Here you are, grandmother, and European values!

Here you are, grandmother, and European values!In the old days in Russia there was an expression: “There you are, grandmother, and St. George’s Day!” It appeared after the Tsar Ivan the Terrible in Moscow in 1581 “temporarily” canceled the peasants ’transition from landowner to landlord on St. George’s day and introduced serfdom. Incidentally, he introduced the orientation towards Europe — in neighboring Poland and Lithuania, serfdom was en masse, the most progressive at that time economic method. How could the ever-catching West Muscovy lag behind this European fashion?

This история I remembered when I learned that the Supreme Court of Spain the other day canceled the criminal punishment for racist statements and denial of the Holocaust. The Spanish court is very European. Therefore, for clarification, he pointed out examples of expressions for which nothing will happen to racist and anti-Semite in Spain. Now, in this country, it is absolutely safe to proclaim: "The Germans never burned the Jews," and also: "The Germans had every reason to burn the Jews." Or: "The blacks are at the very bottom of the cultural and social ladder of humanity." From now on, all these provocative statements are just a reason for discussion.

Why the Spaniards adopted such a legal norm, spitting on American political correctness, I guess. In Spanish it is impossible to say “black” (English black), which is considered quite decent for the designation of the former “Negro”, and now “African American” in the USA, because the Negro in Spanish is “black” (negro). To satisfy the overseas "friend" who once took away the whole Cuba from Spain, populated by these lovely "negro", the Spaniards will have to abandon their native Spanish and go to the "politically correct" American newspeak, which the current president of the United States, African American Obama, who has chosen the social the stairs to the White House itself. And the Spaniards, who have nothing left of their colonial past, except for their native language, apparently do not want to abandon it.

As for the Holocaust, everything is also clear here. Spaniards are famous anti-Semites. In the 18th century, all Jews who did not want to convert to Christianity were simply burned by the Spanish Inquisition. But at the same time she burned those who had converted to Christianity, because they were bad, “insincere” Christians.

More recently, under Franco, Spain was an ally of fascism and a donor of German aid. Therefore, Otto Skorzeny died peacefully in Spain after the Second World War, "otspasav" all the fascist dictators, which could - from Mussolini to Horthy. And the Führer (in Croatian, the “herald”) of fascist Croatia, Ante Pavelic, too, was “extinguished” in emigration on hospitable Spanish soil. And there are many more, much less well-known personalities, who in the 30s terrified Europe and confessed such European value as Nazism, there too “died away”. Franco did not forget his old friends, who helped him to finish off the Spanish left and from the rebellious general to become the ruler of a beautiful resort country.

In addition, there really was no Holocaust in Spain in 1942-45. And it could not be! And who was burned? Well already burned all those who interfered with the purity of the Spanish race, in the Middle Ages! Maybe Franco wanted to “burn” someone out of solidarity, so there was no one at hand. All the European Jews whom Hitler and his party comrades burned were from Spain to Germany and fled in the 16th-17th centuries so that they would not be burned in Spain. How would they know that in 300 years Hitler would appear with a crematorium instead of a fire? It was necessary, of course, to flee immediately to Britain or quickly invent Zionism and return to the Promised Land. But it is easy for us to say today. And those Jews, after all, did not have our historical experience, refuting the eternal anti-Semitic thesis that the Jews know ALL FORWARD!

I am writing all this for our so-called “European integrators”. For those who, climbing into the stands, love to call Ukraine to Europe and attach it to the "European values". I want to ask them: what is now European values? In Spain, the Holocaust can now be denied. But in Germany it is still impossible. There they will plant for it. Moreover, the descendants of the same Germans who staged this Holocaust will be planted.

In Austria, neo-Nazi literature is published almost freely. Any resident of Germany knows that it is enough to go to a neighboring German-speaking country — Hitler’s homeland. There are no boundaries! Both Germany and Austria are both members of the European Union! And it suits all. Having transplanted their neo-Nazis, German inhabitants go for a sip of "freedom" to the Austrians, where the neo-Nazi party "Freedom" nearly won the election ten years ago.

The same Ante Pavelic in Croatia is already considered a national hero. And when Yugoslavia was, he was listed as war criminals. The Latvian and Estonian SS after the "liberation" of the "Soviet occupation" - "fighters for independence." But Majdanek in Poland as a reminder of the Holocaust is still left. I wonder for how long? By the way, defending "independence" on the Eastern Front, the Baltic SS men at the same time helped to ensure that no one interfered in the same Maidanek to hold the Holocaust behind their backs. Such are the "values"!

Another great European value for some reason are sexual minorities. This value of the current Europeans are heavily exported abroad. Visa free for Ukrainian citizens in the European Union to make zhmotitsya. A tolerance for pederasty preach with all its might, not sparing money. The same question: does Ukraine need such a European “value”? Maybe the visa-free regime is still more important - so that all our homosexuals can rush duty free to London and Paris to their staunch "lovers"?

Why are Moscow lovers of European values ​​(I recently read the Islamophobic romance of one of them - “The Mosque of Notre Dame”) so afraid that the Arabs and these same “negro” will completely inhabit Paris? And let them settle! Who are they interfering there? Most Muscovites in Paris have never been and never will be! And they will not buy an apartment there even in a dream. So, may Moscow “Europeans” or themselves move to the capital of “beautiful France”, creating Russian ghettos instead of Arab ones, or do not interfere with settling it by those who need it. How is Sarkozy better than a French Arab? In my opinion, he is much worse - only he does that he is threatened or bombed by someone. Just "Hitler" some kind of with Carla Bruni instead of Eva Brown!

If you reject the jokes, then you can see: Europe swam. Moreover, for a long time. She constantly floats in different directions, inventing "values" that directly contradict each other, and vamping them to the near-European profane people in a race. There is no single Europe. And never did. The European Union does not even have a common constitution. Each country is slowly pulling the blanket over itself, punching its neighbors with its own assholes. Spain - anti-Semitism. Poland - Catholicism. Greece - five minutes default. Hungary and Romania - mutual territorial claims.

European values ​​- a myth. Today in Europe they burn what they worshiped yesterday. Tomorrow will be exalted miraculously not burned. Only a European could deify the Jew of Christ, and then open the hunt for Jews who refused to see in their fellow tribe the incarnation of God, and still get angry when they point out to such a contradiction.

Europe is strong not by democracy, human rights and freedom of speech, but by Mercedes and the ability to save material wealth. All that today official Europe declared evil - communism, Nazism, racism - it also gave birth. Hitler was not an Orthodox Slav. He was European to the bone! The Communist Manifesto appeared in London, not in Simbirsk. Racism was not invented by hooligans from Manezh Square, but by the French Gobino and the Englishman Chamberlain. And Bandera is only a miserable half-Asian shadow of European fascism.

Strictly speaking, Europe is evil for all that is not Europe.
Oles Elder
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