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Do you want to avoid war - get ready for it

The other day on the channel "Vesti" Alisa Romanova’s video titled “China Prepares for War with Japan and the West.” One of the famous Chinese generals explained the philosophy of the Celestial Empire in one phrase: "To avoid war, you must prepare for it." Here China is preparing. But politics is peaceful: "China has always been peaceful."

Do you want to avoid war - get ready for it

An interview with a Chinese general appeared on Chinese state television. Sun Xijin was not so much a military as a philosopher. This is understandable, if we recall the long Chinese history. In Celestial, not so much talk about today or tomorrow, as planning for the ages.

Hence the comments of the general (three stars on epaulets) about the growth of defense expenditures of the PRC: “A two-digit increase in defense expenditures is a rumor, maybe this is a lot, but we are still far behind in the development of the military complex.”

It is said correctly - in order to catch up with the USA, the Celestial Empire will need an incredible jerk. Namely, the United States has chosen, as is known, its Asia Pacific strategic priority in the second decade of the 21st century. And here it is not with Vietnam that they “intend to sort things out in case of anything.” In Beijing, they understand this perfectly well, whatever the current temporary owner of the Oval Office says.

Vesti reports that fragments of an interview with the general were shown in Chinese the news, and then on the CCTV channel broadcasting abroad in English. The news that swept the whole world cannot be called secondary.

The official indicator of the increase in the military budget of China in the 2014 year, as they say, inspires fear: there is an increase of 12,2% (to 800 billion yuan). Rockets submarine "Jin", it turns out, can get Alaska.

Sun Xijin believes that China has the right to protect public interests at sea.

“We must protect our maritime interests, especially if we are capable of it. We must build a powerful fleet to protect our rights to the sea. Our direct responsibility is to cooperate with countries around the world in order to guarantee accessibility and security in common oceans, ”the Vesti quoted the general as calling both of his posts: Sun Tzu, Chairman of the Society for the Study of the Art of War Academy of Military Sciences of China.

So, neither more nor less: the Celestial is taken to "guarantee availability and security in common oceans."

Presumably, these “accessibility and security” do not concern the United States, but the People's Republic of China.

Comrade Sun Xijin convinces his opponent with the thesis: "To avoid war, you must prepare for it." This is a quotation from a treatise on the war, written two and a half millennia ago by Sun Tzu.

The general is no stranger to specifics. The island question is what worries official Beijing, and, therefore, the general. After all, the generals, as you know, carry out orders.

“The modernization of the Chinese army is aimed at protecting China’s statehood and its territorial integrity. As the PRC Chairman Xi Jinping says, not a single inch of the land, which our ancestors handed over to us, should not be seized. Some Western countries are constantly trying to get together in the so-called alliances to challenge us. The Taiwan issue, the situation around the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea all threaten integrity. And what would you do to be silent? ”The military man said in an interview.

The general recalled that the main US ally of the United States in the region, that is, Japan, sharply increased defense spending.

The Chinese general calls the policy of Tokyo "parochial reasoning." In his opinion, the Japanese "even deny the idea of ​​the appearance of any strong adversary among the neighboring countries."

As for Russia, the general did not say a word about it. Probably because today it is an ally for the Middle Kingdom.

The statements of the general, kindly filed by Peking in English, did not appear in a vacuum.

In recent weeks and months, Washington has repeatedly stated that the concentration of Chinese forces in the western Pacific Ocean annoys the United States.

This is not surprising: the White House still claims hegemony not only on this section of the planet, but throughout the Earth. The growth of the Chinese "threat" is therefore not embarrassing, but annoying. Therefore, in order to reason with China, Washington supports the territorial claims of its regional allies, and among the first, the Japanese.

However, this support has recently been limited to declarations. The White House is quite cautious in Chinese matters.

The White House now needs to solve problems: a) in the Middle East, where the heads of American and other journalists from democratic countries are cut off; b) in Ukraine, where Putin has sold himself to the point that he is about to capture Canada (information from leading Canadian media); c) in his own country, where the presidential rating is rapidly going down, and not only the Ministry of Internal Security, but even the Ministry of Agriculture is arming itself to the teeth.

China, on the other hand, makes good use of this political pause and is engaged in the development of disputed sea areas.

Recall, back in June, the PRC began to pour and concrete artificial islands in the disputed area of ​​the South China Sea. On the island of Spratly claim, in addition to China, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. But it seems that soon there will be no more contenders, since the Chinese have gathered on the island to build an air base.

In June, the mayor of the Philippine municipality of Kalayan, Eugenio Bito-Onon, told reporters that the Chinese are working "without stopping" and that the creation of the islands "will allow China to fully control the South China Sea."

Indeed, the Chinese builders on the Spratly Islands lift tons of stones from the seabed and dump them on reefs and underwater rocks. Then the stones are fixed with concrete.

Chinese excavator works in the Spratly archipelago all day and night. No one has any doubt that the Chinese are drawing new maritime boundaries.

And not only with the dredger China manifests itself in recent months.

Another argument for Washington is the SCO.

In September, a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held in Tajikistan, and earlier, at the end of August, the joint SCO anti-terrorism military exercise "Peace Mission 2014" was held. They did not pass anywhere, but at the Chinese Zhuzhihe proving ground (Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in the PRC). The maneuvers were the largest large-scale joint exercises of the armed forces of the SCO member states in the entire history of the organization.

At the Zhuzhihe training ground, the Chinese created unique conditions for practicing urban combat skills. Several blocks with houses, a bank, a cinema, a supermarket, a post office, administrative buildings, road junctions and so on.

Large-scale exercises confirm nothing less than Russian-Chinese cooperation in the military field. And this is also a hint by the United States that if Washington has an ally Japan, then Beijing has Russia.

Gas cooperation between Beijing and Moscow can be put in the same piggy bank. Especially when you consider that the sanctions that Washington "persuaded" Europe contributed to it contributed to it.

That is why the Chinese general did not say a word about Russia. The task of the general - to cope with opponents. And the allies will shake hands with politics.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Alexey M
    Alexey M 8 October 2014 09: 43
    Want peace, get ready for war !!!
    Old as the world, but also true. Respect is only power, a state without a strong army is not wealthy.
    1. Intsurfer
      Intsurfer 8 October 2014 11: 46
      that's just a strong army without a strong economy can not be ...
      1. Denis fj
        Denis fj 8 October 2014 17: 05
        And although you are in many respects right, for example, in some kind of fatalism, nevertheless this appeal, as it seems to me, has not lost its relevance. For example, one of the eastern wisdom states that in order to avoid battle, sometimes it is enough to demonstrate strength. This is not verbatim, but the meaning is the same.
        WANT PEACE, prepare the Army, Navy, economy, population for war, and then the number of people who want to solve their problems through the war will decrease.
    2. tripletrunk
      tripletrunk 10 October 2014 00: 03
      ".. We have to manage much larger resources than at present; economically govern; politically direct; we have to govern this world.
      From the point of view of the history of human civilization, we have the most rights to lead this world. Westerners should be second in this line.
      We recognize the great achievements of Western civilization, but if we proceed from the recorded history of all mankind, China has more rights to rule the World .. "

      Remember one thing: the Chinese understand only power.
      Not because he is bad.
      This is the mentality of the nation.
      If a Chinese man knows that on the other side of the border there is a completely friendly man with a gun, but this man, without flinching, will hit him with the butt in the forehead, if he tries to cross the border, then the Chinese will never climb through the wire.
      This is not only Chinese - it is generally an Asian approach to the problem of relationships.
      Asian does not respect a weak neighbor.
  2. Bongo
    Bongo 8 October 2014 09: 46
    As for Russia, the general did not say a word about it. Probably because today it is an ally for the Middle Kingdom.

    How long ?
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 8 October 2014 10: 02
      Quote: Bongo

      How long ?

      "In turn, children, in turn!" ...
      Concern over the behavior of China is not only in the United States, but in all countries of the ATO. China intends to pursue an aggressive policy in it and is ready to revise any borders that it pleases. The fact that we are not in the first stage does not guarantee security ...
      Now China has the task of withdrawing the Republic of Korea from the US zone of influence, for this China is making a lot of efforts to normalize relations between the ROK-DPRK, therefore, a lot of incomprehensible things have been happening in the DPRK recently. Perhaps we should expect Eun's "departure", the establishment of a regime similar to the Chinese in the DPRK and the beginning of the reunification of Korea under the auspices of China ... The United States, as an obvious outsider, will have to leave Korea because the communist threat will disappear and there will be no reason for the Americans to stay there. China has experience in this matter. He has already squeezed the Americans out of Pakistan ...
      1. jktu66
        jktu66 8 October 2014 12: 58
        The fact that we are not in the first stage does not guarantee security ...
        The fact that the noak general kept silent about Russia is more likely to indicate special plans for his so far ally, because they (plans) are built in the Middle Kingdom for centuries yes
    2. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 8 October 2014 10: 14
      Quote: Bongo
      How long ?

      Imagine hypothetically that China attacked Russia.
      Are you sure that America and Europe will give China, in case of victory, to take advantage of the wealth of our bowels? Yes, never, this west and in a terrible dream did not dream. Therefore, China is well aware of the futility of the attack on Russia. Why attack her if they won’t let her take advantage of the victory? China will not pull against the whole world, and he understands this. So in the near future we, I think, have nothing to fear. At the moment, China is our friend and we need to use this.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 8 October 2014 10: 23
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        Are you sure that America and Europe will give China, in case of victory, to take advantage of the wealth of our bowels?

        Of course not, but they will come to share the buns for sure.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 8 October 2014 11: 46
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Of course not, but they will come to share the buns for sure.

          To the divide - yes, but then again, why should China fight, so that later the West comes to the ready? Then China is unlikely to get anything. I think so.
          1. Vladimirets
            Vladimirets 8 October 2014 13: 10
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            but then again, why should China fight, so that later the West comes to the ready?

            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            Then China is unlikely to get anything.

            It will be scary if they agree to divide us. China has human resources, states with pleasure, at the expense of future resources, weapons will be thrown.
            1. SRC P-15
              SRC P-15 8 October 2014 14: 26
              Quote: Vladimirets
              It will be scary if they agree to divide us. China has human resources, states with pleasure, at the expense of future resources, weapons will be thrown.

              Yes, China and its weapons are in abundance, even now, but what will happen after a while?
              And besides, why haven't the Americans done this yet? What or who is stopping them? Understand that America will not strengthen China, their goal is to make China weaker. But apparently they caught on late.
        2. asadov
          asadov 8 October 2014 13: 44
          golden words, it was the same in 1917 and 1918 when all and sundry tried to help Russia in the fight against others.
      2. Bongo
        Bongo 8 October 2014 10: 25
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        Imagine hypothetically that China attacked Russia.

        As a resident of the Far East, I can very easily imagine this. The current grouping of our armed forces in the Far East Military District is clearly weak in comparison with the Chinese. A significant part of the units and formations was reduced, while the infrastructure and military townships were completely destroyed. Nothing remained of the once powerful fortified areas. All hope, in which case, only on tactical "special ammunition". and you will have to apply them already on your territory. Forgive me, I don’t believe that America or Europe would risk fighting the PRC because of the Far East.
        1. nomad
          nomad 8 October 2014 10: 53
          China will not openly attack us - why! You can "quietly" get in to anyone. War is destruction, then restore it yourself. And so he got his hands on the economy of the country where you want to be. Mattress covers 70-80% of products are made in China. There are almost no American goods. Mattress toppers essentially sit on the "Chinese needle" laughing Therefore, they bark all the time, and they are afraid to bite.
        2. strannik1985
          strannik1985 9 October 2014 13: 24
          I'm sorry, but the Strategic Missile Forces in Russia ceased to exist?
          1. Bongo
            Bongo 10 October 2014 06: 05
            Quote: strannik1985
            I'm sorry, but the Strategic Missile Forces in Russia ceased to exist?

            Comparison of the number of ICBMs seems to be in Russia's favor, but do not forget about a significant number of Chinese infantry ballistic missiles, which quite reach the center of the Russian Federation. It is not a fact that in the context of a full-scale armed conflict, our leadership will risk a strike on the territory of the PRC. After all, it can fly back in response.
      3. Nayhas
        Nayhas 8 October 2014 14: 39
        Quote: СРЦ П-15
        Are you sure that America and Europe will give China, in case of victory, to take advantage of the wealth of our bowels?

        What will they do? Will they stand up for Russia? Come on, when China arranges its "Novochaina" no one in the world will even say a word for Russia because "Crimea-nyash-Siberia is yours" ...
        This will not be true ... China needs Russia, ruled by a loyal government, and not a bloody swamp torn by civil war. If that happens, then in the form of leases and joint concessions, as in Tajikistan ...
      4. Oldwiser
        Oldwiser 8 October 2014 15: 05
        Rather, China will take advantage of this moment.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 8 October 2014 21: 11
          Why does China need a war with the Russian Federation, if Russia gives all that the Chinese need?
          As far as I know, the territory of the PRC is a territory. 7 Chinese principalities. One of them is the Principality of Canton (modern Guangzhou - Canton). So Vietnam and Laos were part of this principality. Here are the Chinese and "strive" there. Well, there is no need to talk about Taiwan. Apart from Malaysia, China has no friends in the "south". But the north is friendly for them, there are both energy carriers and raw materials. There is no point in straining their relationship. Otherwise, they may lose both. Do they need it? hi
      5. strannik1985
        strannik1985 9 October 2014 13: 23
        What does Europe and America have to do with it? What nah large-scale military conflicts a la second world war in the age of strategic nuclear forces? Most of China's industrial potential is located on the coast, where the dams built under Mao are still there (EMNIP, the two largest emergencies associated with the breakthrough of dams were in China). A nuclear strike on these dams and a mustache, there is no China as a world hegemon. And in the presence of an officially recognized second government of China, starting a war with Russia is generally nonsense.
      6. tripletrunk
        tripletrunk 9 October 2014 23: 59
        Found a friend !!))))))
        The Chinese will completely legally swallow East Siberia and the Far East, completely tying it to themselves economically and colonizing them demographically (that is, completely repeating the Kosovo option, only on a different scale and much faster).
        It will be impossible to play back the situation in any way. Even assuming that such a power appears in the Kremlin that asks the Chinese to leave, it is unnecessary to explain that this will not be done. And Moscow will not have the strength to force them to leave.
    PROXOR 8 October 2014 09: 48
    Quote: Bongo
    But the policy pursues a peaceful: "China has always been peaceful."

    OH OH !!!!
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 8 October 2014 10: 09
      Quote: PROXOR
      Quote: Bongo But the policy is peaceful: "China has always been peaceful."

      Sorry, stop Where did I write this?
  4. nfoma80
    nfoma80 8 October 2014 09: 51
    China is not a very good "ally" for us, since China has never said that it is our ally, then this alliance is temporary and situational, I would rather improve relations with India. But China is close, and India cannot be reached far to it, so there is nowhere to go. However, this is not the worst option.
  5. Gardamir
    Gardamir 8 October 2014 09: 53
    This is about China, but about us the "great" Kudrin said that we need to save on the military budget. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but if it were his will, he would have cut the budget three times.
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 8 October 2014 15: 08
      because two-thirds go to the "corruption component"
  6. Altona
    Altona 8 October 2014 10: 02
    Having a second world economy, you need to think about how to protect it from the claims of neighbors and the West ... As soon as meat doesn’t succeed in overwhelming the enemy, the war begins at distances much farther than an automatic shot and even a gun ...
  7. shitovmg
    shitovmg 8 October 2014 10: 06
    Quote: Gardamir
    I don’t remember the exact numbers, but if he had the will, he would have cut the budget three times.

    No, really! It’s better to tighten the belt one hole than to cut the military budget! We cut back in the 90s and stomped on the spot, and the world and technology moved forward. Now we need to join the stream of scientific and technical progress and set the vector of technical thought !!!
  8. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 8 October 2014 10: 55
    Preparing for war is not only the production of weapons, it is also gaining allies, which is no less important.
    For the next 50 years, China is Russia's natural ally in defense, covering our eastern borders, as we cover the northern and western borders of China.
    The USA and the EU will be our enemies for a long time, we will not find allies there. So you do not have to choose.
    The US military power is greatly exaggerated, they have a strong fleet and aircraft suitable for attacking coastal countries, their ground forces are weak, and their nuclear potential, despite arrogant fraud in the implementation of the START treaties, is significantly outdated.
    1. nomad
      nomad 8 October 2014 11: 23
      Their nuclear capabilities are not obsolete, but their delivery vehicles. Today mattress toppers are working very closely on this. So in the near future they will bring it up to the modern level. No wonder they are not painfully worried about our "mace".
      1. Bongo
        Bongo 8 October 2014 11: 35
        Quote: Nomad
        No wonder they are not painfully worried about our "mace".

        This is due to the different structure of the strategic nuclear forces. Most of the American nuclear potential is located on SSBNs, and in our country on mobile and mine ICBMs.
        1. eagle11
          eagle11 8 October 2014 14: 07
          Not true, most of the American nuclear potential is located in mines. Just their number of SSBNs and the number of SLBMs, much more than ours.
          1. Bongo
            Bongo 8 October 2014 14: 45
            Quote: eagle11
            Not true, most of the American nuclear potential is located in mines. Just their number of SSBNs and the number of SLBMs, much more than ours.

            The warheads deployed on the Trident-2 account for 52%, add to this the charges on strategic bombers. Is arithmetic simple, or do you have other data?
            1. Corsair5912
              Corsair5912 8 October 2014 19: 54
              No matter what the American warheads are deployed on, it is important that all carriers of nuclear warheads manufactured in the 70's are earlier, and huge funds are needed for the development and launch of a series of new ones that the US rulers do not have.
            2. eagle11
              eagle11 9 October 2014 00: 53
              Here, as they say, how to look. In the first case, you are using the concept of potential. And secondly, the warhead. 450 ICBM Minatman-3, deployed and on duty, have greater potential than 240 SLBMs deployed and patrolled 10 out of 14 Ohio SSBNs.
              If we use the concept of a warhead, and even a deployed one, then there is no doubt warheads (namely, they are considered a warhead) of the Trident-2D5 SLBM, in front.
  9. Drunya
    Drunya 8 October 2014 12: 06
    "China is a sleeping lion. You don't need to wake it up, otherwise the whole world will tremble": for a long time the Western world as a whole adhered to the Napoleonic strategy. After half a century, the lion gradually began to open his eyes. And he found that someone was again tugging vigorously by the tail.

    1. Gardamir
      Gardamir 8 October 2014 13: 42
      Each country has its own symbols. China is a dragon.
  10. Turkir
    Turkir 8 October 2014 12: 13
    Do not forget about the stratagemic thinking of the Chinese.
    36 stratagems, as they are presented in the ancient treatise “Sanshilu ji” (“Miben binfa”)

    1. To deceive the emperor so that he sailed across the sea / By deceiving the emperor [by inviting the sovereign to a house located on the seashore, in reality, it was a disguised ship,] force the emperor to cross the sea (Man tian guo hai).
    2. To besiege the [unprotected capital of the kingdom] Wei in order to save the kingdom of Zhao (Wei Wei jiu Zhao) [attacked by the main forces of the Wei kingdom].
    3. Kill with someone else's knife (Jie gao sha ren)
    4. Alone, wait for a weary enemy (Yi and Gai Lao)
    5. Rob during a fire (Chen ho da jie)
    6. Make a fuss in the east - attack in the west (Sheng dong ji xi)
    7. Extract something from nothing (Wu zhong sheng yu)
    8. [For the sake of repairing (burnt) wooden bridges (on the road to Chencang), and by ourselves] secretly set out (bypass) to Chencang ([Ming xu zhan dao, an du chen cang])
    9. From the opposite bank [with feigned indifference] to watch the fire (Ge an guan ho)
    10. Hide a dagger behind a smile (Xiao li cang gao)
    11. Plum tree dries up instead of peach tree (Li dai tao jiang)
    12. Take the sheep away with a certain hand (Shun shou qian yang).
    13. Hit the grass to scare away the snake [and thus scout if the snake is lurking in the grass / to drive it away] (Da Cao Jing She)
    14. Borrow a corpse to reclaim your soul (Jie shi huan hun)
    15. Force the tiger to leave the mountain (Diao hu li shan)
    16. If you want to catch, first release (Yu qin gu zong)
    17. Throw a brick to get jasper (Pao zhuan yin yu)
    18. To neutralize the bandit gang, you must first catch the leader (Qin zei qin wang)
    19. Pulling brushwood from under the hearth (Fu di chou xin) 20. Stir up the water to catch fish (Hun shui mo yu)
    21. The cicada throws off the golden cocoon (Jin chan to qiao)
    22. Lock the Gate to Capture the Thief (Guan Men Zhuo Jiei)
    23 To be friends with the distant and to fight with the neighbor (Yuan Jiao Jin Gong)
    24. Demand passage [through Yu's inheritance] to attack Guo (Jia tu fa Guo)
    25. Steal the beam and replace the columns without moving the house "(Toy liang huan zhu)
    26. Threaten sophora (acacia), pointing to here (mulberry) (Zhi san ma huai)
    27. Pretend to be a fool without losing your head (Jia chi bu dian)
    28. Lure to the roof and remove the stairs (Shang u chow ti)
    29. Decorate the [dry] tree with [artificial] flowers (Shu shan kai hua)
    30. Transfer the guest to the host's seat (Fan ke wei zhu)
    31. Stratagem of beauty / handsome, bribery (Mei ren ji)
    32. The stratagem of the open city gates [actually an undefended city] (Kun cheng ji)
    33. Stratagem of sowing discord (Fan jian ji).
    34. The stratagem of self-mutilation (Ku zhou ji)
    35. Chain Stratagem / Trick Chain (Lian huan ji)
    36. [Timely] flight [in a hopeless state] is the best way out (Zou wei shan)
    1. archi.sailor
      archi.sailor 8 October 2014 14: 57
      very informative treatise, + good
    2. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 8 October 2014 15: 15
      Edgar Poe: "I know that you know that I know ..."
  11. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 8 October 2014 12: 59
    Sun Syjin was not so much a military man as a philosopher.
    He has an o-very good name for a Chinese commander. Fate hit the bullseye good
  12. provincial
    provincial 8 October 2014 13: 39
    Well done, the Chinese, not like the "democratic mess" Russia. We all want to be holier than the Pope. The feeling is that officials and the government are sabotaging the actions of the VVP. The oligarchs keep it for some place, and most of the population calmly looks at everything that happens and waits. "smart and smart" on the program V. Solovyov fight for something. What's wrong?
  13. raid14
    raid14 8 October 2014 20: 57
    While China and the United States are rivals for world domination, Russia is in relative safety. At the moment, our country is on the way with China than with the United States. When the Chinese are promised benefits in the form of natural resources for their growing economy, they will not miss it. In the event of the beginning of NATO military aggression against Russia, the PRC is likely to take a wait and see attitude until the winner becomes clear. In the event of a clear defeat of one of the parties, China will intervene in the war and share the winner’s laurels, the business is nothing personal.
  14. Cossack Ermak
    Cossack Ermak 8 October 2014 22: 49
    Do not flatter yourself. Russia is an ally of China. Until he restores order nearby in Asia. Then 100% will be engaged in Siberia and the Far East.
  15. Intsurfer
    Intsurfer 9 October 2014 06: 07
    Quote: Cossack Ermak
    Do not flatter yourself. Russia is an ally of China. Until he restores order nearby in Asia. Then 100% will be engaged in Siberia and the Far East.

    In China, the main driver is BENEFIT. Not gaining victory in any way and gaining benefits in the short term, but long-term gain. Why should they fight with Russia and capture if Russia already sells its resources for nothing? It turns out a little more expensive than mining it yourself. But the rest of the benefits outweigh some of the lack of profit.
  16. Dinko
    Dinko 9 October 2014 11: 10
    China has one of the most powerful armies in the world, and if nuclear weapons are not taken into account, the United States is not an adversary for them!
    1. Prager
      Prager 2 November 2014 16: 25
      I fully share your opinion! and further. NOBODY in the world knows how many and on which carriers of nuclear weapons China has. Like this. am
  17. G_sl
    G_sl 9 October 2014 23: 06
    The rule of warfare is
    not to rely on the enemy not coming,
    and rely on what I can meet him with:
    not rely on him not to attack,
    and rely on me to make an attack on myself impossible for him.
    Sun Tzu