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Gorbachev we owe to the fact that Russia almost lost its sovereignty

Gorbachev we owe to the fact that Russia almost lost its sovereigntyIt is to Gorbachev that we owe the fact that Russia almost lost its sovereignty. And this largely explains why Mikhail Sergeyevich enjoys much more respect in the West than he did in his homeland: no one in the world needs a strong Russia, said Sergei Neverov.

During the years of Gorbachev’s rule, we lost a country called the Soviet Union, and then almost lost Russia, when the economic crisis began, hundreds of thousands of enterprises across the country stood up, didn’t pay people for months, and tried to take the state apart. This was announced on Monday, 25 July, acting secretary of the Presidium of the General Council of "United Russia" Sergei Neverov, commenting on the ER.RU assessment given in an interview on Saturday with the ex-president of the USSR to the leadership of the country, "United Russia" and the All-Russian Popular Front:

“Let's remember what the years of the rule of Mikhail Gorbachev and the decisions he made are connected with ... We lost a country that was called the Soviet Union. And then they almost lost Russia when the crisis began in the economy, hundreds of thousands of enterprises across the country stood up, people were not paid wages for months, and the government tried to pull apart in parts. They were able to save the country only thanks to a tough stance and policy that Vladimir Putin began to implement, and then Dmitry Medvedev-Vladimir Putin continued the tandem.

It is to Gorbachev that we owe the fact that Russia almost lost its sovereignty. And this largely explains why in the West Mikhail Sergeyevich enjoys much more respect than in his homeland: no one in the world needs a strong Russia.

One can argue for a long time about whether a person who pompously celebrates his anniversary in London, categorically declare what the Russian people want or do not want. People expressed their opinion on this matter, supporting Vladimir Putin, "United Russia" in the years when it was not easy: it was necessary to assemble the country, restore the economy, overcome poverty. Vladimir Putin was able to do it. Today he sets new goals. What is happening now is a huge step forward in the development of democracy and civil society.

For the first time in the framework of the All-Russian Popular Front, we openly, with the participation of representatives of the whole society, elect candidates to the country's main legislative body. Today there are many new interesting ideas, suggestions for solving problems that concern people. Such an approach will provide an opportunity to form the power not only popular, but also effective. "
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  1. figwam
    figwam 26 July 2011 11: 14 New
    Bullshit, lies, stupidity.
  2. Max79
    Max79 26 July 2011 11: 20 New
    I agree in one thing: Gorbachev s..ka and pi ... races. It was with him that the mighty USSR collapsed correctly. Otherwise, the author of those lines openly licks w ... pu to the "great tandem." First to Putin, then to Medvedev, then to both at once. If the respected Sergey Neverov were just an ordinary worker, or a peasant, one thinks such words, he would not say that.
    You would be respected on our common grounds, and the salary is not like yours. After a month, if you survive, write your opinion a second time.
  3. Siberian
    Siberian 26 July 2011 12: 13 New
    Gorby is to blame for one thing (in my opinion) that he did not tackle EBN in time. He played with him in democracy and partnership. After the GKChP, he did not have to drool, but to chop the traitors' head.
    Remember, my friends, the USSR just killed EBN together with its drinking buddies - Shushkevich and Kravchuk. Shizdets economy came under EBNe. It was with this faithful son of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that people were no longer paid salaries to military personnel for several months (or even years). This "Ural horse" staged the shooting of parliament in 1993, the Chechen massacre in 1994, etc.
    His protégé first gifted him and his entire family, including grandchildren, with truly royal privileges, and now they also erect monuments.
    So, Mr. Neverov needs to thoroughly study the history of the country, especially the latest. But I do not defend Gorbachev, he is also that shot. It’s just that these high-ranking Edros activists are ready to blame everything on others, just wash off the shit ourselves before the election.
  4. stas
    stas 26 July 2011 13: 05 New
    I believe that Gorbachev, EBN, GDP, DAM and, naturally, “EP” of which Mr. Neverov is a member, are a continuation of each other. And now they simply imitate words and actions for attracting voters to their side before the elections to the State Duma.
  5. escobar
    escobar 26 July 2011 13: 27 New
    Absolute heresy. Pyandysh Yeltsin granted everyone sovereignty. Then, trying to fix his dubious mistakes, he plunged the country into a civil war. Maybe everyone forgot about the South Ural Republic, independent Tatarstan and Yakutia. He gave it, so they all started rowing. Gorbachev’s tragedy is in weakness and pseudo-demacrotic. , Th and took advantage of the whitewash bastards.
  6. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 26 July 2011 14: 15 New
    Obviously a PR move. The election campaign has begun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. merkawa
    merkawa 26 July 2011 15: 15 New
    Nda we rarely had luck with the rulers from King Pea probably fellow Recently, they’ve generally been clogged with their revolution-revolutions and talked about politics mainly in the kitchen or under the covers laughing And now, at least dawdle, at least sign up, type democracy. Well, and everything else, the pre-election processing, as sad as it sounds fellow
    APASUS 26 July 2011 18: 56 New
    I think that Gorbachev was an "agent of influence", I don’t know who he was plowing, the Americans or the British, but he doesn’t change the essence of it. There was no logic in his actions, he just released the brakes and waited until everything collapses! He did not deal with the economy at all , it was with him that a huge external debt began to accumulate. Delusions - The fight against drunkenness, the housing program. The whole set of his talking rooms is a method of dusting the brains, distracting people from the country's real problems.
    And no wonder that his next anniversary was now celebrated in London!
    1. Oleg
      Oleg 26 July 2011 20: 49 New
      And you will think, according to the results of the deed, who is worse than Stalin, or Gorbachev.
  9. Sorry
    Sorry 26 July 2011 21: 35 New
    Enough time has passed and you can somehow cool down and look soberly at the situation with the collapse of the USSR. Firstly, the USA and Europe and the Vatican needed it. The CPSU lost the cold war. And this is the main reason for the death of the Union. And Gorbachev at that time successfully fit into this design. But, however, he did his utmost to save the Union. Remember his speeches in Vilnius, in the Supreme Council. But Ved and Ogorevo were planned. Secondly, there were leaders in the USSR who, in the wake of euphoria of sovereignty, declared the union a rotten empire and took all measures to its collapse. These are: Russia-Yeltsin, Ukraine-Kravchuk, Kazakhstan-Nazarbayev, Belarus- Shushkevich and Moldova. These people are the signatories of the dissolution of the USSR.
    Thirdly, in a referendum on the fate of the USSR, people spoke out in favor of preserving it, but the above figures rejected it and people swallowed it in silence. Today, United Russia crashes because of its anti-people’s policies. Life is getting easier and worse. Despite everything projects. The main risks for this party: low pensions and salaries against the background of the growing well-being of government officials (police, prosecutors, courts, etc.); Unregulated prices for everything; Housing and communal services - no comment; there are no productions producing a competitive domestic product; rural economy in the collapse; The Russian Federation is open to threats from outside.
    1. Marat
      Marat 26 July 2011 23: 53 New
      Gorbachev Yeltsin Kravchuk Shushkevich Shevardnadze Yakovlev and thousands of their small demons - democrats traitors and criminals - on their conscience not only tens of millions who fell into poverty and lost their guiding lines and faith in their homeland, but also millions who simply died from wars, hunger and lack of medical care,

      But I will stand up for Nazarbayev - with all the known minuses, he was a consistent supporter of preserving the union and now is actually the leader and motor of the integration of the 3 republics back
  10. Sorry
    Sorry 27 July 2011 05: 09 New
    Nazarbayev signed a document on the dissolution of the USSR in Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
  11. Gur
    Gur 27 July 2011 10: 33 New
    Well, sorry ... Nazarbayev was not even invited to Belovezhskaya Pushcha .. there were only three p .... Yeltsin Kravchuk and Shushkevich. Nazarbayev was notified of the dissolution by telephone. He signed the document later. I already wrote .. according to his recollections, he was against the dissolution of the USSR, and even somewhere the idea slipped that he supposedly blizzards in the general secretary of the USSR, or rather that if he resisted the collapse .. and headed the Central Committee, he could most likely save country .. so probably more correct.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 27 July 2011 12: 17 New
      Yes, that’s right - Nazarbayev was not invited as his position was for preserving the union.
      Its downsides are rushing privatization and corruption in Kazakhstan in the post-perestroika years - as in Russia
      Its advantages - all the same, a part of the oil super-profits somehow reached the population - the standard of living is no worse than in Russia - has preserved the republic for a new union with Russia - and they are really trying - they are promoting integration. Kazakhstan needs Russian seaports, transport corridors, a large common market and, of course, security
  12. 916-th
    916-th 27 July 2011 12: 26 New
    Pardon, sorry, but Marat and GUR are absolutely right. Nazarbayev had nothing to do with the collapse of the Union. I can confirm this as a witness to those events, because I lived at that time (and still live) in Alma-Ata (Almaty)

    I'll start with the prehistory. Nurike (that is the name of the people of Nazarbayev) came to power in Kazakhstan after the failure of Kolbin. Togo was sent to Kazakhstan after the death of D.A. Kunaev, a respected party and statesman who has done a lot for Kazakhstan, and for the USSR as a whole. Before Kazakhstan, Kolbin worked in the Caucasus, where he became famous for his very rigid and inflexible national policy. He also behaved in Kazakhstan in approximately the same way - his short reign ended in the “December Uprising" of 1986. This was the very first mass unrest in the republics of the Soviet Union, which many do not know about. He was crushed decisively and even brutally, with the use of troops, but Kolbin was nevertheless removed from sin away.

    At the time of the signing of the Bialowieza Agreement (there were only three there) and the dissolution of the Union by Gorbachev, Nazarbayev was in information isolation in Alma-Ata. He was eager to fly to Moscow, but they did not accept him there, openly "kicked off." He spoke in the local media, convinced the people that soon everything would be clarified for the better. In Kazakhstan, a referendum was quickly initiated in support of the preservation of the Union, but its results were not of interest to anyone outside the republic. The Union has already begun to derban.

    Nazarbayev tried to the last to leave Kazakhstan in the ruble zone (= in a single economic space with Russia), but Moscow openly pushed him into "free swimming". Soviet rubles have long been in circulation in the republic. Its nat. currency (tenge) appeared in Kazakhstan last of all among other republics.

    Nevertheless, Nazarbayev is still oriented towards rapprochement with Russia, and it is thanks to him that interethnic agreement actually exists in Kazakhstan. Another question is what will happen after Nazarbayev, but this is a separate issue.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 27 July 2011 17: 52 New
      That's right - but it’s better not to say “Moscow pushed out” but corrupt and unscrupulous liberals and the poor Russian people who are stupid fooled and deceived by liberal and Pindos propaganda - such as “we are Europe” and “dump the burden of Central Asia” - completely ignoring the fact that Kazakhstan is not Central Asia and the centuries-old history and will of the Kazakh people. And still forgetting us Russian living here. Surprised and glad that in Russia there were healthy forces supporting Nazarbayev in the implementation of reverse integration
  13. Ivan35
    Ivan35 27 July 2011 17: 56 New
    Quote from 916th
    Another question is what will happen after Nazarbayev,

    I am sure that this is not the sole merit of Nazarbayev — he simply has to reflect the general mood of the Kazakhs — and it seems to me that it has not changed over the past 350 years — they are real Soviet people — everyone I know for Russia!
  14. 916-th
    916-th 27 July 2011 18: 08 New
    In general, I agree, Ivan. But I would take into account the division into juices. Here, not everything is clear, even in the Kazakh environment.
    1. His
      His 27 July 2011 18: 14 New
      Kazakhstan is sucks without Russian speakers. They are waiting for the second Caucasus - the feud and Islamization. Nazarbayev will grunt soon, and then everything will begin. Admire
      1. Marat
        Marat 28 July 2011 00: 15 New
        1. Thank you - the Slav brothers stood up for Nazarbayev without me on integration with Russia, here, of course, we must give him his due - although he also has enough minuses

        2. I agree - yes - the Kazakhs are still divided into Juzes and tribes - but I can assure you that this division has been very civilized lately - they usually remember at weddings and as a joke. Maybe there is certainly some kind of specificity in the south and in the west - but on the whole it will not interfere with the integration processes - do not even doubt it - Kazakhstan is not Central Asia - the general level of education and (maybe for the best or maybe not) Russification is incomparably higher

        3. I completely agree with Him - if you remove all Russian-speaking people from our republic (including me and my entire numerous family) it will completely suck - in general, almost no one will remain - that would be a joy to the Chinese and southern neighbors.
        But since this does not happen, there will not be all the gloomy scenarios of civil strife and so on. I hope that even when Nazarbayev leaves, everything will somehow form without "extremes." Neither Kazakhs nor Russian people living here need it, and it is clear that Russia is not interested in the unrest in an integrable republic - I think it will help if that
  15. 916-th
    916-th 28 July 2011 09: 45 New
    To his:
    Someone will admire from the auditorium, and someone will jump on the stage of events ...

    I deeply sympathize with the position of both Marat and Ivan, but the risks still need to be calculated. I see them in the following:

    1) I touched on the topic of juzes (tribal division). Marat says it's all in the past, nothing more than a joke. We take a concrete example of what is called "here and now" - the transfer of the capital from Almaty to Astana. For the uninitiated - Almaty (previously - Alma-Ata, earlier - Fort Verny) is located on South republics directly on the borders with Kyrgyzstan and China. Several reasons for the transfer were voiced (purely geographical - the capital should be in the center of the state, geopolitical - away from the borders with China, etc.). But another reason was among the residents of Almaty - the gradual introduction of immigrants from the southern regions of Kazakhstan into state structures (here they are called "Texans"). Marat, correct if I am mistaken, these are lands junior jose? With the transfer of the capital, the process of migration of urban Russian-speaking Kazakhs (government employees) to the north, to the new capital began. A wave of “Texans” surged into the vacant place in Almaty and now it is not at all the same city, including in relation to the Russians and the Russian language. Risks - if after the departure of Nazarbayev southerners will come to power, then it will be ... well.

    2) Nazarbayev crushed the entire opposition with his authority. Now on the horizon of Kazakhstan there is not a single politician worthy of the presidency. Risks - with the departure of Nazarbayev, muddy populists will climb out of all the cracks, including with nationalist slogans. It will be ... oops squared.

    I hope I have not offended any of my countrymen.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 28 July 2011 11: 19 New
      Well, yes, 916th, in which case we and Marat "jump on stage"
      - but my feeling is that there are very few anti-Russian nationalists among them - and the southerners are also different

      Judging by the latest rumors, the son-in-law is most likely to be the heir to Kulibayev (and at the same time as a member or chairman of the board of directors of Russian Gazprom, according to recent publications), so there seems to be no major shock.

      and Astana and the north are middle jazz
      1. Gur
        Gur 28 July 2011 12: 16 New
        Well, if such a wedding has gone, I’ll say))): Kazakhs didn’t go anywhere and didn’t move to the “relic” position, all this remains to this day, but not in such a bright form (since the state is still tselevizirovanny) . Juze division is one of the culprits of corruption and bribery. There are certain branches, state institutions where behind the scenes they recruit for jazz affiliation, and there all-round support begins, and peeping into the mouth of a reputable tank until they are removed or retired or promoted. Further, the post is labeled and transferred to a particularly dedicated hollow, who will financially thank the tank for a long time, and he, in turn, will close his eyes and in every possible way cover the requisitions and embezzlement. In the above privacy in Almaty, it was rightly noted .. "Southerners" are now prevailing. About anti-Russian sentiments a person is probably mistaken or did not encounter. Yes, they are certainly not explicit but there are. It’s just that the percentage of Russians has become small, Russian ties with the Kazakh language .. have ceased to claim leadership positions .. hence the lack of problems and consensus. At one time, the Russians were given to understand .. that this is not their land .. and if you don’t like running to their historical homeland ... which many did. And now, almost everybody’s head sits where to dump it, and even those who have their own business here keep their heads in the direction of Russia. With regards to Nazarbayev, yes, personality and well done .. but you also need to know the measure .. I talked with the Kazakhs in the last election .. they soberly soberly assess the situation .. they understand the dangers and threats of the outside world .. they are outraged by theft at all levels .. and we need a young and energetic person .. with new ideas and attitudes (as Nazarbayev was at one time). As for the ass .. then this is most likely yes than no .. Nazarbayev himself seems to me to have created a problem overpowering the “Uralmans”.
        1. Ivan35
          Ivan35 28 July 2011 21: 02 New
          What can I say .. Yes there are such things But in general, this republic and its population stretches to Russia and since 2012 we are actually one country
          If you are a Russian GUR, then try not to leave here. If we leave everything from here, it will not be good for us or the Kazakhs — but only for the Pindos and the Chinese and southern neighbors
          1. His
            His 28 July 2011 21: 14 New
            I would not risk staying there, especially when Islamic attacks began there (Aktobe, Astana, Balkhash). I think that the Chinese will help the Kazakhs more than Russia. Because the Chinese made large investments there, they need oil and gas. And Russia itself is inundated with this good; there is no special business on the part of Russia in Kazakhstan.
            1. Marat
              Marat 28 July 2011 23: 24 New
              What are you saying Yours! The Chinese will help us as well as the Uyghurs - this will be the end for the Kazakhs and Kazakhstan.

              Russia will lose its “legal” territory for more than 300 years and the people voluntarily reunited with their Russian brothers
              Will receive the Chinese border in Omsk Chelyabinsk Astrakhan and so on - it will be a disaster for Russia and its peoples

              Completely lose control of Central Asia

              In Russia, about 10 billion tons of oil. In Kazakhstan, more than 5 billion - in my opinion 5.9 - more than in Libya - In my opinion, a significant "appendage" Plus the second place in the world in uranium (21%), etc. etc. Is it really necessary to give it to the Chinese !?

              And what about the thousands of years of history? This territory has never entered the Chinese world - you cannot give it away because of "business"

              I am very glad that most Russians and the Russian leadership think differently and support us in the integration process! In principle, the issue has already been resolved - and no one needs to be convinced!
    2. Marat
      Marat 28 July 2011 23: 09 New
      No, a countryman - not at all! And the concern is understandable - no, no, and we have come across "pseudo-patriots" (such as Kazakhstan for the Kazakhs), but honestly - I haven’t seen any of these in recent years — and I have a huge circle of friends (like every Kazakh, friends are relatives of the matchmaker, etc. plus work)

      North is the middle zhuz

      The authorities do not seem to be replaced - and at least this is good in terms of continuity and stability. Kulibaev is tipped as a successor - he is already connected with Russian Gazprom

      I am sure that everything will be fine - do not even worry. Moreover, all documents on the CES are signed and now we are in fact one country. Kazakhs and Russian brothers!
      1. His
        His 20 August 2011 14: 16 New
        You say it in your street
  16. Forward
    Forward 28 July 2011 12: 44 New
    Everything is so clear. Gorbachev and Yeltsin are traitors and traitors to the motherland. They need to be thanked for looting and destroying a powerful state. One has already died, because there was a drunk and a degenerate, sorry for his death. The second is fattening abroad. He writes memoirs and lectures. And most likely introduce yourself in a warm bed in the circle of friends and relatives. This is sad
  17. 916-th
    916-th 28 July 2011 19: 39 New
    Well, we talked about Kazakhstan, though in the subject of Gorbachev ...

    Although we disagree in details, but in the main they are one - Kazakhstan is a much more reliable partner for Russia than other CIS countries. Russia should also be vitally interested in Kazakhstan - this is its underbelly in the Urals region. There is no way to miss strikes.

    Nazarbayev would worthily end his career if he brought to a logical conclusion the processes of integration with Russia and constitutionally secured the defense mechanisms of the new interstate formation.
    1. Marat
      Marat 28 July 2011 23: 26 New
      I support the fellow countryman! All right!
    2. His
      His 20 August 2011 14: 17 New
      Separated and goodbye