, “any talk about cutting the territory into shreds should be stopped at the root and even punishment should be introduced for statements about the separation of certain territories from the country”.

Commenting on the development of tourism in the North Caucasus Federal District, R. Kadyrov noted that in the republic this industry is one of the most promising. “I firmly believe that this industry has a great future. Natural and climatic conditions in no way inferior to the famous resorts of the world. High mountains, snow slopes, rivers, forests ... There is everything you need for outdoor activities. We are confident that there will be solid investors, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov.

“We want to create such conditions for tourists that would not be inferior to the most modern European resorts. As for the quality of service, I agree entirely with Vladimir Putin’s opinion: “The highlanders are a proud people, but they are created not only to fight.” Chechens are a modern nation. Chechens always, in all ages, did everything in their power to adequately receive a guest. This is a matter of honor for our people. Therefore, no Chechen will denigrate his name by indecent behavior towards guests, no matter what country they come from, ”said Ramzan Kadyrov.

It should be noted that during the meeting in Kislovodsk, Vladimir Putin called on the residents of the North Caucasus to abandon the false stereotypes that the mountaineers are fighting well, but because of their mentality they cannot be employed in tourism and service.

The prime minister explained the emergence of such ideas "not by the mentality, but by the low level of education and culture of those who think so."

“Maybe I'll say something wrong. But if tourists come, and the local staff will pinch tourists for soft places, maybe someone will like it, but not everyone who wants to come will have a little bit, ”the prime minister said.
Vladimir Putin called the “erroneous thesis” the argument that the mountaineers cannot bring themselves to “serve the tourists,” as one of the participants noted.

“Highlanders are a proud people, but they were created not only to fight. There are a lot of talented people here - poets, writers, engineers, scientists, and the military, ”said Vladimir Putin. He recalled that even in the times of the Soviet Union, "everyone knew that there were very good builders in the Caucasus who sababed across the country."

“The one who speaks about serving tourists is not right.” Tourism is a very important sector of the economy of many countries. When an understanding comes that the well-being of local residents can depend on it, the mentality changes very quickly, an understanding comes quickly that this is not a service, but a prestigious job requiring special training and high qualification, ”Vladimir Putin emphasized.

According to him, “there is another side to the coin: unwillingness, inability to work at a high level results not from a mentality, but from a low educational and cultural level.”

The prime minister stressed that Russia "should not give up the competitive advantages of the Caucasus region." He expressed confidence that the attitude to the tourism industry will change when large investors come here who will arrange this work at the European level.

“I will allow myself to assume that when this volume of business will increase, local entrepreneurs will not really allow someone to go in and break their business,” the prime minister said, responding to the remark that the Caucasus still lacks sufficient safety for tourists.

According to him, businessmen interested in the development of the tourism industry "will cooperate with the authorities in a real way and take measures themselves to ensure the safety of their facilities."
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