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Cultural impossibility of truce in the Donbas

From the point of view of a person engaged in political analysis, any action that stops a civil war should be welcomed in every possible way.

However, at the level of intuition, I understand that in the current state, a truce in Donbass is impossible. Because a number of conditions have not been fulfilled for him - moreover, conditions of a cultural and archetypal nature.

It just so happened that part of my youth was spent in the area with the telling name "Colony".

Nothing special - the district is like a district, but the rules of the courtyard dormitory had, of course, to be observed. That is, to follow the bazaar, to exercise, to be on the alert, to play sex and not to swallow the penultimate cigarette. The latter could not have been shared - but it was still necessary to leave the smoke.

There are usually many districts in any city - each has its own ideas about life and behavior. But if you respected other people's ideas and observed your own, then, in principle, in any foreign area you could normally settle down and even have a girlfriend.

But from time to time, outrageous people appeared in the districts. They were either stray - generally from another city or suburbs, or someone from the center "majors", children of wealthy parents who decided to play "cool".

Actually, this was gopnism - when a group of people appeared who climbed with their charter into a foreign area. As long as they were not desperately lawless, they could not be touched. Well, you never know who is playing pranks.

But the more unpunished such characters remained, the more insolent their behavior became. If the area was weak, then the gopniks and major outlaws could even begin to dictate their terms there.

But if the area was correct, with even guys, then the presumptuous stragglers were put in place and they, tails between their legs, went home.

However, shooting was the top of the lawlessness. "Cannons", of course, were in any area. Not real combat pistols, but a converted little thing. But, nevertheless, there were. However, it was not accepted to use them.

Sometimes stray gopniks and majors-strangers would smack their guns - most often on the legs during an unsuccessful hop-stop or collision - when the victim offered real resistance.

And when they started shooting, then the revenge of the boys from the district was very cruel. Brass knuckles were already in motion and began to beat with the crowd and with their feet. Once in my memory, the major-delirious was not even broken, but crushed his jaw and organized a terrible concussion - so that he could not pass the final exams and stayed for the second year in the last grade - which is generally nonsense. He was, as it turned out, the son of some kind of artist or poet treated kindly by the authorities from the centers.

What is happening on the territory of the remnants of Ukraine is painfully similar to our life “in the region”. Euro-Ukrainians from among the Kievites come in large numbers - in this case, typical majors-outrageous. And the near-Privat Khazars are stray gopniks.

If the majors are interested in self-affirmation by humiliation of the weak, then stray gopniks always have greedy goals - to squeeze something out.

And all would be nothing in this plot - only in vain Euro-Kiev majors and Khazar gopniks began to shoot. For now they will be beaten hard, and possibly even kicked. At least in our area, in the area with the poetic name "Colony", it was so.

Therefore, no matter how anyone wants a truce, it is unlikely to work out here and now. Because for the world the Russian person needs an inner sense of justice. And yet it is not. Therefore, the war will continue despite any agreements signed in Minsk.

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  1. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 23 September 2014 18: 47
    Somehow like this...

    That makes all the difference
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 23 September 2014 18: 55
      Therefore, no matter how anyone wants a truce, it is unlikely to work out here and now.

      How to say! The concept of an armistice is completely different from that of the patriots of the Independence Square and the Moscow liberoids!

      It's a crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy world!
      1. jjj
        jjj 23 September 2014 19: 06
        The well-known Russian public figure Mikhail Zadornov expressed interesting thoughts in "Neformat" on September 12. He named the oligarchs of Russia and Ukraine who are robbing their peoples and trying to organize the life of everyone according to their own concepts, with an eye to the West. They arrange all the turmoil for even greater enrichment. And until they are prevented from doing this, the turmoil will continue
    2. rf xnumx
      rf xnumx 23 September 2014 19: 28
      Quote: Novel 1977
      That makes all the difference

      I will not add much about the difference. This is east!
    DAYMAN 23 September 2014 18: 50
    An acceptable analogy ...
  3. Styx
    Styx 23 September 2014 18: 51
    on the news today, they showed killed people in the territories left by the uk. crying crying crying
    But people who fled from the villages of Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk, bordering the Donbass, talk about the same thing! There are not even dogs left there: ((((( crying crying crying
    In the soul, everything turns upside down from this, I don't even think about the world: ((((
  4. Loner_53
    Loner_53 23 September 2014 19: 06
    Precisely unfolded until the junta is head in the toilet, neh and dream of peace in Donbass am
  5. Gagarin
    Gagarin 23 September 2014 19: 12
    We've already given the Gopniks a light, the guys are now only being held back so that they don't go further, but Kharkov and Odessa are insultingly silent ...
  6. afecn
    afecn 23 September 2014 19: 22
    I just want to take the text as an example on the topic "Logical inferences by analogy"
    TECHNOLOGY 23 September 2014 19: 23
    What truce, what are we? Where are they going? Then let them not cry.
  8. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 23 September 2014 19: 27
    Why, it will be right. It is impossible to put an end to the confrontation between Novorossiya and the junta under such circumstances. After all, the borders of the DPR and LPR are much wider than those at which the militia stopped, and many of them do not agree with this. At the same time, the national fascism of the Kiev junta is also not satisfied with this situation in Ukraine. They will take revenge after the seizure of power after Potroshenko.
  9. Bronik
    Bronik 23 September 2014 19: 30
    How terribly the war cripples and divides people into enemies and former brothers. It all began with Ridna language and the ban on the Russian language, ended with rivers of blood on both sides. There was no, no, and it will not soon appear mutual understanding in general and linguistic in particular. All the problems have grown and they cannot be solved just like that, on a swoop. The statesmen have squandered the fraternal peoples, so that they all get hiccupped. They fed the fascists and are already losing control over them.
  10. zennon
    zennon 23 September 2014 19: 33
    Of course, the war will continue. Now what tasks have been solved? What goals have been achieved? The militias became a party to the conflict. Yes. They deserved it through war, blood, sweat, hardship and labor. Someone would reckon with them if they went to rallies and Would they complain about the lack of rights? Wait! Ukrop "Zbroyni sili" would simply trample them! The men of everything they have achieved themselves! How not to remember Ma- "The rifle gives rise to power!" Well, what next? the ability to speak their native language "? And even then for three years. Less than half of their territories? Without Slavensk, Mariupol, etc.? Yes, this is stupidity. And meanness. They were stopped when they began to win. Nobody voluntarily them He will not bring his will and his land on a silver platter! The war will continue until the victorious end! How else?
    1. absurdity
      absurdity 23 September 2014 20: 04
      Well, how did they achieve everything themselves ... the Ukronatsik aviation was grounded without its own Air Force, operational and fire encirclements of groups of two or three thousand people were organized, and everything with Berdanks and sapper blades according to the methods described in the memoirs of the Red Army soldiers of the Second World War? )))
  11. Gagarin
    Gagarin 23 September 2014 19: 36
    Yesterday the National Guard (the language barely turns to call it a guard) moved a little away from its former borders, and the Right Sector militants remained, they were important, with black bandanas in their skulls, a swastika - now they are ramming bus drivers out of bounds, the claim is always one "" ... again, that these separatists are carrying traitors !? "
    Drivers, gritting their teeth, drive through and after 20 km pass the already quite civilized post of the Ukrainian army, ask them:
    - and what did they not take with them?
    - and our stench is far away from us, don’t put yh coloradi near the ground!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 23 September 2014 20: 40
      a typical Hochland formulation of the question - let someone else ruin my work for me, and for me - so that the dumpling jumped into my mouth
      1. Zaslavsky-S
        Zaslavsky-S 23 September 2014 20: 52
        Too bad plus only one !!
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 23 September 2014 20: 52
      It is necessary for the militia to come to an agreement with the Armed Forces and put the blacks on both sides, such as accidentally they hit the line of fire or died in battle with ours. Vsu definitely does not like them, and the pig will not cry for them.
  12. Panikovsky
    Panikovsky 23 September 2014 19: 58
    and I, a native Donetsk resident from Makeyevka, will never forgive the hellish Ukrainians for what they did to Donbass. when the shitty dill begin to freeze in the winter and hang from lack of money and lack of food, these nits will not wait for sympathy and compassion from me.
  13. Barakuda
    Barakuda 23 September 2014 19: 59
    I think you can understand Ukrainian.
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 23 September 2014 20: 25
      Aha DNA examination will be carried out by Kiev. Applies !!!
      These volunteers themselves tell how they were found, in a pit on top of each other. The fascists apparently did not have time to bury them. These bastards don't bury their own - they get rid of evidence !!
    2. Styx
      Styx 23 September 2014 21: 07
      terrible report: (((
  14. fridge
    fridge 23 September 2014 20: 22
    The caricature shows well how different they are.
  15. Glavspez
    Glavspez 23 September 2014 20: 30
    All heroes need to be registered in the cargo 200! So that it was not customary to shoot the native people !!! They thought it was some kind of paintball, but it was not there. It turns out that not only colorado barbecue can be. Accept Ukraine of its faithful heroes in a barbecue form and think about the past and the future.
  16. pvv113
    pvv113 23 September 2014 20: 45
    Thanks to the author Semyon Uralov for the article! Drew a cool analogy, even with some smack of romance! Indeed, after all the events that have put people on opposite sides of the barricades, the peaceful existence (coexistence?) Of the opposing sides within a single state is impossible. The division will happen sooner or later, peacefully or militarily. Fascists-punishers and normal adequate non-bombarded people will not be able to live under one roof. Where the geographical border will be - I find it difficult to say. And the moral has already been laid through the souls and hearts of Novorossiya
  17. Masters
    Masters 23 September 2014 22: 48
    Quote: treble 72019
    Quote: Novel 1977
    That makes all the difference

    I will not add much about the difference. This is east!

    It's a very delicate matter
  18. Alfizik
    Alfizik 23 September 2014 23: 40
    Very correct judgment. It is possible to live together and in peace only with the next generation of society, to whom the punitive fathers will tell in a fit of revelation about their stupidity.
  19. Wolka
    Wolka 24 September 2014 05: 47
    albeit rudely, but on the whole motivated correctly at the philistine level, everything is happening and international politics is no exception ... hi
  20. Zomanus
    Zomanus 24 September 2014 05: 51
    We need to knock out two populations of dill. Mostly young. And a dude with a whip above them, put it out of the blue. Then we can do it in five years. Stalin's purges, in general, they were a means of removing lawless people and other scum from power. And in Urinia, basically one in power and remained.
  21. 1-ST Engineer
    1-ST Engineer 24 September 2014 08: 26
    Yes, in the 80s, everything was just like that, well, only without guns, some kulaks - district by district - a city by the sea of ​​Vladivostok ...
  22. Signature
    Signature 24 September 2014 10: 39
    There is a sharp reaction directly and directly to the title of a completely sensible article ...
    So, this is called "The cultural impossibility of a truce in the Donbass."
    Unfortunately, for any cultural impossibility there is always a full-fledged cultural opportunity. Especially if we remember that culture is created by people and, mainly, by those who are responsible for it (in the leadership and, in general, "at the top"). But those responsible for culture are always somehow traditionally not enough on the fronts and battlefields. It is those who are in charge of culture who are often responsible for collusion, separate negotiations, compromises and concessions. So I would like to believe, but it's scary to trust (and it's so clear who and what).
  23. Yura
    Yura 24 September 2014 10: 54
    I liked the article, I share the author's opinion. Especially: "Nothing special - the district is like a district, but the rules of the courtyard dormitory had, of course, to be observed. That is, to follow the bazaar, exercise, be alert, play sex and not gobbled up the penultimate cigarette. The last one could not have been shared - but left to smoke it was still necessary. "Memories already overwhelmed, everything was so.